13 Best Gift Ideas That Will Surprise Trombone Players


If you know a trombone player, you do not need anyone telling you that they are unique. Not only are they creative, but they are unique at heart. It is this uniqueness and creativity that gift them the ability to produce beautiful and meaningful music. While it is these qualities that make them unique, they also make them hard to shop for. It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday gift or a Christmas gift that you are looking for, you will probably have a difficult time. Well, that was until you came across this list. Check out these trombone gifts and how they can serve your player.

Best Gifts for Trombone Players

1. Funny T-Shirt

Trombone players take their playing seriously, but that doesn’t mean that many of them aren’t whimsical at heart. In fact, they have great senses of humor and you can help yours show that off when you give them this funny t-shirt. This shirt features a Darwin design that starts with the development of an ape and works all the way up to a trombone player. The 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester design not only offers the most in comfort, but it offers the utmost in quality and durability. The shirt comes available in a variety of colors and sizes so you won’t have a problem matching one with the player you know.

2. Necktie

Trombone players might be whimsical and like to show off their sense of humor, but they also like to look their best. Sometimes it might even be necessary, and this is where the Steven Harris Trombone necktie can help out. This beautiful black tie is adorned with even more beautiful gold trombones and features a 100 percent polyester micro-fiber design. This specific design will offer a silk-like feel with a standard size of 56 inches long and 4 inches wide.

3. Cufflink & Tie Clip Set

Speaking of looking their best, this is something that a trombone player can do with a quality cufflink and tie clip set. And, that is exactly why this set makes the best trombone themed gift for just about any occasion. The silver set is constructed of dome glass silver and features a classic and timeless design that will stay relevant for years and years to come. These specific designs will help your trombone player show off their inner diva. The best part is that the set comes with a 90-day back guarantee, just in case something goes wrong with the order.

4. Keychain

Trombone players have a lot to keep track of, and you certainly don’t want the one you know losing their keys. This is something that you can ensure doesn’t happen when you choose to give this keychain charm. That being said, this keychain is more than just a charm. It really is a work of art with a beautiful and classic design that will impress right down to the very last detail. Every single wire art instrument is handmade by an expert with high-quality materials that will withstand the test of time and punishment.

5. Ornament

Whether that player on your list is looking to spice up their Christmas tree or just add a little decoration to their apartment, they can do just that when you give them this beautifully designed ornament. The ornament features the design of a trombone and is constructed with durable brass materials. It also features a neat, but convenient string for easy hanging. The ornament measures in at 6.5 x 3 inches and is perfect for day or night.

6. Instrument Miniature

Speaking of spicing up life, you cannot go wrong with this miniature instrument. The design is that of a golden replica trombone and features a sturdy little base foundation. The foundation will keep the instrument erect at all times on any desk or surface. The figurine measures in at 5.5 inches and also comes along with a convenient, but sturdy storage case. The case features a hard shell design with a velvet inner cloth design to help keep the figurine safe and secure for a long time.

7. Mug

This 15-ounce ceramic coffee mug will help any trombone player show off their inner pride while they are enjoying their favorite beverages. The easy to grip c-handle makes the cup easy to grip and hold, but the real cherry on top is the guarantee that comes along with the mug. In the event that something goes wrong or you are simply not satisfied with the mug, it can be returned. You combine this with the microwave and dishwasher safe properties, and it should be easy to understand why more and more people prefer this mug for their favorite beverages.

8. Tuner

Most trombone players know how to tune their instrument by ear, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure. And, that is exactly where this accurate tuner comes in handy. The tuner features a clip handle so the device can be clipped right on the side of the instrument to offer even more precision. This specific tuner is not only easier to use than most other designs, but it detects pitches directly from the instrument’s vibrations. This means that you never have to worry about ambient noise getting in the way of accurately tuning your instrument.

9. Trombone Case

Trombones can take a lot of abuse over the years. This is especially true for the traveling musician. That being said, you can do your part to ease this burden for your trombone player when getting them this trombone case. The case is constructed and designed with heavy-duty metal valance and hardware to provide the utmost in quality. The case also features a padded shoulder trap along with a convenient molded handle. Besides, you have four colors to choose from including blue, silver, black and white. Simply put, transportation won’t be a problem when you invest in this quality case. This is probably one of the best gifts for trombone players that you should consider.

10. Trombone Mute

Sounding your best at all times isn’t always possible. This is especially true when ambient noises and other factors come in to play. This is just one of the many reasons that this Yamaha trombone mute makes the perfect gift for any musician. The pickup mute combines a high-performance mute with an internal microphone to provide the best in sound quality. This specific design also utilizes Yamaha technology that can correct a trombone’s tone in a variety of settings.

11. Hand And Neck Guard

When it comes to preserving trombones, handguards and neck guards are indispensable. This hand and neck guard is constructed of non-toxic polyurethane and features a thin non-slip design that provides the utmost in grip and durability. This specific model is designed to fit most trombones, but it is recommended to check the size before purchasing. The hand dimensions of this design are 4.72 x 2.75 and the neck dimensions are 4.92 x 4.72 inches.

12. Trombone Mouthpiece

A trombone simply wouldn’t be a trombone without a mouthpiece. However, not just any mouthpiece will suffice in any situation. You need a quality mouthpiece and that is exactly why this Bach trombone mouthpiece makes a great gift for most occasions. This design features a medium deep cut design, which will come in handy in various situations. The design was also specifically engineered to provide the richest and most compact tones possible. The diameter of the piece is 25.40 mm.

14. Book & CD

Any good trombone player strives to improve and enhance his or her skills. This might not seem like that difficult of a task, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Trombone lessons are not only expensive, but they can be a hassle. Trying to schedule them against a busy schedule will make one not even want to try. Once again, you can ease this burden while also giving the player you love the ability to work around their own schedule. There are a number of books and videos that will help trombone players enhance and improve their skills at their own pace in the comfort and security of their own settings. Here are three of the great books and CDs collections that you should buy to give:

These books and CDs are created by professionals in the industry and offer a variety of lessons and study materials. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the quality and results they provide.

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