29 Unique Turtle-themed Gifts for People Who Love Turtles


Turtles are an animal that has many different meanings to different cultures. For example, for Hawaiians, they mean good luck, peace, humility, long life, and the spirit within. Meanwhile, for Chineses, they say longevity, power, and tenacity. So turtles lovers are some of the most passionate people in the world.

As a result, buying gifts for them is not simple. However, you can make it easier by relying on their love for turtles. Although there are so many things to choose from, you should focus on science gifts or turtle-related items like towels, blankets, jewelry, etc. Below, you will discover a breakdown of some of the best turtle gift ideas whether the turtle lover is childish, male or female.

29 Unique Turtle Gifts for Everyone

Throw Blanket

Your sea turtle lover can use a beautiful throw blanket for any occasion. You need one to keep her warm throughout the cold night and morning. This Sea Turtle Throw Blanket features tribal turtles on a textured white background, so it is an excellent gift for most and especially those who enjoy watching sea turtles crawl around on the beach. The 100% polyester blanket is suitable for people with sensitive and allergic skin. Besides, it’s durable enough to last a lifetime, making it worth the price. You can keep her comfortable and warm by wrapping her in this blanket, and this one cannot be overlooked.

Beach Towel

Sea turtles are mostly found at the beach, so your pal will go there often to see these majestic creatures. When heading to the beach, it is pertinent to have a towel. This Turtle Beach Towel will excite their passion for sea turtles and also serves a practical purpose. Your pal can wrap the towel around their body and watch the cute turtles on the beach.

Cutting Board

Is cooking a hobby of your turtle lover? If so, you can buy this Sea Turtle Cutting Board for her and know it is going to make her very happy. The cutting board is shaped in the outline of a sea turtle so your recipient will recognize it immediately. Since it is made of bamboo, it will last a lifetime without harming the environment. If she likes to cook, why skip this gift.


Adding these sea turtle figurines to any yard or any room will significantly enhance the landscape. This gift idea is one of the best for couples who are sea turtle enthusiasts since it is inexpensive and cute. It is best when buying a gift for a girlfriend, wife, or husband. At 5.5-inches, you will be able to see the delightful figurine from a distance. If you love a turtle collector, this gift will make a good addition to his or her collection.

Key Hider Stone

Your boyfriend would lose his head if it weren’t attached to his shoulders. This statement is true for many individuals. If you know someone this way, you should buy them this key hider stone. It can help them hide their key inside it and can disguise as dried leaves that no one can detect. This gift ensures that you and your boyfriend will never be locked outside again.

Plant Pot

Loving turtles means you want to give back to and protect the environment. You can do so by planting bushes and plants. With this turtle plant pot, your buddy can let her imagination run wild. The pot is not expensive, but it is big enough to accommodate a small planet. The resin-based design makes it’s color vibrant and is durable for years of use as long as she preserves it properly.

Metal Trivet

This metal trivet will prove to be an excellent addition to your kitchen. It can hold your hot pans, pots, cups, and also has non-slip rubber feet that will holistically keep your kitchen countertop as well as your dining table from scratching and damaging. It features a cast-iron design to guarantee a lifetime of use. Besides, it is extra-large at 12 by 9 inches, making it suitable for many purposes. Finally, the design of the trivet will make you very popular with the turtle lover you know and love.

Nightlight And Sound Soother

Your children will have a tough time sleeping alone at night because they’re scared of the dark. You can calm their nerves using a nightlight. Throw in a sound soother, and they’ll be out all night without any problems. The Turtle Ocean Nightlight is available in three colors to choose from, and it can produce soothing sounds. This combination makes the gift perfect for children and adults who struggle to sleep at night.

Cookie Cutter

When baking cookies, you can cut the cookies into any shape you desire. It could be circles, square, or turtles. Your girl spends a lot of time baking cookies, and she can’t stop thinking about turtles. With the turtle-shaped cookie cutter, she’ll be able to satisfy all those passions at once time. Moreover, she will be delighted to make cookies for you with all her heart.


Men need neckties so they can dress gentlemanly everywhere they go. If you’re shopping for a father or brother who loves sea turtles, you’ll want to buy this sea turtle necktie. It may become his favorite tie and will be used time and time again. The necktie is made of microfiber jacquard for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. It is 146cm in length, so it is suitable for most men. If you want your man to dress elegantly, give him this necktie.

Cell Phone Purse

Cellphones aren’t very fashionable. With this beautiful cellphone purse, your lady will be able to add more fashion and life to her cellphone. She’ll also be able to protect the phone a bit more. It features a sea turtle-design with lots of sparkling details on the front, making it great for any girl who loves these animals. Also, it has faux leather material and adjustable straps to ensure durability and the ability to fit the user’s body without much effort.

Leather Journal

A lot of people like writing everything down, and this is why many are going to keep a journal. If your turtle lover likes to writing in a journal and keep track of daily activities, you should buy him/her the Cruising Turtle Leather Journal. Its case is made of real leather, so it easily withstands daily work from writing, sketching, to transport. The journal is suitable for both sexes, and it comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. If something happens, you can keep the item replaced so your recipient doesn’t have to go without it for long.

Wall Hooks

These Sea Turtle Wall Hooks are an expensive gift that will serve the receiver for many years to come while adding more style to the room. With cast iron material, they’re very durable and robust so they can hold an assortment of items. If you want to put a dish on the wall or hang a few coats, these hooks will solve your problem. Since your girlfriend loves turtles, she’ll easily find a way to use these hooks, whether it is hanging coats or for decorative purposes.

Canvas Print

Authentic sea turtle fanatics love everything about these marvelous creatures. They want to see them everywhere they go. This makes the sea turtle canvas print is a remarkable gift for anyone who can’t get enough turtles in their life. It might be inexpensive but this wall art is going to satisfy your significant other to no end. It can be hung anywhere in the house and make the room look so much better in the process.

The beautiful artwork is designed to last for years on display. With its waterproof, anti-UV and non-fading, the canvas will be able to survive without any concerns.

Wood Plaque Sign

Sea turtles are fascinating creatures that can teach you a thing or two about life. If you want to rely on the wisdom of sea turtles, this plaque sign will help. It will provide the receiver with advice for living a happy and healthy life. The advice comes from sea turtles making a thoughtful gift for the person you love. As long as they accept and use the advice, they’ll be much happier, and you will be too.

If your receiver is a young person with a busy life, this meaningful gift will encourage them to slow down and think about his/her life. It can open the receiver’s eyes and change their outlook on life.

Shower Set

Sea turtle-themed merchandise fits in the bathroom better than anywhere else. If your partner wants to decorate the bathroom, you should give him/her this Sea Turtle Shower Set. It includes everything you need to transform the bathroom into a memorial for sea turtles. The vivid colors will add more life to the bathroom. Plus, you can choose between two sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

When moving into a new house, everyone wants to decorate everything their way. Changing the shower curtain is wise, and going with this set will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. The love of your life will agree too.

Jewelry Box

When preparing to pop the question to your fiance, you’ll want to pick the right time. You’ll also need the right ring and jewelry box. She loves sea turtles so this sea turtle trinket box will work wonders. You have the option of choosing between three colors so you can customize the gift slightly. This gift is suitable for almost any major holiday, including Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re proposing or trying to score points with someone who likes turtles, this jewelry box won’t let you down.

Car Charm

The Sea Turtle Car Charm can be used in many ways. It can be hung from your car’s mirror or elsewhere, making it a good way to celebrate buying a new vehicle. It can also be hung from a window in your home for decoration. The silver body and three charms make this one of the most adorable car charms that money can buy. When it is not sitting in an automobile, you can hang it anywhere or wear around like a necklace. It will attract attention from everyone passing by since it is so cute.

Stuffed Animal

When she is feeling down in the dumps, you’ll want to surprise her with this giant stuffed animal. That’ll put a smile on your girlfriend, daughter, or mother’s face immediately. It’ll cheer her up and help her forget about the day’s problems. The Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal is an amazing gift for all genders and ages. It features a washable surface, so you’ll have no trouble keeping it clean. This gift is also a good option for someone who wants to own a sea turtle but realizes they cannot.

Thanks to excellent craftsmanship, the doll can be hugged and squeezed without any problems, such as the stuffing coming out. It will last years as long as it is loved and cared for.

Coffee Mug

A cute black and white mug will stand out from the crowd. The sea turtle version is eye-catching and helpful since it can hold 12-ounces of coffee or tea. Plus, the message at the top of the cup will be very beneficial as well. It’ll encourage your young person to “slow down and enjoy life” while it still lasts. It’s durably built so you shouldn’t experience any longevity issues. This mug can be given on any holiday or birthday making it a good emergency gift for your pal who loves these creatures.

Cup Mats

Need something to soup up your summer family get-togethers? If so, look no further than the Ceramic Sea Turtle Coasters by Hostline. The design is to ensure quick drying and eye appeal while eliminating potential mishaps. Utilize the coasters to serve all kinds of summertime beverages, including lemonade, iced tea, and Kool-aid. You can also utilize them to serve ice cream sundaes, pudding, and slices of pie.

Each coaster is designed with a beautiful eye-appealing sea turtle swimming in the sea. To enhance the appeal, the artisan added ocean vegetation, a starfish, and what appears to be a globe of the world.

You will never need to worry about a messy cleanup, thanks to the construction, which ensures quick-drying. After each use, the coasters will be nearly ready to be stored away instead of needing hours for drying out.

Do not store the SEA Turtle Coasters away when summer comes to an end. You can utilize them to protect the precious surfaces of your chairs and living room tables when serving hot chocolate and lattes in front of the fire on those cold winter nights.

Wine Glass

There is nothing more relaxing than a glass of wine after a difficult day at the office. Serving the wine in a handblown stemless wine glass will make the occasion even more special. The Sand Carved Wine Glass by Integrity Bottles is stunning. It will make the perfect utensil for serving wine or a piece of décor for your vacation, beach home.

The wine glass comes with an eye-catching sea turtle and blue teal that replicates the sea. The artisans have definitely outdone themselves with this piece of art. This is one gift that is guaranteed to provide a long service life, whether utilized as décor or for sipping wine.

Embroidery Hat

The DistinctHeadwear Sea Turtle Hat will compliment all of your spring and summer wardrobes. The cap comes with three sea turtles in various colors, all of which have embroidered into the material to ensure durability and longevity. The hat is designed to look worn, so there is no need to spend time breaking it in.

Choose from a broad range of colors, including black, silver, white, orange, pink, flamingo, green, teal, and others. You can also alternate the colors of the embroidered sea turtles. Design the hat to suit your recipient’s personality and style with little to no effort.


There is no hoodie on the market as unique as the Tstars brand. The hoodie comes with one word, “LOVE,” with the O in the shape of a sea turtle. The lettering is bold and large enough that others can see it from afar.

Tout about how you feel about sea turtles without speaking one word. There are various sizes ranging from small to xx-large and colors for you to choose from. The 50/50 percent polyester and cotton construction will help keep you warm on those nights you decide to venture out to the seaside. You can wear it comfortably to casual events, such as the country fair, family reunion, and parade. If your friends like turtles so much, why not help them show that?


Need a bracelet to show off the personality? If so, look no further than this Turtle Rafaelian Bangle. The bracelet offers a universal fit, as it is expandable up to 3-1/2 inches. The unique pendants replicate a lone sea turtle and other important agendas.

The bangle is available in two finishes, including gold and silver. Select both, so you will have a unique piece of jewelry to wear for every occasion. You will never need someone to assist you with putting the dangle around your wrist. The clasp is adjustable and will slide back and forth to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tote Bag

A new tote bag may be exactly what the turtle lover in your life needs to compliment her wardrobe. But, do not just choose any ole’ tote bag, instead opt for the NGil Sea Turtle Utility Tote. It has a unique design with stylized turtles and marine details that will delight these creature lovers.

The bag measures in at 15-1/2” L X 10-1/2” H X 9” W. Utilize it to tote around your school books, office files, or everyday accessories. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort even when the tote is completely full. There are four interior pockets that can be utilized for keys, cosmetics, pencils and pens, notepad, sunglasses, and a mobile phone.


The luxurious Sea Turtle Pendant from Victoria Jewelry is one gift that will please even the youngest recipient. The beautiful blue coloring is vibrant and eye-appealing. The chain measures 18 inches in length, making it ideal for teens, and adults.

The blue opal sea turtle shell represents the December birthstone, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for the end-of-year Holiday gifts. The necklace will also make the perfect birthday gift for all ages. You will find yourself admiring the beautiful details of the necklace, whether you are wearing it or displaying it on freestanding jewelry stand.


Learning about sea turtles is something that some people only get to dream of. Thanks to the “Sea Turtles: A Complete Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation” book, you can learn how sea turtles procreate, live, and survive in the sea. The book has full-colored graphics that display the tiniest details perfectly.

And, when you are not reading the book, you can utilize it as décor for your bedroom, den, study, or rec room. Every time you pick it up, you will learn something new about the wonderful lives of sea turtles and so much more about marine living. This is a gift that will never stop giving no matter what gender its recipient is or at what age.


If you know someone who is intrigued by sea turtles, the Jigsaw Puzzle will make a great gift. The puzzle has amazing, high-quality graphics with pieces that fit together perfectly. Spend hours creating an underwater world with the various fish breed and a giant sea turtle. The 1,000-piece puzzle will keep him/her busy for weeks. Play with friends or alone while admiring each creative puzzle piece until he/she is completely done.

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