Don’t Buy Until You Check These Great White Elephant Gift Ideas

white elephant gift ideas

A white elephant day gift exchange is always far fun. That all unique gifts are wrapped secretly and you almost can not predict what you get in the end makes the game is curiously hilarious. People seem to never get enough of white elephant gift ideas.

Truth be told, how many times do you burst into laughs or even screams when opening the wrapped gifts?

Next time, if your family or your groups plan a hilarious white elephant gift exchange, bring some of the following novelty gifts introduced in this blog, and pretty sure, the game will become even hotter.

What Makes The Perfect White Elephant Gift?

You might think of the white elephant exchange as an easy task until you get down to researching. Ideally, the gift should be both fun, cool, and useful. It is also no necessity to break a bank for the gift.

Specifically, there are several factors to consider before buying.

Fun is the highest priority

Of course, gag gifts must always create a splash of a surprise to your audience. Nonetheless, they will end up putting a smile on his/her lips rather than a frightened or awed face. The good fun results from the unexpected benefits or the way you decorate the gifts.

Try to understand your friend’s or colleagues’ preferences and cultures so that you will not bring things that offend them.

The gift is still helpful in some ways

Most of the time, how you share the fun together is more important than the value of gifts themselves. However, never give garbage or useless stuff like a broken cup, expired gift cards, shattered ornaments, or your old clothes. Instead, make sure that the gifts are useable, at least to decorate on the working desk.

Affordable gifts are recommended

Preparing an expensive gift for perfect white elephant parties is, to be honest, is a kind of showing off. And it will not buy fun. A memorable idea can be as cheap as $10 to less than $100.

45 Cool Ideas for White Elephant Gifts

Good White Elephant Gifts Under $10

Urinal Shot Glasses

Those liking to have several cups of Liquor after work might love this gift set of two ceramic shot glasses.

The very first impression when your friend unboxes the gift is on the odd design of urinal shots. Secondly, the glasses are very user-friendly. For example, Urinal Shot Glasses can contain 5 oz of liquid – enough for several sips of liquor. Moreover, the handle is big to grab the small shots firmly. Thirdly, you can expect the glasses to last for years thanks to its quality ceramic material.

Toilet Golf Game

Some think this idea is silly. But eventually, the receiver will thank you as you provide them a leisure game instead of spending such a private time for nothing.

Now that you give your friends a complete package of a putter, two golf balls, a hole, the flag, and “Do not disturb” card, they can start practicing and have some fun.

The small size of 34×28 inches makes it easy to settle the mini-game in any toilet base. A gift for dad, you can try!

Beer Hammer

A hammer and beer – what do the two do anything with each other?

Simply put, the beer hammer can be versatile used as a hammer for household tasks, for instance – driving nails or carpenter projects. Secondly, its head works as a bottle opener and crusher.

It means the receiver now can prepare a beer bottle at hand while doing some household tasks. Then, when he wants something to drink, just rotate the hammer and open the beer.

Double duties!

Mini Waffle Maker

This gift does not look weird. What makes people surprised is its functionalities. Accordingly, this mini waffle-maker is definitely no joke because it does help to prepare a quick and yummy breakfast for a whole family. Apart from waffles, it even possibly makes biscuit pizzas, paninis, or snacks. Interestingly enough, the Mini Waffle Maker comes with delicious recipe ideas.

The device is really compact and easy to use. Just plug it in and the waffle maker will heat up in less than one minute.

Shark Bite Can Coolie

This Shark Bite Can Coolie bottle stopper looks too adorable to hold your soft drink and keep it cool for hours.

Your guests will a bit funnily shocked because the shark is designed with surprising detail, from head to tail. And, both sides are made of foam-like material so you can play with the shark without worrying about ripping or so.

Please note that the shark is actually larger than its look. Hence, you can easily fit regular-sized cans or bottles.

Duck Floating Tea Infuser

Can you guess the function of this Duck Floating Tea Infuser?

Yes, it helps steep the loose tea quickly by holding the leaves together rather than using the tea bags. Then, you can enjoy the full potential flavor of the tea.

Besides, the cute rubber ducky design will definitely make people smile. If your kids fairly hate drinking herbal tea, bring this to them in a white elephant gift exchange. They will be likely more willing to take the drink.

Who can refuse such a lovely duck friend?

Great White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Collapsible Water Bottle

The idea of Collapsible Water Bottle, as the name suggests, is to provide a water container that is foldable when you are not using it. This bottle can come as small as 2 inches thanks to its innovative design.

Underuse, the bottle can withstand extremely hot or cold water, from -40 to 480 degrees F. The food-grade silicone cover is heat-resistant, health-friendly, and easy to clean. Not to mention, the design makes it effortless to bring the bottle on the go.

Each of us should have at least one collapsible bottle like this to avoid unnecessary waste of plastic.

Funny Fake Belly Waist Pack

100% sure almost all of your friends will mistake this bag for a big beer belly, considering how detailed and natural the design is. Only when you open the zipper will people find out the truth. It is the funny side of this gift idea.

Besides the design as above, you can also choose a hairy belly, black belly, or even muscle belly. This will also make a good choice for a Father’s day gift.

In terms of quality, this camouflaged bag is crafted with waterproof PU leather which can last for a long.

Katamco Toilet Timer

Katamco Toilet Timer is a gift for those who are serious about time management, even when they are in the bathroom or those who desire to fight against lavatory laziness.

It is recommended that, for your health sake, we should not spend more than 10 min on the toilet. With a set for 5 minutes, you can flip the timer twice, knowing that when the sand runs out, then you need to stand up.

Archie McPhee Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

If you are also wondering what this yodeling pickle is for, then, it is a conversation piece with a simple speaker, a button, and a battery tray on the back.

Simply, when turned on, the pickle will sing a song for you “Yodel-day-ee-oo.”

The song is somewhat silly but super fun that you and your guest cannot help but laugh together. That is what you want in a white elephant gift exchange event, don’t you?

Funny Coasters

When lifting up the cup and take the drink off, your guests will be not only happy to read the coaster but also grateful, knowing how much thought you devote to this gift.

Just take care that these coasters are stone. It means you should be careful not to drop them on hard surfaces.

Besides being funny gifts for White Elephant, these Coasters are also definitely a Mother’s day gift!

Toilet Night Light

None of your guests will be unhappy with this gift after knowing how helpful it is in the restroom.

Rather than disturb someone in the dead of night, they should install the light on the toilet rim and let the motion sensor work to light up the dimmer space. Then, the light will automatically turn off without motion detected.

Know it or not, a slight lighting environment is more comfortable to take nature duties.

Chia Donald Trump Pottery Planter

Do you know any of your friends who is a fan of Mr. Trump?

Then, he/she will love this Chia Donald Trump Pottery Planter. The gift comes in a full package of the pottery planter, plastic tray, and chia seeds – enough for 3 plantings.

Only within one week and several days, the seeds will grow and the receiver can enjoy a luscious green coat on his/her working table.

CozyBomB Desktop Punching Ball

Or you know someone who needs a fun and effective way to relieve their recent stress. At that time, a CozyBomB Desktop Punching Ball will help.

Simply put, the punching ball is designed to stay on the tabletop so whenever one cannot hold up their stress or down mood, they can strike on the ball and get ease.

Moreover, the ball is also a toy for kids to train their speed, strength, and agility!

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Drinking games will become hotter and crazier when your guest unboxes the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass gift.

This wine glass can hold up to 750 ml of wine, considering the measurements of 11.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Who loves wine can truly enjoy it in one shot.

Funny Burger Socks

The fast-food holics will not be able to take their eyes off these funny burger socks. On being wrapped, the set looks like a fresh delicious well-seasoned burger, shortly taken out of a food truck.

On opening the set, you will find various colorful socks embroidered with onion, cheese, bun, gherkins, and sauces, etc. Such wonderful socks add styles to casual jeans and sneakers.

Microwave Popcorn Popper

Similar to the mini waffle-maker as above, this Microwave Popcorn Popper is another wonderful gift for those who like cooking.

Coming in 18 different colors from red to lime, the popcorn-makers are truly compact to put on a small kitchen, in a drawer, and in the RV’s room.

More excitingly, the machine is easy to use. Just add the corn in and put the machine into the microwave. Set the timer and take it out safely with handles included with the package.

Microwave Popcorn Popper is possibly cleaned in a dishwasher and free of BPA.

Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

If you are about to exchange the gift at a pool party, then it is nothing better than the Inflatable Drink Holder. Once your friend unwraps the gift, you guys can use it right after.

The holders are big enough for 5 cups and there is room for snacks, serving salad, ices, etc. What’s more, the gift is colorful with a white cloud and rainbow printing.

Trash Can Pen Cup Holder

Simple, but very useful for a messy desk.

With this Trash Can Pen Cup Holder, the receiver can organize their desk into two types – the trash and the recycle items.

The holders take after a real plastic trash bin with tiny wheels and open lids. They are tall enough to contain big pens, scissors, rulers, etc.

Having these holders on the table refers to the fact that one is an environmentally-friendly person.

Gigantic Coffee Mug

This coffee mug looks extraordinarily big that something like “what in the world can I handle in this cup?” Then, the size turns out convenient!

BigMouth Inc, who creates this huge cup, revealed that they have sold thousands of cups so far.

In fact, one can make a big coffee/teacup at a time and add as much ice as they want. Or, use this coffee mug as a cereal bowl in the morning.

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $30


Before you uncover the box and find out what is in this meme box, please note that this gift is for 17+ adults rather than your kids.

This WHAT DO YOU MEME? has many cards with captions. Players will present a caption and the judge will decide what is most suitable to describe the photo and give them points.

This card game is both fun and creative – you will see.

Wine Bottle Puzzles

Bring these wine puzzles to the gift exchange and share a fun time with your friend. Not only that this product comes with a delicious bottle for wine lovers, but it is also a challenge for the brain. You guys will have to unlock the cover before enjoying it.

Mug With A Hoop

There is an interesting story behind this product. It was created by the 8-year-old Max who loves Slam Dunk and wants to practice basketball even during the breakfast meal. Your kids might also love it.

Accordingly, the idea of this Mug With A Hoop is to add a hoop on a mug where the kids can toss marshmallows or small things into hot cocoa. Trust it or not, even adults will love the game.

Squatty Potty

Doctors recommend a squatting posture while sitting on the toilet bowl because it improves colon health and saves people from annoying constipation, hemorrhoids, and bloating.

And to make squatting easier, Squatty Potty introduces the Original Bathroom Toilet Stool.

With an ergonomic slope from the back to the front, the stool will raise your heels and generate a comfortable angle of the squat.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Pop-Up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Here comes another tool to make your breakfast: The Hot Dog and Bun Toaster by Coca Cola. You can give this to your kids so that they can make a quick meal on their own. The machine is very user-friendly.

The operation is simple with an adjustable timer and a stop button. Your kids just need to insert two regular-sized or even extra-plump sausages, along with two buns at a time.

The cage and mini tongs will keep your kids from accidental burning. Thus, no need to worry about this toaster.

Custom Photo Sequin Pillow Case

A gift for dog-lovers is under your fingertips, or you can print anything as wished. Simply, add a picture to the manufacturer right on the product page and you will receive the pillow several days after.

The most interesting part of this gift is that When your fingers run across the cover, the sequins reversibly flip and become other patterns.

The receiver will be definitely burst into emotions, knowing how thoughtful you are.

Claw Slippers

These slippers look cool on your foot. At the same time, they are warm and comfortable thanks to the added polyurethane cushion. For that reason, the Claw Slippers are sweet gifts for winter.

Even more, the slippers are ideal for the next Halloween dress up. You can choose from wolf paw, grizzly bear, pink tiger, etc. Whichever you choose, the claws are carefully made and look like real!

Bonny Boy Alcohol Dispenser

Do not present this gift for serious and strict people. Otherwise, they might mistake it for an offend. In contrast, for your buddies, the Bonny Boy Alcohol Dispenser will definitely put a smile on their slips.

The dispenser features the famous Belgian Manneken statue in every detail. Thus, when not in use, the dispenser works as an artic decoration for the home/working space.

The product is 12.5 inches tall and can hold around 16 ounces of wine. You just need to press the button to get a cup of rum, vodka, and whiskey.

Starfrit Electric Peeler

Forget about wasting time to peel the potatoes or other fruits all the time because there is Starfrit Electric Peeler to burden the work.

As you can figure out from the product image, this kitchen utensil comes with blades to peel the skin of potatoes, apples, cucumbers, etc. in a matter of seconds. Even more, there is a thumb knife to pare the fruits at ease.


  • 1 Rotato express peeler
  • 6 replaceable blades
  • Thumb knife
  • 6V adapter and 31-inch cord
  • 1-year warranty

Qi Cell Phone Solar Charger

These days, it is a good idea to have a solar charger on emergent cases of flat-battery phones. The charger is both powerful and compact. Specifically, the capacity is 10,000mAh – enough for several charges.

It is compatible with both micro USB and type-C port, meaning you can power iPhone, Samsung, and qi-enabled devices.


  • QI-ID 3533
  • A capacity of 10,000mAh power bank
  • Dual torch flashlight
  • Dimensions of 5.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches
  • For iPhones and Samsung

Best White Elephant Gifts Under $50

Burritos Throw Blanket

Is this a pancake? – No, it is a blanket for beds or sofas. LOL.

Made of flannel, the blanket is surprisingly soft and incredibly warm on your skin. Meanwhile, the flannel sheets are breathable to ensure the most comfort. The receiver can use the blanket for both summer or winter nights.

The humorous side of this gift is the pancake pattern and that you can roll inside like a giant burrito or tortilla-based food.

PortoVino Beach Wine Purse

The combination of purse and wine is interesting, just by thinking about the idea.

In fact, you can add two bottles of your favorite wine into the bag and bring it to the party. It is fashionable to match almost all clothes. No one will ever doubt that you have a wine with you and tada … you make everyone surprised.

Interestingly enough, you can still contain some of your essentials in the bag like the phone, lipstick. and a small purse because it is roomy enough.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Prop Replica

A sexy lamp is more than a Christmas gift, it even makes fun for the crowd in a white elephant exchange.

This is a desk-sized electric lamp so you can expect it to be bright enough to light up your working space. The shade is built well with double sides. And the whole lamp stands securely on the wood base.

The only notice is the bulb size. Because the package does not include the bulb, you have to buy it on your own. Unfortunately, it might be a bit hard to buy a size to put inside the leg.

Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Such a lovely tissue holder! Especially, cat-lovers will not help but receive this holder to have their favorite animal to take care of themselves when it comes to allergies or nose-blowing.

With a dimension of 12.5 inches long and 9.25 inches wide, this Cat Butt Tissue Holder can load a box of tissues.

Sonic Alert Bunker Bomb Alarm Clock

The clock features a military-style that helps wake you up every morning. As its name already reveals, the alarm is as loud as 113 dB – it is among the most powerful shaker on the market.

Thus, give it to those heavy sleepers. The clock will be their life-saver.

For your information, this is a dual alarm clock that supports the features of alarms and snooze. Accordingly, you can set a duration of 1 to 59 minutes and a snooze of 1 to 30 minutes.

The battery backup will keep the clock effective all the time.

Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow

Can you sit on the couch and have drinks and food at hand at the same time? If your friend likes this idea, too, then wrap the Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow as a white elephant exchange. You two can use the pillow together.

This securely flat pillow can hold up several cups, snacks, or other things on top of it. It can even maintain the temperature of the drink for a long time.

Conveniently spot on!

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Two is better than one” is why this product will be a nice gift for white elephant exchange. To be specific, one can prepare two small sandwiches within only 5 minutes. If you want to make new dishes occasionally, there are several custom sandwich recipes for your reference.

As a result, this Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker is ideal for even the busiest people. Plus, the machine is very compact and lightweight to take out for camping or traveling.

BEAUTURAL Garment Steamer

A dressed-up lady will like this portable steamer and keep your gift in her bag.

The machine can work on almost all fabrics to remove all wrinkles on them. It takes only 30 seconds and less to preheat the machine and one can use it for 15 minutes.

There is a medium 260-ml water tank coming with the steamer and it will never be leaked or spilled over whether you place the device horizontally or vertically.

Hidden Storage Book Box

Book collectors will thank you for this book box. It has real books on one side and sliding storage box on the other side where people can hide small items such as routers or plugs. Thus, it is considered as a 2-in-1 gift. Not to mention, the wooden design adds a beautiful vintage decor for the house.

On purchase, you can custom the color theme as wished.

Cooluli Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

The mini-fridge looks classic. The design is neither special nor weird. What makes it a nice gift is the versatility of use and compact design.

In specific, the overall unit is 7.25×10.25×8.3 inches and the inner dimensions are a bit smaller – 5.3×5.7×8.3 inches. Meanwhile, the weight is only 4 lbs.

You can restore a bunch of things in this fridge, for example, food, drinks, medicines, and skincare products. The cooling capacity is between 40 to 45 degrees F, so items will are well-preserved.

Great Gifts under $100 and over $100

Lifesize Custom Cardboard Cutout Standee

A custom standee with a funny quote or a meme of your friends or family will cause people to be surprised and happy. If you have an idea but do not know how to visualize it, let designers at Life Size Custom Cutout helps.

Your work is to place the orders and customer services will contact to receive your photo and requirements.

In terms of printing quality, you can rest assured about the high-definition UV cured ink and USA-quality techniques.

The maximum printing dimensions are 94×46 inches.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you know the receiver who listen to music or watch videos a lot, why don’t give him/her this wireless Bluetooth speaker?

This compact device allows connecting 2 tables or smartphones to its speaker and then, provides clear stereo sound.

Som specifications to take notes:

  • 12 hours of continuous playing thanks to 30000mAh battery
  • Ipx7 water-resistant case, meaning you can bring the speaker to pooling parties with no worry
  • 100 100 JBL connections available
  • Two external passive radiators

ALDOM Deep Tissue Massage Gun

What to expect from this massage gun:

  • Multifunctional settings
  • A variety of 30 speeds and 6 adjustable heads
  • A high pulse frequency
  • The quiet motor of 24V
  • 2400mAh rechargeable battery

With this massage device, one will get relief on their stiff muscle and fatigue parts. Besides, blood circulation is supposed to be significantly promoted. All in all, this is a thoughtful gift of health.

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

The carbonated drinks are both healthy and fun when seeing the sparkling ring pops out of the cap. You can use this machine for whatever drink from pure water to soft drinks and beers.

Even kids can use this carbonator since it is safe and easy to operate. Neither batteries nor electric power is required. The whole control is with a push button.

APEMAN NM4 Pocket Projector

Last but not least, this pocket projector is more than a mere white elephant exchange. It is quite an investment for a gadget gift, including a package of M4 projector, rotatable tripod, HDMI & USB charging cables, AC Adapter, along with a complete user manual.

The first to praise is its compact design of 0.44 lbs and 3.86 x 3.86 x 0.85 inches. Secondly, it is easy to set up and operate with a tripod. Thirdly, it can connect to various electronic devices to transfer the living room into a vivid theater. What’s more, the resolution is excellent to enjoy enhanced images.


Do you have some white elephant gift ideas for the exchange event? Whatever you choose, keep in might three essential criteria: FUN – USEFUL – REASONABLY-PRICED. Now, head for shopping as you want.

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