21 Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers and Horse Owners


Owning and caring for a horse can be a lot of responsibility, but it’ll pay off in the long run. As a horse owner, you’ll always have a companion by your side. If you need to go into town or rush along the hillside, your horse will be there to aid you.

One of the best things about horses is that they’ll provide you with the constant company you desire. If someone in your life loves horses or owns a horse, help her/him to continue that passion. With the best horse-themed gifts below, finding a gift for horse people for birthday or Christmas is not complicated. Whatever the occasion is, you will find something you can buy.

Coffee Mug

People who love horses usually get up early so they can care for their long-tailed friends. They’ll need a cup of coffee so they can wake up and get started immediately. This black and white horse mug is a great gift for the horse-loving woman. It is inexpensive, relevant, and practical. Give this mug if you want her to have something that will be beneficial for many years to come.

Utilize the mug to serve your favorite hot beverages, including chocolate, latte, and tea. While you are enjoying your delicious drink, you can admire the beautiful graphics imprinted on the mug.


Everyone wants to show their passion to the world. Many t-shirts are great for this purpose. If you choose the right t-shirt, you’ll be able to tell people a lot about yourself and your passions. Choose this beautiful t-shirt if your gal wants the world to know how much she cares about these animals.

The t-shirt is available in women, men, and youth sizes. There are also various colors, including white, blue, black, purple, and asphalt, available. The 100% cotton construction ensures durability and longevity. Above all, its multi-colored graphic is very eye-appealing and will capture everyone’s eye from afar.

Throw Blanket

Unfortunately, you can’t always cuddle with horses. When the sun goes down, you have to go inside, and the horse will likely stay in the barn. Your mother, sister, or girlfriend will need a way to keep warm, and this Western Horse Throw Blanket is excellent for that purpose. It’ll provide them with warmth and comfort throughout the night. Also, the material is very durable, so your friend will receive many years of use from the blanket.

Your woman would love to receive a throw blanket. They can wrap themselves in the blanket at night and stay comfortable. Even if the temperature drops, they’ll stay warm thanks to this great gift. They can utilize it at outdoor sports events, for snuggling up in front of the fire and reading a good book on the front porch.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Memory Box

Memory boxes can be used for an abundance of reasons. It can hold your keys, wallet, jewelry, notes, and so many more. The exterior portion of the box is equally important as the interior. Therefore, you’ll want to choose this unique memory box since it highlights the love of a girl and her horse. Besides the meaningful message and exquisite craftsmanship, it also comes with an elegant gift-ready box. Give it to a horse lover, and they’ll understand the message you’re conveying.

Cell Phone Purse

Most people you know have a smartphone, and your friends likely use one every day. If you’re not careful, you’ll drop your phone and damage it severely. You can help your spouse avoid this issue by giving her a cell phone purse. The design makes this Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse an excellent choice for horse fanatics. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures she’ll be able to carry it around without any problems.

With this purse, she’ll never lose her cell phone again, and it’ll remain safe at all times. Plus, she can make a statement with this item. She can carry it to the market, and everyone will know how much she cares about horses.

Paper Clips

Paper clips can be used on many occasions. If you know someone who likes horses and they work in an office, give them these horse paper clips. They’re inexpensive and resemble horses. This gift will mean a lot to your boyfriend, and he’ll use them for school, work, and other activities.

This gift is suitable for all genders and most ages, so you shouldn’t overlook it.

Horse Wind Chime

Do you know someone who likes sitting outside on the porch? It can be relaxing to listen to the wind blow, and the rain bounces off the metal roof. A horse wind chime will make the experience much better. This wind chime is made of iron, so it is rugged and tough. It can be used almost anywhere, including in a garden, office, patio, or on your porch.

The craftsmanship is out of this world, so this affordable gift will provide many years of charming use.

Leather Memory Book

You likely have a buddy who enjoys writing things down and capturing life moments with photos. They keep a journal so they can remember what happened yesterday and last week. This Horse Memory Book will have a lasting impact on the receiver. Since it is made of leather, this book can withstand everything thrown its way. Besides, it comes with 60 pages meaning it can hold over 100 photos. Therefore, this book is suitable for both women and men, especially photographers who are obsessed with horses.

Wine Bottle Holder

Drinking wine is a good way to relax and forget the day’s worries. You should help your friend assemble a wine collection, and you can start by purchasing this wine bottle holder. The holder can hold three bottles simultaneously, so it is a good starting point. The horseshoe-like appearance is gorgeous and versatile. So it can fit in rooms with modern, classic, or rustic interior design schemes.

Metal Lantern Light

Finding your way throughout your home at night can be tough. If you want to help your mother navigate the dark, you should buy this Horse Lantern Light for her. While it is made in China, its quality is still guaranteed. The paint is weatherproof and rust-resistant. It measures in at 8 x 5.5 x 15 inches, so it is a perfect size for many purposes. Whether you intend to use the lantern outside or in the barn, it will work exceptionally well and last a lifetime.

It will be able to brighten your path so you can see everything in front of you no matter how dark it is.

Horse Statue Holder

Horse ornaments and decorations will look fantastic anywhere, whether that’s your home, office, bathroom, and bedroom. If your girlfriend, sister, or mother loves horses and cooking, you should give her this horse statue holder. It can hold salt and pepper shakers, making it a good addition to any kitchen. In addition, the statue holder weighs 1.2 pounds, so it is heavy-duty but not too heavy.

This hand-craft work of art will be one of the best horse-related gifts she ever received.

Countertop Paper Towel Holder

Every household needs paper towels since they make it easy to clean up messes. The only problem is that you will likely drop the paper towel, and it will roll everywhere. Using a nice paper towel holder can eliminate all those problems. This Horseshoe Paper Towel Holder is a little expensive but it’ll make an unforgettable gift.

The aluminum alloy material will maintain its gorgeous finish for a lifetime. Also, you won’t have to worry about it showing fingerprints either.

Grooming Kit

Caring for a horse will need a lot of work and responsibility. If you do well, your horse will thrive. And, he’ll pay you back. Your friend has a horse, and she/he’ll need to care for every aspect of that horse’s life. At some point, your friend will have to cut and brush the horse’s hair. This grooming kit will be beneficial.

It comes with 7 pieces so your best friend won’t have to buy anything else. The nylon tote bag that comes with these pieces is convenient, durable, and has 6 small pockets outside to hold auxiliary accessories. Apart from that, this kit’s available in three colors, including black, blue, and pink. Be sure to choose a color that will match your buddy’s preferences.

Trucker Hat

Cowboys and girls often find themselves out in the hot sun. If they’re lucky, they’ll have a hat to help shield their eyes from the sun. Otherwise, they’re going to have a tough time seeing. The Barn Hair Hat is a practical gift for people who work around horses and other animals. You can choose various colors until you find one that suits her needs.

This hat features an adjustable Velcro strap so it is going to fit anyone. You can’t go wrong with this hat since it will work well for any woman who has fallen in love with horses.

Fashion Scarf

Riding a horse during the winter can take its toll. This will result in your skin becoming chapped, and that may lead to other problems. It is wise to cover your skin to prevent this from happening. So a scarf is a must. This horse-pattern scarf is soft and very stylish, so it can be worn with any wardrobe. You can also wear it at any time of the day and year. Whether it is hot or cold, this scarf will make the perfect fashion accessory.

Pendant Necklace

This Horseshoe Pendant Necklace is perfect for females of all ages. The beautiful U-shaped pendant is lined with clear gems. In the center, a rose-colored heart that hangs perfectly from a tiny silver ball that attaches to the chain. No matter what your wardrobe for the day, the pendant necklace will fit it perfectly.

It will add beauty and eye appeal to your attire while showing the world how much you adore horses. This is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries. Utilize the pendant as a good luck charm for special performances or everyday events.

Canvas Wall Art

For that special one, this Horse Modern Canvas Wall Art would be an amazing gift. Utilizing state-of-the-art Double Strengthening Technology, the artist created a masterpiece that will be as beautiful as new for a long time. With the 1.5-inch thick frame, the canvas will not be easy to deform when a collision occurs. Besides that, the frame comes with a metal hook for hanging on walls.

This fantastic art piece will effortlessly create a focal point in every room in your home. You can also combine one or two canvases to make the wall stand out even more. Therefore, the canvas is perfect for bedrooms, dens, studies, and nurseries. No matter where you install it, it will draw attention from all angles.

Board Game

Tired of relying on the Internet to keep your friends and family members entertained? The Internet is not always the best source of entertainment. A better option is the Herd Your Horses Board Game. The game includes 4 playing pieces, 97 cards (42 adventure and 55 horse), a game board, and a dice. You and your mates can spend hours herding horses while learning how these animals survive in the wild.

The board game is suitable for children 8 years of age and older. Besides, the graphics are outstanding, making them the centerpiece of the game. On top of that, six players can utilize this unique gift for entertainment and educational purposes at the same time.


Do you have a special collection of books that you admire deeply? If so, you could utilize a set of bookends. When you combine horses and books together, you will discover an entirely different world. Whatever the topics of your favorite books, the Horse Head Bookends will help you keep them organized, whether they are stored on the top of a chest or in a bookshelf.

The craftsmanship is outstanding, making the bookends different from the rest of the room. These bookends are available in both brown and white. So, you can keep your books organized without creating an eyesore. The bookends measure in at 5” W X 7” H X 4” D, so they are fully capable of holding a small-, medium-, and large-sized books.


Horses are animals with big hearts and so much affection to give to its owner. For people who are new to the horse world, the Horse Speak Translation Guide is a necessity. The book provides tips on how to determine what your horse is trying to say. Within hours of reading the first few pages, you will see a significant improvement in the communication between you and your horses.

Learn how to read your horse’s body language to eliminate second-guessing and misunderstandings. Never again guess what your horse is telling you after reading the entirety of this book. The high-graphic photos are clear, showing even the tiniest details in the best quality. Share the book with others, so they too can communicate with their horses better.

This book is the ideal gift for horse equestrians, instructors, trainers, jockeys, and anyone who enjoys spending time with horses. The book features information about the four Gs (Grooming, Greeting, Going Somewhere, and Gone). It will help you learn what each of these very important letters means in the modern horse world.

Leather Bookmark

Need a unique way to celebrate with horse-themed things? If so, you should consider doing it with these leather horse bookmarks. The leather construction is integrated with a horse and an inspirational phrase “Born to Ride.” For people who adore horses, the leather bookmark is a souvenir that will never stop giving. You will never lose your page again, even when reading books with 1,000 pages or more.

The 7” L X 2” W dimension is ideal for books of all sizes. You can also utilize it to keep track of your places when writing in your personal journal, medical books, and Bible.

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