21 Best Police Academy Graduation Gifts for Your Officer


Graduating from police academy after years of training and hard work can be rewarding. It is an event that should be celebrated to the fullest since it’ll lead to future success. The graduate will help fight crime alongside superheroes such as Batman, Robin, and Superman. Graduating and receiving honors are things many people dream of, but many will fail. Now that your friend has made it this far, it is time to celebrate the occasion.

To do that, you’ll want to give the future policeman something amazing, memorable or useful for their work in the future. The list below is ideal gift ideas for police academy graduates that you should consider.

Best Gifts for Police Academy Grads

Challenge Coin

Being a police officer can be very proud but dangerous. Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve citizens throughout the United States and abroad. Suffice to say, police need something extra to get them through the day. Giving the law enforcement officer this prayer coin can help encourage their mind. The coin comes with a protective pouch that will keep the coin remain in excellent condition for many years, and that’ll support your favorite officer in the long run.

Certificate Holder

A police academy graduate will want to remember and show off their accomplishments. They want people to know that they’ve done something others never will. Buy your friend this certificate and document holder so he’ll be able to display his certificate on the wall. This one features an American flag and memorabilia display, making it suitable for police officers, soldiers, and other public servants. It measures in at 8.25 by 10.5 inches, so it’ll accommodate the majority of documents.

Whiskey Decanter

When a police officer returns home, they’re going to look for ways to unwind and forget the day’s struggles. Many detectives and cops will turn to whiskey to get a bit of shuteye. Your friend will love and appreciate this police badge decanter. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s beautiful, classy, and above all, you can personalize it with the recipient’s graduation year and name. With its ability to customize, this is one of the most unique ideas for a public servant. Also, it can hold 23 ounces of alcohol and stands 10.75 inches tall.

Whiskey Stones Bullets

Nothing makes a cup of whiskey better than a few ice cubes. They will cut down on the harsh taste and help the alcohol go down much smoother. Any cop you know is going to love these whiskey bullets ice cubes. The set includes six bullets, and they’re made of stainless steel guaranteeing they’re going to last a lifetime. They work immensely well for chilling any drink, including whiskey. Besides, these ice cubes are extra-large in size, so they’ll make your whiskey cool much faster.

Coffee Mug

On duty, your police buddy won’t accept a joke, but that’ll change when she returns home. You can share jokes with her, and she’ll chuckle and join in the fun. Your female cop friend will laugh at the phrase featured on this academy graduation mug. It is made of the highest quality materials and can be washed in the dishwasher. If your friend likes warm drinks, this mug is excellent since it can be warmed with the microwave without any issues.

Bottle Opener

Every man and woman needs a bottle opener, and this includes officers of the law. Thanks to the 50 Caliber Bottle Opener, you’ll be able to satisfy your friend and play on his profession. The bottle opener is made using authentic polished brass so it’ll always maintain the gorgeous finish. It comes with a rifle case box too. When it is not in use, you’ll be able to store it in the case and keep it protected. You can also play around with three colors and get the one that will make your friend happiest.


If your loved one is a future law enforcement officer (LEO), you need to understand the type of thoughts he may have. He is likely going to question his line of work and the decisions he made. He’ll question his safety when venturing to the dangerous side of the city. While you cannot be with him while he is on duty, this meaningful keychain can help. The message will give your LEO reassurance and encouragement.

Once you’ve given him this key chain, he can read the message and know everything is going to be okay. He needs encouragement and reassurance. You can give both with this simple but effective gift.

Travel Tumbler

Your policewoman is always on the road. When she isn’t arresting bad guys and handing out citations, she is maybe cruising the streets looking for problems. If your girl can’t stop to enjoy coffee or tea, why not give her this travel tumbler. Besides the ability to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, this tumbler features a saying that will hit home for members of law enforcement. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel, so this gift will serve her well for the first few years of her police career.

Pen Holder

Once police officers return to the station, you know they have lots of paperwork to complete and submit to their superior. This is one of the most grueling aspects of being a police officer, and they’ll always need a pen or so to that job. So the Gun Cylinder Pen Holder is a great gift for any detective, hostage negotiator, FBI agents, or cop. It comes in two colors to choose from, will last a lifetime, and can hold multiple pens.

Once you’ve given this gift to your favorite man or woman in blue, they’ll never have to search for a pen ever again.

Wall Art Decor

After graduation, your brother, son, or husband is going to be excited about starting work. He’ll feel his nerves shaking as the intensity is increased. You’ll want to give him a gift that flaunts his latest accomplishment, and you can do that with this Blessed Police Officer Canvas. This one is 30 by 12 inches so it can be seen from a distance. The saw-tooth hanger on the bank will help him hang the décor on the wall in a matter of seconds. On top of that, you can customize the gift to feature his first or last name so it’ll suit him perfectly. More importantly, it’ll show off his graduation day from the police academy and show the world that you’re proud of your guy.

Duty Belt

Police officers wear unique belts so they can keep track of their gear. If the law enforcement officer in your life is just getting started, you’ll want to help him get the necessary supplies and gears. A duty belt is one of the most essential items an officer could have, and this Bianchi Accumold Duty Belt is among the best. It comes in three sizes, making it easy to find one that will fit around your guy’s waist. Simultaneously, it features two layers of foam padding so it can remain comfortable throughout the long work shift.

This belt will last for 10 or 20 years thanks to the high-density 5-part laminate construction. It also has a 3-point release making it one of the safest duty belts out there.

Body Camera

As a cop, detective, or guard, you never know what you’re going to experience next. Things might be quiet now, but they can turn outside down in a second’s notice. For your friend’s safety, it would be smart to give him a body camera. This MIUFLY Police Body Camera features night vision and waterproof, so it’ll work exceptionally well in all environments. It can be used in the rain, sleet, and snow. In addition, it offers plenty of storage space (32GB) and can track GPS coordinates.

This camera is just as rugged and tough as the officer you love, so it’ll keep him safe from erroneous allegations.


Many officers and detectives pray before hitting the road. They know that their job is dangerous, and they want God’s protection. By buying this prayer necklace for the officer in your family, you can put her mind at ease. The necklace has Psalm 91:11 etched on the back, so it will give her comfort and peace of mind out there in the field. When the officer begins doubting herself, she can read the prayer and know everything will be fine.


All officers need to keep up with the time. Otherwise, they won’t be able to complete paperwork, and that will create problems. You’ll want to purchase this Citizen Thin Blue Line Watch for your pal since it perfectly represents his line of work. It is gorgeous, durable, and very helpful. Once he straps this watch on his wrist, he’ll always have quick and easy access to the current time. The watch’s movement is solar powered so it is perfect for cops who are going to be outside in the sunlight all day.

Duffel Bag

All new graduates must prepare for entering the world of law enforcement. They will have a long list of gear to tote around when they are on duty. To protect those gears, a handy durable bag will be a necessity. This 5.11 Tactical Patrol-Ready bag measures 12” L X 8” H and has interior and exterior pockets to keep all of their accessories organized to a tee.

The long-lasting 600D polyester construction will protect their gear from rain, moisture, dirt, and debris. The handle is padded to ensure the highest level of comfort, even when it is filled to the brim.


Timberland Boots are all you need to keep your officer’s feet warm, dry, and cozy when trekking the woods in search of a suspect. The ankle-length design will add extra support for posterior talofibular ligaments, heels, talus, tibia, and fibula. Choose from black, dark brown, and wheat, all the colors needed to coordinate with your officer’s gear.


Hoodies are extremely popular in the early spring and late fall. It will keep your recipient warm when he/she goes for a jog, training outdoors, and spend time on the court. Even better, the Thin Blue Line Hoodie by Rothco will also show the world that the officer supports law enforcement. The 100% polyester design will ensure comfort, durability, and longevity, even if he/she wears it every day of the week for months. So this is the ideal gift for both male and female police academy graduates.


Police officers are proud to be a public servant, and they want everyone to know. Your LEO can show the world he/she is patriotic and support law enforcement by wearing this American Flag Thin Blue Line Police Hat. The distressed denim design makes the hat look like it has been worn for years, but in fact, it is brand new.

The strap is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for all head sizes. The back is designed from durable mesh material to allow for superior breathability. Moreover, the hat will compliment his/her entire casual wardrobe. She/he can wear it to sports venues, the park, on nights out with their mates, and the favorite fishing hole. No matter where they go, it will look stylish and trendy.

Visor Clip

Police academy graduates have their minds set that they are going to make their communities better. Unfortunately, things can be challenging at times. During these times, they will need a little pick-me-up. The solution is the Angels Policeman Visor Clip. The visor comes with the meaningful phrase “The Police Guardian Angel, especially for you, to guide and protect in everything you do.

Besides this, it replicates an angelic police officer, and its high-quality pewter construction will ensure durability and longevity for years of use. This is a graduation gift that will never stop giving. It will become the encouragement your friend or loved one needs to endure the struggles of being a good police officer. Clip the guardian angel on their visor, where they will have access to it at all times.


Even when you graduate from the police academy, you will need something to keep your mind busy. And, the CSB Law Enforcement Officer’s Bible is the perfect solution. This book covers many things worth knowing, including the events of September 11, 2001. This is a great time to learn about how first responders braved through the devastation left behind by the foreign terrorists.

This is the ideal graduation gift for police, Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, and firemen. Also, the book is compact, so you can store it away in your backpack until you need something to entertain. Utilize the book for devotional purposes while learning how to adapt to your new professional life after graduation.

Bedding Set

The police academy can be really tough at times, so why not award your cadet with a special gift. A bedding set with a thin blue line design is that gift. Choose from various sizes, ranging from twin to king. The set includes a duvet cover and one or two pillowcases. The graphics are high-quality, eye-appealing, and bold. As soon as the duvet cover and pillowcases are put on the bed, they will become the focal point of the bedroom. The cadet can utilize it for his/her bedding at home or in the dorm, no matter where it is utilized, it will be the main topic of many discussions.

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