35 Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife – 2020 Picks


It really does take a special person to birth a child and raise them. Heck, as a farther, this is something that you know a little bit about. Although you are a father, you couldn’t truly understand what it means to birth and raise a child. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, as it is just a natural part of life that men do not conceive. All that aside, you can show that special person in your life how much you appreciate what they do when you give them an extra special gift this mother’s day. Having a hard time deciding what that gift would be? With the list of ideas below, you’ll know what to get your wife for Mother’s day.

1. Personalize Necklace

There is nothing that says happy Mother’s Day like a great piece of jewelry. However, it really is the customized jewelry that will make all the difference in the world. It shows that you are actually putting your heart and thoughts into the gift, and that is exactly what you will be doing when you choose to give this personalized necklace. The pendant necklace can be custom made for you with the name of your choosing. All necklaces are manufactured right in the United States with only the most quality ingredients and uncompromising detail. There are other chain lengths available so you won’t have a problem finding a style or size that matches your wife.

2. Baseball Cap

Who says that mothers can appreciate baseball? No one because they do. They just rarely have the time to show that appreciation. Well, you can change all that when giving her this awesome baseball cap as a Mother’s Day gift. The cap comes available in a variety of color options, but the most important part is the message that it conveys. It has a mama bear logo stitched on the front of the cap to represent just how that mother on your list feels when she looks at her cubs. The hat is a one size fits all design and is constructed of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. With a 2.75-inch long visor, that mama won’t have a problem keeping the sun out of her eyes.

3. T-Shirt

There is no denying that every mother is cool and unique in her own right. But they don’t always know it. This is something that you can change when getting her this special t-shirt on that special day. Your wife will know just how cool you think she is and she can show it off to her loved one by wearing this unique imprinted t-shirt that says “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom”.With a stylish gray design and a cotton blend construction, you won’t have a problem helping your wife put her coolness on display, while also keeping her comfortable and stylish at the very same time.

4. Bangle

All women love jewelry and trinkets. The only problem is that most of these items are played out. Heck, you probably gave your wife a piece of jewelry for her birthday or Christmas last year. It is true that this bangle is another piece of jewelry, but it is entirely different. It can be worn on the right or left wrists and comes available in two distinctive styles. You can choose from rose gold or silver. The brooch is also adorned with a Swarovski crystal just to add a little more flair. This quality bangle is constructed right here in the United States and offers an adjustable sliding clasp so you don’t even have to worry about matching sizes.

5. Makeup Mirror

What woman doesn’t want to look her best? Don’t let them lie to you because they all do. The only problem is that the task is much harder than you may realize. You can change that when you get her this makeup mirror. This 24k gold vanity mirror is shaped and designed like a pocket watch or the size of a traditional compact. It features one regular mirror along with a magnifying mirror to help for any situation. The outside cover is adorned with beautiful and shiny little diamonds that sparkle and breathe luxury.

6. Throw Blanket

Your wife loves her kids and loves you. Heck, she probably spends most of her timing doing just that, and you can make sure that none of this goes unnoticed or unappreciated when you give this handy little throw blanket. The blanket is constructed of comfortable and durable fleece materials, while also being covered in the words love and joy. This soft and comfy blanket comes available in five unique color options, but pink is without a doubt one of the best because it represents the heart and unconditional love, tenderness, caring, and compassion.

7. Funny Wine Glass

Who doesn’t love a good drink after a long hard day? Everyone does, but far too few people actually get to enjoy that drink. You can ensure that your wife never misses out on her much-needed stiff drink at the end of the day with this wine glass. The beautiful and elegant wine glass comes conveniently packaged and ready in a nice little white box with beautifully colored bubble wrap so all the hard work is done. All you have to do is just choose to buy the gift that is dishwasher-safe and capable of holding 13 ounces of liquid goodness.

8. Personalized Tumbler

Whether your wife is a coffee drinker or not, she is probably always on the go. You can do your part to ensure that she stays properly hydrated when you choose to give this personalized tumbler. It has the same exact logo as the hat mentioned above and also comes available in several color options. However, the neat part is that this tumbler is double insulation to provide the utmost in protection. In fact, it is capable of keeping your drinks cool for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours. Choose from 9 colors, 2 different sizes, and don’t forget to adorn it with a cute little message or the name of your choosing.

9. Personalized Kitchen Sign

Your wife probably spends a good deal of her time in the kitchen preparing meals and whatnot. This is probably something that she has grown fond of over the years, as nutrition is a vital part of any family’s life. You can show her just how much you and your kids appreciate her efforts when you give this customized kitchen sign. The sign is hand made in the United States with naturally beautiful wood. The durable wood grain gives off a vintage feel and look, as each specific piece is handcrafted for perfection. Choose to complement the sign with a name or short message of your choosing.

10. Personalized Cutting Board

Speaking of being in the kitchen, there is an awful lot of cutting and chopping that goes on in there. Your wife probably already has a cutting board, but there is no way that she has one like this personalized cutting board. Choose from two different sizes and engrave a personal message under the cute little poem that comes imprinted on the front of the board. The board is not a heavy-duty model but is capable of sustaining cutting and chopping. The board can be hand washed with warm water and light soap to bring back the natural beauty after use. This cutting is extremely practical and can even be used as a decoration rather than a cutting board.

11. Trinket Dish

What mother doesn’t have tons of trinkets and accessories? Heck, your wife probably has a hard time keeping up with her keys and garage opener, let alone all the other necessities. You can help her keep track of her most essential trinkets and accessories when get her this beautiful trinket dish. The dish is crafted with quality glazed ceramic and comes durably packed with Styrofoam in a neat little gift box. It measures 3.9 x 3.9 x .06 and adorned with the message – “Happy wife – happy life.” This item is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or any end table by the front door.

12. Personalized Recipe Binder

Do you have a favorite dish that you love? Love it when your wife whips up her homemade lasagna or meatballs? Sure you do, and you can make sure that she never loses those cherished family recipes with this personalized recipe binder. This binder is constructed with only the most quality materials and could literally last a lifetime if cared for properly. The best part is that you get to customize the entire package with a name or quote of your choosing. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the pages are removable and replaceable, so you never have to worry about messing up or destroying a recipe.

13. Robot Vacuum

It goes without saying that your wife probably spends a lot of time cleaning. You can help ease her floor duties with this robot vacuum. This iRobot Roomba 675 is the top of the line floor cleaner that is equipped with 3 stages of cleanings. Not only this, but it is extremely versatile, as it is capable of handling anything from vinyl floors to hardwood, carpet, and even more. The sweeping brush is equipped and constructed with a 27-degree angle to specifically help get into those troublesome corners. The device also connects right up with other smart devices like Alexa or Google Assistant, so your wife and issue voice commands.

14. Coffee Mug

Got a coffee drinker in the family? There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning to get your wife up and going. She needs the sustenance and energy to start her day and you can ensure that she always gets it when gifting her this coffee mug. This mug isn’t just like any traditional mug, as it is adorned with a gag nutritional chart, something that your wife is constantly checking. With humorous words and gags printed on each side, your wife can get her morning laugh in while she enjoys her coffee. The best part is that this gift comes all packaged in a beautiful little gift box. You literally need to do nothing but order the mug.

15. Coffee Maker

Your wife can’t enjoy her coffee without a coffee maker. However, not just any old coffee maker will suffice, and this is where the Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker comes in handy. This affordable coffee maker isn’t just like any other coffee maker out there, as it is capable of creating luxurious lattes and decedent cappuccinos with the press of a single button. With the extra-large 60-ounce water reservoir, your wife will be able to make enough for the entire family. The smart start feature gets right to work and allows you to start heating before even choosing your selection. Spend less time brewing and get the door faster with this intuitive machine.

16. Back And Neck Massager

Mothers take a lot of abuse over the years. Your wife is probably no stranger to neck and back pains. The least you can do is provide some relief, and that is exactly what you will be doing when gifting this back and beck massager. This massager comes equipped with an adjustable intensity button that will allow your wife to cycle through three different intensity settings. The impressive 8 deep-kneading massage nodes will ensure that the massager gets down to the deepest and sorest pains in your neck and back. The U-design makes this device perfect for driving, at home, or in the office, With the 30-day return warranty, you really cannot go wrong with a purchase like this.

17. Bathtub Tray

If there is one place where your wife can truly let go and relax it would be in the bathroom. That being said, there is also a lot to get done while soaking in a tub of hot water. You can help make sure that your wife always has all the primping and preening products that she needs close at hand with this bathtub tray. This try not only comes with a money-back guarantee, but it features a double caddy design that provides even additional storage room for those bathroom essentials. It is waterproof, sturdy, and built to withstand that harshest of punishments. It also features an adjustable design with slip-resistant feet.

18. Home Spa Gift Basket

Speaking of relaxing in the tub, you can give your wife the experience of an at-home spa day with this home spa gift basket. The basket not only includes all the spa essentials, but it includes tons of extras that your wife will appreciate. There is a shower gel, a bubble bath treatment, body lotions, bath salts, bath bombs, and one of the best parts is that the entire package comes neatly arrange in a handmade weaved basket, which can later be used for storage or decorative purposes. The honey and almond scent will carry with your wife wherever she goes, and it is something that you will appreciate when you are lying next to her at night.

19. Tea Gift Set

This award-winning tea set has been featured on Oprah Winfrey several times and there is a good chance that your wife has probably had her eye on it for some time. If features 3 gold tin caddies that are filled with even more award-winning teas. All the teas included in the seat were manufactured and grown by a 26-year-old tea entrepreneur, and when you invest $1 of your investment will go towards bettering the education of children. This is something that your wife will appreciate even more than the gift itself.

20. Wooden Reminder Calendar

If your wife having trouble keeping up with her busy schedule? That’s not surprising with everything that she has to do, but at least you can do your part by giving this wooden reminder calendar. This unique little plaque comes with a birthday tracker, 50 wooden circles, 100 metal rings, 1 roll of twine, and a sturdy utility hook. The item can be hung right on any wall and will ensure that your wife never forgets another birthday or big holiday event. The names or even dates can be adorned on the wooden circles and hung in the right places just to ensure that nothing important is ever left out.

21. Artificial Flower Rose

Every woman likes flowers, but they usually don’t last. Not only this, but they are lots of work, and that is just why this 24k gold dipped rose makes sense. The rose symbolizes love while the gold represents nobility, two things that your wife is more than familiar with. Each rose ordered is completely different so if you ordered two there is no guarantee that you would get identical matching roses, just like buying a bouquet of roses. The packaging for the gift also includes a free K9 crystal stand with a golden pendant, so your wife can choose to display and show off this neat little gift in any part of the home.

22. Scented Candles Gift Set

This scented gift candle set features 4 unique and popular fragrances. There is a rose, lavender, lemon, and a Mediterranean fig. The candles are designed and engineered to burn for the longest time possible, as they are capable of providing 75 hours of burn time. The entire set also features a mini travel design so taking the candle on the go or transporting them to different parts of the home won’t be a problem. The aromatherapy candles also come packaged in a beautiful gift box, so once again all the hard work is done here for you.

23. Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Speaking of aromatherapy and smelling good, you really cannot go wrong with essential oils. However, in order to use those essential oils, you are also going to need a diffuser. That is where this handy little package comes in handy. It literally includes everything that your wife needs to start practicing aromatherapy. All the oils included in this set are formulated and designed with the highest quality plants like lavender from France, cumin from Indonesia, and chamomile from Rome. These oils are blended with 100% pure ingredients and will provide the utmost in smell and relaxation.

24. Decor Lamp

This beautiful décor lamp is constructed of quality plastic materials, so you never have to worry about it getting knocked over and broken, which is a practical possibility with children in the home. The 3D moon lamp offers 2 distinctive color options and comes engraved with meaningful words. All you have to do is simply just touch the globe to get it to change colors. You can cycle between the yellow and white for different moods and environmental settings. The diameter of the lamp is 5.9 inches and features a realistic full moon design

25. Music Box

There is nothing like music to brighten a dull day. This is just one of the many reasons that this exquisite wooden music box makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your wife. It features a vintage hand crank that is capable of producing up to 18 different notes. The song only plays while you turn the handle, but it is capable of providing 30 seconds of uninterrupted joy. It features a portable design, so your wife won’t have a problem storing this on her nightstand or taking it on the go when traveling. The box is only designed with the most quality materials and provides durability and can come engraved with several different unique messages. Choose the one that best suits your style and special occasion.

26. Photo Frame

Capturing those special moments is more important than, but displaying them as a reminder is even more important. These moments can provide you with peace and happiness long after that special moment has come and gone. When you give your wife this photo frame, she will be able to capture those moments and cherish them for a lifetime. This photo frame features a tree design with several different limbs and branches. At the end of each branch or limb, there is a place for a specific photo. With 12 different photo options, your wife won’t have a problem displaying and remembering a handful of the most important moments of your family’s existence.

27. Paper Weight

This square paperweight is 4 inches thick and features a nice thick rectangular design. The message included on the weight is actually engraved not printed, so you never have to worry about the message rubbing away after years and years of use. The weight stands freely on its own and is beautifully packaged in a glossy gift box with a fabric bag. The top-quality glistening clear weight also features delicate beveled edges to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

28. Plant Germination Kit

Your gardener wife knows all about bringing life into this world, and you can give her the chance to bring more life into the world when you give her this plant germination kit. This kit literally includes everything that is needed to get started germinating plant seeds. The kit can hold up to a maximum of 6 plants at a time and each plant can reach a total height of 12 inches. The led grow lights are high performance, full-spectrum with 20 watts of LED high-efficiency power; therefore, your wife can grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round with this handy little setup.

29. Audiobooks

Your wife might love to read, but if she is like most other full-time mothers she probably has little time to do so. This is where you can make a major difference with the right audiobooks. Just about every book edition and author out there has an audiobook of his or her bestsellers, so you should not have a problem finding the ones that your wife loves. She can throw on a pair of headsets and listen to favorite authors ramble on while she is doing the laundry or sweeping. Heck, she can even listen to them in the car on the way to pick up or drop off the kids. You can find almost every audiobook on Audible.

30. Let Her Have The Day Off

Who says that you need to give a gift for Mother’s Day? You do need to give something, but it doesn’t have to be animated. Your wife would probably more than appreciate a day off, especially on a special occasion like this. Give her the day off, let her stay in bed, and have the kids make some breakfast. Heck, you can even take over the daily chores for an entire day.

31. Taker Her To The Movies

When was the last time you hit up a movie with the wife? Probably been a while with all the Netflix and Amazon, right? Well, there is nothing like seeing a movie in person, and you can give your wife this experience by taking her to the movies for Mother’s Day. Let her choose a move, buy her favorite snacks, and let her indulge the day away while you and the kids focus on the movie.

32. Setup A Mom Party With The Kids

Your kids are probably the most important thing in the world to your wife. And, she would probably love nothing more than to spend the entire day with them. While she is constantly driving them back and forth, she probably has little time to sit down and converse with them. This is why taking the time to plan a party with the kids is important. It will not only show that you and the kids appreciate everything that she does, but it will get her much-needed time to catch up with the kids and learn about what is going on in their lives.

33. Make Mother’s Day Crafts With Your Kids

Speaking of spending time with the kids, here is another excellent alternative. Instead of giving a gift on that big day, you can simply sit down with the wife and kids and create some art. Create practical crafts or one that you can adorn throughout the home to remind you of just how much fun you had on this special day.

34. Give Her A Massage

You don’t need to be a professional masseuse to give a good massage. Heck, these days you can go online and learn a few professional techniques in just a matter of minutes. Your wife will just appreciate the fact that you took the time to show her that you were thinking of her.

35. Gift Card

Finding that right gift is hard and this is sometimes why it just pays to let your wife choose her own gift. Gift cards can be purchased from just about any big box store or online provider. All you have to do is find the right store and the right amount of money to spend. Let your wife choose the gift that she wants, and you both will come out a winner. Don’t forget to stash the card in a smart location like under the pillow or on the kitchen counter. Let your wife know that you are thinking of her on her special day with a gift card from her favorite store. To make it easy for you, here are three of the gift cards that women like – Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Amazon.

Here are a few more ideas for Mother’s Day:

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