39+ Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers and Owners (2021 – All Budgets)


With an endless passion for types of guns, most gun lovers can have specific needs and requirements about their hobby. Some will love anything relating to a random gun, but others may only be interested in a few models.

Hence, the best gift ideas for gun lovers here will never give your dearests the wrong presents. Besides, this guide also expands the pool of ideas to a much higher level than you may know. Now, let’s see fantastic ideas that are waiting for you!

The Top Gift Ideas for Gun Enthusiasts

Below is a list of the best gifts for gun lovers and gun owners broken down by their cost. Consider which item suits the recipient best as well as your budget.

Low-priced Gun Gifts ($1 – $25)

Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

This strange 12 gauge shotgun shell set is actually four drink coasters that are made from cold cast resin. Each coaster has a hand-painted gold metallic finish with the gold and brick red non-slip padded base.

They all share the same size of 3.5 inches in diameter, but the base is 4.25 inches in diameter. These dimensions are suitable for gun enthusiasts to place a cup or a can of CocaCola/Monster/Red Bull… on it without skidding.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set

Modeled after 12 gauge shells, this set of four glass cups will make any gun nuts feel great and fresh every when they drink types of beverage. Each glass has a holding capacity of 2 ounces, which is suitable for drinking water, wine, tea, cocktail, etc.

Most meaningfully, a portion of proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, so it is a gift for not only your loving father but also brave soldiers.

And designed as a gift, this product comes in a beautiful box so that you can give it directly to your men without having to find a suitable box.

Tactical Christmas Stocking

Nothing is more appropriate than this stuff when looking for Christmas gifts for gun enthusiasts. It mimics a Christmas sock with a number of features such as MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, swivel carabiners, velcro US flag patches, vertical zippered pocket, mini pouch with closure, so on.

At the size of 12 x 8.5 inches, this sock is big enough to hold a pistol, knife, screwdriver, flashlight, battery, and many things more with hanging hooks.

Gun Miniature

Gun collecting is definitely a habit that every gun lover has, whether it is a real gun or just a miniature model. This is where GoatGuns’ die-cast metal miniature models make a special gift. These replicas have a 1: 3 ratio compared to real guns and are assembled from the sharp details same as a real one. Besides, GoatGuns also allows you to personalize the gift uniquely. For example, you can engrave a name on the display stand or engrave a logo on the AR Receiver. You can see some of the popular models below.

Mini AR15 - Black

Mini AR15 – Black
Custom AR Receiver

Custom AR Receiver

Mini Barrett - Camo

Mini Barrett – Camo
Custom Sopmod Stock

Custom Sopmod Stock

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells Round Cigarette Ashtray

If your men are not only a shooter but also a smoker, they will surely fall in love with this cigarette ashtray.

Every 12 gauge shotgun shell is individually hand-painted and polished, then connected together to create an attractive Western-style ashtray.

The product is made of polyresin so that it can resist the heat from burning cigarettes and will last for years and years.

UCEC Gun Mug

It looks cool, doesn’t it? As all people drink water many times every day, this aesthetic cup will never be a useless item, and it will also remind the user of you – who gifted him/her such a wonderful present.

As you can see, the gun handle is easy to hold and prevents your fingers from touching the hot cup. Apart from the cup, the package includes a tea infuser for tea lovers, too!

Note: The cup can be washed in a dishwasher.

Pistol Gun Western Six Shooter Seasoning Holder

How to look “badass” even when you are cooking and eating? It sounds challenging, but this Pistol Gun Western Six Shooter Seasoning Holder can help.

Made from 100% wood, it is very sturdy and suitable to be put in the kitchen as a fashionable decor. Moreover, the woodblock is carefully carved and hand-painted to look like real pistols.

You can place two bottles of pepper, salt, sugar, or any seasoning in this holder neatly.

50 Caliber BMG Bottle Opener

The moment a man opens a bottle of beer is a great moment of joy, and if you want to make it even greater for gun lovers, you must purchase this huge bullet!

This impressive bottle opener is actually a genuine 50 caliber bullet that was cut from the cartridge by hand. Furthermore, the opener also comes with a gift box that looks like a real tactical rifle case.

The moment a gun lover uses this bullet bottle opener, it would feel like everything explodes with the sound “Bang!” of the removed bottle cap!

Other Choices

Revolver Beer Cap Map

Crosshairs Beer Cap Holder

Metal Gun Shape USB Flash drive

This little silver pistol will be both a handy USB and a good-looking key chain. Just detach the head of the pistol, and you can plug it into your device.

This “USB gun” has a capacity of up to 32GB and is compatible with all USB 2.0 ports for high-speed data transfer. About the operation system, it is compatible with Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS 10+.

Treasure Gurus Funny Warning Sign

What should a gun lover do when his neighborhood is full of illegal intruders? Give them a funny warning message such as “We Don’t Call 911” is a good idea, isn’t it?

The sign is made out of high-quality wood and is hand-crafted. With the two Anaconda pistols and two bullets hang outside the house, the content on “We Don’t Call 911” is a warning that this is the home of a superb gunner!

Caldwell Duramax 5″ Self Healing Target

Gun owners want to practice shooting every day, but they do not want to spend time, effort, and money on buying and replacing new targets frequently. This is their perfect solution.

Just place this yellow square or ball on the ground at a proper distance, and you can start your shooting lessons. It will bounce when hit by bullets so that you can know how accurate your shots are.

Most importantly, the target can heal itself and does not require users to reset it. Both the 5-inch square and ball shapes are rated for rifles and pistols from .22lr to 50 BMG.

GunSkin Premium Vinyl Gun Wrap

Guns themselves are cool already, but unique gun skins will even make them cooler!

Depending on the models of gun you are using, you can decorate them with various images to refresh your shooting experience or make some camouflage.

There are camo, American flag, snakeskin, skull, and many other nice skins that you can apply on different parts of your guns such as the gear, grip, scope, etc. These skins are undoubtedly the personalized gun gifts that collectors want.

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

Any gun owner should clean and maintain their “little babies” periodically to keep them in good shape and function.

This gun cleaning mat is highly resistant to oil, water, and pressure, which guarantees efficient protection on the gun accessories and can look like new after being wiped.

On the mat, you can also see an intuitive print of a gun diagram so that you can place the accessories there tidily.

Real Avid The Gun Tool

You may not believe it at first, but this is really a 19-in-1 pistol tool that can help you break down, accessorize, and customize your handgun anywhere and anytime you need.

Here you can find Allen wrenches for tweaking laser sights, bushing wrench, 8-32 threaded cleaning tools, quality gunsmithing bits, non-hardened stainless steel scraper/pick, tanto knife, fine-tooth metal file, bit driver, tap hammer surface, etc.

Since there are tons of gadgets with different shapes and sizes in this little multi-functional utility tool, you should spend a while learning how to use each.

Bullet Earrings with Swarovski Crystal

For female gun lovers or distinct male ones, these lovely earrings are wonderful jewelry. They are handmade from real bullet heads and pair with Swarovski Crystals to even look nicer.

Their backs are nickel-plated backs for a high-quality finish and longevity. Besides, the earrings will come in a velvet gift bag, so it is ready to be sent directly to your gun nut!

Gun Soap

These soaps look funny and extremely “real”! Imagine how interesting it is when a gun lover takes a bath with a pistol soap and a grenade soap.

There are a lot of different scents for you to choose from strawberry, chocolate, lemon, coffee, new car, cinnamon, dandy, caramel to lollipop, etc. Hence, you will undoubtedly find your favorite scent here.

The gun soap weighs around 175 gr/ 6.17 ounce, and the grenade soap weighs about 32 gr/ 1.13 ounce. For gifting purposes, the product will be wrapped in a grey or brown paper box.

Chocolate Gun

If you have endless love for both guns and chocolate, this chocolate arsenal might be the best thing you have ever enjoyed in your life. Moreover, if you are a woman in love, these items are so suitable as gifts for your gun-obsessed boyfriend.

There are models of various types of guns and bullets made from chocolate that are available in four customizable sets. You can choose the number, shape, and color of items in your set.

The paints are made from water, cornflour, soy lecithin, emulsifier, citric acid, and potassium sorbate, so make sure that you are allergic to none of them before purchase.

Medium-priced Gun Lover Gifts ($25 – $75)

Whiskey Stone Bullets with Base

These luxurious golden bullets are actually reusable ice cubes for wine drinkers. Instead of having to make or buy new ice every time you drink some wine, you just need to take those bullets out of their base and throw them into the glasses.

Apart from saving your time and money for new ice, this product is also great for keeping the original flavor of the beverage because there will be no melt ice that dilutes your beverage.

Assault Rifle USG-2 Wooden Puzzle Model Kit

This delicate gun is made of 100% natural birch ply without any glue, which is recyclable and safe for both adults and kids.

The package comprises up to 251 wooden puzzle pieces, but it is not very tricky to assemble with a detailed manual. In fact, it’s a good gun simulator to stimulate our brain and get used to every component of a real assault rifle.

Fired Shot’s Real Expanded Hollow Point Bullet Paperweight

This work of art models the suspended expansion of a real 0.45 Federal HST expanded hollow point bullet. In particular, the bullet is shot accurately in a unique way so that it expands beautifully like a flower.

The premium crystal-clear acrylic cube that contains the bullet is unbreakable and UV-proof so that it will always look like new after years.

Since all the edges and sides of the cube are strategically cut, gun enthusiasts can easily observe different angles of the expanded hollow point bullet.

Silencer Smooth Light Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods

The Silencer Smooth is a delicious coffee manufactured by a company of veterans. It is made from premier Columbian and Brazillian coffee beans to bring about the freshest and bold flavor from the first to the last drops.

The content is packaged into many tiny plastic cups in the shape of bullets, and all of them are contained in a brown bullet box.

Gun lovers will be very glad to know that a portion of their purchase will support veterans and law enforcement officers.

WineOvation Electric Gun Wine Opener

It is funny to open a wine bottle with this huge plastic gun. In fact, it is a rechargeable electric wine bottle opener that can open the maximum amount of 30 wine bottles per single charge.

The charging base and power supply are included in the package. Just put the gun on the holster base and it can be fully charged within 12 hours and will stop charging automatically once full

With the aid of electric power, users merely have to pull the trigger with the least pressure to open even the hardest wine bottle’s cap. And the foil cutter and wall charger are available to help, too.

Personalized Brass Bullet Business Card Holder

Handmade from once-fired .45 ACP bullet cases, this custom business card holder is a great way to show your identity and personality. You can choose the materials from different metals (Nickel, Brass, or Copper) and whether to stamp your own message or quote on the bottom of the item or not. Any shooter will like this wonderful souvenir as decor on their table or bookshelf.

Western Revolver Pistol Bookends

For gun enthusiasts and bookworms that are interested in the theme of Texas cowboys, these vintage style bookends promise to be a worthwhile addition to their library, working rooms at home, or office.

The product is mainly made from high-quality wood, leather, and metal, so you do not have to worry about its ability to support or buttress books. The revolver and bullets are made of wood so that they are completely safe for everybody.

PS Products Mantel Concealment Gun Clock

Apart from being a decorative mantel clock with full functions, this is also an ideal diversion safe for you to store guns and confidential documents thanks to the secret compartment.

The secret compartment is artfully hidden behind the clock’s face, and it uses a metal hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure to close/open easily. Plus, the whole storage space is felt-lined to preserve your properties from damage.

The clock runs on two AA batteries that are already included in the package.

Freetime Gun Cleaning Kit

With a universal design, this gun cleaning kit meets the requirements of sanitizing and maintaining every sort of pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

The tool kit includes 6 brass rods; 14 brass brushes; 12 spear-pointed jags; 9 bore mops; 1 black power jag; 3 utility brushes; 4 slotted patch loops; 3 accessory adapters; 3 muzzle guards; 4 polishing clothes; 50 cleaning patches; 2 empty bottles for filling oil and solvent.

Personalized Engraved Ammo Can Storage Box

This custom ammo storage box will help its owners express themselves and make it easier for them to find their ammo boxes.

You can tell the vendor to engrave the name, title, and date that you want on the grey box. All parts are made from steel, which is durable enough to be stackable and resistant to moisture and dust.

There are two sizes 30 Cal: 10.9″L x 7″ H x 3.75″W and 50 Cal: 11.9″L x 7.5″H x 6.1″W for you to select depending on your needs. Their prices are not too different.

Other Options

Ultra Rare Edition

Classic Monogram

Scope Phone Adapter Mount

It would be much more convenient for shooters to use their guns with this rifle scope adapter. This item enables users to attach their smartphone to the gun so that they can record the hunting/shooting sessions or use supportive apps.

The adapter also offers some glass lens magnification in its focus system for better observation. The range of compatible rifle scopes is from 1.45 to 1.81 inches (37 to 46 mm) out diameter and smartphone within 2.16 to 4.01 inches (55 to 102 mm) in width.

Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs

The deafening sound of guns do no good to gun users’ ears, so they always crave for a premium headphone to reduce the harmful noise.

Operating on two AAA batteries (included), this headphone can provide Activated protection against sounds over 89 dB within 0.02 reaction time, protecting the human’s ears efficiently. Moreover, it could also be utilized for other purposes such as listening to music, recording, communicating thanks to the audio input jack, and omnidirectional mics.

Large Concealed Carry Leather Hobo Purse For Women

While there are not many special gifts for females who love guns, this leather hobo purse with removable pistol holster is a marvelous option.

Women can conceal their heavy-duty weapons in the zippered center pocket and smaller ones like pistols in the detachable holster. Of course, they can store anything else inside the purse, and the adjustable crossbody strap will be handy for many uses.

Rifle Sight Tie

When everybody feels bored with basic patterns of the tie, buying these rifle sight ties for gun lovers is a wise choice. They are not only unique but also elegant, making them cools gifts for gun-loving dads.

You can choose any color from Black on silver, Dove on black, Dove on navy, White on champagne, or give the seller a Custom note. The product is made from silky-soft microfiber fabric and printed with water-based ink. Available sizes include Standard, Narrow, Skinny, and Std XL.

Personalized Wooden Gun Holder

At the dimensions of 9.25 x 7.25 x 7.25 inches (W x H x L), the wooden docking station is suitable to accommodate your pistol, watch, charger, cell phone, keys, jewelry, ring, purse, glasses, pen, etc.

The model’s structure comprises of two pieces of high-quality plywood wood inserted into each other. On these wood pieces, you can customize their surfaces with any text, logo, name, initials, handwriting, or image in up to five different types of font. This is an excellent gift for police officers who love guns.

Personalized Handmade Bullet Pen

The pen modeled after a 30 caliber bullet is sure to be a hot hit for law enforcement officers, writers, military soldiers, hunters, and other gunners.

Hand-crafted from the walnut wood and wrapped in a replica rifle case, the pen looks incredibly vintage and sturdy. Meanwhile, the bolt is made from shiny metal, and the outer shell is molded polycarbonate.

What’s more, customers can select to engrave the pen’s body with one of five fonts and three color options from light to dark woods.

Personalized Rifle Sling

A personalized rifle sling would be an essential item for a professional gunner.

The sling is manually crafted from 8/9 oz veg-tanned leather and dyed with premium oil dye before lined with soft suede in the last step.

You can order the vendor to stamp any image at the top and personalize your name or initials below that. The maximum count of characters is 18, including spaces.

Best Valuable Gifts for Gun Owners (Above $75)

Gun Large Decanter Set Bullet Glasses

While guns and wines are two things that may drive most men insane, this fashionable gun decanter and four glass cups with bullets on them will make anyone fall in love with them at first sight.

Whether you put it at home or on a bar to serve yourself and guests on special occasions, everybody will surely have a good time and new experience with the wines they used to know.

Personalized Wooden Gun Sign

Any gun collector will love to own one or more collections of guns so that they can contemplate them every day.

In spite of their high price, these personalized wooden gun signs are still cheaper to buy than real guns. Besides, they also allow people to customize their patterns, images, favorite quotes, or gun information on the luxurious wooden signs.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Range Bag

The bag is super-durable and allows its users to bring with them a huge arsenal and a wide range of accessories conveniently.

For avid gunners, this tactical range bag is an ideal companion because it supplies up to 8 pockets, 2 single handgun cases, 8 pistol mag pouches, 2 full-length accessory pockets, 2 side pockets, 1 detachable ammo bag, and 2 flexible hook & loop dividers.

Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System

This compact kit of training tools is an excellent starter pack for new gunners until they become a master sniper! In the box, there are a MantisX10 Smart Sensor, a MantisX case, a micro USB cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

When attached to a rifle or pistol, the tool kit, together with its free Android/iOS app, will analyze all of the shooter’s actions from drawing the holster to holding the gun. Then, it will show the gunner the real-time data so that he can know what his strong and weak points are, and improve his shooting techniques.

Vertx Gamut 2.0 Backpack

This is a subtle tactical backpack for advanced gunners. Numerous pockets are available for easy organization and access.

With the MOLLE attachment system and a large main compartment, the user can bring with them larger guns and critical equipment just like a soldier in the US or UK army. On the back, there is a big pocket that utilizes the Velcro system called Tactigami to hold a pistol and clip.

Personalized Name Gun Letter

This is a unique gift for gun lovers to express their personalities.

Just tell the vendor the letters you want to appear in order on the woodblock, and they will print high-resolution images of guns and their components that resemble the letters you need.

Notably, even if there are two identical letters, they will not use the same photo to illustrate those letters. For instance, if you want to print the name of “Ronaldo”, the two “O” letters will be two different images!

Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for Gun Lovers

1. Your budget

Yeah, the first thing you need to think about is how much you can pay for the gift.

If you do not have much money, search for gifts in the low-priced range or some cheaper options in the medium-priced range. A gift can still be meaningful without being too expensive!

2. Think about what they love and need

Think about the person you are going to give the presents to. Does he need a tool to practice shooting? Does he often smoke or drink?

For example, if he is also a smoker, he will definitely be happy to receive this Cigarette Ashtray from you. If he always drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, the Silencer Smooth Light Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods will capture his heart!

3. Personalized gifts set

For customizable products, you should think carefully about the color, font, content, any characteristics of the items that the gun lovers may care about.

For instance, if he loves a specific quote of a famous person, you can tell the vendor to engrave that sentence on the gift. Or if he likes simple things, do not use a fussy font.

Does he hate the red color? Is he allergic to any ingredient in the product? These are also critical factors to consider.

4. Collection of Guns

Gun collectors typically have a hobby of owning different collections. You can see if his gun toy collection lacks some rifles such as the Sig MCX, AR15, M4A1, or something else, then you should complete his collections.

Wrapping Up

You can now use these top-rated gift ideas for gun lovers or ask your loved ones directly to know what you should gift them. There are many choices out there, so you do not necessarily buy the products in this article. Just use the given ideas wisely. Whether the recipient is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or dad, they will definitely appreciate the gift.

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