16 Best Vegan Gift Baskets for Any Occasion (2020 Picks)


Vegan gift baskets are some of the best gifting options available for you, whether you’re shopping for a vegan friend or even yourself. These gift baskets are available in various categories – from vegan snack basket to body and skin essential basket to even all-vegan cookie baskets, making them perfect for any occasion. So, what exactly is this vegan basket?

What is A Vegan Basket?

Vegan gift baskets are basically like any other gift baskets with certain modifications and guidelines. The items included in the basket must be completely vegan based. Which means whether it is food items, bathing items, or beauty products, it should not contain:

  • Animal tested products
  • Products or by-products of animals such as dairy, gelatin, etc.
  • Animal fur, silk, leather, or wool
  • Non-organic food processing using synthetics

This kind of gift basket is available almost anywhere, and since vegan and eco-friendly products are hitting the stores a lot more these days, you can start living a greener and healthier lifestyle with ease. You can get just about any combination of snack items and daily essentials in these baskets.

If you wish to go for a more customizable approach, you can easily make one on your own. Go for the baskets, which are made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials and pack them with lots of delicious vegan snacks like the sugar-free cookies, low carb bars, chocolates, and more.

Why You Should Choose a Vegan Gift Basket?

Gift baskets are always a great choice when it comes to looking for gifts. These baskets are perfectly fit for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, work promotion, thanksgiving, or even Christmas. But what makes the vegan ones even better is that it’s much healthier and goes easy on the environment.

Apart from the added contents, even the baskets are eco-friendly, which means you can recycle as well as re-use them, which in the long run gives you great value for money. You can consider these vegan gift baskets as hitting a home run in the gifting section.

And these aren’t just great for you to gift others, but you can also treat yourself and your family. The basket contains essential daily items like soaps and creams as well as vegan snacks that you can have for everyday use.

Most of the snacks are pocket-sized, which you can easily place on your child’s lunch box or quickly grab one before you head out for a run.

16 Best Vegan Gift Baskets to Buy

1. Elevate Healthy Gluten-Free Vegan Care Package

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This gift box is the ultimate vegan snack box you should be thinking of giving someone over the holiday or any other occasion. Be it your colleague, friend, or your neighbors; they will all absolutely love it.

The contents of the snacks feature up to 20 colorful and nutritious snacks, including cookies, veggie stix, fruit stix, pumpkin seeds, and more. These are all 100% vegan and free of gluten and dairy. Besides, all packed up in a beautiful handcrafted box.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and any group of people. You can also get the option to write a personalized message along with the box.

2. The Good Grocer Gift Basket

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This is another great gift to give any person with exquisite vegan taste. The snacks included are all gluten-free with no added flavors, colors, or preservatives.

It comes with 28 individually wrapped delicious goods, perfect for grabbing and eating while on the go. The box includes a variety of tasty snacks like the organic fruit pack, popcorn, puff packs, fruit bars, nuts, and more.

All of the snacks are perfectly assorted inside a cute box. Even the box itself is eco-friendly and completely recyclable. You can also use these pocket-sized snacks as a school snack for your kids.

3. BUNNY JAMES Deluxe Vegan Protein Snack Box

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This is a very sizable vegan gift box from Bunny James. It contains about 30 packets of separately wrapped protein-rich snacks. Whether it’s for a gifting occasion or to simply grab a quick bite on your way to the gym, this is exactly what you need.

The deluxe snack box contains all types of snacks that are not just high on protein but also quite delicious, providing a mix of sweet and savory selection of chips, bars, sweets, cookies, nuts, and more.

Treat your loved ones or yourself with this perfectly assorted care package. Make healthy snacks fun with these!

4. GLUTEN FREE PALACE Vegan Snack Attack Basket

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This is a great snack box if you are looking for different size options to meet your budget. It provides up to 3 sizes, including 20, 32, and 40 snack counts.

Its arsenal provides a variety of nutritious and tasty crackers, fruit snacks, bars, chips, cookies, and more, making it a snack attack indeed. The snacks are all 100% gluten and dairy-free with no added flavors or colors.

Add this to your shopping cart, and you can save up plenty of time not worrying about what to gift someone for the holidays.

5. Enjoy Life Vegan Baked Cookie Box

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This is another pack of vegan goods which offer you several options to suit your need and taste, especially if you’re looking for healthy baked goods.

It is available in about 7 different sizes that can offer you from 6 sets of boxes to a massive amount of 30 boxes, all softly baked to perfection. Flavor-wise, you get a mix of different flavors like gingerbread or Choco chip, all of which entirely depends on the package size you opt for.

These cookies are made of carefully selected and natural ingredients that are easy on the environment and also on your health.

6. Gourmet Fruit Basket

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If you want to go for a healthier approach with your gifts this holiday, try the gourmet fruit basket by Capital City Fruit 1949.

The fruit basket contains a variety of fruits that have high nutritional value. There are 32 pieces in total, which include oranges, grapefruit, pears, and apples. Perfect for providing you with a daily dose of your essential nutrients like vitamin C in one fresh bite.

For certain people, snacks don’t just cut it, even if they’re natural and healthy. So, this is the most wholesome gift for people who simply enjoy having a fruit or two instead of packet snacks.

7. Oh! Nuts Dried Fruit Goodie Basket

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Dried fruits put a whole new perspective on enjoying feasible snacks, which are naturally nutritious. So, imagine all those in a neatly crafted apple-shaped basket, and you get an awesome gift basket for your near and dear ones.

In a single basket, you get a collection of 7 delicious fruits, all dried to perfection. From apple rings to peaches, these are meant to serve every taste palate present at the dinner table, be it for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Not only does this provide nutritional value, but the gift basket also comes in a beautifully crafted wooden basket that can duel as a decorative piece on the table.

8. LAUMIÈRE Nuts and Dried Fruit Easter Box

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This one is an all-Easter inspired snack box filled with nuts and dried fruit goods meant to wiggle your taste buds. It comes in a luxury-made box with a personalized gift card option.

In a single box, you get delicious servings of figs, almonds, apricots, cranberry, oats, and more. The treats are shaped in a flower and egg design. They are also completely gluten-free without any added preservatives and all-natural ingredients.

Make you and your loved ones holiday extra special by having a very green Easter with these vegan treats. It’s perfectly suited for all age groups.

9. Vegan Delights Gourmet Collection

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Choosing for a healthier snack alternative does not always have to mean having fruits and salads the entire day. You can spice up your snack routine by going for this vegan gourmet collection. This box includes the perfect blend of food items to fulfill your snack needs. With it, you get popcorns, dried fruits, crisp olives, hot fudge, and more. It’s the ideal list of snacks to provide natural proteins and vitamins with added nutritional value.

Vegan-based eatables are basically the “it” item of healthy snacks, and it’s no surprise if you’re thinking of treating your children or co-workers with this gourmet collection.

10. Nib Mor Vegan Chocolate Bites

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Chocolates are usually considered unhealthy but not this one. This Choco vegan bite is a win for all the chocolate lovers, especially the ones with a green diet.

In a single box, you can get 8 pieces of organic dark chocolate. These pocket-friendly treats come with a serving of tart cherry flavor and wild Maine blueberry flavor. It’s completely free from gluten, non-GMO, and made with premium ingredients for a healthier value.

With every bite, you get to have tasty chunks of blueberry and cherry. Every kid or adult deserves a chocolaty treat, so make sure you treat them with one.

11. Pipini Vegan Cookie and Sauce Basket

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Get the perfect combination of quality snacks with this basket. You can keep this goodie basket for yourself or share it over some coffee at your workplace.

For each basket, you get 4 boxes of cookies with 4 different flavor profiles and a banana bread along with the cranberry-orange sauce. Each cookie box contains 8 pieces of serving, great for munching while sharing a few jokes around the office. The cookies are all sugar and grain-free without any added flavors.

Cookies alone are a great daytime or nighttime snack, but what makes this cookie basket even better and more delicious is the addition of banana bread and sauce.

12. That’s it Fruit Bar Gift Box

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Nothing screams healthy like fruits, but they’re not always as tasty as it sounds. So, why not go for the fruit bars which are both healthy and delicious.

For a box, you get 20 packets of healthy fruit bars made from entirely organic ingredients. Each pack has a pocket-friendly size, which means it’s a pretty feasible snack, whether it’s for your children or to share with your gym buddy after an intense session of workout. Also, you get 5 different flavors so that there’s plenty of fruit arrangement to pick from. You will get a pretty good vegan, gluten-free, and low carb snack with this one.

13. Thoughtfully Global Spice and Sauce Set

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This is a unique and ideal gift for those who love to spice and level up their food every now and then while keeping a green tab on their diet.

The gift set comes loaded with 6 bottles of hot sauces, including flavors of bourbon pepper, lava star, etc. Another 6 bottles of gourmet salt with flavors of garlic, curry, and more, making it perfect for ramping up any vegan-friendly and vegetarian dish.

If you’re on the clock searching for the perfect cooking gift, you should definitely give this sauce and spice set a try. Every food lover will appreciate this gift, whether that occasion’s a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

14. LOVERY Luxury Spa Basket

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Pamper your loved ones with this spa gift pack from Lovery. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding for the skin than to rest and cleanse in chemical-free products.

This is an all-essential body cleansing gift basket. It comes with a variety of items, including shower gels, body scrubs, salts, and more. The products are all free of paraben and animal testing. Additionally, it includes vitamin E and Shea butter to moisturize and keep your skin healthy.

It’s the perfect evergreen product for the body as well as the environment. Besides, it even comes in an elegant gold-colored tub basket. If you want a gift basket for this valentine, look no further than this one.

15. Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set

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This is an all-in-one relaxing kit made to provide you with an all-green and refreshing break after a long day at work.

The box includes an all-natural handcrafted sponge for your face, a bath bomb, and an essential oil-infused soy candle to calm and soothe your mind as well as the body during the bath. The ingredients used are all cruelty-free and vegan friendly. The chemical-free factor makes it very ideal for use, especially if you have sensitive skin.

You can also use this as a convenient gift set for your veg mother, sister, or friend. It will surely give you value for money.

16. Saavy Vegan-friendly Spa Basket

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Another neatly packed spa set is this 10 piece basket from Savvy Naturals. You can get these for your vegetarian woman, whether it’s for mother’s day, anniversary celebration, or birthdays.

The basket includes a variety of bathing and skin essentials needed for more hygienic and greener living. The 10 piece item ranges from hand soaps to organic body bars to creams. These will keep the skin moisturized, hydrated, and healthy – all thanks to its use of gluten and chemical-free natural components.

With this gift basket, you can see a great deal of love and care has been put to keep up with healthy and vegan-friendly living.

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