21 Unique Gifts for Veterinarians (2020)


Most people have pets, be it a dog, a cat, a bird, or even a fish, and if you have pets, you all know how vital your Vets are to you. Be it for vaccination, or if your pets are sick and they just helped them recover, vets are indispensable. Now it is quite natural that you would want to gift your vet for the work they did or for some occasion coming up in their life. Now, if you are wondering what you could gift a vet, look no further, and keep reading.

There is a large variety of gifts you can give your vet with an Animal Pun.

Bookmark clips

A bookmark Clip is a perfect gift for a vet. There are a lot of prescriptions and notes that a vet has to handle. Now loose sheets of paper can fly off if not kept in a bunch; clips help them keep it in a single file. Moreover, Vets need to bookmark things all the time; for example, a specific medication for a particular animal is written on a certain page. Now, these bookmark clips are shaped in the shape of animals, which is a fun thing for a vet, but at the same time, he can mark information about specific animals using that animal’s bookmark clip!

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is another excellent gift you can give to your Vet. You know how hard your vet works to keep all the animals healthy and fit. As a result, he drinks a lot of coffee to have the energy to be awake and work and give his 100%; hence a coffee mug is a perfect gift. In particular, this coffee cup is made for vets. It is made of outstanding quality ceramic, and the printing on the cup is very funny, which can give the vet a laugh from time to time in his busy, hectic schedule.

Decorative Plaque

Vets are humans, and like every human, they also like when their work is appreciated. A meaningful decorative plaque will not only provide them with job satisfaction that whatever he did for you, but also he will crack a smile every time he looks at it. This decorative plaque, in general, is made from very high-quality wood with a perfect meaningful message. The vet can hang this up in his office, and he will be reminded of you and your pet every time he looks at it.

Personalized Card Case

Every vet needs a card case to keep their contact cards in the case their clients want it. Handing off contact details verbally takes up a lot of time, and you know how busy vets are. This card case, in particular, is even better because it has the vet’s name written on it. They can turn the case towards you and keep the cards so that you know who the vet is and then take their card. Not to mention, the dog design makes it tailor-made for vets and is sure to put a smile on their face when they see it.

Stethoscope Cover

Every vet has a stethoscope. A stethoscope is a medical instrument by which vets can hear the heartbeats of any animal by placing it on their chest. It is a must-have and vital tool for all doctors. The stethoscope needs to be covered so that it does not accumulate dust or any kind of germs. For such needs, a stethoscope cover can be a perfect gift to a vet. This cover, in particular, is designed for a vet with the dog and bone illustration. It is charming and perfect for a vet.

Custom Name Stethoscope Necklace

A necklace is a perfect gift you can give to anyone, be it a doctor or not. As you know, a stethoscope is an essential tool for any doctor and a necklace designed like that is a very thoughtful and cute gift to give any vet or doctor. This necklace, in particular, can also be customized so that you can have your vet’s name be printed on it. This is a very nifty upgrade, which makes the gift look very personalized, and your vet will like it. The name and the stethoscope make the gift made for your doctor in particular, which will give them the sense of the work and thought you put into the present.

Wine Glass

Now and then everyone wants to take a break from their job, or usual way of life and chill and party and have some fun. Drinking a bit of alcohol now and then is an excellent way of blowing off steam. Hence giving wine glasses as gifts is a very good idea. Now, if you are looking for the perfect wine glass to give your vet, this is an ideal option. This glass is made of very high-quality glass, and the inscription on it is very funny and tailor-made for vets with the animal cartoons.

Pen Holder

As you all know the phrase, a pen is mightier than the sword, you also know the importance of a pen in every human being’s day to day life. Everyone uses a pen all the time, and to have a pen holder to keep all their pens in one place is a perfect gift to give. Not only pens, but you can also keep other various stationery items in it. This pen holder is a very good gift to give to a vet because of its very cute Elephant design. This holder can also be used to keep your phone, hence increasing its usability.

Eyeglass Holder

Glasses are something that a lot of people need to have a perfect vision. The majority of doctors, in particular, have glasses and to have a holder for them is very useful because otherwise due to some mistake they can keep their glasses anywhere and forget about it. This might result in having scratches or dents on the frame. This eyeglass holder with the giraffe design is a very cute gift for a vet. It is made of very high-quality wood, which increases its longevity and can be put anywhere from the office to the vet’s home. Giving animal-based gifts is an excellent option for vets as their life revolves around animals.

Throw Blanket

Blankets are an item that is used every day by every human being. This is a type of gift which will be loved by everyone. It sometimes happens that you might not know the taste of the other person and what to give them. Blankets, in such cases, are a very safe choice. This throw blanket with its animal prints and design is an adorable gift for a vet. This is made from very high-quality materials and is very soft. The vet can use this reversible blanket in his home or if for pets they have of their own.


A T-shirt is the safest gift you can give someone. Everyone loves clothes and loves being gifted clothes. There is only one downsizing to T-shirts as a gift; you most definitely need to know the size of the person; otherwise, it becomes a problem. If you are looking to gift your vet something, this T-shirt is a very good choice. It is made of 100% cotton, and the print is very adorable and made for a vet. The print does not go away if washed. It is comfortable, and a vet can wear it when he or she is not working.

Pen Case Set

Every doctor uses a pen to write the various prescriptions he writes. A pen is a valuable item for a vet to have, and gifting them one custom made for them is a very good option. The pen set given in the link is a very stylish set, with a wooden finish on both the case and the pen. Similarly, both the pen and the case has the veterinarian symbol engraved on it, which makes it a very personal gift. Moreover, you can custom write any message on both the case and pen to make it even more personal. Having a stylish pen case and pen with a message and the veterinarian symbol is something every vet would want to have.

Key Rack

A key rack is a perfect gift in general, but it is much better if you are looking to gift something to your vet for his or her housewarming party. A key rack is used to keep keys or to hang something off the hooks which the vet can use at his or her home. This key rack is an excellent choice for a vet because of the animal-shaped design. The rack is made from durable metal and coated with special powder so that it remains dust-free all the time.

Wine Bottle Holder

Now and then relaxing for a bit before going back into the hectic schedule is not a bad habit. Even vets need to rest a bit now and then, and nothing is better than to pop open a bottle of wine and to enjoy it with their families. If you are looking to give something to your vet by which he or she can remember you by, a wine bottle holder is an excellent choice. He can keep his wine there as a decorative piece before popping it opens. This wine bottle holder, with its magnificent stallion design, is made for every vet around the world.

Cutting Board

Your vet might love to cook and to give him or her something in regards to that shows how much thought you have provided to the gift. A cutting board, for example, is a very good choice for a gift. Whenever he or she decides to cook and uses the cutting board to cut items, he or she will always be reminded of you. This cutting board shaped in the size of a pig, with its durable wood design, is a very good choice. It is lightweight and can be used for multiple purposes like serving food or using it as a showpiece. The animal shape cut out makes it perfect for a vet.

Custom Portrait

If you are looking to give something personalized and thoughtful to your vet, look no further than a custom portrait. The moment your vet opens the gift up, he will smile and be baffled because of the uniqueness of the present. The artist here is very good at making custom portraits of your vet and making him or her into a cartoon character. You do not also have to send your vet’s picture physically, you can send it over digitally, and they will make it and deliver it to you. They design the portraits as if the vet is working in his office with pets, and they are adorable.

Foot Massager

Not all the gifts you give to your vet have to be pet related. After a day of hard work and perseverance when a vet gets home, maybe what he wants is to relax rather than look at more stuff about pets. In such cases, a foot massager is an excellent option for a gift. He can go back home or maybe right in the office, can just take a break and get his foot massaged as he relaxes. The RENPHO Shiatsu foot massager is a perfect choice, with its small ergonomic size; it fits feet of all sizes. It has excellent heating, compressing, and ball mechanism, which not only massages your foot but relaxes your whole body.

Neck and Back Massager

This is another very good gift to give to your vet. Vets work very hard, and they deserve a break when they can relax. For people like them, a neck and back massager is a fantastic way of blowing off steam. He can have one right in his office or back at home. This neck & back massager is from the very reputed company Comfier. It has adjustable seats and the four rotation modes to provide your vet’s full body the special care it deserves. The massage spots are flexible, and with the heat and compression modes, it won’t take long before your vet falls asleep out of pleasure.

Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

There is another excellent way of relaxing, which is aromatherapy with essential oils. A vet, after going back home, can use this to relax and meditate and wash away all his tiredness. This set has ten different essential oils, with an ultrasonic diffuser, which has seven different ambient light modes and two different intensity settings and 14 different combinations of light. There are also different timer settings. It comes with ten different oils made from ancient techniques to give your vet the ultimate pleasure which he or she deserves.

Robotic Vacuum

A vet is someone who is very busy. He or she does not spend a lot of time in their homes, and if they live alone, their home is bound to be a disaster. For such occasions, a robotic vacuum can be a perfect gift. It does not matter if he or she is at home; the vacuum will automatically clean all dust so that your vet can return to a clean house. The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX here is one of the best when it comes to Robotic Vacuum. It is black in color and can clean from hard floors to medium pile carpets.

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