24 Best Gifts for Lawyers, Law Students, And Attorneys


The life of a lawyer is strange. They are regarded by society to be ruthless and soulless, yet those who are oppressed need them to represent their issues in court. Their role in society and law is a complicated existence, but we would be unrepresented without them. Many of us have a lawyer in our lives, and though they’re lawyers, they deserve gifts for their birthday or some special occasion. However, finding an appropriate gift is not simple. With the list of gift ideas below, you will know what to give to law students, lawyers, and attorneys. Whether that’s a birthday, Christmas, or a graduation ceremony, you’ll still find something they will love.

Magnetic Lawyer Poetry Kit

If your friend has quite a way with words, then they’ll want this poetry kit. Made with all the best words, and over 200 fragments, they can find a way to convince the court of the kitchen! Easy to store and clean, these words will empower anyone who has a metal surface to argue on. Although these magnetic words pack a verbal punch, they don’t talk up much space as they fit into the palm of your hand. At only 4.8 ounces, this travel-sized kit of strong words can be taken to any place easily.

Funny Coffee Mug

Lawyers in the modern world are tired of regular people trying to beat their years of school with a quick google search. And now they can materialize their feelings with this high-quality white ceramic mug. A little bit of sarcasm on a mug always makes the workday more tolerable. Printed with durable ink, this funny phrase will not come off for years to come. At only 4x4x4 inches, it will fit easily into your office’s kitchen space and won’t take up too much room. Besides, it is less than one pound and can be used for hot or cold drinks.

“Legal Advice for Wine” Tumbler

Everyone in a law firm can relate to the funny phrase this wine tumbler is conveying, as sometimes you need a good stiff drink and a long talk.

It is a double-wall vacuum insulated tumbler, so the wine or any beverage will stay hot or cold longer. The tumbler is made with stainless steel so it won’t dent if dropped, and it won’t bend if placed in the dishwasher. The see-through lid allows you to see the contents inside, so you’re not surprised with a different liquid. It is also resistant to rusting, so you don’t have to worry about it soaking in the sink.

Elegant Whiskey Decanter Set

Make your legal friends feel like their on the set of their favorite legal show with this gorgeous set designed to decant and store whiskey. Forget drinking from the bottle, the whiskey they will serve from this decanter is aged to perfection. It also comes with four glasses, so their colleagues and peers can wind down with them after a long day at work. Besides, the set comes in a gorgeous gift-wrapped box so they can store it away properly when it’s not in use. The set goes well with all types of decorations and won’t pull from the rest of the decor.

Personalized Business Card Holder

If you have watched American Psycho, then you understand how important business cards are. Moreover, your friend will also need a place to display their cards, and that is where this personalized card holder comes in useful. This business card holder is made of 100% rosewood, and you can engrave your friend’s name on the stand. The gold engraved looks beautiful against the color of the wood. With that gold text, it will convey that the owner of the holder is an elite and is thriving. Plus, it comes with a matching pen with high-quality ink, and a gold clock that can keep you on schedule.

Leather Professional Organizer Padfolio

Your friend needs to look stylish, and this leather organizer padfolio can do just that. Made from 100% buffalo leather, this padfolio makes it easy to organize their notes for their cases. It has three pockets, and two pen holders loops. This makes a great first day for new lawyers on the job present! The beautiful brown leather case will draw the attention of everyone who looks at it. Also, it slides easily to any briefcase or backpack and won’t take up space when they place it in their desk drawer. It is less than two pounds so that it won’t strain your shoulder.

Vintage Italian Leather Briefcase

You need to show up to your first day of work in style, and this leather briefcase will show your new peers that you’re ready to work. The leather was imported from Italy, but no cows were harmed in its creation because it’s 100% vegan leather. Pockets and slots line the three large compartments inside the case, making it easy for you to be organized entirely. In addition, the adjustable shoulder strap isn’t heavy for your shoulder, and the briefcase can stand upright when you place it on the floor.

Neck & Back Massager

If you need a massage, but you have to stay at work and finish your cases, then this is the massage chair cushion for you. Because this massager is light and can put onto any chair, so you can carry and use it anywhere, even your car. Built with deep tissue massaging rollers for the neck and back, it delivers a hot massage that will loosen up your muscles. There are also two vibration pads in the seat, so your hips can be massaged as well. It is adjustable, and the surface cloths can conveniently be removed and washed.

Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

A game that makes decisions for you and can double as a paperweight? Count your lawyer friends in! This little steel paperweight will help a lawyer make decisions about their cases without hesitation! When you’re having a difficult time choosing a choice, you can give the decision maker a spin and have your answer. Your clients will have to accept the verdict; it’s the law! There is also a small felt pad on the bottom of this toy to prevent scratches on your work desk. And it’s heavy enough to weigh down the stacks of files you’ve completed.

Tile Mate Item Finder

Are you continually losing everything necessary, like your briefcase, or phone, keys? These item finders can stop you from losing those things but your cases! Attach a Tile to an item, and you can use your smartphone to locate it. When you misplace something, Tiles can detect them in the range of 200 feet and make your phone ring to notify. The batteries can last for one year, and you can replace them quickly. Moreover, if you lost a Tile in a store, and you are home, there is an advanced feature to track down your item with GPS and a nearby person’s Tile as well.

Law School in a Box

You need a refresher, but you can’t go back to law school, and taking license credit courses are so invasive! What can you do? Now, there is Law School In A Box. It will reteach you everything you need to know about being a lawyer. It comes with a textbook, trading cards, flashcards, and a bar exam trivia challenge so that you can relive the nightmare of law school in the comfort of your own home. When you’re done reading and relearning, you can unroll the diploma that comes in the box as well. This is undoubtedly an excellent gift for a law student or paralegal.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Offices and workspaces often become stale and dusty. This oil diffuser can improve the air quality of any room and take away the many smells that plague the air. It is built with Advanced Noise Reduction Tech, so it’s super quiet even if you’re in close range. You can take it anywhere, as it is portable and lightweight. There are eight glowing lights to show what mode it is on and to double as a light in the night. If you forget it after turning it on, it will automatically turn off when the water runs out.

Stress Relief Essential Oil Kit

When the stress of a bad week finally catches up with you, these essential oils can help put your mind and your mood back on track. The oils are pure, and the distillation process is FDA approved and Kosher certified, so you don’t have to wonder what strange chemicals you’re adding to the air you breathe! Plus, the colored glass containers prevent the oil from degrading after they have been opened. And if they don’t meet your needs, you will get a full refund from the manufacturer. These essential oils would be a perfect gift for stressed-out college students and new lawyers

Scales of Justice Personalized Nameplate

Ditch the dull and boring metal nameplate and buy something for the legal friend in your life. Made from high-grade New Zealand White Pine and mounted onto a dark wood, this personalized nameplate will attract the eye of a client or coworker who comes into your office. And if you have a long name, there is an extended version that you can buy for a few bucks more. Next to your engraved name is the scales of Justice, which will remind you of your love of the law and its purpose, Justice, every single day.

Lady of Justice White Marble Statue

The law is here to protect us, and many people forget this. The law is blind and fair. This statue represents the ancient Greek Titan Themis that is the image of truth and Justice. At 13 inches tall, it is a remarkable decoration to be gazed at. The gold on the white color scheme makes the statue pop and attracts all visitors and clients who are in the same room as here. You can put it indoor or outdoors, as it is resistant to damage. If you buy this for your law graduate, she will always remember what her career represents.

Custom Yellow Cartoon Character Portrait

Your lawyer friend may be a human, but that doesn’t mean they want to stay human. Turn your friend into a Simpson’s -like cartoon character. This custom portrait is hand-drawn by a real artist with real talent. It is a unique gift that can be displayed in the home or the office, and it is the perfect birthday gift too! Just send the artist the best photo of your friend, and you will receive a digital picture in only five days. Add the photo to whatever you would like to print it on, and your friend will definitely enjoy it.

Thomas Jefferson Wood Plaque Quote

You probably already know who Thomas Jefferson is. He was the second president of the United States and also a lawyer. More than anyone, he understands the hardships of being a lawyer and attorney. With this engraved plaque, you will get a meaningful prayer from him. This prayer will inspire new lawyers and attorneys so they can overcome the turbulent work ahead.

The plaque has two types of installations so that you can hang it or put it anywhere. It’s a small plague at 7×9 inches and weighs only one pound so that it won’t take up a lot of space from your other plaques and art. Besides, it already comes packaged in a gift bag, so you don’t have to wrap it.

“Lawyer” Wooden dress hanger

When your law student friend finally graduates and passes the bar, they are going to want to buy a suit – their first lawyer suit. This suit is a milestone and a starting point for a bright future, so it should not be hung on just any ordinary clothes hanger. Now it can be displayed on this unique hanger, designed for lawyers in mind. The thickness of the hanger won’t make creases in the suit’s fabric. It has three colors, including black, silver, and gold, for you to choose from. Every time your friend sees this suit and hanger, they will feel ready for the road ahead.

Personalized “You’ve Been Served” Cutting Board

If you like your food to be roasted before you put it in the oven, then you’ll enjoy cutting your vegetables on this cutting board. This cutting board is made for only the spiciest of personalities. Made with 100% bamboo, it is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe. You can even use it with the microwave. On top of that, you can engrave a name on this board, and it is permanent and never come off. If your friend is getting married, this is the perfect gift for their special occasion, especially if both parties are in the legal industry.

Infinity Gavel Scarf

If you love the sound of a judges’ gavel hitting the block when they finalize a case, then you need this handmade scarf. Dotted with little gavels, this infinity scarf will keep your neck warm and your spirits high. Justice will guide you as it lays upon your neck. It is made from soft chiffon fabric, so it can be either hand washed or put in the washer. You are sure to be a hit with all of your legal friends if you wear this scarf.

Scales of Justice Legal Socks

If you are someone who embraces covering your feet with Justice, you need to have these dress socks. The scales of Justice are a reminder to all in the legal industry that Justice is fair, and it’s final. Made with a cotton and nylon blend, these socks will keep your feet warm and covered with Justice. It comes in sizes 7-13, and you have 2 colors to choose. Their style reaches to the middle of your shins and contracts at the top to stay there. You can use these socks while you argue a case, or when you’re studying for your boards.

Premium Men’s Tie Set

A lawyer always needs to be ready to argue their case, And with this complete set of ties and cufflinks, there is no time and place they’re not prepared to fight for Justice. Any lawyer will look sharp with these matching ties and pocket squares. Your friend will stand out from every other lawyer, and his style will be unmatched. This complete set is available in four different color options, so you can buy the set that matches his personality and wardrobe. The polyester material, coupled with the high-quality ink, ensures that the ties and pocket square don’t fade for a very long time. This is probably one of the most professional gifts you can give your future lawyer at his graduation ceremony.

Motivational Makeup Bag for Lawers

To keep all of your makeup organize and ready to go, you can’t have a regular makeup bag! You need a bag that reflects who you are. You need a makeup bag that shows the world you’re ready to fight injustice after applying your lipstick and eyeliner. This funny makeup bag is extensive as it measures at nine inches by seven inches, so it can hold anything you have. You can grab your bag when you’re rushing out of your home to the courts. It is made with 100% cotton, and it can only be spot-cleaned with warm soap and water.

Inspirational Silver Makeup Mirror

When you stare into a mirror, a lawyer stares back. And when you have this makeup mirror in your briefcase, you can see your lawyer’s reflection wherever you go. Made with environmentally friendly reflecting material, it is beautiful and shiny. It also comes in a special gift box if you buy it as a gift for someone. And it would be an excellent gift for the newly graduated woman. Press the little button on the mirror’s side, and it will flip open quickly. If you pair this mirror with the makeup bag from above, there is no limit to your female lawyer’s looks.

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