23 Geeky Gifts Every Nerd Girl Will Geek Out Over


Nerdy girls are some of the best girls you’ll ever meet. They’re cute, down to earth, and fun. You know a nerdy girl, and you love spending time with her. If so, you should do everything you can to keep her happy. Unfortunately, buying gifts for these individuals can be tricky since they’re unique. To put a smile on her face, you’ll need to choose a gift she’ll love for eternity. So how to find such a gift? Take a look at the gifts for nerdy girls below, and you will find one that you desire.

Coffee Warmer

People usually enjoy coffee or tea in the morning, and your nerdy girl probably is no exception. It’ll fill her with energy so she can tackle the day without hesitation. The only problem is that they can cool very rapidly. When that happens, you know it isn’t going to be tasty anymore. You should give the nerd this smart coffee warmer since it’ll eliminate this problem immediately. It will keep her drink warm at the ideal temperature (131℉ and 55℃) throughout the day. Besides, it also has a waterproof design and is available in many colors to choose from.

Desk Light

If she is nerdy, reading will definitely be one of her hobbies. So why not give her something related to books? Buy this Folding Portable Desk Light for her. The most impressive thing about this desk lamp is that it looks like an ordinary book when folded, and it lights up when opened. However, its brightness doesn’t seem to be enough for night reading. Besides, it also features two light modes (warm yellow and white), and high-quality flicker-free LED beads which are suitable for decorating the living room, bedroom as well as dining room. If you need a gift for your avid reader, don’t overlook this lamp.


Nerdy women tend to buy many books. They might have twenty, thirty, or a hundred books at once. That’s why the Superwoman Floating Bookshelf is a perfect gift for nerd girls. Since it features Superwoman, it’ll make her feel like a superhero, and help keep her books in perfect order. Just remember that you may need to help her assemble the shelf. Do that for your girlfriend, and you’ll be her superhero for the rest of your life.

The bookshelf is big enough to accommodate many books without any problems. With this bookshelf, your nerdy girlfriend will be able to keep her book organized so she can find the one she wants to read without searching too much.

Pillow Case

The nerds you know often have a unique sense of humor. You’ll notice that they laugh at things that many people do not. And, they’re willing to make fun of themselves either. So you can play on their sense of humor with this Chiccat Throw Pillow Case. It is made of cotton linen cloth to ensure it’ll be able to serve your nerd well for many, many years to come. With its soft material, she will be able to sleep comfortably without waking up in the middle of the night to switch pillows. But, what she likes most about this pillowcase is probably the famous phrase “Dwight, You Ignorant Slut” from The Office tv series. If your girl is a huge “The Office” fan, this would be an excellent gift.

Herb Grinder

Women who call themselves nerds will enjoy an array of hobbies. Some like reading books, others like playing video games, and some prefer cooking. If she falls into the latter category, you can count on her loving the Pokeball Herb Grinder. She’ll recognize it immediately since it is straight out of the Pokemon world. Its material is zinc alloy and high-quality aluminum. When you hold it in your hand, you will feel the weight and durability that it brings, unlike other cheap things out there. With this grinder, she’ll be able to prepare delicious meals more conveniently than ever before. Plus, it comes in a beautiful gift box that’s ready to give. If your nerdy girl is a long time Pokémon fan, giving this grinder is a wise choice.


Smart, nerdy females are always thrilled to show off their intelligence. They’ll wear clothing that lets other people know how smart they are. You should buy her the My Weekend Is Booked T-Shirt. It is available in numerous sizes, and the shirt’s message is to die for. It is a gift that any nerd is going to love, and it’ll fit her perfectly too.


The Book-Themed Socks are an exceptional gift for any girl who says she is a nerd. The design ensures that they’ll satisfy book lovers, librarians, teachers, and nerds. You’ll be able to choose between small and large sizes to ensure you’ll get her the perfect fit. When buying these socks, you’ll give back to the community as well since a portion of the proceeds goes to literacy programs. Buy these socks, and you’ll be able to brag to your girlfriend about your good deed.


On a cold day, a woman would kill for a comfortable scarf. It’ll keep her neck warm and make a great fashion accessory. The Periodic Table Geeky Scarf is a necessity for that nerdy woman you adore. When she gets stumped in science class, she can look at her scarf and find the answer she needs. It might be designed for chemistry nerds, but it is suitable for anyone. This one is worth checking out.


All nerdy gals need a pair of glasses since these glasses will make them look so much better and cuter. An ordinary pair isn’t going to satisfy a smart lady, though. For maximum satisfaction, give her a pair of Wonder Woman glasses. The glasses offer several benefits, such as you’ll be able to select a style and add a phrase to their arms. You can use this opportunity to tell her how much you sincerely care. The beauty will never want to remove the glasses since they’re cool, and they remind her of you!


The solar system is one of the most amazing things in the universe, and any space nerd will agree wholeheartedly. Your female pal may enjoy wearing jewelry so you can solve two problems here. Spend your money on the Solar System Bracelet because it is going to make her so happy. However, if she has small wrists, choose the adjustable wax rope. The bracelet is one of the best pieces of jewelry you could give to a nerd, whether she is a teen, wife, girlfriend, or mother.

Oven Mitts

Geeky girls often have a handful of hobbies, including gaming, reading, writing, and cooking. The latter is one of the best ones for you since you’ll be able to eat her delicious creations. If you don’t want your lover’s hands to get burnt during the cooking process, buy her the R2-D2 Oven Mitts. These mitts stand out for their ability to withstand heat up to 300℉ and a design inspired by the iconic R2-D2 character from the Star Wars film series. So a star wars fan will recognize them immediately. Give these mitts to her, and they’ll keep her protected for the rest of her days.


A right pendant will deliver a bundle of happiness to any gorgeous geek. You know she enjoys reading books since you can’t get her to put them down. You shouldn’t stop her since that’s her love. Instead, support her love with this round pendant necklace. When your significant other is wearing this jewelry, she’ll be able to show the world how much she loves losing herself in a good book.

Party Game

You’ll like to spend as much time as possible with the lady of your dreams. As a nerd, she will go crazy for party games since they’re so much fun. This party game is based on the masterpieces of Shakespeare, so it is going to be excellent for a Shakespeare nerd. The only slight problem here is that it is full of “inappropriate” words. Make sure she can tolerate a little cursing here and there before buying this gift.


Intelligence women tend to be filled with knowledge, and she’ll love to tell you all about it. You can support her passion by giving her a comprehensive book of knowledge. This unique hardcover book is full of weird topics covering politics, history, UFOs, and so many more. If she is a history buff or has fallen in love with modern politics, she will love this one. It’ll expand her knowledge of a wide range of subjects.

Book Pouch

At some point, she’ll have to put the book down and rest her eyes. What will your mother or girlfriend do to ensure her book is going to be safe? If she doesn’t have a game plan, you should give her a padded book pouch. This pouch is compatible with books of various sizes, making it suitable for fantasies, period dramas, and other books. You also have the option to add a pen loop. This will give her a convenient place to keep her pen, so she’ll never lose it. This feature makes the pouch an excellent investment for any nerdy girl who likes writing stories in her spare time.


An authentic book lover will cringe at the idea of folding pages to make their spot. She’ll get furious if you do this. You cannot fold the pages, and you shouldn’t force her to do it either. The Hogwarts Bookmarks are fantastic for this purpose. The collection comes with four unique bookmarks, so she’ll be able to use them for several books at once. Plus, they will arrive in a wooden box so you can wrap them in a beautiful wrapping paper for giving the love of your life. Since they’ve been officially authorized by Warner Brothers and inspired by the Harry Potter film series, your Pott-head girl will never want to lose these amazing bookmarks.

Quote Tea

Geeks can recite historical quotes without looking them up, and your girlfriend can likely do the same. However, she may not know all of the literary quotes that have been passed down through the generations. The Novel Teas would be a great gift because they are delicious and feature literary quotes. She will be able to enjoy tea and read new quotes at the same time. They’ll give her inspiration and help her come up with new ideas for her next story. This gift includes 25 tea bags and 25 literary quotes, so it’ll keep her busy for a long time.

Massage Cushion

Spending hours reading new books or studying something fascinating can lead to pain and soreness, but you can’t make her step away from them. How can you make her comfortable while continuing to do what she likes? A massage cushion will work wonders here. It’ll provide your nerdy friend with immense comfort and relaxation so she can keep reading or studying for hours and hours without experiencing intense pain. With four deep kneading massage nodes that travel up and down, this Shiatsu massage cushion will give her a comprehensive back massage and make her feel amazing. Besides, it offers heat therapy that’s pertinent for people with pre-existing conditions. If your geeky girl doesn’t get out of the chair, you should put this cushion in her chair so she’ll feel comfortable all day and night.

Puzzle Toy

Geeky girls love testing their wits. She knows she is much smarter than most people, and she wants to prove it to the world. Do you want to help her test her intelligence? The Mini Cryptex Gift can help. This gift is very cool and unique since it can create passwords for her to guess. That password could be a love message you give her or something secret that only you and her know. Once she decrypts the password, she will be surprised. That will make her fall for you again. Moreover, if you are her longtime boyfriend, you will be able to hide a ring inside to propose to her. Plus, if your nerd loves the Da Vinci Code, she will definitely like this gift.

Wearable Blanket

On cold days, reading books or studying on the sofa are things that everyone wants to stay away from. You can always cuddle with her to keep her warm but there is a better solution out there. With a wearable blanket, you can ensure she is going to remain comfortable and warm throughout the night. Whether she is reading a book, watching science fiction thrillers, or playing online role-playing games, this hoody blanket will make her hobby much more enjoyable.

If you get lucky, she might give you a big hug while wearing it and that’ll keep you warm as well.


Lord of The Rings is one of the best fantasy movie series ever. The girl loves it since you’ve heard it mentioned countless times. LOTR is thrilled from start to finish, and your girl has never been able to forget the dramatic story. Help you reliving the glory of Lord of the Rings by giving her this fantastic doormat. It can help her in numerous ways. She’ll have a good place to wipe her shoes, so she doesn’t carry mud into the home. When someone visits her, they’re going to see the mat and realize that she is a fan of the film series. That can start a lengthy conversation and help her develop new, meaningful friendships.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be jealous because she’ll always have time for you!

Robot Vacuum

Your geeky gal friend is too busy to clean her house. She is fighting goblins in her favorite fantasy book. She can’t leave the realm, or something terrible might happen. You can help keep her home clean while she focuses all of her time and energy on her favorite books or tv shows with this robotic vacuum cleaner. This GOOVI robot vacuum has strong suction power and is easy to operate via remote control. Also, it will automatically return to the charger when power is low, and it features many cleaning modes that are suitable for both hardwood floors and carpets. The vacuum will do everything for her, and it’ll become the best gift she ever received.

Wall Clock

The Math Wall Clock will put a smile on a math nerd’s face. You might not be able to realize what time it is, but it is the opposite for her. Since she is brilliant, she’ll be able to figure it out in a second. This wall clock is ideal for her to hang in the office or at the school where she teaches math. It would be a fun riddle for her guests, who want to ask “What time’s it now?”. Besides, she might ask for your help installing the clock on her wall. This is the best way to show her how much you care.

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