25 Best Gifts For Artists & People Who Like To Draw And Paint


If you have a sketch artist in the family or a friend who loves to draw, then you do not need anyone telling you that these individuals see the world in a different way. This is what gives them the unique ability to bring those beautiful creations to life right there on paper. They are always using their unique gifts and abilities to bring joy to you and those around them. Joy is a great thing and more of it is needed in this ugly world. You can make sure that the artist on your list keeps on giving by giving them one of the following gifts.

1. Graphic Drawing Tablet

Is that artist looking to go graphic? Maybe they are new to technology. Whatever the situation is, you simply cannot beat the Huion H1060P. This device can easily sync up with smartphones and tablets after a simple firmware upgrade. Unfortunately, the device does not currently support iPhone or iPads devices, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. Besides that, this all-inclusive graphic package includes everything that the creative artist needs. It includes the tablet, the USB connection, the pen holder, the quick start guide, and the artist glove. So this is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for artists who like digital drawing.

2. Graphite Drawing Pencils And Sketch

Maybe your friend is a bit more old school. That’s okay too because there are plenty of products like the Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Sketch Kit out there. This kit includes nearly over 40 pieces of unique equipment and also comes along with a handy pop-up stand so that you can always see the tools available to you. This set is perfect for the beginner or the professional, but the real kicker is that it includes a travel-friendly storage case. Whether that creative person on your list is looking to take their show on the road or safely store their work items at home, they will have that option when you take advantage of this amazing set.

3. Hand Massager

Drawing is a task that can wear you out. It might not seem like it, but after an entire day of drawing, you can be left feeling pretty tired and wore out. This is exactly where this hand massager will come in handy. This unique device doesn’t just utilize compression techniques without kneading. No, it offers everything an artist needs to get their hands back in shape. With 6 different intensity levels and a plethora of other options, your artist friend won’t have a problem keeping their hands in top working condition.

4. Leather Pencil Holder

For an artist, a pencil can mean the world. It could be the difference between a paycheck and a trip to the unemployment line. With this leather pencil holder, you can ensure that their pencils will be well protected. This leather pencil holder not only comes available in a variety of color options, but it is literally constructed from the finest cow leather on earth. To take things one step further, the manufacturers of this great product even hand lined the holder with soft pig leather. Simply put, with this leather pencil holder, your friend is going to get a one of a kind handcrafted experience that you wouldn’t likely get anywhere else on earth.

5. Vintage Paper Sketchbook

There are a lot of vintage paper sketchbooks out there to choose from, but there are very few that actually use virgin cotton paper. And, this is just one of the many aspects that makes this vintage sketchbook stand out from the rest. The book comes available in a variety of bound leather options, but the best part has got to be the craftsmanship that went into this unique device. Every edition was designed with village handmade paper to ensure that the drawer on your list gets years and years of use out of the item. So what are the cool gifts for sketch artists? Buy this, you will have the answer.

6. Drawing Game

Most artists don’t like to play games when it comes to their artistic creations and abilities. Well, the USAOPOLY is certainly one game that they are going to enjoy. This game offers action for up to 12 different players and includes overs 2,000 words, 12 erasable sketch books, 12 dry erase markers and 12 clean-up cloths. Whether that artist is feeling giddy or planning on hosting a party, they will always have a game on hand that will be the center of attention when you give then this drawing game.

7. Artist Colored Pencils

Artists work with a lot of different colors over the years. In fact, they work with so many that they would never remember the names of them. Well, when you give them this 120-piece colored pencil set they won’t have to remember the names of the colors because they will literally have them right there at their disposal. Each pencil is labeled with a number identification to make it super easy to pick right up where you left off. Not only this, but each pencil is designed with top quality ingredients to ensure years and years of repeat use.

8. Figure Drawing Guides

You can ask any creative individual or struggling artist and they are all going to tell you that mastering figures is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Whether your artist friend is still trying to master the art of the figure or they have it under control, you cannot go wrong with this figure drawing guide. This guide was inspired by some of the most artistic minds on earth and it was specifically designed to help people illustrate faces and figures. This awe-inspiring book will touch on crucial and critical techniques in the figure drawing process.

9. Kitchen Chalkboard Table Runner

It is true that your friend probably doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Well, you can change that when you give him or her this kitchen chalkboard table runner. This runner was handcrafted right in the US to ensure the utmost in quality and materials. However, the best part is that the runner lets those creative individuals get as creative as they want at their next BBQ or dinner party. Simply roll a runner, create your own unique design, and display it on your table with your feast for all to see. All runners are constructed from 20 percent recycled materials, so you can rest assured that you are doing your part to preserve the earth.

10. Light Boxes

Tracing is a crucial and critical step for any artist. Without the ability to properly trace, artists wouldn’t be able to bring their creations to life. Well, you can help them do just that when you give them one of these light boxes. These ultra-portable, only 5mm thick, boxes can be easily carried anywhere. Not only this, but each box comes along with a USB cable so that it can easily and quickly be powered up from any computer. Whether that artist is on the go or working at home, he or she will always have what they need when you buy them this light box.

11. Electric Pencil Sharpener

Want to help your drawer friend stay sharp and keen for all their upcoming projects? There is simply no better way to do just that than by gifting them this electric pencil sharpener. This heavy-duty sharpener was specifically designed for the classroom so it is more than capable of providing years and years of use. Not only this, but it comes installed with an ultra-quiet motor that won’t dispute others while you are sharpening. The helical steel cutter installed inside will ensure that you always get a safe, rounded pencil end that will produce the most elegant drawings.

12. Sketchbook Light

Sometimes getting those big projects done on time requires working at night. And, working at night is harder than some might imagine. This is something that your friend won’t have to worry about when you buy them this sketchbook light. This handy little includes a sturdy vice grip-like base that will allow you to securely attach the light to your working space. It also includes a rotating 360-degree head, so that the drawer won’t have a problem finding the lighting that he or she needs for those critical and crucial moments.

13. 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean that you have seen anything like this one. In fact, you probably haven’t. This pen was not only designed with complete durability and integrity in mind, but it was designed to simply allow you to do more. It doesn’t matter if that drawer you love wants to design, build, repair, or more, he or she will always have the option to do either when you invest in this amazing designed and built 3D pen.

14. Relaxing Water Painting Board

Artists might live chaotic and hectic lives, but there are times when they like to settle down and relax as well. There is nothing that will help them do just that more than this relaxing water painting board. This original Buddha board is a one-of-a-kind and wasn’t designed to bubble or peel like other renditions. The device is easy to set up, as all you have to do is simply fill the stand with water and dip in the bamboo brush, which is included. Once dipped in, your friend can go to work creating one of a kind beautiful images that he or she would not be able to replicate anywhere else on earth.

15. Optical Tracing Board

You already know that tracing is a vital component of any artist’s life. However, what you might not know is that tracing is a project that is more difficult than it seems. You can help ease this terrible burden when getting the drawer this optical tracing board. This board is not only easy to set up and use, but it comes available with an app. The app might have tons of different features available, but the one that really stands out is the ability to convert images to sketches. Does your friend have an image on his or her phone that they want to turn into the creation of a lifetime? That won’t be a problem using this optical tracing board.

16. Adjustable Drawing Desk

To you, a desk might just be a desk, but for an artist, a desk is like a place of paradise. It is not only a place where the artist will be spending most of his or her time, but it is a place where he or she will be bringing their greatest creations to life. This holiday season you can ensure that the artist makes the most of every opportunity when giving them this adjustable drawing desk. The SD Studio Designs desk can be used for a verity of projects and can be adjusted up to a total of 35 degrees. It also includes 3 plastic molded slide-out drawers, which can be mounted on either the left or right side of the table for quick and handy access.

17. Desktop Organizer

Have you ever really looked at that artist’s desk? There is probably stuff clamored here and there. It probably looks like they can’t even get anything done with the mess that they have going on. Well, you can change all that when you give them this desktop organizer. This handy little organizer is not only sturdily built, but it is beautifully designed to represent the relaxing outdoor environment. Beautiful trees and scenic mountains with places to store your business cards and pencils, what could be better?

18. Personalized Pencils

Pencils are no doubt any artist’s greatest tools. And, you can help ensure that your artist friend never forgets who gave him or her those pencils when you choose to personalize them. These personalized pastel pencils are not only beautiful and stick out like a sore thumb, but they are great for just about any project. Whether it be a long drawing project or something for school, these number 2 pencils will be able to get the job done with sheer perfection and expertise. The best part is that they will have the artist’s name printed right on the side.

19. Artist Gloves

An artist’s hands are his or her most valuable tools. Without their hands, they would not be able to bring their creations to life. And, you can do your part by ensuring that their hands stay safe and dust-free. These gloves are not only comfortable and elegant, but they are practical. They slip right on and are specifically designed to help avoid smudges. The soft Lycra material will not only ensure that you don’t end up with scratches on your work, but it will ensure that your hands stand comfy and warm throughout the entirety of the project.

20. Art Socks

Being an artist is more than just showing up at an event here or there with your best works. An artist needs to represent himself or herself to the fullest at all times. That being said, there is simply no better way to do this than by donning these art socks. These comfortable and fun little socks come available in a variety of unique styles and designs. Choose from your favorites and the cotton and spandex design will ensure that the artist stays comfortable and stylish for the time being.

21. T-Shirt

Speaking of showing off your artistic side, there is nothing that does this more than this Make Art T-shirt. This handy little t-shirt is not only designed with the most durable and comfortable materials available on earth, but it comes available in several different color schemes. You won’t have a problem choosing the perfect one to match the personality and style of the artist on your list. Heck, buy them two or three just to ensure that you cover how they are feeling every day of the week.

22. Artistic Coffee Mug

There is nothing like that good cup of delicious coffee to get you going in the morning. Well, what if that coffee could not only get you going, but it could inspire you to be your best self? That is exactly what this artistic coffee mug can do for the drawer. The cup is beautifully handcrafted and features a brief look into the history of art. If this doesn’t get hat artist inspired and going, then there isn’t much that will.

23. Watercolor Palette Phone Case

Who doesn’t have a phone these days? Everyone carries a phone, including your drawer friend. That being said, there is a good chance that they aren’t being as creative as they could with their phone, but you could completely help change that when you give them this watercolor palette phone case. This case was designed for iPhones and is mimicked after a watercolor palette. This is probably something your friend can familiarize with, and they will feel right at home when using this unique device to make crucial calls.

24. Throw Blanket

Sometimes it is just good to kick off your shoes and relax after a long hard day of creative endeavors. There is nothing that will help you do that more than this throw blanket. This blanket is not only constructed with the most durable and quality materials, but it was made right here in the United States, which should truly represent quality. These throw blankets were specifically designed to be creative while also being durable and reliable enough to handle the rigors of everyday outdoor and indoor use. Whether that artistic individual is going to nestle up on the couch or in the local park, he or she will always have a blanket to keep them warm and safe.

25. Online Drawing Course

That artist on your list might think that they know everything, and there is a good chance that they know more than their fair share. However, no one can know everything, especially not about the wonderful world of drawing and art. And, this is just one of the many reasons that these online drawing courses make the perfect gift. This course will keep artists on their toes and guessing, while they will still be learning and adapting at the same time. This is simply something that every creative individual could benefit from. These online classes delve deep into the world of sketching, character design, figure drawing, illustration, and much more.

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