33 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys (2020)


Whether it’s for your son’s birthday, Christmas present, or any other important occasion, trying to come up with the best gift ideas for 18 year old boys can be quite a challenge. In every boy’s life, their eighteenth birthday is one of their biggest milestones. This is because, at 18, your teenager finally transitions towards adulthood.

So getting your boy a gift that’s unique and something that would be useful to him will be a great idea. Remember that every teen boy has his own interests. No matter what he’s interested in, the following gift suggestions will help you find the perfect present to commemorate the start of his adult life.

33 Great Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Boy

1. Push-up Board System

Whether one’s interested in sports or not, most teenage boys at 18 develop a desire to look their best and hence, simple exercise equipment would make a great gift. If your boy is someone who likes to keep himself fit and healthy or is someone interested in building a good physique, this portable push-up stand would make a great gift.

This colorful board system features a unique color-coded design, where each color targets 4 specific muscles. As such, It’s a great exercise tool for upper body workouts, which include your shoulders, triceps, chest, and lat. The product is made of top-grade material, so you’ll be getting your boy a gift that’ll serve him for a long time. Plus, it includes a workout plan, divided into three sections for beginner, intermediate and expert level.

2.  Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Let’s be honest, no matter what your age is, everyone wishes to have killer abs and that is especially true for most teen boys. That’s why an ab building equipment can be a great gift idea for an 18 y/o boy. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to look for the most complicated gym equipment. It could be as simple as an ab roller.

This ab roller from Perfect Fitness is a perfect choice. It boasts a carbon added spring to provide additional assistance and resistance. Its unique performance grip design offers maximum muscle activation & comfort. The ultra-wide wheel ensures stable movement and the foam knee pads offer additional comfort.

3. Funny T-shirt

Despite all the changes that might take place in his mindset and body, you and your boy still need to have some fun. So why not get him a gag gift and laugh till your tummy hurts as you see his reaction. After all, teenagers are all about being goofy and joking around is a great way for them to connect with others.

Wearing silly tees will help your teen to open up and show his unique and funny side. With this hilarious gag t-shirt from Crazy Dog, you’ll not only LOL with your boy but also get even closer to him. Aside from the funny line on the t-shirt that says ” Don’t grow up, it’s a trap”, it’s quite comfortable thanks to its ultra-soft cotton material. Teen boys love putting on silly tees and this tee is a great gag gift idea.

4. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

Do you still remember how you felt when you received your first bike? Perhaps, it was for a Christmas or birthday present, that feeling of joy and pride you got when you set your eyes on your first bike is truly memorable. While most teens nowadays spend most of their time glued to a digital screen, bicycles still make a great gift idea.

This quality mountain bike from Diamondback has multiple key features, making it an excellent choice. It’s durable, sturdy, and is capable of handling serious mountain biking and urban cycling perfectly. Plus, its disc brake system offers extra reliability and stability.

5. CASIO G Shock Men’s Watch

Watches are timeless pieces that look great on anyone, regardless of their age. Which is why they’re excellent gift ideas for teenage boys as they transition towards adulthood. If you’re looking for a quality watch for an affordable price, the Casio Men’s watch with its sturdy and rugged design is perfect for teenage guys.

It’s among the best G-Shock timepieces that go well with any ensemble. It’s water-proof and has been designed to prevent mechanical shock. It also boasts a customizable illumination LED light, 5-daily alarms with 1 snooze alarm, digital and analog display. With so many features under its belt, surprising your 18 yr old boy will certainly be a great gift idea.

6.   Nike Running Shoes

As your teenager slowly makes his way to college, chances are he’ll be going out a lot, which means a decent shoe from a reputed brand would be highly appreciated. Whether he likes to go for morning runs or is just a sneaker-loving teenage guy, this mix of Neptune green and black midnight turquoise color running shoe from Nike is a perfect choice.

It features featherlight synthetic upper and is made of breathable materials, which means he won’t have to worry about smelly shoes. Additionally, it comes with a rubber outsole that helps in absorbing impact and offers multi-surface traction. Plus, it’s ultralight midsole delivers optimum comfort.

7. GTRACING Gaming Chair GT890M

If your teenager is an avid gamer, he’ll absolutely love receiving a gaming chair for his birthday.

This is because gaming chairs are designed in such a way that it enhances the gaming experience by offering vibration motions, sounds, and features a comfortable neck and backrest.

Which is why you can’t go wrong with this gaming chair by GTracing. It features a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect all your Bluetooth devices and enjoy seamless music. This highly-durable gaming chair is multifunctional as well as it features an adjustable armrest, seat-height, along with a detachable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. Aside from using it for gaming, it’s also ideal for working and studying.

8. Nintendo Switch

Though your 18 y/o boy is slowly turning into a man, he’ll still enjoy playing games. If you’re out of gift ideas then getting him a Nintendo Switch would make an excellent gift. With the Nintendo Switch, he and his friends will have a fun time together. Plus, it can be connected to the TV with ease and he can even play the game no matter where he may be.

This 3 mode gaming system comes with a Nintendo Switch dock and Nintendo console along with two contrasting Joy-Con controllers. All of these allow for a great gaming experience. It also boasts a decent battery life of 4.5-9 hrs.

9. Elgato Stream Deck

If you’re looking to buy a gift for your gaming-enthusiast teenager, you might want to consider getting him a gift that’ll enhance his gaming experience. That’s where this Elgato Stream Deck comes to play. This small device is an easily customizable keypad crafted specifically for gamers who are interested in streaming live content.

It also helps in speeding up the workflow by allowing you to set unique key configurations so you can switch between apps and games from your computer instantly. One important consideration to note about this device is that it’s only compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.11.

10. Elgato HD60 S Capture Card

If your teenager is an avid-streamer and enjoys live streaming, the Elgato Capture card is another excellent gift idea. By getting him this game capture card, he’ll be able to stream and record his finest gaming moments.

It allows you to record gameplay in superb 1080p/60fps quality and also enjoy a lag-free console gaming experience. Thanks to its built-in streaming feature, you can go live on YouTube, Twitch, and more instantly. You can also do a live commentary and even adjust the audio settings with ease. However, the device requires your system to have Windows 10, 4GB RAM, and built-in 3.0 USB port along with the latest graphic and processor.

11. Pandemic Board Game

Board games are another popular gift idea for teenage boys. With the right board game, your teenager can have a fun game night with friends and family. Also, if the one you’re buying for is a board lover, he’ll surely love to get his hands on a new tabletop game.

This year why not surprise your board game-loving boy with Pandemic. This is among the hottest cooperative tabletop games out there. This game is all about teamwork, which makes it all the more interesting and fun. Your boy will love the excitement and joy of finding a way to cure a deadly disease. If he had this, here are other games similar to Pandemic.

12. Acer Predator Helios 300

As your boy prepares to leave for college, he’s going to need all the help he can get. Sending him off with a new laptop could possibly be the best gift you can get for your 18y/o boy.

The Acer Predator Helios is an excellent mid-range gaming laptop that offers solid 1080p gaming performance, superior screen quality, and boasts an eye-catching design. Thanks to its versatile core i7 CPU, this laptop is designed to deliver superior performance. The Acer Predator Helios sports a dark, matte metal coating and the touchpad boasts blue accents. It also offers immersive audio experience with its Waves MAXXAudio technology.

13. College Laptop Backpack

If your boy is starting college or is about to start a new work, he’ll need a sturdy backpack to carry his belongings. As such, this laptop backpack by Tzowla will be a great gift for him.

This backpack isn’t your typical backpack as it boasts several unique and useful features. It boasts a convenient USB port design that allows easy phone charges by using your own power bank. Plus, the headset interface eliminates the need to use your ends while enjoying your music, audios, etc. It also features an anti-theft design with sturdy metal zippers and a fixed password lock to ensure that your valuable items are protected at all times.

For more options, see the best backpacks with lots of pockets for school and the most durable backpacks for outdoor activities.

14. 29-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tool Bracelet

If you wish to get a cool birthday gift for 18 year olds, you might want to consider getting them a multifunctional bracelet. There are numerous options out there and this multi-tool bracelet by Moosunggeek is among the best ones.

Thanks to the stainless steel construction, this bracelet is quite sturdy and is an ideal tool for outdoor hiking or camping. The steel chain features different sections with different tools, which include a wrench, bottle opener, can opener, and so on. It has 10 connectors with 28 different tools, which can be assembled as per your needs. It’s available in two different colors, black, and silver.

15. “To My Son” Engraved Compass

Not sure what gift to get for your 18 year old son? Whether it’s for Christmas, birthday present, or for a special occasion, as a dad, you clearly want to get something that will show how much you care for your son.

As such, why not get him an engraved compass with a beautiful message. This Compass by MAH is engraved with a heartfelt line that reads “To My Son, Wherever Your Journey In Life May Take You. I Pray You’ll Always Be Safe. Enjoy The Ride And Never Forget Your Way Back Home….” This is a gift your son will always treasure.

16. AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera

Does your son enjoy making vlogs or simply documenting key moments of his life? As your son turns 18, he’s more likely to set off for college, which also means the beginning of a new journey filled with numerous moments to document.

As such, one of the coolest gifts you can get for him would be a GoPro or an action camera by Akaso. It supports 20MP pictures, 4K/24fps, 1080p/60fps, and 2k/30fps video resolution, which means he’ll be able to capture incredible pictures and record UHD videos. Some key features include waterproof design, Wifi connection, 5x zoom, time-lapse, adjustable angle, and Gyroscope. Also, you can see the best action cameras under $100 if your budget is small.

17. BUGANI M83 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Every 18 year old boy would love to own a portable Bluetooth speaker that he can use wherever and whenever he likes. Almost all teenagers have a strong penchant for music, you certainly did when you were a teen yourself, which is why this would be an excellent gift for him.

This portable Bluetooth speaker by Bugani features a powerful bass, wireless pairing function, and sturdy design. It can also function as a power bank. Thanks to its IPX5 waterproof construction, the Bugani wireless speaker is perfect for all adventures. It also supports stereo pairing for additional acoustic depth, which helps in creating an enveloping sound field.

18. Holy Stone HS165 GPS FPV Foldable Drone

Nowadays, drones are becoming a popular hobby among people of all ages. While for some, it’s just a fun hobby, others use it to capture stunning photos and videos. Either way, if your 18 year old guy is a drone lover, a drone would be a great gift idea.

This foldable drone by Holy Stones is a great choice. It features a GPS, which means it’ll return home whenever it has a low power or losses connection. Thanks to its FPV camera that supports 1080p HD photo and video resolution, he’ll be able to document stunning moments from different angles.

19. Bluetooth  Beanie with Headphones

If you’re looking to get a unique Christmas gift, Bluetooth headset beanie is an excellent choice.

With this headset beanie, your teenager will be able to enjoy seamless wireless music, and phone calls. It features a Li-battery with 250MAh capacity, which ensures a usage time of 16-20 hrs. As such, it’s an ideal beanie for your teen to use outdoors as well. With its latest Bluetooth built-in, it offers a loud volume output, so you can enjoy clear music even in noisy scenarios. It also features an upgraded chip that allows users to pair Bluetooth enabled devices within seconds.

20. Custom License Plate Sign

Personalized gifts are a great way to express your appreciation and love for the person. If your 18 year old son is about to start a new job or go to college, getting him a personalized gift would be the best way to show how much he means to you.

And that’s exactly what this customizable license plate would allow you to do so. It lets you add 7 letters of your choice. As such, you can use a word that expresses how you feel, or it could be a funny word, or simply his name. This custom License Plate Sign is an incredible gift idea that can even be used as room decor.

21. “I’m An Adult Now” Funny Coffee Mug

Regardless of which age one belongs to, coffee mugs are popular gift ideas for birthdays, special occasions, Christmas, or moving out present. By getting a coffee mug for your teenager this year, he’ll be reminded of you every time he enjoys his morning coffee.

You can make it even more special by getting a funny coffee mug. This coffee mug by MyCozyCups features a sarcastic quote that’ll surely lighten up your teen’s mood. It’ll also be a good conversation starter, especially since he’ll be hanging out with his friends a lot. If you don’t know what to get your 18-year-old-boy for his birthday, this will be a wise choice.

22. Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge

When looking for the best gift ideas for teen boys, getting a useful present will be highly appreciated. As a teen, he’ll most likely spend most of his time in his room.

So why not get him a mini-fridge for him to store his edibles? This mini-fridge by Cooluli is a perfect option. It’s compact enough to fit in almost any room size and its modern design makes it a portable mini-fridge. It’s highly versatile and can be used to store anything from snacks, drinks, beers, food, medications, and skincare. Plus, it’s ultra-quiet, energy-efficient, and 100% environment friendly.

23. DrinkMate Soda Maker

If you’re looking to get a unique gift for your teen boy this year, this soda Maker would be an excellent way to surprise him. It’d also be a perfect present if he’s aspiring to be a bartender.

With this Soda Maker by DrinkMate, your teenager will be able to show off his bartending skills amongst his friends. It allows you to make all sorts of drinks, from wine, cocktails, sparkling water, juices and so on. You can also use any 60L CO2 cartridge of any brand. It’s available in three different colors to match any room decor. Also, it’s small size saves counter space.

24. Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock

One thing teenagers are really good at is sleeping late. As such, an alarm clock would be the best gift to get for your 18 y/o boy. An alarm clock will ensure that he wakes up early so that he never misses his class.

And this loud alarm clock by Sonic Alert is a great choice. Aside from its loud alarm sound, it also features a vibrating capability, making it a perfect gift for heavy sleepers. It also allows you to set multiple alarms with the option to snooze for 1-30 minutes.

25. Philips Norelco 3100 Electric Shaver

As your teen turns 18, he’ll start experiencing several changes in his body and one of the changes includes the appearance of hair in various body parts.  As such, now would be the best time to introduce a decent shaver for him to experience his first shaving experience

The Philip electric shaver would be the ideal choice for teenagers thanks to its easy and convenient functionality. It features blades with round edges for a comfortable shave. Plus, a single charge allows 45 mins of shaving time.

26. MagicLight Smart Light Bulb

If you’re running out of cool and modern gift ideas to get for a 18 year old boy, smart Light bulbs make excellent gifts.

It’ll help in creating a cool ambiance to your teen’s room. The Magiclight bulb features a multicolored, energy-efficient intelligent LED bulb and has an in-built Bluetooth. As such, you can control it via your smartphone. It includes several useful features, making it a perfect birthday gift to get for your teenage boy.

27. Echo Plus Smart Speaker

For teenagers who love cool gadgets, AI home automation, and electronics, this smart speaker would make an amazing gift.

Amazon’s 2nd gen Echo Plus is a premium speaker with a powerful 360 degrees sound capability. It features a built-in intelligent home hub along with a temperature sensor. Thanks to its built-in home hub, you can control all your smart sensors, lights, plugs, locks, and so on. Plus, it lets you connect to Alexa.

28. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

As most teens love privacy and cool things, you would be making you 18 y/o boy’s day by getting him this privacy Bed tent as a gift.

This Bed tent by Privacy Pop offers a comfortable fit around the bed’s mattress for exclusive seclusion and privacy. It also features doors and windows with zippers to prevent any unwanted light from entering. All in all, this bed tent is an awesome gift for teen boys.

29. First Secure Emergency Roadside Kit

If your teen boy has just started driving, having a car emergency kit in place would be of great help. That’s why the car emergency kit by First Secure is a perfect gift for teenage drivers.

It includes a complete  First aid kit, which includes scissors, cotton swabs, triangular bandage, medical tape, adhesive bandage, etc. It also comes with high-quality 90-piece tools and supplies, such as tire repair kit, air compressors, window breaker, bungee cords, work gloves, LED flashlight, etc. All of these are essential for any roadside emergency.

30. Tile Item Finders

As most teenagers are quite careless,  they tend to misplace a lot of their stuff. If you’re looking to get a unique gift for your 18 yr old male, you can’t go wrong with this item finder called Tile Essentials by Tile.

It lets you stick Bluetooth inbuilt tiles on items and helps you in finding the items when you misplace them by simply using the tile app on your smartphone. It includes two stickers, Mate and Slim. The stickers have a Bluetooth range of 150 ft while the other two have a 200 ft range.

31. Gadget Organizer

Most teen boys have a strong inclination towards electronic devices. If your teen is one of them, he most likely owns numerous gadgets and accessories. This is one of the reasons why a gadget organizer would make such a perfect gift.

This gadget storage by Jelly Comb will help him keep all his electronics in an organized manner. It features two layers. The first layer has plenty of space to store cables, chargers, flash drives, and even an 11-inch tablet. The second layer offers large storage space for storing larger items like power bank, wall charger, laptop charger, etc.

32. Personalized Money Clip

If you want to get a gift that’d be quite personal for your teenager, this personalized leather money clip is the way to go.

It features a full-grain leather exterior and its natural variances further accentuate its look. Thanks to the gentle leather conditioner rubbing, it not only feels luxurious but feels great as well. It has 6 pockets to keep your cards along with a magnetic clasp. Plus, you can make it more unique by engraving a personal message on it.

33. Books

Books are amongst the best present ideas and they make perfect gifts for people of all ages. That said, if you wish to get a book for 18 year old guys, you might want to consider one that’s educational, fun to read, and most importantly one they relate to. The above books are excellent picks.

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