32 Unique Harley Davidson Gifts for Men (From Boyfriend To Grandfather)


A lot of men love Harley Davidson. The iconic brand has been around for years and it has proven to be immensely popular. With that being said, you likely know someone who loves Harley and everything related to this brand, from clothes to accessories. If so, you’ll want something amazing for that individual. The possibilities are endless but you’ll find that some gifts are better than others. Below, you’ll find out about the best Harley Davidson gifts for men. Whether the man in your life is your son, your boyfriend, your father, or even your grandfather, these gifts will fascinate him.

Harley Davidson Gift Ideas for Men

1. Personalized Bobblehead Hardcore Biker

Bobbleheads are cool and comforting. So, you’ll want to give your friend a nice bobblehead doll. This ensures that they’ll be able to place it on their counter or dashboard and enjoy the gift at all times. Also, you should know that some bobbleheads are better for Harley lovers. You can check out the biker bobblehead since it is going to match your friend’s preferences. In other words, he is going to love it.

2. Wall Clocks

Your pal needs a good clock that will never stop ticking. This is why you’ll want to give him a Harley Davidson clock. There will be plenty to choose from so that is going to make your decision a bit easier. Whether you choose the metal chrome or neon clock, you know it is going to hit a high note with the receiver. Furthermore, it is long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about your friend asking to return it.

3. House Flag

As a Harley fan, you’ll want to show off your passion for the brand everywhere you go. So, you’ll want to fly a Harley flag outside of your home. The American Legend House Flag is perfect for this purpose. It is gorgeous and perfectly represents the brand in question. In addition to that, it is going to last. You can guarantee that this flag will be able to handle a little rain, snow, and wind.

4. Garbage Can

You can find Harley Davidson on almost anything including trash cans. And, you’ll want to consider giving your friend a Harley Davidson Nostalgic Trash Can. While expensive, you know that your friend is going to fall in love with this one. On top of that, he is going to use it for the rest of his life. If he likes Harley bikes, he won’t be able to resist this trash can.

5. Patent Prints

Harley Davidson has come a long way over the years. Nobody understands this better than your Harley loving friend so you’ll want to help him relive the early days. The patent prints will help. Once your friend has hung them on the wall, he’ll always know what the earliest Harley motorcycles looked like. It comes with 3 pieces making it good for any house or apartment.

6. Police Shield Tin Metal Sign

If the gift receiver is a cop and a Harley lover, you’ll want to give them this metal sign. It is inexpensive, tough, and made in the United States. In addition to these benefits, you’ll be happy to know that it has convenient holes for hanging. So, your friend will be able to hang it on the wall in minutes. The black, silver, grey, and white finish will be enough to put a smile on his face.

7. Handmade Tufted Rug

Your friend needs a good rug to place outside on the porch so he won’t get his house dirty. Well, you should give him the Harley Davidson Small Area Rug. It is suitable for an abundance of purposes making it good for living room, kitchens, and bars. More importantly, your pal will appreciate the Harley logo in the middle. This rug looks great and it’ll satisfy any fan of the brand.

8. Biker Themed Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are cute but some are cooler than others. With that in mind, you should buy the Harley-Davidson Biker Garden Gnome. Since it has the Harley theme, you can rest assured knowing that your friend will love it. Plus, the painted polystone is going to last. So, your friend will be able to love and cherish this garden decoration for many years to come. It’ll bring his garden to live while letting everyone know how much he loves Harley Davidson.

9. 3D Key Rack

The Harley-Davidson Sculpted 3D Key Rack is expensive but it is going to hit home for any Harley fan. It features a skull and the brand’s name ensuring that your friend will appreciate it. On top of that, it can hold multiple keys. This ensures that your friend and his family will be able to use this gift without any trouble. Or, they can use it for decoration.

10. Throw Blanket

The Super Soft Throw Blanket will make a good present for your friend. It is soft, comfortable on the skin, and adorable. Plus, you’ll be thrilled to know that it is going to provide your friend with years of use. Once your friend has wrapped himself in this blanket, he is going to be comfortable and warm. Plus, he’ll be able to show the world how much of a Harley fan he is. Anyone who likes these motorcycles will love this blanket so don’t hesitate to give it to your pal.

11. Leather Desk Accessory Set

Your friend might live in an office but he can still love Harley Motorcycles. If this is the case, you’ll want to give him the Harley Bar Desk Accessory Set. Once you’ve done that, your friend will always have a convenient place to keep his pens and cards. The kit includes a pen holder, business card holder, and note cube holder. So, it is going to be the perfect gift for anyone who works in an office.

12. Floor Mat

Your buddy needs the Nostalgic Bar & Shield Entry Mat. After all, this one offers a wealth of benefits and it’ll serve its purpose exceptionally well. For instance, it is going to keep your friend’s feet clean so he won’t create a mess for his wife to clean up. On top of that, it’ll show every visitor how much he loves his motorcycles. Plus, this durable rubber mat is not going to crack or buckle.

13. Tri-Fold Wallet

Every man needs a wallet so they can store their cards and money. With the Harley Davidson Men’s Tri-Fold Wallet, your pal will look like a hero everywhere he goes. This wallet is rugged and tough so he’ll be able to use it for many years. It holds a lot of items so he can store pictures of his motorcycles, kids, and wife. Plus, everyone will look at the wallet when he pulls it out. They’ll know that he is a cool fan of Harley Davidson.

14. Baseball Cap

Wearing a baseball cap is a good way to shield your eyes from the sun. So, you should give your friend the Regal Brown Washed Baseball Cap. It looks amazing meaning your friend is going to wear it over and over again. Plus, it features the Harley brand name. If your friend loves this company, he will want this hat more than anything in the world. With this in mind, you’ll want to give it to him first.

15. Waterproof Gloves

It might sound crazy but your friend is going to drive his motorcycle in the rain. He loves the experience and a little rain won’t stop him so you should give him some waterproof gloves. This will help protect your hands and it’ll get you a lot of thanks. These waterproof gloves are not going to let your pal down so they’re a must.

16. Boots

Every Harley Motorcycle owner needs a pair of boots. A great pair of boots will enhance their leather wardrobe. In addition to that, they’ll keep their feet protected at all times. Well, you’ll want to give your friend a pair of boots. This will offer numerous benefits since it’ll protect your friend and make him look cool. Plus, you can guarantee that the boots are going to last and they’ll serve him for years to come. These boots are undoubtedly one of the best gifts for Harley riders.

17. Watches

When you get out there on your Harley, you will be surprised how quickly time passes. Your friend needs to make it home early so he can have dinner with the family. This is why you’ll want to give him a good watch. A watch will help ensure that he is aware of the time so he doesn’t have to be late. Furthermore, it’ll give him peace of mind so he doesn’t have to worry about running late.

18. Domino Set

A domino set might not seem like a good gift for a Harley fan but it could be. The Harley Davidson Domino Set is very cool so it is going to satisfy anyone who adores this company. Plus, you’ll be able to play this game with your best friend. Don’t hesitate. Give him this gift today.

19. Poker Chip Collector Frame

Many Harley fans love playing poker as well. If this is the case, you’ll want to give him the Harley Poker Chip Collector Frame. It is cool, attractive, and practical. He can use it to show off the chips he took from you. But, it is expensive so make sure he is going to like it before handing over your money.

20. Flask Set

A flask set will make a great gift. Throw in Harley Davidson and you’ve got the perfect gift for your friend. Plus, you know that he is going to use this gift. It is beautiful, relevant, and usable. Your friend will drink from the flask time and time again since it features the iconic brand that he loves dearly.

21. Decanter Set

You like drinking from time to time and your friend does too. With the Harley Decanter Set, your friend will become the talk of the town. Since the set features Harley’s brand name, you know he’ll use it. And, it comes with everything he needs to enjoy a stiff drink. He won’t have to buy anything else thanks to your wise thinking. If you’re looking for a Harley gift for your dad, this set will surprise him.

22. Bucket Set

Nobody likes drinking alone and your friend will agree with this statement. Well, you can solve this problem by giving your pal the Harley Davidson Metal Bucket Set. This set includes enough cups and space for several beers. So, he’ll be able to use it when you and his other friends come over to the party. It’ll hold plenty of ice and keep your drinks cold at all times.

23. Piston Shot Glasses

If your pal likes drinking, he is going to need some shot glasses. Furthermore, he’ll want to drink with you and his other buddies. You can solve this problem by giving him some shot glasses. Make sure that they feature the Harley brand and they’ll knock it out of the park. Plus, this will get you invited over to his place more often.

24. Bottle Opener

The Harley Davidson Bottle Opener will make the perfect gift for teens and adults. The stainless steel design will ensure durability and long service life. The logo is integrated into the front panel for eye appeal. You can hang on a wall or the front panel of a bar. No matter where it is hung, it will draw attention. The craftsmanship is superior, which is very common for Harley Davidson’s products.

25. Pocket Knife

The Tex X Tags-L Knife by Case is absolutely stunning. The Harley Davidson brand is etched into handle, which has an ergonomic design. The stainless steel blade is designed to stay sharp for longer than ordinary. When the knife is not in use, it can be folded up and stored away in your pocket.

Opening and closing the knife is a breeze. And, when the knife is open, it will remain open thanks to the drop-point locking mechanism. You can safely utilize the knife for whittling, gutting fish, or just for looking cool.

26. Storage Canister Set

The storage canister set will make the perfect gift for ales. But, this is not to say that female fans would not like to receive this set as a gift. The vintage design gives the canister set appeal in more ways than one. Utilize the set to store your non-perishable dry goods. Store the canister set in your garage for safe-keeping. If you have something valuable that you want to protect from others, you can store it in the small canister.

27. Lunch Tote

Do you know someone who is a Harley Davidson fan in need of a lunch box? Well, why not give him or her a brand lunch tote? The tote is ideal for work, school, and other activities. The ergonomically designed handle will not only offer comfort during transport but also full control. This is not just an ordinary handle. Instead, it is made of thick material with built-in indentions for your fingers.

The tote bag measures 8.3” X 5.9” X 9.5”, which is perfect for teens and adults. The brand logo is integrated into the front panel, whether it will be visible to the passerby. The zipper tags support the company name as well. The internal compartment is big enough to hold sandwiches, chips, sodas, and a snack. And, when you do not want to utilize the handle, you can toss the lunch tote over your shoulder.

28. Wheeled Equipment Duffel Bag

Do you have a Harley Davidson fan on your gift list? Well, look no further than the company’s very own Duffel Bag. Traveling through airport terminals can be tough without the right equipment. Well, this is something you will never need to worry about with the 22” Duffel in-hand. The duffel is integrated with a large projection handle. So, you can choose a height that is ideal for your stature and size.

The durable skate wheels will ensure easy portability. Regardless if the duffel is fully loaded or has only a few items, the wheels will roll smoothly over all kinds of surfaces.

29. Front License Plate

A license plate alone can look pretty drab. But, not this unique Harley Davidson License Plate. The finish is black, which is perfect for vehicles that are all black or multi-colored with black. What makes this license plate so unique is its 3D design. The brand name is in 3D, making it look like it is about to come out of the license plate.

You will receive an additional set of screw caps to conceal the screws. The installation only requires about five minutes utilizing a screwdriver. The stainless steel construction will ensure durability and protection from the elements.

30. Trailer Hitch Cover

Trailer hitches are dime-a-dozen on the market. But, this trailer hitch is just what every Harley Davidson fan needs. The hitch will compliment your vehicle, whether it is an SUV, truck, or van, in more ways than one. The logo is integrated into the front panel. So, all the passerby can see it. You will find the cover more eye appealing than the trailer hitch itself. Plus, it will deter potential thieves from taking a snag at your trailer hitch.

The stainless steel construction will not only ensure durability but also longevity. The stainless steel finish will maintain its integrity for many years. You will never need to be concerned about corrosion from element exposure, thanks to this durable design.

31. Universal-Fit Car Floor Mats

Every fan could utilize a set of car or truck mats by Harley Davidson. The mats are made of durable thick rubber, which is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The brand logo is integrated into the top of the mats. So, everyone can see that you are a Harley Davidson fan. And, the best benefit is the mats are manufactured in an American manufacturing facility. You are guaranteed many years of service from these mats. Plus, they will draw attention from all angles.

The mats come in a set of two. One for the driver’s side and the other for the passenger’s side. The mats will coordinate perfectly with your other auto Harley Davidson accessories. And, when it comes time to clean the mats, you have nothing to worry about. You can simply spray them down with soap and water and leave them to air dry in the sun.

32. Gift Card

You really cannot go wrong with gifting gift cards. The recipient can purchase whatever they like and still know that the gift came from you. Fortunately, Harley Davidson, like most brands, offers gift cards of varying prices to its customers. You can choose how much to put on the gift card, which is another pro. Furthermore, the recipient can utilize the gift card to purchase Harley Davidson attire and other accessories.

The gift card is unique in its own way. It has the brand name and a special message, such as “Give Them What They Really Want.” The recipient can purchase items both online and in brick-and-mortar Harley Davidson shops.

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