21 Cute Panda Gifts for People Who Love Pandas


With their cute and innocent features, pandas are one of the favorite animals of many people. Do you know of someone who is a panda lover? What better way to make their day special by giving them panda gifts? When you set out to buy a gift for them, you will find plenty of choices at your disposal.

Here is a list of some of the best panda gifts, ranging from simple to sophisticated choices. Whether that panda lover is male or female, child or adult, you will find lots of options here to pick from. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through these exciting options and choose the one that your loved one is going to hold close to his/her heart.

21 Best Gifts for Panda Lovers

Coffee Mug

Are you looking for a funny yet quirky panda-themed gift that suits any occasion? Look no further than this coffee mug with a cute message, “I do what I want.” If your panda lover is a strong-headed person, this mug is the right choice for you.

With the eco-friendly ceramic material, this mug is compatible to be used with a microwave and dishwasher as well. The picture of the panda on this mug is too carefree, showing its middle finger to the world. The best part about this coffee mug is that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Throw Blanket

Designed for panda-loving girls and women, this 100% polyester blanket is one of the softest you will ever find. While its outside is super-soft velvet, its inside is warm Sherpa fleece. Since it is made from high-quality polyester, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin as well.

This blanket comes in 19 panda designs to choose from. So finding a good looking design is very possible. These blankets are long and warm enough to provide comfort on cold nights. Besides, they are made from machine-friendly fabric that doesn’t shrink at all.

Panda Butt Pillow

This is one of the thoughtful gifts for panda lovers. This fluffy pillow is handmade by artists in Los Angeles. You will be surprised to find a pocket at the back of this pillow! Now, you don’t have to search for your books, tablets, or remote control before going to bed. Use this pocket to store your essentials.

While the front of the pillow is 100% polyester faux fur, the backside is 100% polyester microfiber suede. Buy this cute pillow from BootyFarm right now and contribute your bit to the American Humane Association.

Panda Nesting Dolls

Are you looking for lovely panda gifts for kids? Here is a box of 10, cute, nested Matryoshka Russian dolls with cute big bellies holding bamboo patterns. These 10 dolls are decreasing in size, and they are neatly stacked one inside the other to look like one, huge, big-bellied panda doll.

Made from lightweight but high-quality basswood, these dolls are excellent decorative items that not only interest the kids but adults as well. You can give these dolls as gifts for any occasion. Also, they come neatly in an attractive box, which is sure to bring a smile to your panda friend’s face.

Panda Bracelet

Here is an exciting gift for the panda-loving woman who loves to flaunt her jewelry! This crystal bead open bracelet is made from green stainless steel and has a beautiful panda pendant that adds a lot of charm to the piece. With high-quality crystals, this pendant shines brightly while adding comfort and style to the wear, despite its simplistic design. This adjustable bracelet is undoubtedly a cute panda gift for the beautiful ladies in your life.

Panda T-Shirt

If you are looking for the right gift for a panda lover, you can never get a safer option than this beautiful, simple, and all-purpose panda-themed t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton, this t-shirt is suitable for men and women for all occasions such as everyday use, college wear, gym wear, and more.

You can choose from a range of colors such as black, asphalt, royal blue, pink and purple when you are shopping for this t-shirt. All these t-shirts come with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem to fit the wearer perfectly.

Panda Necktie

You can choose these elegant and professional panda-printed neckties for your groomsmen to look stylish on your wedding day! However, apart from weddings, this necktie can be worn on any occasion. It comes in a premium quality design with a 1200 needle count pattern as against the usual 960 needle count pattern found in most other ties.

In addition to this, it comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer and a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Isn’t that a good enough reason for you to buy this necktie?

Panda Cards

These panda-themed affirmation & meditation cards are the best you can give to someone very important to you. There are 50 affirmation cards and 50 meditations for each of these cards to promote overall physical & mental health. These guided audio meditations last for about 10 minutes each and are available on any platform such as Google, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and more.

Regardless of your location, you can listen to these meditation programs on the go and find inner peace, thereby helping your loved ones lead a peaceful and stress-free life.

Cell Phone Purse

Here is a panda bear gift that is not only useful but attractive as well. This cell phone cross-bodied purse with a cute panda is one of the unique gifts you can buy for the women and girls in your life. This purse comes with an adjustable strap, so she can wear it as a handbag or clutch.

Thanks to the high-quality polka-dotted interior lining and the soft vegan leather, this purse takes extreme care of the belongings inside. Apart from that, it fits almost all popular phone sizes. Moreover, it comes with an unzipped external compartment and a zippered internal compartment. The three credit card slots are handy for storing important stuff like cards, tickets, keys, etc.

Face Mask Scarf

Made from 100% polyester, this durable face mask scarf with cute animal prints, including panda prints, is an ideal gift for all seasons and all kinds of outdoor sports, parties, other important events.

The best part of this scarf is that one size fits all women and men. Besides, this mask is color-resistant, so you can easily wash it as many types as you want, as it won’t fade easily.

Panda Plant Pot

How about a panda-related gift that not only looks cute but is also eco-friendly? If you are wondering what could be the ideal gift for your friend who loves gardening, you don’t have to look any further than this cute plant pot, which comes in the shape of a panda.

Made from 100% ceramic painted in white & black, this flower pot is sure to make your friend feel refreshed. Moreover, it comes in a well-packed colorful box, and it can be used indoors & outdoors as well. This is a panda thing that will bring joy to panda lovers of all age groups.

Giant Panda Stuffed Toy

Women, in general, are fans of stuffed animal toys; therefore, this giant panda stuffed toy is going to be the cutest gift for the woman close to your heart, whether she’s your niece, daughter, or girlfriend. This soft and cute panda comes at a staggering height of 5 feet, making her want to hug and cuddle it as much as possible.

Besides the USA origin, this stuffed animal is made from polyester fibers that don’t shed at all. Also, there is beautiful embroidery work at the mouth and paws, to prevent the strings hanging out from it. This is a 100% authentic panda toy that comes with the guarantee of its manufacturer, Yesbears.

Panda Night Light

This panda night light is made from premium-quality bonded marble and comes in eye-catching colors. The light is inserted at the bottom, which improves the visual appeal of the place where it is. Besides that, this hand-painted light comes printed with intricate details, giving it a realistic feel.

The box, in which the light is packed, is as attractive (if not more) than the actual product itself. You can choose these beautiful lights for anyone who wants to add on to the intrinsic beauty of their rooms. Above all, with the theme that this light comes with, it is perfect for giving to mothers and wives.

Wine Bottle Holder

If your panda lover is also a wine lover, she will undoubtedly fall in love with this cute wine bottle holder at first sight. This panda is in the reclining position, with the provision of holding the bottle in its mouth. On the face of it, this cute little piece looks as if the baby panda is enjoying his drink right from the bottle.

The excellent details of this bottle holder definitely deserve special mention. While the fur looks realistic, the shiny nose has a perfect, black texture. The depth of this cute panda is 4.5 inches deep, which can hold the wine bottle perfectly.

Panda Art Decor

This Panda graffiti artwork is a great gift for people who are crazy about pandas and those who are looking for unique interior décor items. This canvas wall art is definitely filled with style as it contains the picture of a panda shooting with guns in both the hands. The pose, in itself, is one of the most genuine that you will ever find.

The thick stretcher bars (1.50”) make this piece worthy of being exhibited in a gallery. The included hanging accessory kit is made by hand from some of the highly qualified art experts from the USA. If your son, brother, or boyfriend is about to host a housewarming party, why not give him this wall art.

Panda Sake Set

A panda sake set is a great gift you can give to your Japanese friends who love to drink their sake in unique-patterned stuff. This set consists of one server bottle and 4 mini cups in an attractive package. On top of that, their designs replicate the appealing traits of a panda.

This ceramic set is easy to clean and easy to use with its groove-type design. As a result, it’s perfect to go along with all kinds of interiors. If you love pandas, this sake set will find a place in your homes, just for its cuteness.

Stainless Steel Panda Cutlery Kit

Made from food-grade stainless steel, this cutlery set for kids consists of cute panda themes. These are designed with 100% safety, as the knives aren’t too sharp to help kids learn the basics of eating, such as cutting foods, spreading butter, and the like.

The major advantage of this set is that it is absolutely similar to the ones used by adults. Therefore, kids aged above 3 are excited to use this to eat their food on their own without showing any tantrums. You can choose this panda bear gift for the kids in your family to get a priceless expression from them.

Panda Piggy Bank

This panda piggy bank is way different from most others that you would have seen. It comes in a bamboo box with a cute little panda hidden inside it. When you or your kid place the coins on top of the money bank, the hidden panda pops out, steals the coins, and goes back inside.

This piggy bank is suitable for all coins and attracts people of all ages. After all, who doesn’t love to watch the panda popping out again and again to steal the coins? However, you need 2 AA batteries to make it work.

Panda Stationery Set

Are you planning to buy a gift for a panda-loving kid? Here is your chance to gift the child a useful and attractive gift. This stationery set contains 6 pieces, including one cute pencil holder, 12 bamboo-like pencils, one key chain, one pen case, one sharpener, one memo pad, and one ceramic toy.

The pencils come in a sturdy bamboo pattern. All the pieces are highly durable and give you extreme comfort at the time of using them. This is why you should get your kids this set without any second thoughts.

Panda Backpack Set

The three-piece backpack set is an excellent choice for panda-loving schoolgoing girls. This set comes with one backpack, one lunch bag, and one pen case. The best part about this gift is that you have a lot of color options to choose from. Grey, Navy, Pink, and Teal are some of the impressive hues you can choose.

The backpack comes with enough compartments such as the main pocket for tablets & books, a couple of side pockets for water bottle or umbrella and other mini pockets for all essentials. Besides, this water-resistant, mesh-pattern backpack set comes with a one-year warranty.

Books on Pandas

Is your panda-loving kid an avid reader as well? This book is the perfect gift for her/him, in that case. This book is part of the National Geographic Kids Mission, and it talks about all the basic information about the pandas and some crucial tips on how to save them from extinction. The book also contains real stories from wildlife enthusiasts, talking about their practical experiences to save the pandas.

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