18 Gift Ideas School Bus Drivers Will Love


Driving around a whole bus full of screaming kids is not something that a lot of people would enjoy doing. It takes an individual with a special incentive to take on responsibility for this job. This individual not only needs to be responsible, but they need to connect to the kids. These are all things that you already know if you have a school bus driver close at heart. If you’re wondering what to buy for the school bus driver, this is the answer. With the list of best gifts for bus drivers here, you will definitely be able to find an appropriate gift for him or her.

18 Good Gifts for Bus Drivers

Locket Necklace

A school bus driver has to care about kids deep down, and you can help the one on your list show just how much they care when you choose to give this locket necklace. This beautifully crafted necklace measures 20 inches long and features a detailed crystal teacher themed locket that measures 1-inch x 1-inch. Pop open the pendant, and you will be staring at an array of beautiful charms and vibrant stones.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is more important than ever on that scalding hot days. While this might sound like an easy task, it always isn’t. Especially when you have to drive the bus and concern the safety of kids at the same time. This 100 percent BPA-Free bottle can ensure that any school bus driver gets the quality fluids that he or she needs. It is safe, reusable many times, and comes with a design that stands out with school bus images and a cool saying – This is how I roll!

Canvas Tote

This simplistic yet creative canvas tote will ensure that your school bus driver always has the essentials close at hand. The large capacity with the sturdy hand strap makes this tote suitable for any condition or any weather pattern. The bag is made of cotton and features an eco-friendly design that is perfect for shopping or storage. It might feature a large capacity, but don’t worry about being weighed down because it only weighs at 120 grams. Moreover, it has a striking and eye-catching design, making it a great gift for female bus drivers.

Personalize Ornament

This unique Alder wood ornament is perfect for any school bus driver as it is laser-engraved with a meaningful and heartfelt message that will touch anyone right down to the very ends of their heartstrings. Each wooden plaque measures in at 1.8 by 3.2 inches and is made right in the United States. The best part about the entire package is that you can personalize the plaque with the name of the school bus driver, the name of the school they drive for, a message of your choosing, and the number of their bus. This ornament will surely make a unique bus driver Christmas gift.

Back & Seat Cushions

Sitting all day in a bus might seem like a cake job for many. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. All that sitting can take a toll on your neck and back, and this is where these quality cushions come in handy. Its design not only provides comfort, but it corrects bad posture while providing support where the pains appear. All cushions come constructed with quality memory foam that will adapt to one’s body. There are also adjustable straps to hold the device in place. If you are looking for a thank you gift for bus drivers, this seat cushion is a good choice.

ID Badge Holder

This stylish ID badge holder isn’t just perfect for holding your bus ID, but it can complement any ensemble. The necklace measures in at 36 inches long and includes four beautifully handcrafted ceramic school buses, and don’t forget about the Swarovski crystals. These things add to the elegance and beauty of the item. There are also matching glass beads with gold plated accents that make the entire package stand on its own. The necklace is constructed of high-quality nylon coated wire and covered in comfortable beaded material.


This stainless steel tumbler not only provides the utmost in quality, but it provides efficient insulation. While the tumbler holds right around 16 ounces of liquid, it is capable of keeping that liquid cold or hot for an extended time. Unfortunately, the mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe, which means that you will have to wash it by hand. However, it does include a cute message that pays tribute to your bus driver. This is definitely one of the best bus driver appreciation gifts you should buy.

Baseball Cap

Another great thank you gift for male bus drivers, this 100% cotton baseball cap comes with a funny message “World’s Best Bus Driver.” It will not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but it will ensure that you look stylish while showing how much you care about your profession. Each cap design is unique so that you look great and get a matching quality. Don’t worry about matching up the size too closely because there is an adjustable back strap that can fit from 20 inches to 24 inches and a 3.25″ crown.


Sometimes a school bus driver needs a little zen in his or her life. And, that is what you will be giving them with this school bus-inspired planter. This planter measures in at 4 3.4 x 6 x 5 and can hold just about any plant of your choosing. The poly-resin design ensures durability and optimal quality, and it is the hand-painted resin with raised details that bring the trophy home. The intricate details will put a smile on any driver’s face while they set back and enjoy their favorite flora.


With a 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester design, you can ensure that your bus driver will be comfortable and love this comical t-shirt. While it is available in several color options, they all include the message – “I may not be a superhero, but I am a bus driver. So close enough“. This message is something that any bus driver will appreciate as it shows how important their job is. So this is one of the best gifts for School Bus Driver Appreciation Week.

The shirt will also need to be machine washed with cold water and dried on low heat, or it risks the potential of running. The lightweight and classic design make this shirt one of a kind for both male and female bus drivers.

Coffee Mug

This white ceramic coffee mug will give that bus driver on your list the change to enjoy his or her favorite beverage before heading out the door. The design also features a black-painting c-handle and interior. Plus, the design has a school bus on both sides and a funny statement -Wold’s Best Bus Driver. The cup is microwave safe but is only recommended for handwashing to help preserve the print. Besides, the high gloss finish adds to the sleekness and durability of the mug.


Keys are undoubtedly one of the essential things for any bus driver. And bus drivers likely have a large set of keys. You can ensure that your driver never loses track of theirs with this one of a kind keychain. The keychain features a yellow bus with rubber tires and measures in at 2.5 inches.

Spice Rack

This decorative school bus spice rack will ensure that the driver is always able to drop off spices on his or her favorite dishes. The dimensions are 6 x 2 1.2 x 4 3/8 x 2 ¾ with the shakers. The entire package weighs in a 1.1 pounds. Each model is hand-crafted from cold cast resin with glass salt and pepper shakers. While the spices are not included, the entire package does come with a beautiful decorative gift box.

Wind Chime

Every time wind blows and this chime ding with beauty, that driver is going to think of you and the beautiful gift that you have given them. This wind chime is perfect for any patio or garden and measures in at 3.75 inches wide and 3.25 inches deep. Its material is composite resin, hand-painted, and individually polished to provide a look that will last for years and years to come.

Wall Clock

This contemporary hanging wall clock measures 9.5 inches in diameter and features a durable black plastic case with a clear lens so that you can see the beautiful school bus inside with smiling and laughing kids. The precise quartz movement ensures that you get accurate movement and timing for a long time. The clock only requires one AA battery, which comes with the initial purchase.

Wood Sign

When it comes to modern wall décor, you really cannot beat this beautifully crafted piece. It comes with premium quality and excellent design on a wooden box that offers even more quality. The UV printed design with vibrant colors and crisp imagery ensure that the box stays bright and colorful for years. The box sign can be hung on any wall or simply sat on a desk. It is up to you, but it will look great wherever it goes.

Pop Up Card

This beautiful 3D pop-up card of a yellow school bus with contrasting black wheels brings this entire creation to life. Each model is hand-crafted explicitly with time and cares to ensure that it reflects the emotions that the giver will send. The card measures in at 7.9 inches x 5.9 inches and offer plenty of space so that you can include a little personalized note to add an even more special touch to this already unique gift.


Every woman loves jewelry. If the bus driver on your list is a woman, then there is no better gift than this bracelet. Its material is stainless steel, which guarantees non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and in particular, will not fade over time. Above all, its design features school stuff and a message of appreciation – Thank You for All That You Do. This bracelet is definitely an excellent gift for your bus driver woman.

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