22 Best Gifts That Your Hairdresser & Hairstylist Will Love


Buying a gift for a hairdresser or a hairstylist doesn’t have to be difficult, but some people are going to struggle along the way. It is best to focus on the needs of the professional since they’ll need a lot of items. For instance, you can buy them gifts that will make their job easier. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, spouse, girlfriend, or wife, you’ll want to choose items that are going to work great for them. Which gifts will make the biggest impact? Take a look at the list of gift ideas below. You’ll find one that meets your needs, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other event.

22 Unique Hairdresser Gift Ideas


She is going to be slicing through hair all day, and that can create a mess. Do you want her to carry hair through her home when she gets off work? In all likelihood, the answer is no. Giving her a beautiful apron will solve this dilemma without any trouble. It ensures that the hair remains off of her clothes, so she doesn’t bring it into her home. The apron is very stylish and features a beautiful design with familiar hairdressing tools, so it’ll work great for any professional hairstylist. Besides, with good finishing, it’ll last for a long time so you’ll get your money’s worth from this practical gift.

Hair Styling Tool Organizer

Your mom or your girlfriend can tell you from experience that styling hair can be very stressful. If she doesn’t have the right tools, she is going to struggle immensely, and that will create major problems for a professional hairstylist. She needs your assistance, so you should hand her this styling tool organizer. This type of gift will be helpful since your mommy will be able to find the item she needs in a second. She won’t have to keep her customer waiting, and that will remove a lot of stress from her shoulders. The organizer can hold a lot of items and let them safely cool down, so it is great for hairdressers of all skill levels.


When work has finished, your hairstylist will take the job home with them. You’ll hear them talk about their profession and clients all day because they care so much. You can tell that they love their job so they’ll appreciate this Hairstylist Shirt. It’ll give them another chance to display their love for their career, and it might help attract her customers. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and genders so that this shirt will make an excellent gift for any hairstylist in your neighborhood.

Coffee Mug

You’ll discover that the best gifts are those that come directly from the heart. If you put a lot of thought and effort into it, you won’t have to spend a lot of cash. The Hair Dryer Handle Mug supports this statement. It is a thoughtful gift for hairstylists that won’t cost too much money. Even if your stylist doesn’t like drinking coffee, she’ll likely find a way to use this cup. She can use it for soda, water, or something else. Either way, you don’t want to overlook this gift because you will regret doing so.

Trucker Hat

If you want to give your hairdresser something durable and can be used in many situations, a hat will be the right choice. This “Hair Life” trucker hat perfectly matches a hairstylist’s personality, and it’ll show her passion to the world. The hat is made of 100% cotton, so it is going to be comfortable and long-lasting. It features a breathable back that will allow her to wear the hat throughout the workday without sweating profusely. And, it will give her perfectly thanks to the adjustable Velcro closure. Regardless of her head size, this hat will fit.

Wine Glass

Do you often share wine with your sister, who works as a hairstylist? You enjoy a glass or two while chatting about her day and the clients she served. The only thing that would improve your experience is a great wine glass. You’ll want to get a laugh out of your sister, and the Blow Jobs Wine Glass is the best way to do that. This glass might be a little crude, but she is going to bust out laughing when she reads it. It will attract a lot of attention from others as well, so she’ll appreciate this gift and use it everywhere she goes.


You won’t have to splurge to make the hairdresser you know happy. You must use creativity to find a gift that will work great. Besides, hairdressers are always looking for ways to show how much they care about their careers and clients. That includes wearing t-shirts, jewelry, and other items that display their passion. This gorgeous Scissor Bangle follows that trend, but it’s inexpensive. Plus, it is available in various colors, making it an outstanding gift for any woman who likes styling hair. Your hairdresser will cherish the bangle. She might not get paid for her work, but she’ll love receiving this gift from you.

Personalized Necklace

Hairdressers like to show off their love for hair, and why shouldn’t they? They are in one of the greatest professions in the world. You can give your hairdresser a chance to show off her love when you give her this beautiful personalized necklace. It is finely crafted with 925 sterling silver and polished in a finish that will make it durable for years and years to come. On top of that, the pendant adorned with a pair of scissors and can be completely customized with the name of your hairdresser. Also, it’s designed and created right in the US, so you don’t have to worry about quality. This necklace comes with special packing that’s ready to give.

Decor Sign

Every hairdresser out there takes pride in his or her work, as they should. Cutting hair is by no means an easy job. It is hard to please people. All hairdressers need the chance not only to show off their true skills but their appreciation for their craft. That is exactly what you give with this quality décor sign. This sign is constructed with high-quality materials and measures in a 6 x 8 x 1.5 inches. It can be placed on just about any wall and offers a rustic feel. The wood sign is adorned with the cute little message – “Good hair doesn’t happen by accident. It’s by appointment.” The beautiful plaque will not only show that the hairdresser in your life has skills, but it will give him or her a chance to show their customers that they care about quality craftsmanship.

Smart Speaker

Cutting hair is something that takes a lot of patience, hard work, and time. This is especially true when dealing with unruly clients. That being said, there is nothing that will set the mood better than the right tunes. Of course, you can have the right ones without the right stereo system. And, that is where this smart speaker comes in handy. This Echo Plus is not only easy to set up and install, but it can be controlled with voice commands via Alexa so that your hairstylist quickly tells it what to do or play. The speaker is capable of blaring our premium sound that will put anyone’s mind at ease. The speaker also features a unique equalizer adjuster, which gives you the ability to customize the experience. It doesn’t matter what type of mood that hairstylist is trying to set in his or her studio. They won’t have a problem setting it with this smart speaker.

Scissors Holder Rack

A hairdresser wouldn’t be a hairdresser without the right tools. And, while there are tons of tools that make up a hairdresser’s arsenal, scissors are probably one of the most important. Scissors are not only used for traditional trimming and cutting, but they can be used to shape and style as well. Any hairdresser will tell you that it is harder than imagined to keep up with such tools. Not only this, but when you leave sharp scissors lying around, you run the risk of getting cut on them or dulling them to the point where they will no longer be applicable.

You don’t have to worry about the items jangling around. Simply place them in this foam shear holder, and they will be securely sitting there until you are ready to use them again. The overall size of the holder is 5.94 x 3.15 x 4.13 inches, so you won’t have a problem storing your entire arsenal in this bad boy.


Any hairdresser will tell you that cutting hair is messy. It might be a job that they love to do, but no one likes cleaning up messes. While this is just something that does come along with the career, this Touchless Stationary Vacuum could ease the burden of the entire process. The EyeVac PRO vacuum is powerful with the capability to produce over 1400 watts that are capable of entirely removing any hair or dust instantly. And, the best part is that you don’t even have to touch it. It comes fully equipped with an infrared sensor that will detect automatically when hair or dirt needs to be removed from the floor. It sits on the floor and looks similar to that of a trash can so it won’t cramp the style of your salon.

Personalized Wall Clock

It can be easy to lose track of time when you are doing something that you love. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this unless you have other appointments or prior engagements. Maybe that hairdresser wants to get home and spend a little time with his or her family. This is where a good quality wall clock can come in handy. That being said, do not mistake this wall clock for just any traditional wall clock. First off, it can be completely customized up to 10 characters long, and it comes available in several color options, so creativity and uniqueness won’t be a problem. This custom clock is undoubtedly one of the unique gifts for hairstylists.

Water Bottle

Cutting hair all day long is a job that can take a lot out of someone. Just give it a try sometime, and you will see. Not only are you going to be standing on your feet all day long, but you will work up a sweat. This is why it will be essential to stay hydrated. And, this premium quality water bottle can help any hairdresser do just that. It is completely reusable and designed with only the safest materials. Plus, it’s made right here in the US and offers 30 ounces of refreshing goodness.


Wetting hair is sometimes a natural part of the haircutting process. This will not only make the hair easier to deal with, but it will make styling it all that much easier. While there are many options available for wetting the hair, there are none that beat a spray bottle, especially not this spray bottle. This one comes adorned with skulls and crossbones to show off your exotic side. It also features a 360-degree head that allows spraying from all angles. It distributes out a fine mist that will evenly saturate the intended area. Also, it can hold 1.25 cc of water and can be easily refilled on the fly.

Hairdresser Bag

It doesn’t take a genius to know that hairdressers have a lot of accessories. Keeping up with and transporting these accessories will never be easier with this multi-functioning bag. The bag was specifically designed for hairdressers and has specific compartments for hair dryers, hair cutters, scissors, pens, brushes, combs, and more. It is made of high-quality fabric that is durable and even easier to clean. This material not only contributes to the overall look of the bag, but it will ensure that the hairdresser’s most prized possessions are safe during transport.

Scissor Storage Case

While hairdressers are usually going full speed, there will be times when they need to rest.. When they are resting, they will need a safe and secure place to store their tools. That is exactly where this storage case comes in useful. This specific case is designed to not only safely store a hairdresser’s tools, but it will keep them organized. The next time they need to come back and get something, they will be ready to go right away because everything will clearly be laid out for them. This convenient handbag size case will easily fit in any larger bag and is designed with PU leather to provide the utmost in durability and quality.


Staying hydrated is vital for any hairdresser. If you aren’t hydrated, you simply can’t perform at your best. It doesn’t matter what that beverage of choice because this quality tumbler will hold them all. The tumbler will hold 30 ounces, which is more than enough to keep any hairdresser hydrated for half a workday. It comes laser engraved with a cute design that says “Hairapist,” so the design won’t fade or go away over time. On top of this, it will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 8 hours.

Neck And Back Massager

Try standing, rotating, spinning, and squatting all day for five days a week. You will easily work up some neck and back pains. These pains are something that a hairdresser deals with on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. At least that was until you discovered this neck and back massager. This RESTECK Massager not only features eight massaging nodes that are perfect for targeting deep down pains, but it features a portable design, so your hairdresser can easily take it on the road with them. It is definitely a necessity that you should add to your hairdresser gift basket.

Foot Spa Massager

Being on your feet moving around all day isn’t just going to be heck on your neck and back. It is going to kill your feet as well. This spa foot massager will do its part to ensure that your hairdresser’s feet are in premium condition. This model offers therapeutic temperatures of anywhere from 95 to 118 degrees F and features removable massage rollers. Unfortunately, these rollers are not motorized, which means you will have to move the feet back and forth manually; however, it does offer a jacuzzi-like experience with the heating, bubbling function, and the vibration mode. Despite these drawbacks, this will still be a meaningful gift for your hairdresser because it will help her no longer tired after a long day at work.


Besides everyday tools, professional hairdressers have dozens of things to keep up with. It is only natural to misplace a key or two here and there. The best you can do is help decrease the chances of this possibility. With this unique keychain, you can do that while also giving them a chance to show off their love for this profession. The keychain is constructed with stainless steel and offers a rust-resistant design. It comes with a cute little comb, scissors, and hairdryer. All the tools that any hairdresser will be more than familiar with.

Card Holder

The job of a hairstylist is not just to work with existing customers’ hair, but also to look for new clients for the future. While there are many ways to reach customers today, a traditional approach is to use business cards. Give your hairstylist this card holder. With a beautiful design, your hairstylist can use it for both decorating and holding business cards. Their customers will inevitably be attracted to it.

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