21 Unique Tennis Gifts for People Who Love and Play Tennis


Summer is coming, and with hot weather and trips to the beach will also come tennis tournaments and hours upon hours of practicing at tennis courts as well as indoor gyms. Maybe you have a friend who loves tennis and will never stop playing as long as they live. If you have been thinking of buying them a tennis gift, but you’re not sure what to get, here is your answer. You’re going to find a list of 21 amazing tennis gift ideas that you can give to the tennis players in your life who can’t stay off the court.

Training Aid Gifts for Tennis Players

TopSpinPro Training Aid

If your friend is a beginner and they have been looking for ways to get into practice, then this training aid can help them improve their groundstrokes in no time. Built with mesh, it is durable enough to take swings over and over again without breaking.

You can also adjust its height to develop a smoother, more realistic swing that is perfect for your height. It can also be used indoors so players can practice if it’s late at night or raining, or too hot to go out. Great for all ages and all professional levels.

Hit Zone Jr Air Tee

Are you looking for a gift that will assist your child in developing better hand-eye coordination? This device can help as it continually makes tennis balls float in the air so the hitter can practice their serving stances and proper swinging technique.

The Air Tee is built for children because it’s small, made with durable PVC pipes, and comes with a dozen balls so your kid can get started swinging right away! However, you can’t adjust the height of the machine or the strength of the airstream. Plus, balls of different materials will affect the airflow.

Advantage Champ Swing Weight

A proper warmup session is the difference between a good game with a chance of winning and having to stop the game because you’ve pulled a leg or arm muscle. The Swing Weight is designed to improve your warmups and get you loose and ready to play. Weighing only 5 ounces, it is attached to the front of your tennis racket so you can build your muscle memory when you swing. You can even practice your swings at home, away from the tennis court. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket as well as your gym bag.

Bushnell Speed Gun

Built for monitoring the speed of tennis balls in motion, this speed gun can help tennis players record the speed of their serves. With it, a player can track how their performance as improved over months of practice. If you want to make it into professional tennis ranks, then your hits must be fast. This speed gun can track tennis balls moving up to 110 mph with only a 1mph margin of error. It is battery-operated, so you don’t have to hassle with wire and outlets, and it’s tiny enough to fit in any gym bag. If your player is a coach, this will be one of the best tennis gifts to support his/her teaching.

SpeedFeed Ball Feeder

When you use the Speedfeeder, you can save your precious energy and carry your tennis balls conveniently on your back. It can hold 23 tennis balls and be attached to your gym bag, or you can carry it on your back with its built-in backpack straps. It’s great because you won’t have your tennis balls, taking up space in your small gym bag. The plastic mold ensures that it’s lightweight but won’t easily break. Instead of reaching for your tennis balls on the floor, you can stay in your serving stance and retrieve a ball from your back. With all its convenience, this cool tennis stuff will definitely surprise your tennis player.

Pain Relief Tennis Gifts

If you care about the health and training progress of the gift recipient, the following tennis gifts are perfect to buy.

MagicMakers Foot and Leg Massager

After a long day on the court, the MagicMakers massager can lessen your tennis player’s foot and leg pain by using heat, air compression, and six different massaging speeds. This massager can help prevent injuries and speed up the recovery time if you have muscle fatigue. By promoting blood circulation, your legs and feet can experience an improvement in recovery time, build muscle quickly, loosen your ankles to prevent swelling, and relieve the pressure from your joints and knees. Your entire leg will be massaged thanks to the 360-degree airbags circulating air to power its deep tissue massage setting.

RENPHO Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager

If you’re on the road, traveling to different tennis competitions, you will need to take this small rechargeable massager to help alleviate the pain in your knees, shoulders, arms, and more. It comes with five interchangeable head-attachments so you can customize it to get the message you want. It runs at 3600 pulses per minute, so you’ll feel the vibrations working deep in your muscles. The batteries last for 3-4 years, so don’t have to worry about it breaking down when you need it. And it’s cordless so don’t have to search for outlets to use it.

Rolflex ProFoam Roller

Sometimes the perfect massager doesn’t come with batteries. Using this foam roller, you can reduce both muscular and myofascial tension while never needing to look for an outlet. Its ergonomic shape gives the user the ability to massage over 95% of their body. You can adjust the pressure with your own strength to get the best massage every time. It’s small enough (weighs less than two pounds) to fit inside a gym bag or backpack so you can take it anywhere. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year full warranty, in case it breaks or is damaged.

Tennis Accessories Gifts

Tennis Vibration Dampener Gift Pack

If you’re buying a gift for a tennis player who is having trouble aiming their shots correctly, this vibration dampener pack can help. Created to reduce the vibrations when the ball hits the racket net, the dampeners will improve aim and reduce the ball’s impact on a player’s elbow. Plus, the dampener’s funny little sayings will encourage them to keep going and do their best. They are made of silicone to reduce their weight to almost nothing, so there’s no extra drag on a racket. When not in use, you can keep them in their yellow stylish carrying case.

Wilson Federer Tennis Bag

This tennis bag is a perfect gift for tennis players who are determined to go pro. It has two main compartments and two side storage pockets to maximize its storage and organizational ability. It’s sleek black or red coloring matches any tennis gear or clothing. Its ergonomic design, coupled with it’s lightweight of only 4.8 pounds, makes carrying it comfortable and won’t strain the shoulders. Besides, it has small handles on each side for more carrying options. This bag can protect its contents safely because it is lined with a thermo-guard material to reduce heat on the inside.

Tennis Backpack

This Athletico backpack is an excellent choice for your tennis player, who always likes to be prepared. The shoulder straps are made to reduce weight on shoulders, and it has a separate pocket for shoes to protect the rest of the contents from dirt and mud. The zippers won’t snag because of their anti-slip design. It also includes a mesh bag to easily pullout tennis balls instead of them in your arms. The main compartment can carry clothes, balls, snacks, and two rackets without stretching the bag’s walls. Also, it’s made from durable polyester to protect from damage.

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

If you want to save your tennis playing friend’s money, then this tennis ball saver can do just that. It’s an excellent gift for all tennis players, as it can prevent tennis balls from losing too much air and going limp by storing them in a pressurized container. Your friend can save money and never need to repurchase balls. It will help keep balls bouncy and looking like factory new. Plus, it is portable and can fit in any gym bag or backpack. Moreover, the durable plastic case can last for years and won’t break if dropped or hit.

SpringCreek Funny Tennis Towel

Cute enough to place in your decorative bathroom, this set of two white and pink cotton tennis towels is perfect for wiping off sweat after an intense game. Their soft material won’t irritate the skin or the eyes. The two towels are both 16 by 24 inches, which makes them bigger than a hand towel and more versatile. But they are thin enough to not take up a lot of space in your bag. At the bottom of each towel, there is a motivational saying to pump your tennis player friend back up if they’re feeling down.

Other Tennis Related Gifts

“You Got Served” Table Runner

If your friend is sarcastic and cheeky, they’ll need this table runner to show off their personality and their love of tennis. Painted to look like a tennis court, it will match any other tennis decoration to complement a tennis-themed party. It is printed on high-quality satin paper so the color won’t fade after being cleaned, and it is water-resistant in case of spills or rain. It’s a foot in length, and it looks great on a medium-sized rectangular or round table. Place it on the food table and tell others that they got served!

Tennis Subscription Box

Give your friend a tennis gift that keeps on giving. The Tennis Trunk is a monthly gift subscription that delivers fun tennis items to the receiver. It comes with gifts so great that tennis lovers won’t be able to wait for the mail. Each month has different things, so you’ll never know what you get. In each box is 6-8 pieces of gear or items to improve your game, help you relax, or entertain you when you’re not playing. And in every box comes two tennis balls, so the receiver doesn’t have to go and buy more.

Iron Flask Water Bottle

Buying this water bottle is a thoughtful gift for tennis players because after every tennis session or game, players want to stay hydrated with cold water. So the person who receives this bottle will always have fresh cold water ready. Its double-walled insulation design keeps liquids cold for hours. Made with stainless steel, it won’t break or become dented if maltreated. Besides, it also comes in an assortment of colors and sizes so you can match it to your playing clothes and tennis bag size. The lid also has two straws built-in, so it can be shared without spreading germs.

The Inner Game of Tennis

Sometimes a game of tennis isn’t about tennis. It’s about determination, self-discipline, and making sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. If you want a book about the love of tennis and how it can transform you, then this is it. Made for those who are striving to be better at tennis, The Inner Game of Tennis will teach you how to build up your skills, find your focus zone to improve your mental performance, and avoid distractions that keep you from playing your best. This’s undoubtedly one of the best gifts for tennis players that can inspire them to play better.

Crystal Tennis Ball Paperweight

This crystal tennis ball paperweight is a great gift for tennis lovers who keep losing their papers. It’s only 3.15 inches across, so it can hold down your important documents without taking up too much space. Made with high-quality crystal, you can see the tennis ball lines crafted delicately into it. Its cool and sleek design was created to reflect your tastes in a vouge manner. This piece is an excellent addition to your other tennis-themed desk items as it isn’t too flashy or loud. This’s no doubt a perfect tennis gadgets gift for the office worker who loves this sport.

Tennis Cheese Spreader Set

Tennis-themed decorations are a must at tennis gatherings, competitions, or just enjoying a game at home. This cute cheese spreader set of four featuring tiny rackets and tennis balls will help set the mood as you make cheese-covered snacks to have while watching a tennis competition. At only 5 inches and only 6.2 ounces for the whole set, they won’t take up much space and transport easily in any lunch bag. But don’t put them in the dishwasher as their paint is resin and it can be washed off. So they are hand wash only. If you are going to give your tennis enthusiast and wine lover a gift, this is definitely a good choice.

Funny Ankle Socks

When watching the latest tennis tournament at home comfy on the couch, you need to wear a piece of clothing to get into the game. When you wear these socks, you’ll surprise anyone who looks at the bottom of your feet! Made with 100% cotton, these hilarious socks will amuse you as well as keep your feet warm. It has a non-slip base so you won’t slip and miss out on days of tennis practice. These socks are cool gifts for any tennis lover because it’s one size fits all. On top of that, the green lettering pairs wonderfully with the white socks.

Tickets to Pro tennis events

If you want to get your tennis lover a gift that involves an exciting day with cheering, being outdoors, good food, and the experience of two wild pro athletes battle against one another, then you need to buy tickets to Pro tennis events. For several hours, you and your tennis-loving friends can watch as new pros, and old-time veterans go head to head in major competitions for the battle of the position of best player! After the tournament, get autographs from your favorite players and take pictures with them as well. Make tennis-based memories that will last forever.


If you are wondering what to gift a tennis player, then hopefully, this article has given you some initial ideas. If the tennis player you’re going to gift is someone who doesn’t lack anything, you should consider unique, personalized gifts. Meanwhile, if that tennis player still lacks some things, give them practical gifts such as massage machines so they can quickly recover after hours of practice.

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