20 Best Gift Ideas for Pokemon Lovers


Pokemon has established itself as one of the leading games in the world. And, there are billions of fans around the world. If you know a fan of the franchise, you may need to buy them a gift at some point and that is going to be difficult. However, it will not be as difficult as you think. You just need to start by finding out what is available. Below, you’re going to discover some of the best Pokemon gift ideas for the fan you know. Whether this fan is male or female, children or adults, they will definitely love these awesome gifts.

1. Book

Your friend may decide that he or she wants to draw Pokemon at some point. Who doesn’t? If they enjoy playing these games, they likely enjoy doodling and drawing the Pokemon characters in their spare time. You can help by giving them the How To Draw Pokemon book. It’ll prove to be beneficial, educational, and a great gift.

2. Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards became very popular in the past few years. Collecting cards is a good idea for fans and collectors. With a little bit of luck, you can find a valuable card that will double in price in a few years. This is why you should think about buying the 100 Pokemon Cards with 5 Holo Rares Plus Poshinzo Card Box. The Pokemon fanboy or girl you know will love them!

3. Action Figures

Who doesn’t love action figures? They’re fun and can be valuable. If your friend doesn’t open the package, the action figure will be very valuable in many years. On top of that, your girlfriend or boyfriend will remember you. That can help establish a long-lasting friendship. Suffice to say, the Pokemon Battle Action Figure Multi 8 Pack will make a great gift for anyone who loves Pokemon.

4. Pocket Binder

Your Pokemon friend most likely enjoys collecting cards. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure they have a way to protect and preserve their cards. Look no further than the Rayvol 9-Pocket Binder for Pokemon Cards. It looks amazing on the outside and it’ll protect those cards for many years to come. It isn’t expensive making it a good gift for both boyfriends and girlfriends.

5. Bed Set

Does your friend talk about Pokemon every minute of the day? If so, they may want to sleep with their favorite Pokemon too. You can help them do just that by buying the Pokemon “Kanto Favorites” Twin Bed Set. The set is adorable so it is a good choice for people of all ages. Anyone who has fallen in love with the Pokemon series will like this bed set.

6. Sling Bag

Whether your friend is heading to school or work, he or she will need to carry their belongings. You can simplify their life by giving them the OIVO Backpack for Nintendo Switch Pokemon. This shoulder sling bag can be used for business purposes. Alternatively, your friend can use it to transport their Switch from one location to another.

7. Nintendo Switch Controller

Anyone who likes Pokemon is going to own a Nintendo Switch. After all, this is home to the Pokemon franchise and the games can’t be found on Microsoft or Sony consoles. With that being said, you should give your friend the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for their Nintendo Switch. It’ll prove to be an exceptional gift for your Pokemon-loving friend.

8. Nintendo Switch Skin & Screen Protector Set

Owning a Switch comes with a lot of responsibility. Your friend will want to do everything possible to protect the screen. Simultaneously, they may want to customize the Switch’s appearance. You can help by giving your buddy the Pokemon Nintendo Switch Skin & Screen Protector Set. They’ll be thrilled with this gift. This skin is adorable and it is going to protect your Switch. If your friend adores Pikachu, he or she will like this skin for sure.

After all, it features Pikachu in various poses. On top of that, the screen protector is tough so you’ll never have to worry about the screen being scratched or damaged.

9. Birthday Party Pack

Are you shopping for a friend’s birthday? This can complicate matters. Don’t worry though. You cannot lose with the 48-Piece Pokemon Mega Mix Value Pack. It is inexpensive and more than capable of enhancing your friend’s birthday. It includes a favorite of items including flying discs, maze puzzles, laser tops, rulers, whistles, and so much more.

With this gift, you can rest assured knowing your bud’s birthday party will be amazing. This pack includes enough toys and trinkets for everyone. Everyone can get a maze puzzle and you can see who will be able to finish first. Since everything is Pokemon-themed, you’ll find that this is an excellent gift for a Pokemon birthday party.

10. Table Light

Whether you’re shopping for a buddy, relative, or significant other, you should think simple. The S-SO Crystal Ball Table Light is a good choice. Everyone needs a table light so this gift will make an excellent present for anyone. Since it features Pikachu, it will put a smile on your girl’s face. Besides the Pikachu version, you can still choose other Pokemon characters.

11. Sculpted Ceramic Mug

Pokemon lovers want to be surrounded by their favorite game all day. Whether they’re at work, school, or home, they’ll want to see Pokemon. You can fulfill their goal by giving them the Pokeball Sculpted Ceramic Mug. When they take a sip of their coffee, tea, or soda, they’re going to think of you. Take note that this mug comes in a set of two. So, you’re going to get two for a cheap price. If you like playing Pokemon, you can keep a mug and give one to your bud.

The mugs are capable of holding 12 ounces each so they’ll work for anything including soda, coffee, tea, or alcohol. Just remember that the mugs are not microwave-safe so they’re not a good idea for soup. Otherwise, these mugs are going to satisfy for many, many years.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Today, everyone needs a good Bluetooth speaker. Having one will ensure that you’re able to share your audio with many others. And, you can step away from your phone while listening to your favorite podcast or song. This is why you’ll want to give your relative the Pokeball Bluetooth Speaker. It looks amazing and will satisfy the Pokemon fanatic you know.

This gift will serve numerous purposes. It can be used to show everyone how much you love Pokemon. Your buddy will love the audio quality as well. They will be able to listen to their favorite Pokemon soundtrack songs without needing to wear headphones and others will be able to join in. Suffice to say, this Bluetooth speaker will make a cool gift for anyone who has fallen in love with the Pokemon gaming franchise.

13. Plush

The Official Pokemon Pikachu Plush is adorable and inexpensive. It is going to last a lifetime so it will provide your friend with many years of laughs and smiles. You can guarantee that the Pokemon fanatic is going to cuddle with this plush toy time and time again. It is perfectly designed to ensure accuracy. When a Pokemon fan sees this toy, they’re going to recognize the character and immediately fall in love. Remember that this gift is suitable for people aged 2 and older.

14. Power Bank

Having a power bank can be very beneficial. With a power bank, you’ll always be able to recharge your devices. Even if you’re stuck out in the wild with no electricity, the power bank will charge your smartphone or tablet. This can help keep you safe and put your mind at ease. A Pokemon fanatic is going to adore the Pikachu 10000mAh Power Bank. Since it features Pikachu, it is an excellent gift for any Pokemon lover. On top of that, you can guarantee that the power bank will prove to be handy. Your son or daughter will use it many times.

15. Airpods Case

Your son, daughter, or lover is likely going to use Airpods. They’re very beneficial and can provide high-quality audio. The only problem is that there is a good chance you’re going to love those Airpods at some point. If this happens, you’re going to need to spend a lot of money to replace them. Your best buddy is the same. Do you want to prevent your bud from losing his or her Airpods? If so, you should think about buying the Twinkle Fire Pokemon 3D Airpods Case. It is affordable and adorable.

You can’t ignore the fact that this case is going to keep your bud’s Airpods protected and safe. They’ll use the case every day and this means that they’re never going to forget your generosity. If you’re looking for a practical gift that will work wonders for your son, this is the one you’ll want to buy.

16. Clock

Almost everyone on the planet needs a good clock. Some people use their smartphone but that can be tough. After all, you’ll have to pull the phone out of your pocket and hit the home button to see the time. It is much easier to glance at the clock. The Pokemon fanatic you know will agree. Owning a clock is fun and beneficial. You should know that the Pokemon Eeveelution Clock is one of the best gifts possible for a Pokemon fan.

The clock is adorned with some of the most notable characters from the franchise. It is gorgeous and more than capable of lasting a lifetime. If you want to make sure that you give a gift that keeps on giving, you should look no further. Any person who is obsessed with Pokemon will adore this gift.

17. Key Holder

Everyone needs a holder for their keys. But, the Pokemon birthday boy or girl needs something a little more special. Give him or her the Pokemon Key Holder that is beautifully constructed of wood with engraved designs. The four embedded Pokemon characters have metal danging key rings. Utilize them to hold your bedroom, house, and car keys.

The Pokemon Key Holder would make the perfect gift for adults and teens. The keyholder measures 6-1/2” W X 7” H X 1/2” D. It comes with a fixture so it can be hung on a wall in the garage or near the entrance of the home. It will look gorgeous no matter where it is installed. And, even better, it will be the focal point no matter which room it is installed in.

18. Shot Glass Set

Adults can be Pokemon fans as well as children. The game was designed to keep all ages entertained for hours. If you are trying to find a give for an adult Pokemon lover, look no further than the Eevee Evolution Shot Glass Set. The set includes nine 1-1/2-ounce shot glasses that have been perfectly etched with Pokemon characters.

There will be a shot glass for every occasion. Embedded into each glass is a Pokemon character, including Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Joleon, Leafeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Espeon, and Sylveon. They can also be utilized as home décor. Arrange them on the countertop or in a custom wood shelf.

19. Flower Pot

The Ceramic Bulbasaur Planter is ideal for avid gardeners. The flowerpot is constructed of high-quality ceramic that will endure long-term exposure to the elements. A hole is embedded into the bottom for drainage. It is just like any ordinary flowerpot but so much more adorable. It is ideal for plants that are small in size. The recipient can set it in their garden, use it as a centerpiece, or leave it on the windowsill.

20. Custom Glasses

For the Pokemon fan comes custom glasses, which are available for both males and females. The glasses are only available for adults but they are as cute as a button. The acrylic finish with Pokemon characters is just adorable. They will attract attention from all angles. Your friend will never look more stylish than when he is wearing his custom Pokemon glasses.

Utilize the custom glasses to soup-up an ordinary Pokemon costume. Wear them occasionally or every day of the week. They will make the ideal gift for any hard-to-please Pokemon fan. Whoever is wearing these glasses will be in the spotlight because they are unique, sexy, and eye-appealing. You can’t go wrong with this gift, regardless.

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