20 Best Gifts for Violinists (2020 Picks)

Having a member in the family or a friend that plays the violin can be truly unique. They can bring you the type of joy and entertainment that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in life. Of course, it also comes with problems. This is especially true when it comes time to shop for gifts. What do you simply get your violin player that seems to already have it all? You could choose one of the following items because they are more than tailor-made for your violin player.

20 Unique Gifts for Violinists

1. Figurine

The eye-catching design of this 24K gold figurine makes the perfect gift for any event. Whether it be for a guy, a girl or a birthday or Mother’s Day, this little figurine will work. This figurine is not only constructed with quality 24K gold, but it is also adorned with studded precision-cut Matashi crystals. The dimensions of the product are 1.25 x 3.75 x 3.0 inches and only weighs 0.35 pounds. It has a perfect size and is suitable for any home décor style. The gift also comes completely packaged in a secure velvet pouch with an even more luxurious gift-ready box.

2. Wall Clock

It is easy to get swept up in playing the violin and lose track of time. You can do your part to ensure that this never happens to the violin player on your list when you give them this wall clock. This clock is designed to resemble a violin and is a one of a kind replica. It is beautifully crafted and comes to life on the hour, every hour. There are a total of 30 melodies to choose from and out of those 30, 12 of them are popular songs, 12 of them are classics, and 6 of them are Christmas songs. With optimal volume control and on and off switch, this gift really is one of the best gifts for violinists on every occasion.

3. Mug

Violin players need to stay hydrated and you can ensure that the one on your list always does when you give them this 12.9-ounce cute designer mug. The mug features musical notes and symbols along with a c-cup handle design. The unique thing about the entire setup is that the c-handle design is actually a violin. When you pick the cup up to drink it, you will be holding onto a violin. This ceramic cup is designed with the most quality of materials and is capable of keeping your drinks warm or cool for extended periods of time.

4. Music Box

This music box is a rotation design and made of solid wood. It also features a metal base to provide the utmost in stability and durability. The base also rotates 360-degrees, so that you can watch the violin spin as it pumps out your favorite tunes. The gift already comes pre-packaged in a gift box and is ready to give. The box is known for pumping out lullabies that will not only excite, but they will help younger children sleep.

5. Paperweight

Unfortunately, being a violin player isn’t always about playing the violin. As much as that violin player would always like to play the violin, he or she will probably find themselves wrapped up in paperwork sometimes. This is exactly where this paperweight can help out. This paperweight is a beautiful clear design with a violin etched right in the middle. It features a 3D stereoscopic violin that lights up beautifully with any color you choose. The only problem is that the color base is not included with the initial purchase. If you want the violin to light up during use, you will need to purchase the base, which is sold separately.

6. Music Stand Light

Giving your buddy a music stand light will prove to be very helpful. This type of light can be beneficial when they’re trying to play their favorite songs. It will make a big difference since they’ll be able to see the music much easier. If your friend is going to be playing music in a dark room, the Professional Musician Music Stand Light will make a wealth of difference. This light comes with nine brightness levels to satisfy a variety of needs and a flexible neck that can rotate 360 degrees. Besides, it super lightweight for travel. After all, it’s not expensive and you’ll find that it is an excellent choice for you too. Be sure to check out this light since it will prove to be one of the best gifts for anyone who loves playing the violin.

7. Violin Miniature

Your violinist may have an interest in collect violins. A lot of violinists like decorating their home with instruments and other musical items. With this in mind, you should look no further than the Seawoo Wood Miniature Violin. This gift will make your friend very happy and it won’t empty your wallet. After all, the gift is inexpensive so it is going to be a suitable one for everyone. Remember that this kit comes with a miniature violin, stand, bow, and case. This ensures that your friend will have everything they need to show off their passion for the violin.

On top of that, it is available in various sizes too. You cannot lose with this gift.

8. Table Lamp

Almost everyone loves table lamps, especially decorative ones. If they don’t have one, you should fill that void by giving them one. Simultaneously, you’ll want to help them show off their passion for the violin. You can solve this puzzle with the Violin 3D Illusion Table Lamp. It resembles a violin so you can guarantee that your friend will love it. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the product is affordable. This makes it an excellent choice for you and your buddy. You’ll also be happy to know that the receiver will be able to adjust the color with the push of a button.

9. T-Shirt

Most violinists are going to be interested in showing off their passion. When they stroll down the street, they want others to know that they love playing their violin. You can help your friend do that. All you have to do is buy them this Violin Tee. This t-shirt features a violin. And, it’ll let others know that the wand chose them. This is a great gift for any violinist since it is available in various colors and sizes. Remember that this shirt is suitable for women and women. Whether your friend wears it or hangs it on the wall, you know that they’re going to love and cherish this gift for many years to come.

10. Music Tuning Smart Watch

Tuning an instrument can be very difficult. This is the case for newbies. However, experts will get good at it. Nevertheless, it is often easier to use an aid instead of tuning an instrument by ear. With that being said, you should check out the Soundbrenner Core Steel. This smartwatch is designed to help musicians tune their instruments. It is expensive but it is going to work for numerous instruments. For instance, you can use this watch to tune guitars, drums, violins, and pianos. Suffice to say, it will prove to be a great gift for any violin player.

11. Bangle

If you’re buying a violin gift for a girl, you should look no further than the SENFAI Violin Bangle. While it is inexpensive, you can guarantee it is going to satisfy your girlfriend or best friend. It is amazingly constructed making it beautiful and durable. The locking mechanism works exceptionally well so you won’t have to worry about it breaking at any point. If your friend loves jewelry and the violin, you’ll find that this will make an excellent gift. She’ll love it and she’ll thank you many times for this cool gift.

12. Ring

Jewelry makes an excellent gift for female violinists. Since you know that, you should think about giving your friend this violin ring. It’ll put a smile on their face and you’ll receive a lot of things. The ring is gorgeous so you can guarantee that your loved one is going to wear it everywhere they go. On top of that, it’ll last a lifetime. If you’re looking for an amazing gift that will satisfy for many years to come, you cannot ignore the violin ring.

13. Necklace

Any female violinist is going to adore this Unforgettable Crystal Violin Necklace. It is gorgeous but inexpensive. If you have a limited budget, this is a great choice. Remember that you’ll be able to choose between gold and silver. That will make a huge difference since you’ll be able to customize the gift to match your friend or girlfriend’s preference. Either way, the necklace resembles a violin and a wand. Once you’ve given this gift, you know that your loved one is going to be thrilled with it.

14. Hair Clip

Your female violinist will be interested in wearing violin apparel everywhere they go. You can help by giving your friend a violin hair clip. It is suitable for men too as long as they have long hair. This hair clip isn’t very expensive so you won’t have any trouble buying it. This gift will last a long time too and it is practical. This combination guarantees that the receiver is going to love and use it every day. If you need a quick, cheap gift for a violinist, you should check out this hair clip.

15. Necktie

If you are shopping for a male violinist or your violin teacher, you’ll want to check out the Steven Harris Violin Necktie. Every man needs a necktie. A violinist will also want a necktie that helps display their passion on their chest. This necktie will help them do that. This is why you should think about buying this necktie and giving it to the violinist you know. You know that your boyfriend or your teacher is going to wear this necktie every time he takes the stage to perform. He’ll think about you and the love you share together.

16. Socks

Violinists are not afraid of showing off their passion. You should help them do this. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal. A necktie will be cool but socks are even better. With the Funny Colorful Violin Socks, your loved one will show off their passion everywhere they go. They can wear these socks with shorts giving them the ability to show their love for the violin. The socks are comfortable so your friend or violin teacher will love wearing them. They might not be able to take them off since they’re so great. Therefore, you may want to buy two pairs.

17. Noise Cancelling Headphones

When it comes to violin practice, headphones are a necessity. The Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones are the perfect gift for violin students. The headphones are Alexa-enabled, so they can be controlled by voice, making it a hands-free operation.

The headphone is designed to cancel exterior sounds, allowing the violinist to focus on their tunes with little to no background noise interference.

18. Violin Case

For the violinist on your gift list, the Aileen Violin Hard Case would be a perfect choice. Every violin needs a storage case to protect it from bad elements. The case’s interior is very spacious, as it will comfortably hold two bows, a violin, and several accessories, all of which have their own separate compartments.

This violin is one of the most environmental-friendly cases available on the market. The exterior casing is constructed of recyclable materials that are high-performance. The case also features a built-in hygrometer to allow the violinist to monitor the interior moisture level.

19. Electric Violin

The Bunnel SHREDDER Electric Violin is perfect for the violin student in your family and friend circle. The instrument features a no-assembly approach, pure ebony fittings, and a piezo-ceramic pickup. The violin is available in a set that includes D’Addario Prelude Strings, Brazilwood bow, a luxurious Portland Oblong case, headphones, a miniature amp, a 9-volt battery charger, an output cable, and a cleaning cloth.

The SHREDDER is ready to use right out of the shipping box. Besides, the beautiful leather grip and abalone bow slide make this one of the most eye-appealing violins on the market.

20. Violin Book

Every violinist, including beginners and veterans, need a little help from time to time. Since most of these musicians do not have access to professional trainers, the next best option is violin books. The books provide tips and essential elements of the violin. So this is the ideal gift for all violinists, regardless of age and gender.

The violin book will teach the recipient about the essential elements of music and much more. Each book contains unique features, such as beginner videos, play-along MP3 tracks, information about pacing, and tips for live performances.

The three books that you should buy as gifts are “101 Hit Songs for Violin”, “Harry Potter, Instrumental Solos for Violin/Piano Accompaniment“, and “Star Wars Instrumental Solos for Strings (Movies I-VI): Violin, Book & CD“.

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