28 Gift Ideas Your 19-Year-Old Girl Actually Wants for Christmas or Birthday


There is simply no denying that turning 19 is a joyous and confusing time. This is probably, even so, more true for girls. They will just be starting to grow into themselves while learning things about their bodies. It might be trouble both for the individual turning the age and the ones around them. This thing is especially true when it comes to the gift-giving process. What should people give to a 19-year-old girl that probably seems like she wants nothing? Well, it first takes a little bit of detective work to find the right gift. Once you have the particular laid out, you can choose some from this list for her birthday, Christmas, or any special events. Even if this girl is your sister, daughter, friend, or girlfriend, the gifts here will still help.

Things To Consider When Shopping

19 is a confusing age for anyone. You can probably remember when you were 19 and first discovering things on your own. That being said, this age is probably more confusing for the female sex, as they have a variety of things that they have to combat today. While the world is an entirely different place than when you grew up, it will not make shopping for them any easier. It might be even harder. To help ease the burden, you can apply the following steps when shopping:

1. Consider Current Fads And Styles

Just in case you didn’t know it, 19-year-old care about what other people think. If you can recall yourself at that age, you probably had the same thought. 19-year-old often care about what their friends and peers think. This will make shopping easier. If there is a piece of jewelry or clothing that is in style, then there is a good chance that your girl will enjoy it. Just be careful and don’t buy something that will immediately fall back out of style. Choose something that will still offer a classic and timeless feel.

2. Consider Her Idols

A teenage girl is going to have a lot of idols. However, there will probably only be one or two that she holds close to her heart. It might be a band. It might be a writer. Whatever the situation is, you can use this to your advantage. This doesn’t mean that you have to run out and book an appointment or date with this idol. It means that you can use his or her fashions and styles. If her idol has a clothing line or wears a specific style of clothing, then the young lady on your list will be into it as well.

3. Colors And Aromas Will Matter

You really cannot go wrong with clothes or jewelry. These are things that every 19-year-old will love and appreciate. However, you shouldn’t run out and buy the first piece of clothing or jewelry that you come across. No, clothes and jewelry still come in a variety of styles, designs, flavors, and colors. Your young lady will likely have a preference when it comes to these things. You might have to sneak into her room and do some detective work or probing around, but taking the time to uncover this information will make your process all that much easier.

Gifts Ideas for Your Girl

Custom Photo Pillow

Teenagers often spend a tremendous amount of time sleeping. Between studying and dealing with the struggles of everyday life, this is what they will probably be doing most. You can help her be with her best friends or family members when you buy this custom photo pillow for her. These pillows can replicate images and photos of cats, dogs, or even family members. When she sleeps, she will have the ones that she loves closest to her. Also, you can even use her photo to save happy memories of the age of 19.

Scented Candles

Scented candles not only make a room smell good, but they also provide lots of therapeutic benefits. That is what any 19-year-old girl will get from this 8-piece scented candle set. Each candle is made from 100% natural soy wax to provide the longest burn times possible, as well as no black smoke. They also provide much cleaner burning than what you would get with a traditional candle. The scents included with this set are vanilla, lemon, lavender, spring, mint, strawberry, rose, and zen.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Speaking of therapeutic benefits, it really is hard to beat what this aromatherapy diffuser offers. This one features a compact space-saving design that includes two misting modes. You can set it to the intermittent mist mode for 6 to 8 hours of run time where it will mist and pause every 30 seconds, or you can choose the continuous mode, where it will run for 3 to 4 straight hours. Each diffuser is made with the finest PP materials and offers eight different soothing lighting options to choose from.

Personalized Makeup Mirror

At 19, she perhaps already discovered makeup. In fact, she has probably been into it for a while, trying different styles, looks, and colors. With this compact and contemporary mirror, she can try all the styles and looks that she wants, whether she is on the go or sitting in the comfort of her room. Each mirror features a compact diameter design of 7 centimeters and can be personalized with a special little message or the name of your choosing. All letters are sublimated, so it will not fading or peeling. You will get long-lasting, durable, and vibrant print that will last a long time.

Handbag Purse Organizer

Your 19-year-old girl has probably already accrued a lot of accessories. She probably has a favorite purse or handbag where she stores most of these accessories, but that doesn’t make life more comfortable; it’s the opposite. Well, this organizer insert will. The insert is constructed with high-quality materials and features several different zippered pockets and holsters so that she can store and organize all her essentials. All zippers and tracks are made with the highest quality of metals to provide a smooth, long-lasting operation that will go on for years and years. There is also a single detachable wallet with a key chain, which will be useful for some practical situations.

Bath Bombs

She wants to look and smell her best everywhere she goes. And why shouldn’t she at the age of 19? You can help her do with this bath bomb set. This set includes 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs that were made right here in the United States with only natural materials. Each bath bomb provides several therapeutic benefits as well as helps moisturizing dry skin. These bombs come individually wrapped in a beautiful box that’s ready to give.

Hair Straightener Brush

When it comes to beauty, hair is one of the top concerns for women and your young lady is no exception. This hair straightener will ensure that her hair is as straight and smooth as she wants. This one is unlike other traditional straighteners, as it features combs with triangular designs to help cut the time of straightening in half. It straightens more hair during each use and also provides other useful benefits like eliminating frizz and adding volume where it is needed. This is an ideal gift for busy girls, as it will be helpful for quick makeup before going out.

Hair Styling Station

A straightener might keep her hair straight, but it simply isn’t going to serve all her hair care needs. And, that is where this handy styling station comes in. This station comes available in several colors, but they all feature oversized openings designed specifically for hair styling tools. She won’t have a problem storing her hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, or more. The center hole is 3 inches in diameter, while the accessory holes are 2 inches. The station is heat-resistant and features a classic stainless steel design that will help conveniently store cables and electrical cords as well. However, do not use it while styling tools are ON.

Facial Cleansing Brush

This cleansing brush here is unlike any other cleansing brush that she has ever seen. It features ultrasonic vibration technology that is more gentle on the skin but provides tons of other handy benefits. The spin brush will not only be more gentle, but it will get deep down in there to those pores to remove dead skin, oil, and makeup that other traditional brushes can’t reach. The manufacturer also ensures that it is six times better. Besides, it has three intensity modes and a smart timer that she can take advantage of.

Fitness Tracker

Help her keep track of and exceed her fitness goals when you give her this unique fitness tracker. It is available in several color options so that you won’t have difficulty in matching one to her personality. It also features a slim and sleek profile that will complement any ensemble. On top of this, it offers a variety of practical modes that can do anything from monitoring heart rate to GPS tracking. She can even connect and sync up her other smart devices with this tracker, as it has a built-up USB port that offers easy and quick charging as well. If your girl is a person who loves training, this is a must-have gift.

Instant Camera

Give her the ability to capture and store all those special moments in her life with this instant camera. It’s called the instant camera because that is pretty much what it is. It will allow her to take instant photos and print them out on wallet-sized paper. She can keep all those moments and occasions with her friends in a snap. The macro lens and selfie mirror are perfect for longer ranges as well as short distances. In addition to this, the camera offers a sleek and compact design so she can take it with her everywhere she goes.

Smartphone Printer

Every girl has a smartphone that she utilizes on the daily. Now, you can give her the chance to take those smartphone shots and turn them into real-life photos. This smartphone printer is intuitive and very handy with its Bluetooth capabilities. You can even print photos from some of your favorite videos. The printer is not only easy to use and connect up, but it is super responsive. Within 90 seconds, she can have professional-grade photos that can be stored, shared, or given away. If your lady is a selfie fanatic, giving her this printer is a wise choice.

Bluetooth Headphone

The Bose headphones are not only sleek, but they are practical with its world-class noise cancellation capability that will make the listening experience better. This is a limited-edition model so you want to grab them up quickly. They are Alexa-enabled so she can issue voice commands while operating them hands-free. There is even a noise-rejecting dual-microphone that will offer the clearest of sound and voice capabilities. There are also some audio augmented reality features that are available if she chooses to download the firmware upgrade. This would be one of the best gifts for a 19-year-old girl who loves music.

Item Finder

No one needs to tell you that 19-year-olds are forgetful. It is just something that comes with this age. You can help your 19-year-old girl stop losing her most valuable items with this item finder. This new Tile Mate will allow her to track multiple items within a 200-foot radius. Unfortunately, this is only one receiver, but it can be easily connected to her most prized possession. When it linked to her smartphone, she can use the app to track down her lost items. The app offers a real-time map that will guide her right to her items. If this isn’t enough, she can even recruit the community of other users to help find her lost or stolen items.

Self Defense Pepper Spray

She might think she knows everything right now, but the world is a scary and dangerous place. You can help keep her safe when you give this self-defense spray. It features a portable and compact design that will easily clip on to any key chain. It is available in several different color schemes, so you don’t have to worry about it meshing or looking great with any outfit. This ½-ounce container offers an impressive 10 feet of spraying power with up to a maximum of 25 bursts. Each spray is delivered in a powerful stream to help reduce wind blowback. The quick-release action will provide the responsiveness that she needs in a real situation.

Personal Alarm

That 19-year-old in your life might think she has seen the world and knows it all, but you know well this isn’t true. You always want her to be her safest, and you can do that with this personal alarm siren. Pair this with the self-defense spray, and you will be able to put your mind at ease when she is away from the house. Don’t worry because you won’t have a hard time talking her into carrying this item. The alarm siren not only features a pink and white design that is very suitable for girls, but it also is compact with a keychain design. It can easily be clipped on any keychain and will sound a 130dB emergency alarm if she presses the center button twice. This alarm sound can attract the attention of others even within 300 yards. She can also pull out the contact pin to activate the alarm if this mode is necessary.

Scratch Off World Map

Does she have aspirations of traveling and seeing the world? What 19-year-old doesn’t? While she might not have the funds and resources to do so yet, you can help her plan the entire trip out with this scratch-off travel map. This map is printed with unique and vibrant colors but features a durable design that will offer years and years of use. Each country and location have bright colors to help set off contrast from the background. The best part is that you can use a coin or the scatch tool to remove the gold coating to reveal the countries you’ve been to. Besides, the map comes with a stylishly designed travel tube so that she can take it with her without fear of damage. If your little girl has a passion for travel, there’s nothing more appropriate than this map.

Leather Journal Notebook

When talking about keeping memories, every 19-year-old girl likes to write down her thoughts. And why should she be able to do so? With this leather notebook, she will have the ability to write down life experiences every day. This journal is made from high-quality PU leather and is soft to the very touch, but durable enough for the toughest treks. Don’t ever worry about running out of paper because the notebook can easily and quickly be filled with standard A6 6-ring paper. The book first starts with 80 sheets of lined kraft paper that is resistant to feathering and bleeding, so it will be a while before she runs out. There are also tabs as well as other accessories available that will make journaling easier and all-around more convenient.

Kindle Oasis

Got a reader on your hands that loves to tear through books? Most 19-year-old girls like to read, and with all the technology available today, you can give them the power to read whenever and wherever they want. That is what the Kindle Oasis will do. This ebook reader here is one of the best out there with its 7-inch, 300 PPI flush-front paperwhite display. It features both automatic and manual modes to adjust the screen tone from bright to warmer, avoiding eye strain. This model also has a waterproof design that will come in handy for the bathtub reader or traveler. However, the most important thing is that you can instantly access Amazon’s giant bookstore to update the best and latest books.


Speaking of books, some individuals like old-fashioned books. And, there is nothing wrong with this. Heck, even some of these items can be collected and resold. Whatever the situation is, remember that reading doesn’t always have to be all about entertainment. Sure, it still holds an educational value, but when you choose books like 52 Ways To Live A Kick-Ass Life, you can get helpful information and tips that can apply in the real world.

At 19 years of age, there are all kinds of informational resources that your girl can find. She likely has a boyfriend or is discovering them for the first time. Give her a leg up with a book like Never Chase Men Again. If you really want to provide her with the advantages in life, give her Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 535 Steps. Any of the books mentioned above are not only entertaining, but they will be useful with practical methods and theories that can be applied immediately.

Card Games

When most people think about games these days, they don’t think about card games. Well, you can change that with the quality card games like Our Moments Girls Night Out and Search History: The Party Game Of Surprising Searches. These games are best enjoyed at parties, and she will have a kick enjoying them with her closet friends.


Your 19-year-old girl is going to want cosmetics. The only problem is finding the right ones. She is likely just discovering cosmetics or only been experimenting around for a few years. You can give her specific designers and brands that she can play around with. Just find out some of her favorite brands and go from there.


The same can be said for perfume. While there are tons of fragrances available, your girl likely only has one or two favorites. Finding these won’t be an easy task, as she probably doesn’t even know what they are yet herself. You can get her a gift pack that includes several different scents and smells. Let her experiment around herself until she discovers what truly excites her.


What makes a girl fall in love? No matter what age, handbags are always something addictive for women. You can find a house of her favorite handbags. She will likely want to use different things for each different event. When you choose to give her the right one, she will always have her favorite essentials with her wherever she goes. Not only this, but she will look stylish while carrying them.


Besides bags, shoes can be the second most addictive. You really can’t go wrong when you give a good pair of shoes. That being said, there are several different types that you can choose. You can give running shoes, or something a little dressier, or something that she can wear on several occasions. Just make sure you put in a bit of research and time to get the right sizes and colors.


Every teenage girl is going to appreciate a good piece of clothing. Clothing is something that is not only stylish, but it will be a true gift that can be used over and over again for tons of different events. Just make sure that you choose something that meshes with her personality and style. You can opt for something dressy, or something more casual. Clothes will always be worn.


The same really goes for jewelry. It is something that will always be appreciated and loved. Just remember that some individuals think you can get away with buying any type of jewelry, but this isn’t always the case. Some girls prefer rings to necklaces. It will be up to you to do the research and discover what best suits your young lady.

Gift Cards

Shopping for your 19-year-old lady is hard, but you can practically let her shop for herself with a gift card. Just choose a good vendor. Some quality vendors that 19-year-old love and appreciate these days are Sephora, Forever 21, and Amazon. With the gift cards from vendors like these, she will have a wide array of shopping options.

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