20 Coolest Gift Ideas That Will Appeal to Minecraft fans


Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most epic games to ever grace a gaming console. It is a game that has currently inspired an entire community. While there might be a community of Minecraft players out there, it doesn’t make shopping for them any easier. In fact, finding something for that Minecraft lover will be harder than ever in today’s time. Whether you yourself are a fan of the game or you have someone in the family that is, you can appease them this holiday season when you choose to give them the unique following gifts. It doesn’t matter if the recipient is a child or an adult, a boy or a girl if they get these gifts they will surely like them and appreciate you.

1. Plush Pillow

This little plush pillow resembles one of the most iconic Minecraft characters in the game. It is constructed with 100 percent polyester to ensure the utmost in durability and reliability. It is a fun-size so your buddy can literally carry it anywhere they go. The long last materials used in the creation of this character will ensure that your friend or friends get years and years of use out of the product.

2. Wireless Controller

Most players know that Minecraft is a game that can be enjoyed on a PC or console. However, most players don’t truly know that they can still use a controller on PC. But, don’t let that Minecraft player use just any controller. When gifting them this Minecraft-inspired controller, you will be giving them what they need to power and harness the true nature of the game. The controller is specifically designed to look like a Minecraft screen.

3. Book

These books really are the ultimate gift for any Minecraft fan. They not only include insider information about the creation and development of the game, but they include tips and strategies that will make you an overall better player. This really is a little package that any Minecraft fan could benefit from. The four books are loaded with tons of useful information that will come in handy in a number of in-game scenarios.


Minecraft is all about the joy of building and creating. And, that is just what you will be giving your gamer when buying them this LEGO set. This set can be built into a number of creations that the gamer will enjoy time and time again. The Creeper Mine building kit features an iconic Creeper statue rail tack, mine craft, shelter, and the essential bed. There are tons of more accessories and your little Minecrafter will have an endless amount of options when it comes to building and constructing.

5. Action Toy

This ultra-dynamic sword not only lights up to inspire the theme of Minecraft, but it plays music that is familiar to the game. It doesn’t matter if that little Minecraft enthusiast is going into battle with the likes of evil or if they are taking on dragons, they will have the will power and strength to do so with this action toy sword. You can change its light color to indicate the type of sword you are using. So this sword will harness the true nature and power of everything that the game has to offer.

6. Board Game

You want to give that gamer the true just of Minecraft without getting them too invested in a computer or console game? Well, give them this board game. This game is inspired after the iconic game and includes a new adventure every time. That’s right, every time your gamer opens and plays this board game, he or she will get an entirely new experience. They can build and craft until their hearts are content or they can invite friends along to enjoy the fun. With 4 player boards, 64 resource cubes, 4 game bases, and tons more that gamer will never run out of exciting things to do.

7. Bed Set

Unfortunately, that Minecraft player can’t always play their favorite game, but you can give them the chance to dream about their adventures. That is exactly what this inspired bed set will do. It features iconic faces and resources that your gamer will remember from the game, but it is also constructed with quality materials to provide the utmost in comfort and reliability.

8. Party Supplies

What would a birthday party be without supplies? It wouldn’t be much of a party at all. That being said, you can take your next party to the ultimate level of entertainment with these Minecraft-inspired supplies. The cups, napkins, plates, table clothes are all designed to represent some part of the game, and they will stand out or mesh with any setting.

9. Backpack Set

Your gamer can’t always enjoy Minecraft, but you can at least ensure that they are always thinking of their next big build when giving them this backpack. This handy little backpack not only has ample storage room, but it includes a number of hidden pockets and bottle holders that can store all the essentials for a day at the park or a day at school.

10. Xbox One S

Your Minecrafter can’t enjoy the game without a proper console. And, while there are many consoles to choose today, there isn’t one that is more suited for the game of Minecraft than this Xbox One bundle. There are also a variety of other games out for this system, so that gamer you love will never just have to settle. Whether he or she is in the mood for building or collecting resources, they will always have that option using this bundle.

11. Costume Hoodie

This 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester hoodie truly represents what the game of Minecraft is all about. It not only features those green iconic squares, but it zips all the way to the top. That’s right, the front of the hoodie zips all the way up, so that when completely zipper, your gamer will look like some kind of creature right out of the game.

12. Mug

This mug is made with the highest quality materials that ensure you get a safe and contaminate-free drinking experience every time. What’s even more impressive is that it features TNT explosive design. The classic Minecraft design is displayed on three sides of the mug and offers the utmost in Minecrafting spirit. The cup holds right around 9.8 ounces, so that gamer won’t have a problem keeping their thirst at bay while they are enjoying their favorite game.

13. Collector Case

Being a Minecraft fan means that you are going to do a lot of collecting. A lot of collecting can be messy and troublesome. Just ask any parent that has a child that has a love for this game, and they will tell you that this is a game that comes along with a lot of collectibles. Well, with this collector case, you are giving them a safe and secure place to store their most precious and valuable items. What’s even more impressive is that the case doubles as a fun playset, so your child can pop out this set and go to building and collecting anytime he or she sees the need.

14. Water Bottle

Minecraft can be an exhaustive game that will wear you down after a while. It is more than imperative to ensure proper hydration when you are engaged deep in the game. That is exactly what you will be ensuring for the Minecrafter when purchasing them these water bottles. They come in two unique designs and each one is suited for a specific situation. Those fans of Minecraft won’t have a problem figuring out which is for what situation, but at least they will have a fun time figuring it out.

15. Decor Light

This Minecraft decor light not only features eight different unique colors, but it lights up and switches between the colors. All that Minecrafter on your list has to do is walk by the time and simply lay a finger on it. Touching it once will cause it to cycle to another of the color options. Touching it again will repeat the same sequence with a different color. That Minecrafter can sit and do this all day until they have cycled through all the colors. There is also a three minute time out feature that will help conserve battery life.

16. Wall Decal

Just because you aren’t playing the game of Minecraft doesn’t mean that you aren’t thinking about playing it or the next time that you will get to enjoy a good game. This is exactly how a true Minecraft player thinks, and you can do your part to keep their wandering mind at bay with this officially licensed poster decal. The decal has characters from the game plastered on it and can be repositioned in any wall of the room. Whether you want it above the console or above the bed, all you have to do is simply clean the surface where it is going to be installed and apply the poster. The decal can later be removed and placed somewhere else. Minecraft is all about building and changing and that is what you can do with this repositionable decal.

17. Snapback

This green snapback hat really makes the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan. It features a unique oversized Creeper face that is printed right on the front of the cap. However, don’t fret because the fun and building don’t stop there. There is also a TNT block embroidered on the side to add just a little more flair and tension. This is a quality built hat as it consists of 85 percent acrylic and 15 percent wool. This design will not only ensure comfort and quality control, but it will ensure durability and reliability. Oh, and the best part is that it has a customized fit so it doesn’t matter how big your head swells or grows, the hate will always fit. It will not only fit, but it will fit comfortably.

18. Wallet

Any fan of Minecraft knows just how important it is to collect and save resources. These are more than great life lessons that can be applied to the real world. And, you will ensure that your gamer never forgets the true values when you give them this Minecraft-inspired wallet. The wallet is constructed of 100 percent nylon to provide the most durability possible and includes a money pocket, 6 card pockets, and an additional translucent ID window. Whether it is money, license, or resources that Mincrafter is looking to store, they won’t have a problem using this wallet this holiday season.

19. Personalized Door Plaque

Every Minecraft fan out there knows just how important it is to claim their territory and resources. If this is something that you don’t do then someone else is going to jump in and take them. Well, you can ensure that the Minecrafter always has the chance to claim their resources with this personalized door plaque. You can choose a name you want to print on the door plague.

This handy little door plaque can be easily and quickly be hung on the face of any door or resource. Let people know who’s room they are walking into when you hang this nameplate on your door. All the hanging hardware is included so this is just something else less for you to worry about. The door plaque features a Minecraft-inspired design that will have you living Minecraft before you walk in the room.

20. Personalized Foam Sign

Speaking of making claims, you simply can’t make claims without the proper equipment. And, that’s exactly what this personalized foam sign is. These foams signs are designed to give out a Minecraft feel, while still giving you the chance to make your own unique claim. Whether you want people to know that these are your resources or your room that they are about to walk into, you can provide just that when gifting this foam sign. Each sign is customizable and can be displayed with a unique message from the iconic game, or make up your own.

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