31 Unique Gifts for Motorcycle Riders and Lovers


If you want to figure out some gift ideas for motorcycle lovers, at least you have to get the hang of what a motorcycle means to them at the faintest. Bikers treasure their steel horses, as they stick together through all the thick and thin, blood, sweat, and tears.

They form a close-knit bond with their motorcycles, as those turbos are their stress busters, their on and off-road comrades, always silently join their company at the break of dawn or when sun lights shed.

When someone chooses to own a motorbike instead of a caged car, it means they want to free their souls against all the strong wind and the breathtaking pictures of nature alongside daily life. That’s why, if you’re looking up some gifts for motorcyclists, you should insert everything that does good for the bike, the recipients themselves, their vicinity, and their lifestyles to form the final formula.

Definitely, it’s a tough job and maybe cumbersome to synthesize on your own, so this list of 31 items in total was born to spark some light for you in place. Whether the giftee is your boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, or even your mom, they will definitely love these gifts.

A Motorcycle-Inspired Gift Buying Guide

What concept of a biker do you preconceive on? Is he/she a stereotypical hooligan who neglects to abide by traditional norms and standards in lieu of having night by night on the tiles? Or is he/she a lone wolf who cries for freedom per every rev of the engine like a bat out of hell?

The life of a biker deems so rose-colored, wild, and sexy, isn’t it? Just partying and globe-trotting all the time! Nonchalantly rising hungover among his/her gang at a campsite and hitting the next squad in a trice to paint the town red again. Work-free, stress-free, always the idol of the underworld?

De facto, the chance upon motorcyclists’ living their life by the unspoken highway code is one in a million, but they do cast their legs over the bike at every plausible kick of the cat… whether when it’s just a cursory airing to work.

Well, it’s fair to state that motorcycles allow more liberty than a caged car, but not in a sense that the bikers don’t have to obey the laws of society anymore. It’s more of a brief break of reality, helping us chill down and enjoy ourselves before having to return to all the futile fights in your humdrum routine.

Before going on a shopping spree in order to pick up the perfect motorcycle themed gifts for your acquainted bikers, there are several things for you to note and do research on, on the grounds that each motorcyclist is unique to his/her own with peculiar whims and fancies.

That’s why there’s no such thing called the perfect present. Indeed, there are a plethora of items for every niche of the sport and a handful that appeals to every road, but bikers are a demanding bunch and inclined to grab essentials rather than luxuries or decors.

If it’s too tricky to detect the soon-to-be-gifted person’s taste, ask yourself these questions.

Which Motorcycle Subculture Do They Belong To?

Which aspect of motorcycle riding does the person find the most charming? Many are into bestriding on their big V-twin turbo cruiser, whereas others get butterflies in their stomach from chafing their knee-sliders into every end of the road.

There could be various sub-communities also within the same niche. Let’s talk about Harley Davidson bikers for reference; classic Harley models serve generic consumer groups, but then there are loads of ways to customize those bikes, from old-school Street Bobs or Softail Standard cruisers to full-on Road King tourers.

What Kind Of Motorcycle Do They Ride?

In unison, how to correctly determine what kind of people would ride what kind of bikes is another issue. Different personal traits can grow to be straightforward to spot on different two wheels, so here’s an upbeat overview of some of the most easy-to-encountered types of bikers.

The Squids

You’ve got The Squids, who’ve got no idea what they’re doing with their bikes, so actually, some minimal items like outerwear (printed T-shirts, jeans, or sneakers) are the best.

The Mechanics

Then come The Mechanics, who possess strong autonomy in DIY assembly and dig the smell of gasoline, grease, tires, broken metallic parts, welding smoke, and perhaps cigarette smoke as well mixed together. Vintage automobile models are their go-tos and needless to say, mini tool kits, tool chests or protective gear make the most sense to them as a gift.

The Brand Loyalists

Maintaining a more simple-minded lifestyle is The Brand Loyalists, who are happy-go-lucky as long as both the presents and the bikes are released authentically by their favorite motorcycle makes. Branded goodies like key chains, hoodies, or caps are in the rave for these die-hard fans.

The Adventurers

The Adventurers, the mastermind behind the handlebars, may trump every other rider over how challenging it is to choose them the appropriate gifts. That’s because they are the experts in skills, in-field experiences, in technical knowledge, and on top of these, they are fearless.

They are so versatile that maybe only Honda Transalp or Kawasaki KLR can fulfill their desire to conquer the long rough road by comfort. With such vigor, something sustainable like dual google equipped helmets or waterproof dirt-abrasive boots are among the best.

The Speed Racer

There’s another group, maybe not as well-educated as The Adventurers but definitely equal or beyond in terms of resourcefulness on the road, The Speed Racer. Just like the name coined to them, SPEED occupies every strand of neuron in their mind.

Undoubtedly, high-speed sports bikes such as Ducati or BMW S1000RR are their lovechild, and the thing that can give them a sense of achievement every time an old speed record is broken is no other than a track day. Aerodynamics to control the wind or a hardcore leather jacket are also some decent gift ideas for street wind fighters like them.

The Cruiser Riders

In contrast to speed, lovers are laid back riders who have a soft spot for chilling pace with slow and healing music along their ride, also known by the name The Cruiser Riders. They are mostly high-status people in society, such as attorneys, doctors, university professors but to name three.

To cruiser lovers, Harley Davidson models are like a staple, so some branded goodies are acceptable in some ways. Yet, if they are too childish and the person in target dislikes being a moving billboard for Harley, then some ventilative accessories like bandanas or chaparajos are the most practical.

The Stunt Artists

Chilled-paced cruisers are decent stress busters, but the real deal lies within the way a motorcycle can take you to an adrenaline rush. This is a step above just pure speed, it’s about the euphoria sought after you’ve undergone some extremely close calls with the grim reaper. These warriors steer their wheels half recklessly half expertly on the rim of the road for exhibition, so they are called The Stunt Artists.

In general, they get hooked on medium to large scope sports/naked bikes with pompous hardcore sprockets or guards. They pay little to no attention to their fashion, being minimalists just like The Speed Racers, hence some rugged street outfits with full-board gloves or simple tees would do.

The Philosophers

On the last note, unwrapping the noblest of all road controllers, The Philosophers. They’re always striving to brush up their riding techniques and perfect the road codes to maintain the prettiest and most gentle form of their steel horses. In some ways, you can say that they’ve synchronized their souls with the motorbikes to the optimum.

It doesn’t really matter what bike they’re drawn to, a medium sports bike or a naked one, they just pamper the bike like their loved one. When you gift a baby, you usually offer new clothes, powder milk, toys, or diapers, anything handy in daily life for the mom but also protective of the baby. In the same fashion, some safety gear kits would make the ideal present ideas for The Philosophers.

How Much Is Your Principal Budget?

By normal norms, if it’s a simple birthday or Christmas present, then no one would fancy a prohibitive item that cost over 100 bucks. Yet, depending on your personal economic status, your intimacy with, and respect for the person or your perception, you can still go above $100.

On the other hand, for special anniversaries like wedding ceremonies or 100-day commemoration, you may want to go some extra miles and opt for high-end stuff exceeding $200 instead.

When rambling around the market, though, be confident that you’ve constructed a comprehensive picture of what you’re willing to pay. Within the environment of motorbike accessories and fashion, things can become quite pricey like mad, but “pricey” doesn’t necessarily imply “the best”.

It’s incumbent that you allocate your budget in advance and do some research before ponying up. You don’t want to discover another cheaper alternative after your purse’s bled.

And sometimes, thoughtful little things that cost zero would also pass if the things you’re planning to give away hold keen memories with the person in the target. That could be a sentimental gremlin bell he/she wore the first time jumping up on a motorbike or a can of beer given to them as a welcoming gift by the neighbor motorcyclist community.

The Returns And Warranty Policy

Ultimately, the return policy from any brick-and-mortar store or online vendor you’ve selected to seal a deal with is one of the most critical things to remember. The issue with online transactions is that certain products don’t live up to their images when they drop outside your doorstep.

In parallel, the deceptive sizing can disappoint a great deal in real life. And another small touchy topic, the gifts you’ve bought may mismatch the desired recipient’s tastes. Thus, guarantee that all the seller’s return and warranty conditions and terms are properly honored under any circumstance before bearing the risks of buying bad gifts.

Best Gifts for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Collectively, Fact.MR has forecast that standard and cruiser-style motorbikes (mainly Harley Davidson’s) are expected to constitute more than 53% of the total global market share in 2020.

In the same timeline, sports bikes also outperform excellently every single year, accounting for all off-road, dual-sport, supersport, sport-touring categories led by top players like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM or Suzuki.

In this segment, since sports bike and cruiser consumers are gobbling up the current motorcycle market climate, the two first sections would be attributed to them in priority.

For Sports Bike Lovers

BESTUNT Black Matte Helmet Holder

It’s true that helmets or anything that involves size fittings is indeed the trickiest to pull off. Helmets are only competent in the event of a crash if they embrace the rider’s head snugly and firmly.

However, you can go out of the box and reach for a lightweight black matte aluminum helmet shelf rack from BESTUNT instead to protect your protectors. It comes handily in a set of wall anchors, mounting screws, and attachment screws (four each) for you to stud on the wall under a clear manual guide.

It’s extra fun to have a rack to hold your collection of roadworn companions on the wall for reminiscent, especially if you throw a wild wig or horn on for little decors.

SIMPSON Black Foamed Neck Brace

This neck restraint device would hit the bull’s eyes if your soon-to-gifted recipient is a Philosopher or Stunt Artist, someone who places great value on safety gears or needs appropriate posture during their ride.

The Simpson neck collar holds 3.3 SFI and is an affordable alternative for Hans Devices if you’re a bit short on budget. It cuddles your neck dearly but still offers mobility despite its ragged appearance after 10 plus hours under zero temps in the midst of the winter. Put it in your basket if you fancy something soft and comfy for long journeys.

ALPINESTARS Nucleon Back Protector KR-2i

As long as it’s safety armor, you know it makes a perfect gift for the Philosophers. Maybe it’s in favor of The Mechanics and The Adventurers as well, and definitely indispensable for the sake of the Squids.

This adjustable backplate is CE-certificated Level 2 so if you notice that the back foam pad in the recipient’s jacket has gone flat, then you know this would sell. It’s even a brighter mood if the jacket line is from Alpinestars since this foam pad would fit in the back protector pocket like a glove.

It’s resilient and isn’t bulky at all with polyurethane-injected impact foam inserted in, and even though this isn’t the greatest material for impact abrasion, the ventilation level and lightweights are superb.

ALPINESTARS Leather Gloves SP-8 v2

If your gloves are excessively tight or oversized, you could get mallet pinkies or broken scaphoid bone once you smash your hand when you run a three-lap crash test around Talladega, because your hindsight is on full alert even though it’s contradictory to your instinct telling you mustn’t land by hand first when an accident occurs.

If that’s what you’re concerned for the person, when he is a Speed Racer in particular, then a pair of Alpinestars full-grain leather gloves makes a decent gift without breaking your budget, as long as you can get the measurements of his hand by going through his previous gloves.

The lack of a sturdy palm slider may irk a great number of devoted motorcyclists, but don’t worry, because these guys have the pinky to ring finger bridge as a shelter for the smallest digit, alongside built-in suede landing and ergonomic stretch paddings between the palm and thumb to offset.

They breathe well since they’re not waterproof but extremely ventilated, so they suit the theme of summer.

PIT POSSE Dual Temp Tire Warmers

Maybe your speed lover friends and acquaintances would dig these guys a lot. The rationale behind installing PIT POSSE tire warmers before track days is clear cut: heating the tire before hitting the grid is conducive to full friction on the opening lap and boosting the duration of racing tires via minimizing thermal cycles.

A pair comes in a set that would work great on around 180/195 front and rear tires. For effectiveness, these devices put out at least 600 watts while employing Nomex and Kevlar insulated heating elements down to a few millimeters for even heat distribution during about over 150 feet on the race.

And on top of them all, the switch to shift between the dual settings with one low temp (135 degrees minimal) and two high temps (175 degrees or a little above) is smooth to control.

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack

It’s an unwritten rule that everywhere you go, you must carry a bag. In common sense, you can toss everything from daily stuff such as a phone, your lunch, a snack to something more motorcycle-related like a helmet or a toolset.

To serve all these purposes, Ogio, a household name in the world of biker gears, has introduced their No Drag backpack line with 1,475 cubic inches in maximal capacity. This bag also deserves the rave for its neat and firm shell without too many hanging straps outside, which makes it stay still in front of wind shear.

There are adjustable shoulder and waist straps to transfer the burden on your back to your back seat, with a removable side leash for your friend to tug in his helmet, despite the installation of multi-purpose interior compartments.

This Ogio backpack is not the best for heat release since it’s full-on black, yet it’s sick looking.

Find more options in:

BELL Qualifier DLX Blackout Black Matte Helmet

If trailing off the beaten path isn’t your thing but endless routes entailing each other, then you would love this Bell street motorcycle helmet instead of a dirt one.

Bell has specifically designed this line in a closed visor system and spherical shape to boost aerodynamics so that the rider’s head can feel light against wind resistance, even upon cruising the highway at 150mph.

Other than comfort, this DLX street motorcycle helmet has so much more to offer, largely due to an impact abrasive polycarbonate composite shell and a BlueTooth accommodated built-in system so that the gifted recipient can listen to upbeat music, talk on the intercom/phone and share his heart-racing moments with the world in real-time.

The package comes with a 5-year warranty, extremely long for some accessories but practical for safety reasons and for the most parts, critical to some well-groomed dudes.

ALPINESTARS Vented Street Motorcycle Boots SMX-1 R

Biker boots are a similar case to gloves, helmets or jackets, under the category of binding size fitting. It’s a headache to choose the right ones, and you rarely dare to place an online order, which in turn will be time-consuming. But once they’re fit like a glove to the rider’s feet, the fruits sought are sweet.

Alpinestars SMX-1 R street boots are not merely a fashion statement. Undoubtedly, every feature of these riding boots also performs a function. And the most superb of them all must be a high-performing integrity ventilation system with perforated panels from top to toes. You can put on 10+ miles on the highway during the heat of summer without drenching in a pond of sweats.

In addition, they’re equipped with protective shift guards and made of resilient microfiber fused in TPU leather, which can even protect the ignorant Squids from tearing their toes on the road for a lasting time.


It’s a hassle when the idea of getting the wrong fit for the jacket you’ve been eyeing on just pops into your mind. Yet, you can sneakily take the biker’s shirts out of his wardrobe and leave one or two on a flat surface to take the chest, arm, and shoulder measurements with a tape.

For this T-GP Plus R V2 line of Alpinestars, you won’t have to worry about the waist measurements that much because Velcro and D-ring waist adjusters have been positioned inside the jacket.

Since this is version 2 already, the jacket has been upgraded with lightweight CE-credited two-level armor to protect the shoulder and elbow. Not to mention, you can add a back armor for spine protection in with the void intended by the designers.

They even allow you to go versatile with Nucleon chest and back foam pad compartments for extra protection and ventilation, speaking of which, is the high-lighted feature of Alpinestars when they launched this gear. Constructed from all textile and 3D mesh collar, this jacket offers an incredible amount of airflow on the ride off the street even under 110-degree “dry” heat in Arizona.

For Cruiser Commuters

CACUKAP Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Being a motorcycle lover means he/she will have his/her own community get-around. And a motorcycle-inspired bottle opener with a Gothic vintage vibe would be pretty sick to show off in his/her friend circle. The miniature motorcycle is a bit boyish and hardcore so it should suit the taste of your dad, boyfriend, or husband more.

Imagine if he has a cool-looking breweriana, from a nobody who always waits on the bench for a modest sip of beer, suddenly, he becomes a somebody who initiates the party for everyone. That’d level up his social status, all stemming from something that was assumed just for wall decoration.

DWK Corp Motorcycle Framed Salt & Pepper Shaker

Being on the move constantly, living nomad and hippie days encourage true ghost riders to pack some seasonings alongside 24/7 for a richer palate. Gifting them a salt and pepper shaker under the concept of a classic black cruiser lift is definitely out of the box and helps you engrave your name in the recipient’s mind.

This shaker serves as exotic pantry furniture as well, if the soon-to-be-gifted person goes all-in with motorcycle themed household decorations.

STEELSTREET Motorcycle Hanging Wind Chime

Where else can you get a motorcycle, helmets and racing vests in a set for under 40 bucks? This copper wind chime is extraordinary, with a classic cruiser on top of dangling sleek polyresin helmets and leather biker jackets as ornaments.

To double the fun, you should organize a gift trading session under the mistletoe on Christmas or New Year Eve with this poppy-hearing thing for the motorcyclist to welcome the good times on a lively note.

INDIE RIDGE Premium Denim & Leather Motorcycle Glove

Up to this point, you must have figured out that the industrious Mechanics or the profound Adventurers and this pair of Indie Ridge multi-purpose gloves are a match made of heaven.

Usually when your friend boards a cruiser, he’d go straight for a long hard ride (possibly putting on 50+ miles daily isn’t considered that much of a distance). On these grounds, having a soft, breathable cowhide pair of gloves but still provide sufficient protection against road smash embrace your hand is the best.

How can your friend get that complete shield from road rash if the material is rather soft like that? This’s where the denim padded knuckles step in to prove their worth and showcase how smart the design is to maintain the lightweights, ergonomics, and breathability while still being stiff enough to do a protector’s job well.

For better flexibility, the touchscreen compatible forefinger tips land in like a cool breeze in the summer. Now, he can stay connected to his phone or GPS applicators without having to strip off his gloves.

Yet the real reason why you should buy these gloves as a gift lies within the brand’s Live Free Guarantee. The manufacturers may grant you a free pass, and even let you keep their merchandise from time to time if you/your friend may not be in favor of their goods after purchases.

VEGA HELMETS Rebel Warrior Cruiser Half Helmet

When you’re at the pillion chilling at a slow-paced rhythm on a cruiser, you wouldn’t want some fully shielded box blocking your airway and trap you in a pond of sweat, and neither does the rider. Hence, a pair of half helmets would be accomodating for such a laid-back romantic moment.

This type of light class protective gear is also serviceable for workers commuting daily to work. The first thing to consider when buying something to wear is fit. You can get the exact measurements with a tape from the giftee’s currently owned helmets. Or you can leave the work to The Rebel Warrior as they feature an innovative size-adjustment dial set for custom-fitting.

Airflow, noise level, or visibility are some extra cost criteria to examine next. Indie Ridge can claim their commitment to quality since they do install a drop-down inner sun-shield that fences the face from wind, dust, and alien objects; some liners which are moisture wicked or fully vented.

But most noticeably, the helmets exceed US DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations and offer a 5-year warranty implementation. That’s ridiculously long for some gear!

MILWAUKEE LEATHER Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

Engineered from premium milled cowhide leather, Milwaukee Leather Police Style jackets are excellent windbreakers but poor insulators. As a fact, you may consider buying a size bigger than the giftee’s normal fit to make room for some thermals or hoodies inside during the winter.

Yet, the one sized up jacket may catch too much wind and bloat like a big balloon that could choke your neck by the collar. To solve this particular trouble, the manufacturers have loaded a half belt to lock it securely.

Apparently, this is not a heavy-duty jacket for some hard-core trips, but as the time goes on, the giftee should be happy with how bad-ass it still looks and the clever craftsmanship of all the zippers and the pockets. This is a handsome fashion statement for all cruiser lovers out there.

MILWAUKEE LEATHER Black Minimalist Saddle Bag

Saddlebags are a great alternative to backpacks in terms of maneuverability and styles. The grantee of this Milwaukee Leather bag won’t have to mount it on their back and feel suffocated due to lack of ventilation like backpackers.

Upon 100+ miles of riding, a rider would need a jumbo capacity bag to capture from the most trivial things like maps, cameras, purses, sunglasses, helmets to handier arsenals such as a toolset or a gas tank. With 12” long, 9” high, 6” wide and 17” diagonal measurements, this is hella of efficient storage.

The coolest thing is that, since this is a soft throw-over PVC constructed bag, the rider can fit it into any clear spot on the pillion without having to make any relocation or modification of the motorcycle parts. The convenience does not just end there when we have quick-release double straps for easy securement.

Small tips: You may want to give some thought to getting a couple of brackets to facilitate lock-on lock-off procedures and waterproof coating the seams for enhanced functionality.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Hagerman Motorcycle Boot

Yes, the time has come, please welcome the Jack Ma of the cruiser industry, Harley Davidson on the stage! If your folks are hard-core stans, or the typical Brand Loyalists, then this is the way to go.

But pay attention, since the producers craft these guys with a fusion of motorcycle boot-sneaker concept in mind, the slightly slippery rubber sole may put threats on the Squids or any speed lovers’ style of riding.

On the greener side of the grass, this undesired feature is backup with optimal comfort from a flexible and durable full-grain leather design, which in turn commits to true to size. A mesh lining and side zippers are packed onto the boots for intensified breathability and handier on-and-off.

But have you ever seen that many boots which are tailored with triple side-stitching works, white thick accent stripes and dark border seams? It’s a rare sight for such meticulous craftsmanship.

GSM Cast Iron Motorcycle Coat Rack

The sight of leather jackets tossed around the sofa or pantry counter after a horrendous workday isn’t very lovely, is it? Sometimes bikers are not really sensible and organized at home. To bridle their wildness, you need to gift them a jacket rack, considering it as a cute warning maybe.

GSM cast iron coat holder comes in double hooks which can be extended out by 2” with a classic cruiser frame on top. This kind of DIY mounting works will suit the Mechanics’ personality colors the most since there’d be no mounting screw tagging along.

For Any Motorcycle Lovers (Regardless What They’re Riding)

PAMASE UV Protection American Flag Outdoor Mask

In the current climate where the Covid-19 pandemic has struck our globe bitterly, masks have become rare items. After this tragedy, if there’re lessons to learn, that’d be wearing masks on the street for your own good.

These Pamase masks go in pair with skull caps that lack full-mode shield and leather jackets, as they’re neck-long. Instead of investing in an independent bandana to cover your neck from the wind and the jacket’s collar, now you can have the best of both worlds.

The package does not justify true UV ratings, but most polyester microfibre textiles claim 50 UV index. The material is irrefutably thin and fragile, so these pieces would suit heavy-duty working conditions where a lot of breathabilities are required, not only upon an eternal ride.

RHINO USA Heavy-Duty Soft Loop Straps

If your family’s planning on an outing but the motorcycle enthusiast didn’t want to leave his baby behind, then it’s time to give him a couple of decent tie-down straps.

In general, if you wish to haul a cruiser or Sportster properly along a trail, at least pick a set of four ratchet straps that pack 400 lbs working load each. And since there is a 2500lb working load each strap with a total of 10,427lb break strength across all four, this will be your dream set.

The overall material features pliable poly/silk to minimize the stretch, wear and tear from sunlight and rain. Hence, you should expect some good years for them to last.

ROAM Universal Bike Phone Mount For Motorcycle

When a motorcyclist trails along a road, his free-spirited mind doesn’t seem to allow pre-determined destinations. According to this conspiracy theory, GPS is of absolute demand upon a journey if the biker wants to hit home later.

So how can he make the GPS devices or GPS apps on his phone visible just like inside car furniture? By installing a bike mount! This little guy can also help him stream Spotify or take some snaps of the breathtaking scenery alongside his track at his disposal.

The answer already lies in your heart, now it’s time to get action. The Roam device is a handlebar universal phone mount, the most common type of mounts beside the stem or the ball.

It features an exclusive hard plastic Co-Pilot secure grip with a resilient silicone net adjustable to fit ⅞” – 1¼” handlebar sizes. This gives the rider extra peace in mind while doing some 80-95mph on rough terrains.

As versatile as its name, the holder is compatible with any phone up to 3.5” wide.

XYZCTEM Heavy-Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

If you were in the soon-to-be-gifted rider’s shoes, would your soul be calm when your much-treasured motorbike was lying out there fading away under 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit of sunlight or downpour? It’s just the most devastating feeling in the world to witness your loved one getting harmed.

Fortunately, the XYZCTEEM motorcycle cover has come to your rescue. Buying the giftee this present and he’d be happy with the way a rain repellent Oxford nylon cover with extra room can fit any motorcycle from a Victory Vision to a Streetglide Harley Davidson with saddlebags or tour pack as a bonus. Not to mention, you can switch to other sizes without any hassle from the manufacturers, like trading a 108” to a 116” cover within a working day to illustrate.

Ultimately, the most raved about the feature of this XYZCTEEM line is how the windproof strap excels beyond expectation.

YOHOOLYO Motorcycle Anti-theft Disc Lock Alarm

The fact that 4 grown-up folks could conduct a bike lift with ease must have put some heavy thoughts into the biker’s head whenever he/she leaves his/her steel horse alone. To relieve the disconcertment, you can serve him/her a dual alarmed disc lock from Yohoolyo.

The alarm is worth investing in with a sufficiently keen motion sensor, enough to give users some heads-up if someone is planning to touch their bikes but does not disperse too loud of an alarm with 110 dB noise level. Even when the motorcyclist commute to a loitering and tom-foolery rich downtown for work, no one can take off with his bike or tamper the sturdy metal lock without his consent.

FODSPORTS Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom M1S Pro

Fodsports helmet and bike mounted intercom is a decent unit in terms of long-distance connectivity, battery life, and sound quality. It’s a high-credited device for blind intra-communication between riders or riders-passengers for a few interstate highway laps.

This unit is engaged with the Bluetooth 4.1 version, so there’s almost no signal drop from the phone to the port on a 60-80+mph rev which guarantees fluent communication or smooth music streamline.

And the manufacturers should be given credits for having introduced such powerful wind and engine noise elimination CSR chip. For music, at 40+mph, the bass may start to drop out a bit but still tolerable. For phone calls, the mic trumps in noise cancellation so the bikers don’t have to shout at each other to make sense of what the other end’s trying to convey.

As clear as the sound system is, does the connection tend to be abruptly disturbed even within the specified 1.2-mile range? It may be quite a big chore to connect a full-duplex 8-way headset system as claimed on the specs, but you can pair each phone with one unit at the push of a button solely.

And to finalize the deal, the 900mAh rechargeable battery can still remain half the life after 8 hours of intensive use.

MEGUIAR’S 7-Piece Motorcycle Care Kit

You can never go wrong with a set of cleaning kits, indispensable even with the naive Squids, notably once they wrap a no-slip leather conditioner, two sprays, a liquid wax, a metal polish, a plastic polish and a microfiber towel per package like this Meguiar’s one.

The spray may leave a film of fine dust at first, yet the chrome wax and polish does a beautiful job of breaking down the gas grease. And the plastic polish is a must-have to keep a sports bike looking sharp like it’s just jumped out of the showroom.

WOOD TRICK 3D Mechanical Motorcycle Model Kit

Sometimes motorcyclists don’t have to rev up like ghosts on or off-road to satisfy their craving for a sense of achievement. Toys will do!

Get this wooden motorcycle DIY puzzle kit for your acquaintance, maybe on his birthday, at Christmas, or on you guys’ anniversaries, especially if he belongs to the Mechanic clan. The final product would definitely fly on his office’s display or motorcycle collection once done assembled.

Yet mind you, the pieces pack so many layers, thus even though they have been thinly cut by laser beams, you should sand the gears down sufficiently to create a burr-free surface for the wooden toothpicks to pierce through. Then, your construction can stand firmly without leaning onto any frame.

HWK All-Season Hivis Motorcycle Pants

If you want to breathe a new life into the giftee’s wardrobe, as seeing him snug inside a pair of stiff jeans every day is so common a sight, then look no further than these HWK all-season motorcycle pants.

Every time the avid motorcycle fan boards his bike, you must have been worried whether the legs can stay bruiseless after sliding on the asphalt. Understanding your concerns, HWK has launched 600-denier Cordura constructed pants for optimal abrasion resistance.

To boost the safety indications, HWK has practiced 5H Scotchlite reflective piping and silver-white body thread for hi-vis reasons. It’s not too overwhelming to make the bearer look overly flamboyant, yet still reflective enough for the night-hawks to notice him and reduce crash rates.

These pants go a little oversized for him to tug his jeans inside, and they have two long zippered air vents for extra breathability so it’d be just the right amount of comfortableness if the rider wants to put on up to hundreds of miles. Yet, the Reissa Membrane and Micro-Mesh lining make the material more of functioning as water resistance over complete waterproofness, in a trade-off for good airflow.

And remember to inform the giftee that the knee pads are removable, so he can replace them with his own favorite downright without any problem.

PIT POSSE Motorcycle Compact Comprehensive Off-Road Tool Kit

This is a comprehensive toolkit for any biker to tuck along the way, not only in case his/her motorcycle may break down but also in the event that some of their peers may need a helping hand on the road.

The tool roll offers extra room for the user to toss in some other personal arsenals, and the strap feels secure enough to hold them in place, so it would be better off for someone who has a saddlebag rather than under-seat storage.

PEET Original Footwear Electric Dryer

This stuff is great for daily uses, motorcyclists or everyone else included. If it’s just too stressful each time the smell of malodorous shoes reminds you of the motorcycle fan’s athlete foot after his/her tremendously long ride when you reach home after your exhausting 9-to-5 job, knock some sense into him/her by granting this the original Peet shoe dryer.

He/she can leave this thing plugged in 220-volt configurations 24/7 and the electricity bill would charge over $2 per month only. And the merit doesn’t end there, as upon operating session, this machine generates almost no noise to notice.

All working/biking boots can be tossed on top of the racks, dried, and deodorized at ambient heat to last longer and radiates more pleasant odors. But the best thing is, users are granted a 25-year warranty program, critical to electronics. What a weird specific number!

FOBO Bike 2 Pressure Monitoring System

Fobo has upgraded this device to be compatible with newer phones such as iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Basically, the biker would install these Bluetooth sensors onto the tires to get alerted once the inner pressure exceeds or fails to reach the preset limit.

There are various scenarios when a rider’s in need of tire pressure alert: at night or in the morning before heading to work, or before entering the infinite highways. The notices won’t interrupt the ongoing GPS maps or phone conversations, it just pops up as a banner across the top of the screen on his/her bike-mounted phone.

The set comes with two fresh batteries as a bonus, so doubles the fun when you’re giving away the present.

GoPro HERO8 Black Action Camera

This value set would bring sheer joy for aspiring bikers-turned-vloggers/filmmakers. The camera was designed to fit all terrains with triple layers of stabilization from the Hypersmooth 2.0 technology and a 2x impact abrasive side door.

Compared to other action cams on the market, it overperforms in a majority of aspects, including the 4k narrow-superview digital lenses, fps (1080p live streaming), color sphere (1080p night lapse video), motion capture (via TimeWrap 2.0 and SuperPhoto+HDR), or sharpness.

And the giftees can go overboard to capture all vivid moments during their ride with a 256GB SD card.

If you’re on a low budget, try these cheap cameras under $100.

Bottom Line

With such profuse lists of 31 items above, have you finalized your gift ideas for motorcycle riders yet?

No individual is someone’s perfect copycat, hence there’s nothing called the best gift in general. Besides considering the giftees’ personal taste and hobbies, you shouldn’t forget to include what community they fit in, what kind of bikes they own, your principal budget, and other policies granted from the manufacturers of the presents.

For the best budget, you can choose among 3-4 light items at the top of each list. They’re of reasonable prices and handy for anyone who rides a motorcycle to pack alongside. In addition, they’re such daily life items that every time the bikers employ them, they get reminiscent of your lovely image.

For the best premium gifts, in case you want to spend some extra coins, go with a couple of items at the bottom of each list. They’d not break the bank that hard, but still remain luxuries that normal motorcyclist wouldn’t fancy getting one by themselves. Make yourself their Santa Claus and pop some pleasant surprises.

Finally, if you’re looking for the most sought after items among insiders, go with a backpack, a saddlebag, or a toolkit. They’re of practical usage and they can be a bridge for bikers to help each other and form social relations on and off the road.

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