How to Choose Shorts For Big Thighs (The Ultimate Guide)


Have you been deterred from wearing shorts because fear your legs are a bit stout and your thighs a bit big? Ever wondered if they make shorts that will fit you? Had trouble picking a pair of running shorts? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and thick thighs shouldn’t prevent you from showing off those legs. Choosing the right pair of shorts is the key! Fret not because you no longer have to worry. Here are a few tips on how to find the right pair of shorts. Have comfortable and trendy summers henceforth! Get ready to show off those beautiful curvy legs with style and confidence!

Best Shorts For Big Thighs

Be it the gym or long summer-time walks on the beach, flaunt those legs with the right type of shorts. Below are a few popular ones with some bestsellers that can make your shopping easy.

1. Bermuda Shorts

These shorts usually come up to knee-length and are super flattering for any body type. Being the perfect length, they cover up the flatness of your thighs and are incredibly comfortable to wear. Pair these together with a short and loose T-shirt and sport the Kendall Jenner look at your next party.

2. Belted Shorts

Usually available in a high waist fashion, these shorts are so in trend today. In addition to choosing one-colored shorts, it is also best to have a simple belt over ornamented ones. These will make your thighs look thinner, thus making you feel at ease. Colorful crop tops or vibrant off shoulders are the best matches for a stunning yet casual look.

3. A-Line Shorts

For those with big thighs, A-line shorts can never go out of trend. The two flared sides of the A-line shorts make your legs look much thinner in addition to the comfort they provide. Coupled with a beautiful tucked in top or a short top and jacket, these are simple and elegant to wear. Pick out your pair for your next Girls’ Day Out!

4. Baggy Shorts

Do you have a fetish for baggy jeans? They are ultra-comfortable, aren’t they? Well, in that case, these are the best type for you. Not only are these present as plain high waist but also available as a hybrid of designs like belted shorts. Loose-fitting and slightly flared, these shorts make your thighs look skinnier and give you a casual and stylish look. Furthermore, they can be paired with either oversized or tight tops for any occasion of your choice.

5. Board Shorts

These shorts are light in weight and hence most suitable as a swimwear. However, they don’t cling to your legs, so they are an appropriate choice for people with thicker thighs. Additionally, they are usually coupled with cargo pockets and have quick-drying properties. You can wear them for a swim at the beach or pair them with a tank top for a sporty look.

6. Cargo Shorts

Though these shorts may be considered a little out of fashion these days, they are the best fit for people who are conscious about their legs. Styled similarly as Bermuda shorts, these are “less-tailored” when compared to them. Nevertheless, one has to be very careful while purchasing a pair of cargo shorts. If the cargo pockets stick out, they may add width to your thighs. Thus it is best to choose plain ones if you want to divert attention away from your legs.

7. Pleated Shorts

It is commonly said that these are made specifically for women with thick thighs. The pleats offer a flare in the shorts, which gravitates attention away from the thighs. They can be of two types: fully pleated and half pleated. It enhances your waist, making them apt for women with slim waists. Top designers like Rebecca Taylor and Emilio Pucci have a vast collection of pleated shorts to match any occasion.

8. Simple Mom Shorts (Flat Front)

As the name suggests, these shorts have a flat front, similar to those seen in pants. They are generally high waisted and offer comfort like no other. Whether it’s just cleaning your house or running errands or a hangout at a friends’ place, these shorts are your best companions. Since they are loose, they do not cling onto your thighs hence making them look thinner. Rachel Bilson has been spotted owning herself with confidence in a pair of high waisted denim shorts.

9. Culottes

These are a select type of shorts that look like skirts. Popular in the 1800s, they are a goto for vintage look enthusiasts. They are full and flowy, but have leg slots and thus overcome the discomfort of thighs rubbing against one another. Longer knee-length culottes are an excellent choice for women with thicker thighs.

Best Brands of Shorts

1. Forever 21

Strappy shorts to denim wear Forever 21 offers them all. This brand has both online and walk-in stores. Their high-quality products have earned them accolades and helped them become a globally acclaimed brand. In addition to selling appealing collections for all walks of life, they produce clothing at a reasonable price. It is a one-stop-shop for your family! In addition to their official sites, their products can also be purchased from various online stores.

2. Vero Moda

Vero Moda merchandise is exceptionally tailored to provide the best fit for you. Complement yourself with a pair of super comfortable shorts from Vero Moda. Uniquely designed styles and a vast collection to choose from, this brand offers clothing to enhance your overall appeal. They provide affordable and inspiring clothes to every independent woman out there.

3. Dorothy Perkins

The shorts from DOROTHY PERKINS are made from a breathable fabric and display unique and stunning styling. They print one-of-a-kind patterns and are a showstopper at any party. Versatility is the key to their brand. As a matter of fact, be sure to find the right top, jewelry, shoes, and bag for your outfit when you shop here.

4. Only

This brand satisfies the fashion needs of all women out there. Only shorts come at attractive styles and prices. They offer a good fit with high durability. In addition to this, their use of blended fabrics adds comfort and versatility giving the wearer a gritty look. Only’s astounding collection is available in a variety of sizes on their official sites as well as online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

5. Mango

One of the most affordable and best brands for shorts, mango offers a plethora of styles, colors, and patterns to suit your varied needs. Moreover, mango is an internationally famous brand for clothing and apparel and offers some of the best products. The brand oozes fun and comfort and leaves a strong impression that lingers in all our minds. The selection gives ample options for you to put together a dazzling outfit.

Choosing and Wearing Shorts – Tips For Women With Big Thighs

1. Pick Ones With Side Slits

The most trivial details matter in fashion. Small side slits don’t stick to the thighs and hence make them look a lot thinner. Additionally, these small slits provide more movement and allow for ample breathing space. The most significant plus point about these slits is that they are a very tiny detail that won’t change the aesthetic of your clothes but magnify your comfort.

2. Flared Ones Are The Best

When you have big thighs, wearing super tight shorts is not flattering. They can prove to be very uncomfortable and make your thighs look bigger than they are, drawing unnecessary attention to them. So it is always best to go for flared and loose shorts. Furthermore, pair these up with a third piece like a kimono or cardigan, and you are set to go!

3. High Waisted Shorts For The Win

High waisted shorts can become your new best friend! This style creates the most incredible figure flattery. They highlight your waistline, distracting attention away from your thighs. They also make your legs leaner and thinner. What’s not to love about them?

4. Short Shorts Are A “Big No!”

Pay attention to the length of shorts that you buy. Nowadays, the lengths of these shorts vary from long to short and everything in-between. So make sure to purchase shorts that cover up your thighs entirely and focus on your body. Just above knee length works perfectly well when paired with a designer top for a summer night date!

5. Say Yes To Pleats.

Don’t dismiss these as old fashion. As mentioned earlier, pleated shorts are a classic for women with thicker thighs. They are designed in a way to fit well and work with your body!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Shorts If I Have Big Thighs?

Of course, you can! Just make sure to pick the right type of shorts to flatter your body. Go through the points mentioned above to help your selection process. You go, girl!

How do I Make My Legs Look Thinner In Shorts?

Choosing the right length of shorts portrays your leg to be smaller. Also, shorts that don’t stick to your thighs make your legs look thinner and longer.

What Is The Right Fit For Shorts?

There are two factors to look for when picking your perfect fit. First, the shorts must not be too loose or too tight at the stomach. And secondly, they must be of the right length: neither too short nor too long.

What Kind Of Belt Should I Wear With My Shorts?

It is best to wear a slimmer belt with your shorts. These draw attention away from the thighs and look super stylish too!

How Do I Accessorize With My Outfit When I’m Wearing Shorts?

It is always best to accessorize simply and elegantly. Slightly loose tops, tucked in, paired with a slim belt and flats or shoes with thin straps work the best. You can also add a cardigan or coat to pump up the style.


Shorts are an outfit that never goes out of trend. Thicker thighs should never be a hindrance to wearing what you like. You are beautiful in your way, so why not own it? All you need is a proper guideline to help you pick the most flattering outfits. Go through some of the tips mentioned here and flaunt those legs without regret!

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