36 Best Gift Ideas for Comic Book Fans


Reading a comic can take you to a land far away and it’ll show you that people generally want to help others. Comic books are one of the best materials you could ever read because they have the ability to bend reality. If you’re a fan of comic books, you likely know someone who likes them too. It could be a friend, spouse, husband, colleague or kid. If so, at some point you may want to buy a gift for them. Choosing an appropriate gift is not easy. On the contrary, it will bring you lots of trouble. To avoid those problems, check out the list of best gifts for comic fans below. Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any special occasion, they will give you a clue to get started.


Since your friend is a comic lover, you know they like reading. So you cannot go wrong with books, and your selection is vast. Give your comic lover the Marvel or DC Comics Encyclopedia so that they can learn everything about superheroes from both. These two encyclopedias cover almost all the characters in the two biggest comic worlds, Marvel and DC. They stand out with stunning and impressive artworks. You will impress and satisfy significantly with this gift.

Book Bin

Comic junkies often own dozens of books. So your pal will need a convenient place to store his books. You can help him out with this book bin. It is made from acid-free plastic and has a sturdy structure that can hold 150 bagged and boarded books. While inexpensive, the bin will protect your friend’s favorite books for life regardless of how big the collection is.

Custom Portrait

You’ll agree that reading about superheroes can be tons of fun, but becoming a superhero is even better. This is a thought that excites your friend and his/her family to feel the same. Giving them this custom superhero family portrait is a wise choice. You can personalize the picture with a photo of every member of his/her family. Whether you’re buying a gift for one or five, you’ll love this unique gift idea.

Wall Clock

Every home should have at least one wall clock so its owner can check the time faster, especially with a new home. If your friend is a new homeowner and is also a diehard fan of DC comics, the Justice League Wall Clock will be sure to excite him. It has a sharp and striking design with the logo of famous superhero characters from DC comics.

Shower Curtain

As a comic book fanatic, you will have the motivation to surround yourself with superheroes. When you get into your vehicle, go to sleep, and shower, you’ll want to see your favorite crime-fighting heroes. Blessing your girlfriend with this superhero shower curtain is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. This shower curtain is water-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to install with any shower rod. When she spends the night and shower in the morning, she’ll get to appreciate the gift too.

Wooden Letter

Your children live for superheroes and won’t go to sleep at night until they finished reading a comic book story. Well, you can help decorate their room with the Marvel Retro Letters. With these letters, your kids will be able to plaster their initials and favorite Marvel characters on the wall. They can also sit on a desk or shelf, making them the perfect decoration for your son or daughter’s bedroom. They also deserve to be a new member of the Marvel fan’s collection.


Bare walls are downright dull, so you’ll want to eliminate them as soon as possible. As a Marvel fan, the best way to do that is by covering those walls with superheroes like Ironman, Thor, Hulk, etc. The Stan Lee canvas print will not disappoint. This canvas print features a pop-art design that has hundreds of superheroes as a background for Stan Lee, father of Marvel.

Gaming Chair

Most people who read comic books love playing video games. They likely enjoy transforming into Spiderman or Batman and keeping their city safe. Your boyfriend needs a gaming chair so his joints won’t ache after an intense gaming session. Therefore, you should give him a gaming chair that features the likeness of a superhero. This gaming chair has an ergonomic design that caters to gamers from play to rest. It also features PU leather that resists corrosion, stains, and scratches. Besides, there are many models inspired by different superheroes for you to choose from.

Whiskey Glass Set

Who says adults can’t enjoy comic books? You’re in your 30s and still enjoy reading these adventures. You’re not alone since your friend feels the same. If your friend loves comics and enjoys drinking whiskey from time to time, you should buy her this Marvel Glass Set. This set has a classic design that highlights the icons of superheroes. Also, they are of excellent quality and are suitable for all types of drinks. However, to keep them like-new, you should wash them by hand, and do not use them with the microwave.

Coaster Set

You love superheroes because they’re always fighting crime. Well, you have to realize that they’re more versatile than that. When they’re not stopping villains, they’re protecting your table from a sweaty soda bottle. This superhero coaster set is one of the coolest and most practical gifts you could give to your beloved one who can’t stop reading comic books. With these coasters, you know your gift is going to serve a purpose and satisfy to no end.

Bottle Opener

Opening a bottle is not easy, especially with a beer bottle cap. If the beer doesn’t have a twist lid, you’re going to slice your hand open, trying to get it open. Or, you can give your significant other the Hammer of Thor bottle opener. The opener’s made of metal and mimics the Thor’s Mjolnir hammer. It is designed to open beer bottles quickly. Even if your mother doesn’t have a strong grip, she’ll still be able to open bottles using this tool with no waiting around or asking for your help.

Cutting Board

Every gift out there is better when it has a superhero on it. Most people and your best friends will agree with this. Do you think she likes cooking for her friends and loved ones? Does she cook for you? The Captain America Cutting Board is worth your time. If she frequently cooks meals for you and others, this cutting board will be a wonderful gift for protecting her countertop.

Oven Mitts

You don’t want your wife’s hands to get burnt when she cooks. That can lead to severe injuries, and you’ll end up paying the medical bills. Buy your significant other a pair of oven mitts so her beautiful hands will be protected while reaching into the oven. Go with the Captain America oven mitts since she will absolutely love it.

Waffle Maker

If your comic kid or boyfriend wants waffles for breakfast, why not make those waffles more exciting and attractive? Make them surprise with the Avengers Waffle Maker. This machine can bake 4 different waffles at the same time with the icons of Hulk, Thor, Ironman, and Captain America. In addition, it is nonstick and has easy-to-use adjustment buttons. Just try it a few times with your favorite recipes, you will have a great waffle breakfast. Your loved ones will definitely appreciate these waffles, and you’ll also get lots of hugs.

Herb Grinder

A husband who knows how to cook can be a great asset to you. If you’re clever enough, you should support him every step of the way. You can also help him shopping or preparing ingredients. And, a delicious dish cannot be without spices, because herbs and spices will make the meal a lot tastier. That’s where the Deadpool herb grinder comes in useful. It consists of 3 metal parts connected to each other through magnetism. Besides, it is small in size that’s easy to hold and comes with a nice gift box. On top of that, if your husband is a Deadpool fan, then he will fall in love with it at first sight.

Pen Holder

Your girlfriend spends her days and nights doodling, sketching, and drawing. With a little bit of practice, you’ll notice that her works are going to transform into masterpieces. You’ll also see that she is going to buy tons of pens and color pencils. Do you think she has managed to keep her utensils organized? The Groot Pen Holder will be the best gift for your comic book-loving girlfriend. With this pen holder, her kits will always be neat and easy to find when needed.

Deco Light

The 3D Light FX Marvel Avengers Deco Light is what every Iron Man fan needs for their bedroom, study room, or restroom. This cordless light operates on 3 AA batteries so that it can be placed anywhere on the wall without any hazard. Besides, it has soft lighting and comes with a 3D sticker that can apply to any flat surface. Together with this 3D sticker, they create a realistic scene like Ironman penetrating the wall.

The Iron Man hand is red, with indentions for the metacarpals. The glow from the light will brighten up your room but not enough to keep you awake at night.

AirPods Case

The TinPlanet Marvel Avengers Endgame Case is perfect for Apple Airpods Gen 1 and 2. The case is officially licensed by no other than Marvel. You can choose from various colors, including black, blue, and red, as well as different superheroes.

The construction is so durable that your Airpod will be protected in the event of a mishap. The lightweight, compact design ensures easy portability and storage. This is an ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift, as well as for both males and females.


Keys can be a pain to keep up with, especially when you have more than one. For the comic book lover on your holiday list, the CAILLU leather keychain will make the perfect gift. This unique gift will bring tears to the recipient’s eyes every time he/she looks at it. The design replicates a bat, with black wings and pointed ears that will draw attention from all angles. It fits almost any key and car key fob. With this keychain, your friend will never worry about losing their keys again.

Personalized Glasses

Does your comic fan want a new pair of glasses? If so, the Ketchupize Wonder Woman Glasses will be an ideal gift. The glasses are incredibly affordable, with a hand-painted finish and beautiful graphics. Moreover, you can personalize it with your friend’s name or a love saying. These glasses will perfect her outfit, whether she’s wearing a Wonder Woman Halloween costume or casual attire. Look stylish and trendy while showing off her personality all at the same time. In addition to this, the black frame is lightweight with UV400 protection. So, they can safely be worn to the beach and pool every day of the week.


The Loungefly Marvel Wallet is perfect for the female comic lover in your friend circle. The wallet is red with the words “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart” in the center. If anyone is a fan of Avengers in general and Tony Stark in particular, then they will surely recognize this design. The beautiful, brass zipper tag and snaps compliment the wallet no end. Safely store your credit and debit cards, photos, student ID, library card, social security card, and cash inside. There is a special slot with a transparent covering for your driver’s license, so you can utilize it for verifying purposes without removing it from the wallet.

The wallet measures 6-1/2″ W X 4″ H, making it ideal for everyday use. The 100% nylon-construction will ensure longevity and durability. Don’t toss it in the trash when it gets soiled, instead wipe it down with a damp cloth and the appropriate cleaner. And, it will look like new again.


Every fanboy needs a backpack to tote their comic books around. Why not give your fanboy this Captain America backpack? This backpack is inspired by Captain America’s outfit, with lots of zippered pockets ready for packing up and going out. It will complement his wardrobe and comic collection. The ergonomic handles and shoulder straps will ensure a comfortable trip no matter where he goes. Is he going to a comic book convention? If so, he should take this backpack along to carry around his comics and accessories safely. Your fanboy will get a lot of attention every time he wears this backpack.

Car Seat Cover

Wonder Woman was without a doubt one of the most prolific and iconic superheroes to ever grace the screen. She is still gracing the screen these days and doing it with such poise. If you want to give that fan in your life these same inspirational feelings every time they step into their vehicle, you should buy these Wonder Woman seat covers for her. These seat covers are fully licensed and designed by Warner Brothers. This set includes both rear and front covers adorned with the Wonder Woman logo. They might be thin and lightweight, but their polyester blend makes them one of the softest, yet most durable available on the market.

Pillow Cover

This fun and colorful pillow cover is a perfect addition to any collector’s bedroom or living room. The cover measures 15 x 15 inches and fits either a 16 x 16 or 15 x 15-inch insert. It features a unique design inspired by superheroes on the front and soft plush back that will come in more than handy in several situations. The pillow cover is made of quality polyester microfiber materials and has a zipper closure that makes installation and removal easier than ever imagined. Simply remove the cover and throw it in the wash for a quick rinse when it has become too saturated with stains, drool, or sweat.

Key Holder

Besides losing books, losing keys is probably one of the biggest headaches for the comic lover in your life. Each of us often has dozens of keys to keep, from the house key to the garage key. Even a superhero could easily lose track. That was until they got themselves one of these key holders. This key holder can easily be mounted on any surface in just a matter of minutes and offers a simple design that will ensure you always know where your keys are when you need them. The holder features 7 different hooks, and each hook can hold more than one set of keys. On top of that, it features some black silhouettes of Marvel’s most iconic and memorable characters. Losing keys will not be a concern anymore if you give your friend this key holder.

Subscription Box

Are you having a hard time deciding on just one item? Well, you don’t have to settle with only one thing when you opt for this subscription box. This September themed–Venom box has a number of other goodies that any comic book worshiper would appreciate. There is a Funko pop, a figurine leaping in the air with its tongue out, the iconic t-shirt, ahead stress ball for those stressful situations, a pint-sized hero, and an insert card that includes a detailed description of everything included in the box. When you can’t decide what to get or can’t decide on a single item, you will not go wrong with this subscription box because it literally has everything. If you don’t like the themed-Venom box, you can still find other themes on Amazon, LootCrate, and CrateJoy.

Deck-Building Game

It is one thing to admire your favorite superheroes from afar, but it is another thing to become them. That is exactly what this DC deck-building game does. It lets you become your favorite heroes! And, it does this by featuring incredible designs, and access to unique abilities that open up different strategies for different players. You can play as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, or Cyborg.

Simply put, there is no shortage of heroes or strategies when you opt for this deck-building game. The card game was designed for anywhere from two to five players, ages 15 and up. The rules are easy to grasp, and you can create games that will go as long as 45 minutes or longer.

Piggy Bank

Being a comic book fan takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and above all else, money. The only problem is that with so many cool items on the market it can be hard to save money. That won’t be a problem when you invest in this Infinity Gauntlet PVC Bank. First off, the fist is constructed of high-quality PVC, so you never have to worry about anyone breaking into it or it getting busted. The plastic design is more than durable and will deter intruders at the mere sight. It is adorned with 6 Infinity Gems on each knuckle and features a beautiful golden design that sticks out. This gift would be even better for a child who is learning to save money.

Party Masks

Everyone wants to be a superhero. And, with all the big pictures available today, more and more people are falling in love with these heroes. You can make that dream a reality for your comic lover by giving these party masks. Don’t worry about choosing the right hero because this entire set comes with 33 masks. These masks can be used for superhero-themed events, or they can be worn around the house occasionally.

Each mask is constructed with 100 percent felt and a highly elastic headband. When donning these masks, you will not only look cool but also feel very comfortable. These masks come in an assortment of colors and designs, so matching the right one to anyone’s specific personality won’t be a problem.

The best part is, the entire set comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the masks, all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and they will rectify the issue right away even if it means replacing the entire set.

Booster Car Seat

Spider-Man is known for shooting out those sticky webs that give him the ability to scale buildings and towers. Well, this Spider Man-inspired booster car seat will offer that same type of sticky protection. The 5-point harness will hold any toddler safely and securely on the road. There are two durable position points at each shoulder, two-position points at the hips, and one more where the harness buckles between the child’s legs. You will not have a headache about your child outgrowing the seat too early because the booster car seat also offers adjustable locking slots. Parents will be able to choose from two different modes of operation. One being the forward-facing five-point position and the other being the belt-positioning booster seat. If your comic book lover has a family with toddlers, then this gift is definitely a perfect choice.

Plush Gloves

He is big, strong, and green. Is it really any wonder why anyone would love the Incredible Hulk? Well, you can harness that same power and ferociousness with these plush gloves. These Hulk gloves not only come available in the iconic green color, but they are also available in several other color schemes just if you feel like mixing things up a bit. There are built-in handles inside the gloves that will provide not only support but also movement control. They are stuffed with polyester fibers and detailed with giant fingernails to offer the most authentic experience possible. These gloves are perfect for both kids and adults because they fit anyone or any age above two.

LEGO Building Kit

LEGOs are great and will always be great, but they are even better when they involved superheroes. And, that is why this building kit set makes the perfect gift for any fan of the comics. This set allows users to construct and build the War Machine Buster toy along with 4 other minifigures. These minifigures are not even all. When you buy this set, you will also get a 6-stud rapid shooter, 2 detachable stud-shooting cannons, and 2 flick missiles. These 362 pieces of quality LEGO blocks will keep anyone occupied and entertained on and on.

Drawing Set

It takes a lot of hard work and talent to bring a superhero to life on paper. And, you can give your comic-loving kid a chance to test his or her skills with this drawing set. This set includes many unique items and drawing utensils that will come in handy for many drawing situations. This set was specifically designed for anime and cartoon drawing, but the best thing is that it includes a learning guide. Whether your kid is just getting started or have been at it for years, this set will enhance his/her skills. Everything also comes in a neat and convenient storage box, so your kid can take it anywhere at ease.

Baseball Bat

This high-quality authentic replica was inspired by Harley Quinn. It was made by the Noble Collection and officially authorized by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. The baseball bat measures 31.5 inches in length and features a hardwood design that will stand up even in harsh environments. If your friend is a fan of Harley Quinn, she will definitely love this baseball bat replica.

Dog Collar

Just about every superhero out there has had a companion or partner at one time. If not, they would have been better off with one. Life is better with a dog. If your comic addict has a dog, why not give him/her this superhero-inspired dog collar. This Loki dog collar will show the pooch how much he/she appreciates and need its constant companionship.

It features a vibrant and bold design that will stand out in any situation, but it is also constructed with quality polyester that will hold up in all seasons. Besides, there is an over-engineered plastic buckle along with extra-durable D-rings that can hold out any type of punishment that the dog can dish out. Moreover, it comes available in many sizes, so choosing the right one will not be difficult.

Gift Tickets To Comic-Con

Comic-Con is undoubted a Mecca for any comic book lover. It is a chance where they can not only meet and greet with their favorite heroes, but they will be able to meet and greet with the mind that brought them to life. The only problem is that the event has grown so popular and big over the years that it can be nearly impossible to get tickets. Most people end up waiting in line for hours. Giving any comic book fan a trip to Comic-Con is something that they will never forget. They can dress up as their favorite hero and converse amongst like-minded individuals that love the industry as just as much as they do.

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