20 Unique Gift Ideas Sax Players Will Love

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Saxophone players are unique and different at heart. This is just one of the many things that make them so creative and give them the ability to create their charismatic music. While these very qualities might give them distinguishing assets, there is no denying that it makes people hard to shop for them. In fact, it might seem like an impossible task finding that perfect gift. You can make that a thing of the past when you consider the following gifts. These gifts are not only designed specifically for the sax player, but they will also help bring out the best and most noticeable qualities in these individuals.

Best Gifts for Saxophone Players

1. Necktie

Sax players not only like to sound their best at all times, but they also want their appearance that way. In fact, this might be something that is required at many of their concerts. The only problem is that looking for their best sometimes means that they have to be a little stiff and formal. However, sax players don’t seem to like those things. And, this is something that you can help the one on your list avoid when you choose to give him or her this novelty necktie. This beautiful necktie is adorned with golden saxophones on a navy blue background. The tie will make your player look their best without giving off a formal or prim vibe.

2. Funny Mug

There is no mistaking that a sax player thinks highly of themselves. Sometimes telling themselves to be the best in the future is a strong sense of humor. You can help boost their confidence by letting them know that you think the same thing. How can you do this? Give them this funny personalized mug that tells them they are the best sax player. Besides, you can add your player’s name to this mug to make it more unique.

Everyone loves a good stiff drink or a hot cup of Joe. Now, you can ensure that the sax player you love gets their fill while sipping from this meaningful, personalized mug. The mug is specifically designed to never fade or chip and is capable of holding a maximum of 15 ounces of liquid.

3. Socks

Sax players need to be comfortable or they won’t be able to produce the beautiful music that they usually do. However, being comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t also be whimsical. This is something that sax players love, and you make them always feel this way with these sax socks. The socks are adorned with saxophones and musical notes and designed with a thick 200 needle knit. Its material is 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This not only provides the utmost in comfort, but it provides the utmost in quality.

4. Cufflinks And Tie Clips

Sax players are constantly attending concerts and special events. It is during these events that they will need to look their best. That is something that you can help with when you get them these quality cufflinks and tie clips. Each piece is handmade and features a 19mm dome glass silver/gold design. Each piece is adorned with a replica of a saxophone and will help your friend stand out from the crowd. The best part is that these items come with a 90-day back guarantee just in the event that they need to be returned for some unexpected reason.

5. Decor Lamp

Playing the sax isn’t something that can be done well all the time. Sax players also need to rest after stressful performances. When they are at home, you can still help them remember those great moments when they were mingling with their saxophone. And, you can go exactly this by giving this 3D creative décor lamp. The lamp is designed like a sax and features 16 different colors along with 2 different operational modes. The modes are stay light and auto flash, which will suit just about any mood or style. The lamp is remote controlled or touch operated. It also features USB charging and 3 AAA batteries, which do not come included with the initial purchase of the lamp.

6. Miniature

A sax means a lot to any sax player, and you can let your player know how much that sax means to them when you give this finely handcrafted saxophone replica. This replica piece makes the perfect addition to any rehearsal or bedroom. The gold sax is beautiful and will brightly shine with pride when lit up with light.

The mini figurine measure in a 6.5 inches and features a neat, but sturdy little base. The base will keep the figurine upright day-and-night so that it can be displayed with pride on any desk. The figurine also features a handy and sturdy little case that will allow your player to take this item safely on the road with them. Whether that sax player is going away to music school or hitting the road for a tour, he or she will be able to take this beautiful piece with them.

7. Bracelet

People always want to appear with a very personal look, and so does your player. Unfortunately, this is much harder than you might imagine, but you can help ease the burden with this sax-inspired bracelet. The bracelet is constructed with a PU cowhide band that will provide excellent quality and durability. The sax charms adorned on the bracelet are constructed of durable stainless steel. Besides, the PU cowhide also makes the bracelet comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The length of the bracelet is a total of 220mm, but don’t worry if this doesn’t fit your player’s wrist because it can easily and quickly be adjusted to fit any size.

When you purchase this item, you will not need to get an additional gift box because it comes with a free gift box or velvet bag packaging that will make the gift ready to give. The bracelet not only stands on its own, but it will more than compliment any other piece of jewelry.

8. Pendant Necklace

It probably goes without saying that a sax player holds his or her sax close to their heart every time. Well, you can make this metaphor a real-life possibility when giving them this 3D sax pendant necklace. This beautiful silver necklace is crafted with solid 925 sterling silver and offers a perfect polished finish. So this necklace will literally shine and gleam wherever it goes. When you make the initial purchase, you don’t have to worry about going any further because it does with a special gift packaging. The gift will be ready to give. The best thing overall about the gift is that it is built right here in the United States. When you invest in this product, you will actually be funneling money back into the economy where it is needed.

9. Wine Bottle Holder

What sax player doesn’t love a good stiff drink or wine? Maybe something to take the pressure off before a big show. Maybe something to wind down at the end of a rough night. Whatever the situation is, you can your player always have a good bottle of wine handy with this wine bottle holder. This bottle holder is not only designed and constructed with quality metal materials, but it is designed to resemble that of a sax. It has a neat little replica mouthpiece and everything. The wine holder features a classic style and design that is timeless, beautiful, and practical all in one little package. This gift is suitable for any living or dining room and will always ensure that your sax player has a good bottle of wine handy whenever he or she needs it.

10. Neck Strap

This handmade genuine leather sax neck strap will help your player reduce sweat and neck pain after a long time of training and performing. It’s not only an essential item of the sax player, but each specific model is designed with a patented Y shape adjustment design. This makes it extremely easy and quick to do the necessary adjustments while playing or moving. In addition, the 2 metal hanger rings are for carrying brooches, badges, or tassels.

11. Canvas

Need a gift idea for the saxophone player in your family? If so, look no further than this Canvas Wall Print. It’s printed and stretched carefully to ensure integrity and beauty. The frame is embedded with a wall hanger, so it is ready to hang right out of the box. The minute the canvas is hung on a wall, the minute it becomes the focal point of your home. Hang it in the bedroom, living room, den, study, or music room and it will look beautiful.

12. Saxophone Case

Every saxophone needs a storage case. While there are endless options on the market, many of them fail in comparison to this Crossrock Alto Sax Case, which features a beautiful, shiny fiberglass exterior and padded interior. Protect your player’s saxophone from dust and other elements on-the-go and in storage.

Another brand that sticks out when talking about saxophone cases is ProTec. The brand is highly known for its Tenor PRO PAC Saxophone Case. The lightweight design allows for easy portability, a requirement for professional performers.

13. Saxophone Mouthpiece

Every saxophone player needs a good mouthpiece and you’ve likely figured this out from listening to your friend. He’ll tell you that the mouthpiece will make a difference so you’ll want to make sure they have access to the best mouthpiece possible. Unfortunately, some are not going to cut it. For the best results, consider the three following mouthpieces for Alto, Tenor, and Soprano saxophones:

If you do that, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll love and use it over and over. This gift will make you the coolest friend on the block.

14. Mouthpiece Pouch

As you know, the mouthpiece is one of the most important components of any saxophone and they are not cheap at all. With this in mind, you should make sure that he is able to keep his mouthpiece protected when it is not being used. You’ll be thrilled to know that you can help without emptying your wallet. You can eliminate this worry with the Pro-Tec N275 Neoprene Saxophone Mouthpiece Pouch. It is available in two colors ensuring you’re able to satisfy the saxophone fanatic you know without any problems. Since it is water and stain-resistant, it will be very durable to use over time.

15. Table Clock

Your player loves saxophones and has likely filled his apartment with decorations featuring this instrument. He wants to see saxophones everywhere. You can solve this problem by giving him the Classic Vintage Saxophone Desk Clock. It is beautiful and inexpensive. You’ll love the saxophone figure and he will too. If you want to win big points with your son, nephew, or father, you’ll want to give him this decoration gift. You cannot lose with this one.

16. Tuner

Tuning a saxophone is difficult and you’ll find this out very quickly. After all, your son or nephew is going to complain about it. You’ll hear him say it is tough to perfectly tune a sax. Would you like to simplify it for your loved one? If so, you’ll want to buy the Chromatic Clip-On Tuner. With its simple, modern design, no hidden buttons and its 360-degree rotation capability, your player can access all functions on the front panel easily. Besides, it is inexpensive and also has a 3-year warranty. So this tuner will work great for your next gift. You know he is going to use it a lot and it’ll make his hobby much more exciting.

17. Books

Everyone wants to learn new things to improve their skills, from beginner to veteran. And, so will your sax player. Considering this, you should give him or her a few sax-related books. Here are three of the great books you can consider to give to your friend:

These books feature lots of chords of popular songs, from jazz to Christmas songs. So your player will be able to learn a pile of new things adding to his experience. If you want good things for your loved one, giving these books is a great option.

18. HandGrip Exerciser

Have you ever tried playing the saxophone? If you have, you’ll realize that it requires strong fingers, forearms, and hands. If you want your saxophonist to be stronger and perform better in their upcoming concerts, buy this D’Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser for them. With an ergonomic and compact design, this exerciser will help your friend build strength and dexterity for future performances. So you’ll receive a lot of thanks for its usefulness.

19. Coin Holder

You know the saxophonist in your family and realize that they love everything about this musical instrument, from jewelry to ornament. Do you want to give your saxophonist a cute gift that will help them show off their passion for the saxophone? Well, you won’t have to look far. All you have to do is buy the Artori Design Saxophonist Coin Holder. You’ll see that this holder can hold a lot of coins. When your nephew is playing the saxophone for a crowd, they’ll be able to use this gift to collect tips. They’ll use this gift repeatedly making it one of the best gifts you could give them.

20. Reed Case

Since you’ve taught her to play the saxophone, you know she is going to need several reeds. Unfortunately, keeping track of those reeds can be difficult and frustrating. What is going to happen if your loved one loses a reed or two? That performance will have to be canceled and that can create numerous problems. You can eliminate the risk of this happening by giving him or her the D’Addario Woodwinds Reeds Case. With this case, you’ll be able to help her keep her reeds safe and organized. It is a great gift, so you should give it a try.

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