20 Best Gifts for Sewers of 2020


There is a good chance you know someone who loves sewing. You watch as they spend all of their free time perfecting their craft and you likely want to help. You can. All you have to do is find and give them excellent gifts for sewers. Doing so will ensure that they’re going to smile and that you’ve helped them carry on their passion. Just remember that some gifts aren’t good for sewers. You’ll find that some will work better since they match the person’s interest and hobby. Below, you will find the best gifts for sewing lovers.

20 Great Gifts for Sewers

1. Music Box

Your girl or mother will likely want to show off her passion for sewing. They love it and they want others to know about it. The Aimik Sewing Music Box is the perfect gift for her. It is inexpensive yet it will prove to be adorable and cherished. She’ll love it for the rest of her days. When the drawer is opened, music will begin playing. This will put a smile on her face once more. On top of that, the music box resembles a sewing machine. The sewer you know will appreciate this gift and use it numerous times while sewing clothes or blankets.

2. Coffee Mug

When she wakes up in the morning, you know she is going to be groggy and tired. You’ll want to help out. You’ll want to put a pep in her step so she can start sewing immediately. This is why you should buy her a coffee mug. This is a gift that she is going to love and use for many years. On top of that, this coffee mug features a sewing machine and words she’ll live by. This combination ensures that you’re going to score big points when giving her this gift. If you’re looking for an affordable, unique gift for someone who sews, you’ve got to buy this coffee mug.

3. T-Shirt

Sewers are not afraid to show off their passion. They love sewing and they want everyone to know about it. You know a sewer and you want to put a big smile on their face. You can do that easily with a sewing-themed t-shirt. It is inexpensive so you will be able to afford it. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this shirt is available in numerous colors including black, baby blue, olive, dark heater, and purple. Whether you’re buying a gift for a male or female sewer, this shirt will do the trick.

4. Necklace

Does she love wearing jewelry like necklaces and bracelets? Did you know that some necklaces feature sewing machines? They do and this is going to be one of the coolest gifts for your sewer. This gift is very cute so you can guarantee that she is going to wear it everywhere she goes. The material is topnotch so you won’t have to worry about the necklace falling apart. If you want a long-lasting gift that a sewer will love, you should not hesitate to buy this Seamstress Gift Necklace. She’ll thank you profusely when she opens the box and sees what is inside.

5. Wall Hook

As you already know, everyone needs a good wall hanger and this includes sewers. You can solve two problems with one item. The Sewing Machine Wall Hanger will give your sewing lover a place to hang their coat and keys. On top of that, it’ll give them the chance to show off their passion for sewing. Since it is inexpensive, you’ll have no trouble buying and gifting this item. However, you should know that you will need to install it for her.

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother, or girlfriend, this will make a great gift. If she likes sewing, she’ll love this one. Grab your tools and get the wall hanger installed so she can begin using it right away.

6. Wall Clock

While you likely check the time on your smartphone, having a wall clock is very beneficial. You’ll likely agree with this statement. Your sewing girlfriend will likely feel the same way. With that being said, you should not hesitate to give her this Lakeside Collection Sewing Machine Clock. It is gorgeous and functional. It is affordable too. The wall clock is shaped like an old-fashioned sewing machine so she is going to love it. This is a gift that she’ll love and use.

7. Sewing Machine Bookends

The sewer you love will probably read books. Reading is one of the best ways to learn new stuff about the hobby. So, you should take this into account when looking for a good gift. The possibilities are endless but you’ll find that the Sewing Machine Bookends are going to satisfy most. They’re six inches tall so you can rest assured knowing that they’ll work with the majority of books. They’re made of fine resin and built to last a lifetime.

Once your friend falls in love with these bookends, you can guarantee that he or she will use them for many years to come. And, they’ll be appreciative that they came from you. What more could you ask for? These bookends are undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for people who sew.

8. Pincushion

You know that a sewer is going to need a pincushion. This gives them a place to store their needles without getting poked. An ordinary pincushion won’t cut it. You’ll want one that is adorable and cute. This is why you’ll want to consider buying the MIRUIKE PinCushion. It resembles a hedgehog and it measures in at 2.75 by 4. 13 by 2.56 inches. It is portable yet capable of holding many needles and pins at once.

This will prove to be an excellent gift for any occasion including birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s day, and other holidays. If you’re searching for an excellent gift for your friend, this is one that cannot be ignored.

9. Sewing Needle Case

If the sewing lover in your life is female, you’ll want to check out the D&D Lipstick Needle Case. It might be cute but it is also very functional. Take note that the item is available in five colors so you’ll easily be able to find one that suits her needs. Any woman will appreciate the gift since it looks like a lipstick case. On top of that, it can hold a handle of needles. When she has finished sewing for the day, she can place the cap on top and hide it away without being poked.

Remember that this case comes with 5 needles. Therefore, it is suitable for sewers of all skill levels. This is a great sewing gift that you should consider giving to the sewer you love.

10. Sewing Basket

This Wooden Sewing Basket will make a great gift for your sewing friend. It is costlier than many of the alternatives but your friend will receive a lot of items. And, the case is very handy so you can guarantee that they’ll use it for many years to come. The case comes with a pair of scissors, threads, sewing needles, shirt buttons, and so much more. This is enough to get your friend started immediately.

It makes a great gift for any occasion so don’t hesitate to buy this one for your friend or girlfriend.

11. Sewing Machine

If you’re interested in going all about, you should buy this Brother Computerized Sewing Machine. She needs a new sewing machine and you can fill that void. This sewing machine is very reliable and high-tech so it’ll satisfy all sewers regardless of skill level. With the built-in free arm, your buddy will be able to sew sleeves and pant legs. Besides, this sewing machine also features 60 built-in stitches and an adjustable stitch speed which will help you adjust the width of the stitches as well as control the sewing speed. So your sewer will be able to do everything with this amazing machine and she’ll thank you numerous times for it!

12. Sewing Craft Table

Once your girl has a sewing machine, she’ll also need a sewing craft table. Be sure to check out the Sauder Storage Sewing Craft Cart. It is slightly expensive but it’ll score you a lot of points with the sewing lover in your life. After all, it features wheels at the bottom so they’ll be able to take this cart with them everywhere they go. They can push it into the living room so they can sew while watching their favorite television shows.

When they do, they’re going to thank you for being able to do that.

13. Table Lamp

A table lamp can be very helpful when a sewer is trying to finish those fine details. You should give her the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp since it’ll work exceptionally well for this purpose. It is inexpensive and it features a USB charging port. This ensures that your sewing buddy will be able to use this desk lamp for multiple purposes. The light features a flexible gooseneck, 5 modes, and 7 brightness levels. This makes it suitable for many purposes including sewing. Since it features efficient LED technology, you can sleep soundly knowing that your buddy’s electric bill is not going to climb higher because they’re using this lamp.

14. Sewing Machine Dust Cover

It is pertinent to take care of a sewing machine. Because they’re expensive and you’ll want them to last a lifetime. Well, you’ll want to make sure that your brother, sister, or grandpa has a cover for his or her sewing machine. The HOMEST Sewing Machine Dust Cover is a must. It features storage pockets meaning it can serve numerous purposes. Plus, it is available in several colors so you’ll be able to find a color your sewer likes. The price is reasonable as well.

15. Sewing Machine Carry Case

Having a carrying case will allow the sewer you know to practice their trade from anywhere. The HOMEST Sewing Machine Carry Case is great for this purpose. It is gorgeous and capable of holding a lot of items. It is compatible with most brands so it will likely work with your friend’s sewing machine. Just remember that you’ll need to choose a color they like but that won’t be too difficult. After all, this carrying case is available in 7 unique colors.

16. Sewing Chair

Some seamstresses can spend hours perfecting their pieces. There are also those that would adopt more time to sewing if only they didn’t experience discomfort. If there is a birthday seamstress on your gift list, you should consider the SEW Now SEW Wow Hydraulic Sewing Chair. The many features integrated into the chair ensures a comfortable, peaceful sewing experience every time. The chair features height adjustability, an 18 W X 16 D seat cushion, and a hidden storage compartment.

17. Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker is every seamstress’ dream tool. The machine provides the necessities to create unique iron-ons, vinyl decals, and papercrafts. The integrated technology and premium-grade components deliver flawless pieces that look like they are professional-grade. The recipient can learn how to create new crafts as her skills progress. And, there is no need to ever worry about replacing the Cricut Maker because it will grow along with her skills.

Included with the Cricut Maker, hundreds of sewing patterns, all of which are available in a digital format. Once the pieces are perfected, they just need to be sewn together by hand or a sewing machine.

18. Sewing Book

This Sewing Book is the perfect gift for a new or veteran seamstress. The book includes 300 sewing techniques, all of which are provided in a step-by-step format. You can choose from the hardcover to paperback edition.

The recipient can learn how to set collars, properly sew on buttons, fringes, and braids. Also provided, techniques on the importance of beeswax for threading, an awl, loop turner, tweezers, liquid sealant, and a Bias tape maker. All of these accessories are extremely important for different aspects of the sewing process.

19. Online Sewing Classes

For the birthday woman who wants to learn how to sew, online sewing classes are ideal. There are several different classes to choose from, ranging from the basics to upcycled sewing. It really depends on the recipient’s skills. Regardless, you still cannot go wrong with gifting any woman with one or more of these sewing classes. You can find such courses at MyBluprint and Udemy.

To view the available classes, you only need to click on a link, which will take you to a video. The video will provide you with in-depth information about the classes. You can also meet the instructors and learn more about the many different types of classes that are available online.

20. Sewing Magazine Subscriptions

Because women enjoy sewing as much as men enjoy fishing. If there is a birthday girl in your family or friend who enjoys sewing in your circle, you should consider a sewing magazine subscription. There are several options to choose from, all with unique, beautiful patterns. All of the magazines provide quick tips on how to stitch for couture, seams, and other designs. You can try these two magazines – Simply Sewing and ThreadsMagazine.

Other Gift Ideas for Sewing Lovers

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