20 Best Gifts for Knitters Who Have Everything


For some, knitting might just seem like a hobby. For others, it is much more than that. It is a creative outlet that will not only provide you with a place to put your creativity to use, but it will allow you to create beautiful and useful items for a variety of practical scenarios. If you have a knitter in the family or a friend who loves knitting, there is a good chance that they probably have a whole house full of these products. Because of that, shopping for a knitter is never an easy task because it seems like they already have everything they need. Well, that really isn’t the case at all with the gift ideas for knitters below.

20 Unique Gifts for Knitters


Knitter might enjoy a heavy session of knitting, but they need breaks from time to time. You can give any knitter the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy his or her favorites beverages with this quality-built ceramic mug. This novelty gift is not only perfect for coffee, but it is suitable for milk, hot chocolate, or pretty much any beverage. It features a cute and whimsical message that is laser printed and guaranteed not to fade.


Knitters might like to make their own clothes, but they can undoubtedly appreciate excellent craftsmanship. And, that is exactly what they are getting in this novelty t-shirt. It features a funny motto – “Knit fast, die warm!” With this stylish and edgy t-shirt, your knitter will get plenty of comments and stay warm this holiday season. If you’re looking for gift ideas for knitters, you cannot lose with this one.

Yarn Bowl

Knitting requires a lot of materials and accessories. This ceramic bowl will give knitters a place to safely and securely store their most prized yarns for quick and easy access. Each bowl is carefully handcrafted with ceramic materials and provides the motivation that one needs during the most intense knitting sessions. It features a functional design that will ensure every ball of yarn pulls smoothly without tugs and snags. It’s available in many colors to choose from.

Yarn Storage Tote

Speaking of materials, knitting requires more than just yarn. This extra-large tote will not only ensure that your knitter has everything she needs, but also ensure that they will be ready to take their game on the road if the situation calls for it. The bag features both a carry handle and a convenient shoulder strap for easy transportation purposes. The package also includes an extra mini yarn drum that measures 5.5 x 5.5, so it is like you are getting two bags for the price of one.

Yarn Cutter Pendant

This very cleverly designed yarn cutter will not only help your knitter get the perfect yarn cut every time, but its beautiful design will make a great addition to any accessory. The cutter measures in a 2 x 1 x 1 ½ inches and your knitter can wear it as a cute and decorative necklace. The sharp circular blade inside offers the quickest and cleanest cuts. Unfortunately, the blade is no replaceable, but the entire package is cheap enough to replace when needed.

Knitting Needle Gauge

This cute little knitting gauge is made of sturdy but non-flexible plastic that offers the utmost in quality and durability. It is made to resemble that of a sheep smiling at you and features a whole slew of sizes. It even covers the smallest sizes, as well as some of the oddest sizes. If you are using metric, flip the gauge over, and the covers will be right there on the backside.

Interchangeable Needle Set

This high-quality and compact needle set includes 4 – 10cm surgical-grade stainless steel lace tips and three cable lengths (8 inches, 14 inches, and 22 inches). The set features easy-to-read size indications with multi-strand and steel coated cables that are red with nylon. It might include everything that the average knitter needs, but the best part is the compact and durable zipper travel case. Any knitter will be ready for his or her game if the situation happens. Want a good gift for the knitter in your life? Look no further than these best knitting accessories.

Yarn Ball Winder

This handcrafted yarn ball winder is not only durably built, but the design of the thread holding tower is excellent for improved consistency and center-pull balls. It features a non-slip base with a sticky adhesive that will ensure your knitter gets a steady and consistent working environment on any traditional tabletop. There is minimal assembly required, and the entire package comes back with a 100 percent customer sanctification guarantee just if you are not pleased.

Knitting Machines

This MEGA PRO Set gives any knitter the tools that he or she needs to create even more quality and personalized pieces. And, the most exciting part is that they can make these pieces with just a few simple turns of the hand. When you invest in this package, you not only get two quality built knitting machines, but you get three educational books as well. The machines feature an improved counter design, so you will not have a headache for running into the same issue with traditional knitting machines. The king-size model features 46 needles, and the express pro features 22 needles. This is probably one of the best knitting tools you can give your knitter.

Knitting Organizer

Knitters always need to stay organized if they want to keep on top of their game, and that is what this little poly canvas organizer will help do. It features three very roomy pockets with a zippered pouch that can be snapped right onto the frame. The manufacturer built this caddy from the highest quality black coated metal tubing and durable poly canvas. It also features a foldable design that makes storage and transportation more straightforward than imagined.


You simply cannot go wrong with this fun set of knit ball earrings. Each earring is handmade with perfection for long time use. The earrings resemble little balls of yarn with mini knitting needles poking through. They are attached to high-quality silver plated earring hooks with rubber backs that are more than sturdily built. The balls of yarn measure in at right around 10 mm, but might vary just a bit. There are a variety of colors to choose from, so you won’t have a problem finding a set that fits your wishes. If you want to stand out, choose two or three different colors for different moods or days of the week.


Even a knitter can appreciate a good quality piece of jewelry. And, that comes with this knitting bracelet. This bracelet features a stainless steel design that is lead and nickel-free, so you don’t have to worry about any potential allergies or reactions. The charms included in the bracelet are a diva charm, a scarf charm, a skein of yarn, and a sweater charm. All things that any dedicated knitter is going to appreciate. Because the bracelet size is adjustable, it can fit any individual.


Everyone loves decorating their homes on Christmas, and so do knitters. Get your knitter this red ball knitting ornament. Its measure is at approximately three inches and is handmade with miniature knitting needles tucked in each ball. This is probably a sight that any knitter is more than familiar. The handwritten message “Merry Knitmas” on a unique year tag is cute and suitable for knitters. Each ornament has a plastic core and a 100-percent cotton yarn cover. In addition to this, each design is shatter-resistant, so you can get as rough as you want with this cute little design.

Wood Sign

Every knitter has a good sense of humor, and there is nothing that will help bring it out more than this wooden sign. This sign comes with a message that anyone will get a laugh out of. Reading the message would brighten anyone’s day. On the other hand, your knitter can use this sign to inform people that she is working, do not disturb. Each sign measures in at 5 x 10 inches with a wooden thickness of ¼ inches. She can hang it outdoors, but it’s more suitable for indoor use.

Knit Blanket

Most knitters would prefer to make their own blankets, but no one will hate a product with this kind of quality and consistency. This soft wool blanket is smooth to the touch and offers a luxurious feel that you can’t find anywhere else. The throw blanket measures in at 50 x 60 inches, and its super chunky design is perfect for any recliner, bed, sofa, or couch. The blanket comes with no-shed yarn, which means that it is guaranteed not to unravel over time.

Shoulder & Neck Massager

Knitting does not seem as beautiful as its products. It can be a tiresome hobby. Bending and hurdling over can place a lot of strain on one’s body. Just ask your knitter, and they will tell you. That is why this Shiatsu shoulder and neck massager makes the perfect gift. This model features eight massage roller balls with four large nodes and four smaller nodes. They can target deep tissue in the neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, waist, and feet. Choose from two different massage directions to ensure that you mimic the motion of real-life massage. The massager can also auto-reverse each minute to allow for the right amount of pressure to relieve unwanted muscle pains. All these features make this device one of the great gifts for knitters.

Wool Shampoo

Creating beautiful wool blankets and products is only half the battle for knitters. Once you have these products, you have to take care of them. And, that is where this wool shampoo will come in handy. This shampoo is eco-friendly and only made with plant-based biodegradable ingredients. It is entirely free of dyes as well as unnecessary fillers and additives. The fresh cedar scent will provide a luxurious smell to the entire home that you would not be able to achieve anywhere else. This product can safely and effectively clean wool products as well as the finest of cashmere products.

Neck Light

Knitting sessions can sometimes take the wee hours of the night. This is especially true when you are engrossed or trying to meet deadlines. Make sure that the knitter on your list doesn’t damage his or her eyes during these late-night sessions when you give this neck light. It features three colors along with six different brightness levels to choose. The light also features a battery with a long life, but the most impressive part is that it is completely USB rechargeable. Plug the light into any USB port, and you will be able to recharge the battery for more life. In fact, you will get 80 hours of life on a fully charged battery.

Knitting Courses

Any good knitter knows that he or she can always improve on their skills. Unfortunately, this is much harder to accomplish than one might imagine. And, You can make that happen with the courses coming from Skillshare and Mybluprint. There is a multitude of classes to choose from, so no one and absolutely no one has to feel intimidated. You can learn anything from the basics to the most advanced techniques and traditions. Not only this, but there are even courses that will teach you how to make your very own projects.


Knitters like to be creative. They want to create their own designs and styles, but there are also times when they need inspiration. Maybe it is a lesson or two that they are seeking. Whatever the situation is, there is an array of books available out there that can help knitters create some of the most timeless and classic designs. Just take this Harry Potter knitting book, for example. This book will teach knitter how to create costumes and Harry Potter-inspired designs. But don’t just stop there! Create some of today’s most well-known and fashionable designs with the assistance of books like Vogue Knitting and Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. These classic books will not only help your knitter improve their already established skills, but they also teach your knitter a thing or two about new and exciting techniques that he or she didn’t even know existed.

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