19 Special Niece Gifts That’ll Make You The Cool Aunt Or Uncle

Nieces are some of the most difficult people to shop for because they come in different ages, sizes, and personalities. The best way to approach the task is with a gift list. With the list provided in the article below in-hand, you will be guaranteed to find the right gift the first go-round. Whether your niece is picky or easy to satisfy, the following gifts will put a smile on her face. Whether your niece is a child or an adult, you will also find something for her with the ideas below.

19 Unique Gifts for Nieces

1. Necklace

You really cannot go wrong with the Onepurposegifts Aunt & Niece necklace. The design is absolutely stunning, so it is guaranteed to draw attention from all angles. This beautiful necklace is crafted by Italian artisans, making it even more special.

You can choose from various designs, including hearts and circle rings. It is also available in various metals, including silver, rose gold, and gold. Besides, the necklace comes with a beautiful gift box and a special message that will warm your niece’s heart. This is probably one of the best aunt and niece gifts you can give.

2. Bracelet

Bracelets are dime-a-dozen, making your gift decision even more difficult. To ensure you get the gift right the first go-round, you should only consider this personalized bracelet. The design includes a special message that says “Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed Remember Whose Niece You Are And Straighten Your Crown.” The phrase will provide your niece with inspiration and the motivation to keep going. Every time she gets in trouble, with this bracelet your niece will remember you and have more strength to overcome.

The cuff bangle design is stunning, flexible, and lightweight. It measures in at 0.32” W X 6.3” L and 2.5” D.

3. Keychain

Want to show your niece that you have her back when you live in another city, state, or country? If so, you can do just that with the TANGWISH Keychain. The design comes with an engraved saying that will express your love and provide encouragement during those difficult times. Although the price of this gift is not high, it can still prove your love for her.

The stainless steel construction of this keychain ensures durability and longevity. This is the ideal gift for special nieces who need a pick-me-up from time to time.

4. Personalized Mug

A personalized mug is probably an ideal choice at this time. The saying on this cute mug is exactly what your niece needs and what you need to say as an aunt – “The love between an aunt and her niece knows no distance“. The handmade design is absolutely stunning, so it is guaranteed to draw attention from all angles. The ceramic construction ensures durability and longevity. It can be utilized for cocoa, tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. Also, you can customize the mug with your name and your niece’s name as well as the maps where you and she live. Nothing is more special than a personalized mug from a loved aunt.

5. Picture Frame

Have a special picture that you want to give your niece for her birthday or graduation? If so, you need to secure it in a beautiful picture frame. Get her this picture frame. The frame is available in vertical and horizontal designs. It fits photos up to 5” W X 7” H. The wood construction ensures durability and longevity, even in homes with pets and small children. Embedded on the back of the frame are a folding easel and wall hangers. However, the most special thing is the engraving that says ”The love between an aunt and niece lasts forever”. Therefore, this is an ideal gift for that special niece in your family.

6. Personalized Photo Sequin Pillow

Can your niece sleep alone with you being there for her? Will she be lonely since you’re many miles away? Who says you can’t be there with her? Whether she is attending college or moving for work, you’ll want to give her something that will remind her of you. Look no further than this photo sequin pillow. It is inexpensive but it’ll prove to be invaluable for the niece you love so much. You can customize the pillow with a picture of you and her. Be sure to choose the best picture of yourself and your loved niece. Once you’ve done that, you can give her the pillow so she’ll never feel lonely. She can cuddle with the pillow and make it seem like she is right there with you.

This is without a doubt a personalized gift for a niece from an aunt that will surprise anyone who receives it.

7. Travel Mug

You may have discovered that she is interested in traveling the world. Whether she is traveling for entertainment or education, the experience will be exciting and beneficial. However, traveling can sometimes be hard and a bit lonely. If you’re not going to be with her, you’ll want to make sure she has everything she needs. Giving her a travel mug will help. The Love Between Aunt and Niece Mug is a nut. It’ll ensure that she never forgets about you or the love you shared. She will no longer feel lonely on the long trips. When she takes a sip of coffee or something she likes, she will remember you and smile.

8. Makeup Bag

Over the years, your niece will fall in love with makeup. You’ll want to teach about the secrets of applying her makeup so she can look great everywhere she goes. This is something special you’ll be able to share with her. At the same time, you know she is going to have a lot of makeups. She’ll have lipsticks, foundations, and so much more. You should give her this funny Unicorn makeup bag so she’ll have a good way to organize her makeups. When she applies lipstick, you can store it back in the bag so it doesn’t get lost. In addition, she will definitely like the design and the message this bag brings.

9. Personalized Throw Blanket

Since your loved one is traveling for school, you won’t be able to comfort her and keep her warm. She is leaving her hometown so you won’t be there for her. If you want to keep her comfortable and warm, give her this Personalized Name Throw Blanket is a good choice. It looks amazing with the design and the thoughts it conveys. This blanket is made from premium 100% polyester material that will keep the color always vibrant after many washes. Its back is a layer of ultra-soft microfleece fabric that keeps its owner warm and comfortable. But above all, you can print your name on this blanket so she will always remember you. Your niece will use this blanket every night in comfort, making this one of the best going-away gifts for your niece.

Personalized Love Letter Blanket
Personalized Love Letter Blanket

10. Personalized Sign

You love your niece more than anything else in the world. You would do anything you could to make her happy. If you want her to know this, get her a heart-shaped sign and this personalized wall art sign will do the trick. You can add a unique message, her name, and your name to the sign so you can tell her how much you care. You know she is going to hang this sign on the wall and cherish it. When she is feeling down in the dumps, she’ll read the sign and you’ll give her encouragement once again.

11. Leather Journal

You’ll want to make sure that your niece keeps a journal of her daily activities. Whether she is attending college, working, or enjoying life, you’ll want to know about it. A journal will help. She can jot everything in her journal and tell you about it later. This is a good way to learn more about your niece and her life. This Handmade Leather Journal Notebook is excellent for this purpose. It’ll give her a place to jot down her memories and activities so she can share these things with you at a later time.

12. T-Shirt

You and your niece have a lot in common. You enjoy the same activities and you love spending time together. With this in mind, you and your niece should show off that love for one another. You can help your niece do that by giving her the Like Aunt Like Niece Unicorn Shirt. The shirt is very cute so your niece will wear it everywhere. She loves you to the moon and back. Give her this shirt and she’ll proudly wear it everywhere she goes so she can show you how much she cares.

The available size options are plentiful. Make this the birthday gift of a lifetime for your special niece.

13. Empowering Questions Cards

Your niece will someday encounter tough times. Don’t you want to help? If so, you should do everything you can to empower her. Buy these empowering question cards for her. The Sunny Present Empowering Questions Cards will make you the coolest aunt in the galaxy. This gift includes 52 beautifully illustrated cards that will give your niece self-knowledge, a boost in encouragement and confidence. You’ll make her feel great and she’ll conquer the world with your help!

14. Custom Map Art Print

You love your niece and she does too. You’re her aunt and she is going to love you for life. There is a good chance that you’ll want to celebrate your relationship. If this is the case, you should check out this personalized sky art print. This special family present is a great way to show your love for your wonderful niece. It can be customized so you can add your name, your niece’s name, and other pieces of information like dates, locations to the artwork. This ensures that your niece will never forget how much you love her. This absolutely is a special aunt and niece gift you can give to her for sure at a pleasant price.

15. Book

Whether your niece is going to college or looking for a job, she is going to experience many stressful situations. You’ll likely find out that she is stressed out and overwhelmed. You need to help her calm down and relax. There are numerous ways to do that but you should not ignore giving her a book about mindfulness. The Zen as F*ck book will work great as a graduation gift for your niece. It costs only a small fee for the book, and it will help your niece overcome the challenges of life while developing her inner qualities.

16. Encouragement Stickers

You’ll likely find that your niece is not full of confidence. She is going to be entering a university and you know that can be frightening. Giving her some encouragement is a good solution. One way you can achieve this goal is by buying some encouragement stickers for her. You will find that the Paper Junkie 500-Piece Feminist Encouragement Stickers are amazing. Your niece will feel empowered by these sticks and she’ll thrive thanks to your thoughtful gift.

17. Personalized Makeup Mirror

Every girl will love makeup. First, you’ll have to teach her how to do that. Then, she’ll want to take things to a new level. Along the way, you can give her this Actual Handwritten Engraved Makeup Mirror. When she puts on her makeup, this mirror will make a big difference. On top of that, you can engrave on this hand-held mirror the words of love that she can read whenever she needs to.

18. Leather Passport Cover

Have you heard your niece talk about her intention to travel the world? Have you thought about taking her to a foreign country? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, you’ll need to make sure that your niece has a passport. Besides, she’ll also need a place to keep her passport. Give her this personalized leather passport cover. It is gorgeous and has many colors to choose from. This gift will ensure that she will likely never lose her passport during your travels.

19. Cinema Light Box

Is there a girl who doesn’t love a colorful life? With this Color Changing Cinema Light Box, your niece will do even more. The lightbox comes with 154 characters/numbers, 90 emojis, and 16 optional light colors. Using all those accessories, she can create any text along with the color of the lightbox she wants to express her feelings at that moment. This is definitely a special gift for your loved niece whether she’s young or grown-up.

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