22 Good Housewarming Gift Ideas for Guys to Make Their New Rooms More Homey


Many men are going to buy a house at some point. It could be a new house or a new apartment. This is a life-changing event and they’ll want to celebrate the occasion. With this in mind, you should help. You’ll want to give him a great gift that he’ll love. You’ll find that some gifts are better for this purpose than others. Do you know what gifts are going to work exceptionally well for housewarming gifts for men? Within this guide, you’ll find out about some of the best gifts for this purpose.

1. Whiskey Glass Set

The Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set will prove to be an excellent option for all whiskey lovers. He has bought a house and he’ll want to celebrate. You know he loves whiskey so this set is going to work great. This set includes two high-class whiskey glass, eight beautifully cut granite stones, a velvet bag, two coasters, and tongs. All are placed in an elegant wooden box. He’ll love this gift and maybe add it to his home bar. He might invite you over for a drink too. Whether you’re dealing with your husband, boyfriend, or father, this gift set will satisfy any man.

2. Liquor Decanter

If he is a whiskey lover, buying him a whiskey decanter is a good idea. The Whiskey Decanter Globe Set is an excellent investment and a cool gift that he can use to decorate his new home. When he moves in, he’ll want to kick back and relax. After a tiring day, there is nothing better than a sip of whiskey. You should give him this set. He’ll love it and you might be able to drink with him. This item is slightly expensive but you’ll find that it is one of the best housewarming gifts for guys.

3. Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer

You know he has a lot of trinkets. For instance, you’ve seen him carry a wallet, sunglasses, watch, and keys. These items can get lost very easy so having a desk organizer is really necessary. Buy him this Personalized Wooden Desk Organizer. This allows you to personalize it with his name. It’ll prove to be an excellent gift. It’ll be even better for men who are moving into a new home. With this gift, he’ll be able to keep track of his valuable items. He’ll never lose his keys or wallet again. After all, the gift is inexpensive since there is a good chance that it’ll work for your budget.

4. House Sign

Gifting him a personalized house sign is maybe an interesting idea. This is one of the best ways to claim a home. Once your friend moves in, he is going to take over and make the home his. You can help by giving him this personalized house sign. The gift is a bit expensive but you know he is going to like it. You can personalize the sign to feature his name and street. You can also select a font that you prefer. Be sure to choose the size and text that he is going to love. Do that and you’ll see that he is going to hang this sign right outside of his home!

5. Coaster Set

People always like new things, and so does a new home. Because of that, you know he is going to do everything possible to keep his home in pristine condition. With this in mind, you should give him a pack of coasters. If he is humorous, you should think about buying him these funny coasters. They feature funny quotes that he is going to enjoy. In total, you’ll give him 6 pieces and each will put a smile on his face. These coasters will be even more effective when he holds parties. Those invited will be extremely excited. You’ll want to check out this gift since it’ll work great for any new homeowner.

6. Cheese Board

You know your boyfriend is going to need a handful of items for his parties. He’ll need kitchen utensils, forks, knives, and a cutting board. For all those needs, a cheese board is a must-have. The Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set will make a great gift. It is exquisitely crafted from 100% quality bamboo material and has a hidden drawer with four utensils. However, its price is a bit high so you’ll need to make sure it is going to suit your budget. This makes an ideal gift for many occasions. Whether your friend is moving to a new home or he is getting married, this gift will satisfy everyone. If he doesn’t like it, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to get your money back.

7. Personalized Key Holder

You’ll agree that losing your keys can be very frustrating. If you’re lucky, you’ll find them. And, you’ll tell yourself that you’ll never do that again. If you’re looking for a good home warming gift, you should check out this personalized key holder. It’ll work exceptionally well for many reasons. You’ll be able to customize the key holder to perfectly match him and his significant other. Plus, you’ll love the fact that this gift will prevent your man from losing his keys. You’ll find that this gift will be worth its weight in gold.

8. Mug

Everyone loves coffee and so does your guy. Since he is moving into a new home, he likely doesn’t have a new mug. You can help and solve two problems simultaneously. For instance, you’ll want to think about giving your male friend a housewarming decoration mug. This mug can hold 15 ounces of liquid so it’ll work great for coffee, tea, water, and other drinks. Plus, he will love the saying on the front. When he reads it, he is going to think of you and appreciate this awesome give you gave him.

9. Door Mat

Your friend or father has a new home so you know he will need a doormat. He might’ve forgotten to buy one so you can help. If you want a good home warming gift that will be very beneficial, the Welcome Friend Door Mat is a must. Your father doesn’t want to cover his carpets with mud. He needs a mat so he can clean off his shoes. Simultaneously, you can see that the Welcome Friend Door Mat is cute and cheerful. This is a great gift if you want to help your father keep his house always clean.

10. Flatware Set

When your friend invited you to their housewarming party, you’ll want to start looking for housewarming gifts. Do you think he needs a few more spoons and forks? If you’ve answered yes to this question, you should think about buying the Stainless Steel Flatware Cutlery Set. This set includes spoons, forks, knives, and teaspoons packaged in a nice wooden box. They are made of high-quality stainless steel so he’ll be able to use them countless times. Besides, three colors for this set you can choose are white, black and multicolor. They’re gorgeous and you’ll give him 24 pieces. The set isn’t too expensive so you can likely afford it without much trouble.

11. Wood Plaque

Do you think your guy is a religious man? If so, you’ll want to give him the House Blessing Wood Plaque. This will satisfy him with the saying and you’ll love it too. This religious plaque will fill his home with love and God. If he is a religious individual and you are looking for a great housewarming gift for him, this one cannot be ignored.

12. Wooden Basket Container

He has a new home and a new bathroom so you’re going to see that the Brielle 5-Piece Washcloth and Wooden Basket Container will make a very practical gift for him. You’ll give him a cute container and 5 washcloths. More specifically, it also has the word “Home” mounted on it. This will be sufficient for decoration and any man’s needs. Be sure to give this to the man you know since he needs it and he’ll thank you for this thoughtful gift.

13. Personalized Metal Clock

Time management is very important so giving the man you know a wall clock is wise. If that wall clock is both decorative and highlighting the homeowner’s personality, it is even better. Get him this personalized metal clock. You’ll give him something that matters and something he’ll use. You can personalize this watch with your friend’s name and the house’s completion date so you know he is going to adore it. When he needs to check the time, he’ll look at this gorgeous clock and think of you.

14. Personalized Cutting Board

If your guy likes to cook, then his new kitchen needs a new cutting board. If it’s a regular cutting board, then nothing special. However, if you give him this personalized cutting board, he will definitely love it. Why? Because you can engrave his name on this cutting board. If you are a cooking lover, do you like a cutting board with a cute saying on it? Loving it is irrevocable. It’ll work for your friend and he’ll use it time and time again. This is a gift that will work great for your budget and his new home.

Besides that, a chef knife will be a wise choice to make this gift even more awesome.

15. Indoor Grill

There is nothing like that perfectly grilled steak. That guy that you love probably takes great pains to make sure that he grills that steak to perfection every time. This will be a thing of the past when you get him this Ninja Food 5-in-1 indoor grill. This grill is a perfect size and only consumes a minimum of counter space. The 500F high-density grill grate creates char grilled marks and flavors that will drive your taste buds crazy. Don’t be fooled by the small size of this grill because it is capable of producing the output of one of the big boys. This is something that your man will appreciate.

16. Grill Tool Set

What man doesn’t love to grill? You know your man is passionate about grilling, and you can ensure that he gets to put his passion to the test when you give him this toolset. All the tools in this set are constructed of quality stainless steel that is rustproof and BPA-free. Each tool also includes a convenient hanging loop, so your man can easily and quickly hang his tools for easy access. This kit literally includes everything needed to grill and care for that grill. There is even a handy storage case so that he can store all the tools when they aren’t in use.

17. Coffee And Espresso Machine

There is nothing like that perfect cup of Joe in the morning. Your man knows this, but the only problem is that he has to stop at the gas station every morning to get that cup of coffee. That won’t be the case anymore when you choose to give him this quality machine. The machine features a sleek and slim profile that will only consume minimal counter space, but it is also capable of brewing 5 different single serve coffee cup sizes. And, all of this can be done with the simple touch of a button. All you have to do is throw in a capsule and the water amount of your choose and the technology in this maker will create the perfect in-cup results that the man you love seeks in a cup of Joe.

18. Sandwich Maker

If he is on a diet and wants to control his calorie intake, then preparing his own healthy and nutritious sandwich is a great thing. The only problem is that making that perfect sandwich can take hours. How would you like to ensure that your man gets the perfect sandwich every day for his lunch, but only spends a fraction of the time making it? That’s exactly what you can do when giving him this sandwich maker. The maker only requires 4 easy steps to make the perfect sandwich. This maker creates quality and healthy sandwiches that will carry your man all the way through dinner. All parts are removable and dishwasher safe, so you don’t even have to worry about cleaning the machine when done.

19. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No man likes cleaning, and you can ensure that your guy has to do as little as possible with the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac. That’s right, this specific model was named as the best robot vacuum of 2019 and you can clearly see that it has features that back the name. The BoostIQ technology automatically increases the suction power when needed to provide the most effective and efficient cleaning possible. It also features a quiet clean mode that can run throughout the night without disturbing a single sole. However, the manufacturer recommends using it on low- to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminate and hardwood floors for the best results. With all these features, this is probably the best gift for a new homeowner man who has little time to clean up.

20. Air Purifier

Any man knows the importance of good air quality. And, that is exactly what you will be able to give him by taking advantage of an air purifier like the Coway Mighty. This powerful air purifier is designed to accommodate rooms that are size up to 361 square feet. It also features 4 different stages of filtration that will eliminate 99.97 percent of pollutants and contaminants. The purifier also features a unique and intuitive LED screen that easily and quickly displays the current condition of any room in real-time. The brightly colored LED lights will let your man know the exact quality and condition of his indoor air at all times. Your man will also be able to choose between three different fan settings, so he won’t have a problem finding a setting to match his specific needs.

21. Smart Speaker

This Echo Studio smart speaker is not just like your traditional speaker, as it has so much more to offer. Whether your guy is a music lover or just the occasional easy listener, there will be something that he can appreciate about this speaker. The speaker is setup with Alexa technology and can be issued voice command. All you have to do is tell the speaker to play music, read the news, or answer basic questions, and the speaker will do just that. The speaker produces powerful bass with dynamic mid-tones and crisp highs, but the most impressive thing is that it adapts to the acoustics of any room. Your guy can install it in any room and it will automatically fine-tune itself so that it produces the best sound quality possible.

22. Tool Set

Every man needs a quality toolset and that is exactly what you give your guy by investing in the Cartman 148-piece toolset. This toolset includes 148 pieces, but it literally has all the essentials plus more. The set is ideal for home and garage repairs. Whether he needs a socket or a quick measurement, he will be able to find what he is looking for in this set. The set also includes a handy little storage case that stores all the tools safely and securely. This might sound impressive, but the most impressive thing about the entire set is that all the tools meet or exceed ANSI criteria. No home repair will be too big or small with this set.

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