24 Good Gift Ideas for 19-Year-Old Guys When You Feel Totally Lost


19-year-old boys are tough and choosy. Heck, you can probably remember when you were 19. What a terror you were. However, 19 is also a magical age. This is an age where you are just starting to come into your own, figure out things for yourself, and take on responsibilities. It is certainly no easy age, and shopping for someone at this age is no easy task either. That was until you came across this list. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion, the list of gift ideas for 19 year old boy below will always meet your wishes.

Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boy

Fitness Tracker

What 19-year-old boy doesn’t love sports? They all do, and that is why this Fitbit Inspire HR makes perfect sense. It will not only give that 19-year-old a place to put all his creativity, but it will allow him to build an effective fitness routine that will keep him young and agile for years to come. This Fitbit comes available in a variety of colors and features some key essentials. It can do everything from monitoring heart rate to automatically tracking the hours of sleep that you are getting.

Pushup Stands

Every 19-year-old sports fan wants to emulate his favorite athlete. And, now you can give them the ability to do that when you choose to gift these perfect push up elites. Your boy can rotate these stands slightly on the upward motion of a push-up to target and work different muscles. The ergonomic grips not only make them easier to handle but also evenly distribute weight and reduce pressure on the wrist joints. With convenience and efficiency, these stands will motivate your 19-year-old boy to keep using them time and time again.

Core & Abdominal Trainer

What is the perfect chest without a flat washboard belly? It would be pointless, and this is something that the 19-year-old on your list doesn’t have to worry about when you give him this Ab Carver Pro Roller. This roller features an ultra-wide platform with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles that will help stimulate more ab muscles from every single session. Besides, the manufacturer also provides one year of warranty. This is one of the best birthday gifts for 19 year old guys who care about their health and love training.

For The Gamer

Not all 19-year-olds are into fitness, and that is okay. This Xbox One S Bundle will give the one on your list a place to put his creative energies. This set includes everything that your boy needs to get gaming right out of the box, including a 14-day trial of X-box Live Gold. He will not only be able to game online with this package, but he will be able to download tons of free content from Microsoft. Also, he can watch 4K movies and stream 4K videos on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Besides Xbox One S, there are two other great options for you: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Action Camera

When 19-year-olds experience something for the first time, it is like an eye-opening experience that they will never forget. Well, you can ensure they will always have those first moments captured on camera when you give him this action camera. The streamlined design on GoPro HERO8 makes it easier than ever to transport, but the new side door takes the cake, as it makes swapping out the batteries easier and faster than previous models. Plus, this action camera can also work on any video resolution and has three stabilization levels to choose from, making it a perfect gift for boys who love action sports.

If you can not go with such a high price, these are the best budget ones.


Speaking of action, not everything happens on the ground. A lot of exciting things happen in the air as well. And, you can ensure he captures it all when you give him this Holy Stone HS120D Drone. It features a built-in GPS that will make the device automatically return to him in case it’s almost out of battery or out of range. This set also includes a carrying backpack so that he can take his new show everywhere. The backpack not only safely and securely fits the drone inside, but it will safely store all the accessories your 19-year-old guy needs to get the most out of his drone.


Every 19-year-old boy can appreciate a good tune or two. With this V-MODA Wireless headset, you can rest assured that your boy will enjoy songs, movies, and gaming in style. The Bluetooth capabilities give him the ability to enjoy them untethered for hours and hours on end. This set also features award-winning sound-isolating technology that will allow him to immerse himself in the task at hand completely. However, don’t worry because he won’t miss your calls with the built-in microphone and notification system that all link up to his phone.

Bluetooth Speaker

Speaking of enjoying tunes and watching movies, this JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker will give your man the ability to do both together. The speaker features a sleek and innovative design that comes available in several unique color schemes, but the real kicker is the portability. This speaker is compact as well as durable so that he can take it anywhere. The IPX7 waterproof design doesn’t hurt either, as he can completely submerge this bad boy in the water and not worry about damaging in. Spills and rain certainly won’t be a concern.

Car Care Kit

Turning 19 also means learning to drive. Driving is a lot of responsibility, and you can teach your new teenage driver that responsibility when you give this car care kit. This Armor All Premier Car Care Kit includes everything that he needs to make his car always looking its best and be in the safest condition. Whether he wants to make the wheels gleam and shine or needs to freshen up the back seat for a big upcoming date, he will always have that option and ability with this set.

Electric Shaver

Turning 19 means a first of many things, including shaving. Shaving will be something that your man will have to do for the rest of his life, but you can help him to do the right with this sleek and intuitive electric razor. This specific model is from the iconic company Philips Norelco and features a one-touch opening that allows for quick and easy cleaning. Combine this with the 45 minutes of untethered cutting power offered by the powerful Lithium-Ion battery, and your man is looking at one convenient shaver that he can take anywhere with him.

Nail Clipper Set

When it comes to beauty, it also includes manicures and pedicures. These are something that no 19-year-old enjoys doing, but when you get your boy this nail clipper set, he will enjoy it just a little bit more while also getting the job done right. This grooming kit includes everything from foot care to nail care. All 15 pieces are constructed of stainless steel metal to provide on the highest quality and longevity. There is even a carrying case included so he can take the set with him wherever he goes.

Pocket Multi-Tool

Having the right tools at the right time is essential for survival. By purchasing this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife for him, you will ensure that he has every tool he needs in one convenient location. The knife comes available in many color options so that you won’t have a problem matching color to his personality. The best part is that every utensil is constructed of Swiss stainless steel and polished in black ABS scales. The stainless steel not only ensures the best in performance, but it ensures that the knife will keep its beautiful look and functionality for many years to come.


Your boy might only be 19, but he has probably already amassed tons of meaningful properties. You can ensure that he always has what he needs close to him and ready to go when you give him this Burton Tinder Backpack. Whether they are tools or school books that he needs, this backpack has the storage capacity and durability to hold up in any situation. Choose from several colors and designs, but they all come with high quality 100 percent polyester to ensure the utmost in performance and durability.

If you want a more durable option, check these heavy duty backpacks. Or go with these multi-pocket backpacks for school.

New Laptop For College

There is not a 19-year-old on this planet that couldn’t benefit from a new laptop. And, these laptops wouldn’t just be for gaming and entertainment purposes. Sure, the right model could handle such tasks, and models like the Dell Inspiron, Apple MacBook Air, and Microsoft Surface Pro 7 offer many educational tools and resources that will help him stay sharp for his classes and homework assignments. These models include top-of-the-line graphics cards, Bluetooth technologies, and more than enough memory to hold an entire library of information. The sleek and compact designs also make these models ultra-portable, so taking his show on the road will not be a problem. A new high-end laptop will always be a favorite gift for 19-year-old male college students.

Accessory Organizer

Life is hectic for anyone, but for the 19-year-old, it seems even more so. That is why you need to give your boy an innovative organizer that will help him keep track of all his new gadgets right in one convenient location. This Cocoon Accessory Organizer can hold everything from gadgets to chargers, cords, headphones, and more. The rubberized woven elastic ensures that the items aren’t scratched or marred during storage or transport. However, the most impressive part is the secure design. Its design can securely hold things in place. There is even a zippered pocket on the back for extra storage.

Item Finder

When talking about hectic and gadgets, life sometimes gets in the way, and it can be harder than ever to keep up with your essentials. 19-year-olds are already scatterbrained enough, but when throwing in major responsibilities like college and caring for a car, it just makes the situation all that much worse. You can help ease the burden of his life when you give him this wireless item finder. This unique product features 1 RF transmitter with six separate receivers that can be attached to lots of essential items. With the 80db loud beep, your 19-year-old won’t have a problem finding his items at long distances. And, don’t worry about the batteries dying because each receiver comes equipped with premium batteries that are capable of providing superior battery life.


19 is a trying and coming of age for anyone. Not only will you be discovering this for the first time, but this is a time when you will be taking on your most significant responsibilities. 19-year-olds will likely be juggling college, learning to drive, maybe living alone, and tons of other things. On top of this, they are going to have to deal with the rigors of everyday life. In short, life won’t be easy at this age. While you can provide advice and tips, your boy probably doesn’t always want to listen to you. And that is precisely where the right books can help out. A book like Manual to Manhood will help give him the information and tools that he needs to overcome tons of obstacles.

A book like Atomic Habits will help him build up good habits and remove old bad ones. Oh, and you can never go wrong with How to Become a Straight-A Student. The college will be the most important thing going on in his life right now, and books like these can help him adjust and prepare for the rough journey the lies ahead.

Party Game

There is no denying that teenagers are going to exploring partying. You did it, and you cannot expect your boy not to do it. The least you can do is ensure that he has some good wholesome fun while doing it. And, that is what you will be doing when giving him this awesome 17+ game. This “What Do You Meme” core game contains up to 435 cards with different questions that will keep all the contestants right on the edges of their seats. Each player will be trying to create the funniest of memes by only using the cards that they get. Everything needs to play the game is right in the pack, and a handy little storage box will hold everything once the game finishes.


Nineteen years olds might likely be discovering coffee for his first-time. Maybe it is cocoa. Whatever the situation is, he will enjoy his favorite beverage with a good laugh when you give him this humorous ceramic mug. The mug is constructed of high-quality ceramic and holds a maximum of 11 ounces. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have a headache about being easy with it. Plus, the quote and picture won’t fade away because it’s laser-etched on and comes backed with a money-back guarantee.


Most 19-year-olds have a great sense of humor that they like to show off from time to time. You can help your boy show him off every day with this funny and whimsical t-shirt. It is made of 100 percent cotton with exclusive thread science that provides comfort and durability. You can choose from several sizes to fit his body. After all, the shirt comes with the cute little message – “I paused my game to be here“. The design also features controllers from consoles as well as a gaming mouse, but you really don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate the message this shirt puts out there.


Sneakers are an essential part of anyone’s routine, but the right sneakers are especially crucial for a 19-year-old coming into his own. Teenagers are hard on things, and he will need a pair of sneakers that can stand up to the punishment. Maybe he already has a good pair of running sneakers and needs some dressier ones. Whatever the situation is, you really cannot go wrong with a good pair of shoes. These are not only essential items, but they will be ones that he will use pretty regularly. Get the right size, and this gift will be well appreciated and used for a long time.


Most 19-year-olds are broke, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a good wallet. This minimalist wallet is constructed with high-quality leather and is perfectly engraved with several meaningful and heartfelt quotes. Each wallet has been tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency and will keep your most personal and exclusive accessories safe. Don’t believe it? Don’t worry because it comes with a 100% guarantee. If there is anything you don’t like about the wallet, you can get your money back.


Keeping track of time is more than difficult for a 19-year-old. You can keep your guy always be on time and in style with this beautifully designed and created watch. This Casio G-shock is available in several colors to choose from. It includes a 12/24 hour format as well as an analog and digital readout. The battery life is guaranteed for five years with a water-resistant design that is capable of withstanding water up to 660 feet. There is also a countdown timer and five different alarms and a variety of other essential features. If your 19-year-old guy loves simplicity, check out these minimalist black watches.

Gift Card

Shopping for 19-year-olds is probably harder than anyone ever imagined. So why not let them buy for themselves? That is what you can do with a gift card. It really doesn’t get much more relaxed. All you have to do is buy one or some gift cards from the place of your choosing and let him go wild. The gift cards that are popular with 19-yr-old and 18-yr-old boys are Nike, Amazon, and Visa Gift Card.

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