30 Uniquely Cool Bottle Openers for Every Home Bar


Whether it is a beer or a favorite soda, there is nothing like sharing a drink with a good buddy. Just sitting around and chatting about life’s little mysterious and experiences. That aside, you can’t enjoy those special beverages without a bottle opener. While any old bottle opener will suffice, it will be the unique ones that make the situation all that more special. Moreover, a unique bottle opener will even be a good conversation carrier for you and your buddies. The problem is that finding such a thing is not easy. However, with the coolest bottle openers below, you will definitely find one that fulfills your dream. Not only that, but you can also buy and give it as a gift.

30 Coolest Bottle Openers to Buy

Geekey Multi-Tool Keychain

There are tons of multi-tools available on the market, but there really isn’t one out there like the Geekey Tool. This creative tool not only resembles the shape and presence of a unique house key, but its futuristic design could put it in a class of its own. This work of art combines engineering with common everyday tools. It offers 16 different functions, including a bottle opener and a bike spoke wrench. To beat it all, the tool looks exactly like a house key and will install right on your key ring.

MagicOpener EXTREME

When it comes to opening those bottles in a different way, there isn’t much of a unique option than the MagicOpener EXTREME. This product looks exactly like a bottle of your favorite fruit drink. And, it will easily open anything from plastic bottles to beer cans and food cans. The traditional glass bottle design features three different openings on the inside, where you can either twist off a lid, pull open a tab, or crack open a metal cap. This 5-in-1 tool is perfect for anyone with arthritis or just looking to avoid finger and nail issues.

PopTheTop Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

With this authentic apparatus, you will become the life of the party. Or, you can help someone else become like that when you choose to gift this item. Whatever the situation is, you won’t be disappointed with the unique design of this opener. It comes available in two unique colors (sleek black and modern brushed aluminum) and works on beer or soda bottles. Furthermore, it will also work on any twist-off bottle. The sleek aluminum and stainless steel design will stand up in any number of situations and environments. The automobile oil filter body design will surely be a conversation starter at your next big tailgating event. It will also make an excellent gift for housewarming parties, or an old man.

Trump Bottle Opener

With this Trump Bottle Opener, you no longer need to turn on the evening news to hear Trump talk.

Whether you have difficulties opening plastic bottles or just want to prank a friend, this opener makes the perfect tool. You will receive batteries and all the necessities to start popping top right out of the box. In addition to a bottle opener, this unique novelty device can also serve as an excellent paperweight.

Mjolnir Bottle Opener

Want to open your bottles with superior force sheer decisiveness? That is exactly what you will be able to do with this awesome bottle opener. The metal construction will ensure a lifetime of integrity, beauty, and functionality. You will have no issues hanging it on the wall.

Army Man Bottle Opener

Do you remember those plastic army men from your childhood days? While this opener might not be made from plastic, it will undoubtedly bring back those feelings of nostalgia. This opener is constructed of die-cast metal and styled after your favorite green classic army figurines. With dimensions of 2.75 x 4.5, you won’t have a problem popping open any of your favorite beverages.

50 Caliber BMG Real Bullet Bottle Opener

This opener doesn’t just look like a 50 caliber bullet, but it is constructed from an authentic 50 cal casing. Each casing carries significant history, as the US military has used them in its missions. These openers are not only built with care and durability in mind, but they are made right here in the US. So, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Besides, you can give it to military officers, police officers, or gun lovers on their special occasion.

Wallet Ninja Credit Card Size Multitool

The Wallet Ninja is the world’s first flat multi-tool. Not only that, but it is an 18-in-1 multi-tool that just so happens to include a bottle opener. The credit card-sized tool will slide right into your wallet for quick and easy access anytime it is needed. Also, it is constructed with 4x heat-treated steel to ensure the utmost in durability.

Poppin Baby Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

This golded Poppin Baby cap opener is not only beautiful, but it is designed with high-quality metal alloy to ensure complete durability and reliability. It features an exact design of a baby bottle and has the Poppin name etched right on the front. This novelty device would not only make the perfect tool for any with arthritis, but it would be a hit at any baby shower.

Legless Pirate Bottle Opener

Pirates love to drink, and you will enjoy your favorite beverages, even more, when you purchase this kitchen essential. The novelty pirate opener is not only designed to pop the top on your favorite twist-off drinks, but it features a built-in corkscrew on the right leg for wine bottles. It also has an easy-grip and sleek, compact design that allows you to take the device anywhere you go easily.

MAGA Hat Bottle Opener

Opening your favorite beverages with style won’t be a problem when you invest in this one and only MAGA Hat. This unique utensil features the design of a traditional baseball cap, and all you have to do is lift up from the bill to pop the top on your favorite beverages. The device also comes attached with a leather key chain strap so you can strap it to your favorite coolers. It is also an interesting gift for Trump supporters.

Craftsman Wrench Bottle Opener

Craftsman is a quality name, and that’s what you’ll be getting when you buy this utensil. The opener is made of high-quality, durable steel and is styled to look exactly like a Craftsman wrench. There is a handy hole located at the end of the device so that you can hang it up with the rest of your tools or carry it on your key chain for quick access on the go.

Iron Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener

Skeleton hands are chic and eerie at the same time, but this one will surely be a hit at your next big outing. The device measures in at 7 x 3 x 1 inches and is made of cast iron to ensure durability. The rustic brown finish only adds to the overall design and ambiance of the product. If you need a Halloween gift for adults, look no further than this opener.

Cat Paw Bottle Opener

There isn’t much more precious than a cat’s paw. And, this is why this device makes the perfect bottle opener. This one features a lovely design that is cute and chic, but even more convenient than ever to use. You simply use the cat’s claw to grasp the cap and pops it. Located on the bottom of the device, you will find a suction cup, which allows you to fix it to any countertop or flat surface.

Dinosaur Fossil Bottle Opener

Jurassic Park fans are always looking for new collectibles. For those who thought they had seen it all comes the unique Raptor Claw Bottle Opener. The zinc-alloy construction provides durability and integrity for years of use. The device measures 5-1/2 inches in length, which is slightly larger than the real 3-inch velociraptor claw.

Beetle Bottle Opener

The amazing Beetle Fred has transformed into a bottle opener. The Fred & Friends character is one of the most popular among adults and children. Want to hype up your next party? If so, you can do it with this unique item. And, when it is not being utilized to pop tops off of bottles, you can put it on display where it will become the focal point of your home.

Venom Metal Bottle Opener

Are you a fan of Spider-foe and need a new technique for opening bottles? The solution just may be the anti-hero Venom Bottle Opener. The device replicates Venom’s face with a long tongue, sharp teach, and bizarre skull. The shiny chrome finish adds a layer of beauty and durability to ensure longer service life.

Deadpool Bottle Opener

Do you know Deadpool? He is another anti-hero character from Marvel Comics and has inspired this bottle opener. This piece will be the perfect addition to your picnic gear. Every time you utilize the device to open bottles, it will draw attention from all angles. Its metal construction ensures durability and longevity for endless use.

Titanium Polarized ‘Classic’ Sunglasses

Are you looking for ways to lighten up your beach gear? Well, the solution may be the Sunglasses by William Painter. The design is creative, as it is a pair of traditional polarized sunglasses with built-in two bottle openers. When you are not wearing the glasses, you can utilize it to open sodas, ales, and other bottled beverages for the crew.

Reef Men’s Fanning Flip Flop

This pair of flip flops is different from the other normal ones because it has a bottle opener on the bottom. You can safely utilize it to pop open bottles of beer, soda, and fruit drinks. The unusual combination design offers convenience for people who enjoy spending time partying with friends and family. Become the light of the party with these flip flops.

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go

The Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go can solve several problems at the same time. It features an opener at the top so you’ll be able to remove the lid in a heartbeat. On top of that, the insulated double-walled cooler is going to keep your cold beer never get hot. Want a multifunctional tool? Buy this.

Baseball Bottle Opener

Who doesn’t love baseball? If you do and you like drinking, this kit is great for you. It can open beer bottles in the blink of an eye. The item can also be hung on the fridge for you to grab when you need it. Above all, it has the appearance of a baseball so you can take advantage of it to decorate, along with your collection.

Viking Drinking Horn Mug w/Medieval Bottle Opener

If you’re looking to go big, you should check out the Viking Drinking Mug. This set looks amazing and works better than you could ever imagine. It is suitable for Viking-themed parties or people with Viking bloodline. While expensive, this will make an unforgettable gift.

Scorpion Hand Forged Iron Beer Bottle Opener

You’ll find that this product is amazing and durable so that it can be used time and time again. The hand-forged design ensures it will last a lifetime with no issues. You can use it for numerous occasions, including weddings, father’s day, bachelor parties, and so many more. If you have a friend who loves scorpions or is simply a Scorpio, give them this gift.

Mealivos Wooden Bottle Caddy

The bottle caddy may be the best opener you will ever find. It serves numerous purposes and works great for opening bottles. It can carry a 6-pack without any problems making it perfect for picnics. If you’re looking for a great gift, you’ve found it.

Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Every man cave needs a bottle opener on the wall. If your friend owns a man cave, give him this wall-mount bottle opener. Mounting it to the wall is very easy, so he’ll be able to start using it to open bottles swiftly and without problems. However, the best part is that you can personalize it with the user’s name.

Elephant Bottle Opener

Are you an elephant lover or know someone who likes elephants? This opener will satisfy every need from function to decoration. It features a shiny aluminum design that mimics an elephant’s head wrapping around the device with its trunk. Besides, this product comes with a gift box, so it is ready to give. It makes a wonderful gift for a hostess and housewarming too.

Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

If you know someone who loves motorbikes or owns a Harley-Davidson and loves beer, this will make the perfect gift for motorcycle lovers. They can take it anywhere while riding across the country. They can also just lounging around the couch, drink beer, and recall the youth days spent traveling on their beloved motorbike. Well, this opener will do that!

Gothic Skull Ring Beer Bottle Opener

The LAOYOU Bottle Opener is great for frequent beer drinkers, especially for personalities such as tattooists or rockers. Your pal will be able to carry it with him everywhere he goes as jewelry. Thanks to its unique design, it can be worn at any time. Whether your friend heads to the beach, the show, or stays at home, he’ll always have a bottle opener on his finger.

Meatmaster Thermometer With Bottle Opener

The Meatmaster Thermometer is a great gift for people who like to cook, especially grill masters. Because it works exceptionally well as a thermometer and an opener, it is easily one of the best bottle openers on the market. The multi-use kitchen tool is an excellent addition to your kitchen for many purposes. If you open a lot of bottles and need assistance, this bottle opener cannot be ignored.

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