42 Cool & Best Gadget Gifts For Men (2020 Update)


Many men love cool gadgets, and you likely feel the same. When you see something new hitting the market, you’ll feel excited to run out there and grab it as soon as possible. Then, you’ll return home and experiment with the gadget for days on end. You like gadgets and your friends like them too. If you know someone who is having a birthday party or graduation, why not give him the latest gadgets on that occasion. But what is suitable for him? That’s where the list of cool gadgets for men below will help. In this guide, you’re going to learn more about these gifts and the reasons you should add them to your cart.

Action Camera

You love action cameras since they allow you to capture life’s greatest moments. A GoPro is going to knock it out of the park but you may like the Insta360 One X even better. This camera is excellent in all categories. It’s going to take your videos to a new level thanks to the leading image quality. There’s rarely any device that has been able to deliver such sharp, 360-degree 5.7K video quality. In addition to this, the camera is compact and lightweight so that you can take it anywhere comfortably. Your friend will also like the TimeShift feature, which will create interesting cinematic effects. Besides, it is compatible with many popular smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Note, Oppo for fast video connection, and processing. With this, there are dozens of other useful features that your friend can use.

If your guy is an adrenaline junkie or just wants to capture videos of his adventure, there will be nothing more exciting than this gift. Moreover, this device is also highly appreciated by film students.

Portable Solar Power Bank

Running out of power can be very frustrating. If your boyfriend likes camping, he will need to access power at all times. If he is going to be out in the woods, he might not have electricity. He may have trouble keeping his devices charged. This is a serious problem that no one wants to encounter at that time. Therefore, buy him this Solar Charger Power Bank.

This device allows you to keep your devices powered when needed. It comes with 4 solar panels and has a 25000mAh battery, which can charge your phone 8 to 9 times. It also has two 2.1A output ports that can charge two devices at the same time. You’ll also be happy to know that it is available in numerous colors. So, you won’t have any trouble finding a color to match your friend’s preferences.

Mobile Gimbal

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. This is a good thing since it allows people to stay in touch. Simultaneously, you can use your phone to snap pictures and record videos. Unfortunately, smartphone footage is usually shaky. This can ruin the precious moments you record. If your aspiring filmmaker always wants to have steady footage, you should get him the DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

This gimbal is great for smartphones. It has a compact design, only about 405g. Also, you can fold and toss it in your backpack for long trips. Furthermore, this device has unique features like hand gesture control, shape recognition, and one-tap templates, letting you create filming angles and effects smoothly. Although expensive, it comes with a great warranty.

Phone Camera Lens Kit

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a good addition to any smartphone camera. Your son loves taking pictures with his phone. But, he is looking for something a little more. Well, you can help. You just need to buy this lens kit. It can expand the camera’s field of view. And, it’ll ensure that he is able to snap gorgeous pictures and videos every time. With a normal smartphone camera, you’re going to experience problems during the sunlight. This won’t happen with this phone camera lens.

Also, you can take this camera lens with you everywhere thanks to the travel case.

Foldable GPS Drone

Your guy will like playing around with the Holy Stone HS720 Drone. Well, it is going to let him take pictures from anywhere. Even if he can’t reach the spot on foot, he will be able to get videos with this amazing drone. This drone delivers 26 minutes of flight time and has a long control range. So, you can use it for a long time without charging the battery and it should never get lost. Also, it comes with a convenient carrying bag that will help your guy easily in transportation. With this drone, he will have pictures and footage like never before.

Anti Spy Detector

The Anti Spy Detector is a great gift for any man. You never know if someone is recording your calls. So, you’ll want to take steps to protect your privacy. Well, you should buy this device. It is going to make you feel much safer. After all, it provides protection from tracking, listening devices, and so much more. You can use the anti-tracking device to protect you at all times. Remember that your friend can carry this device anywhere. So, he is going to feel comfortable everywhere he goes. Once your friend has this device, he can go everywhere without any worries whatsoever. Give him peace of mind by buying him this gift.

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is a good option for many people since it can be used for many activities. This tool is very lightweight and compact. Therefore, your boyfriend will be able to take it with him everywhere. It is designed for military, police, and SWAT. So, you can guarantee that it is going to work great for many applications. Best of all, this pen will be gift-boxed. Furthermore, it is very durable meaning your friend can use it for many, many years. Finally, you should know that the pen is inexpensive. You won’t have any problems buying it. And, you just know he is going to love this cool gadget.


If you’re going to buy a multi-tool, go with this Leatherman Wingman. The company is respected across the world. While this tool is a little expensive, it’ll be worth it. After all, it is going to provide you with access to many tools at once. Whether you need pliers, a knife, or scissors, this tool has you covered. Also, it is sturdy so you can drop it numerous times without worrying about the damage. Likewise, the finish is gorgeous.

This tool will make a great gift for anyone who enjoys camping or hiking.

Wireless Car-Mount Charger

Don’t you just hate having a dead cellphone battery? Well, you can stop this problem easily. You just need a good wireless car charger. For instance, you can buy this wireless Windshield Mount Charger. Once it has been installed in your car, you’ll be able to charge your phone with ease. Also, it should be said that this item will make a great gift. Therefore, you can give it to the gadget lover you know. He’ll take advantage of this item time and again.

Portable Tire Inflator

You never know when something is going to go wrong. You might end up dealing with a flat tire. And, that is going to leave you stranded. Hence, you cannot face this problem without being prepared. The Avid Portable Tire Inflator can help. Give your new driver man this device and he’ll be protected. For instance, his vehicle may experience a flat tire but that won’t be a problem. Since he has this tire inflator, he’ll be able to remedy the problem without calling a mechanic. Finally, this inexpensive item could save your man money in the long run.

Personal Water Filter

Would you drink water from an unknown source? In all likelihood, the answer is no. This would be dangerous and foolish. Instead, protect yourself by using a personal water filter. With the LifeStraw Filter, water supply for the body during trekking and camping trips in the forest is no longer a problem. This is one of the best ones on the planet. It works exceptionally well for the intended purpose. With this water filter, your father will have access to clean, safe water at every step. Therefore, you cannot pass up this opportunity.

Item Finder

You never know when you’re going to lose your keys or the remote control. If this happens, you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble. So, you should try to avoid this issue at all costs. With the Title Pro Item Finder, you’ll always be able to find your items in minutes. It works very well and can be used for any item imaginable.

Also, it is compatible with Alexa. Therefore, you can control it using your voice. When your man loses his keys, he’ll be glad you gave him this gift.

Luggage Scale

Does your man travel frequently? If so, he needs to weigh his luggage. Otherwise, it may not meet the regulations. That could result in your friend’s luggage not being accepted. Well, you can help eliminate this problem by purchasing the Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale. This scale is quite accurate so your friend will get the precise weight of luggage on every flight. It is small and lightweight so it can be used anywhere too.

3D Printer

3D printers are very expensive. However, you should realize that the ANYCUBIC Photon 3D Printer is going to be well worth it. This machine takes printing to a new level. So, it is going to be an excellent gift for any man who loves gadgets. With this 3D printer, he’ll be able to create all types of items. For instance, he can create models of his favorite anime characters, create DnD miniatures for his board game. Or, he can create life-saving masks for this pandemic. This printer is easy to install and can be used almost immediately after taking out of the box. Your man can start printing cool items in minutes. This machine is also one of the gifts that engineers always love.

Mini Projector

Buying a mini projector is one of the best ways to watch your favorite movies. With that being said, you should check out the APEMAN Pocket Projector. It is costly but you’ll love the image quality this tiny machine delivers. It’s really compact and about the size of an iPhone. With the built-in battery, it can also be used for 2.5 hours before you’ll need to recharge. And, it features a lamp lifetime of 45,000 hours. This means that you can use it 3 hours each day and get 40 years out of it. Finally, this device can widely connect to many others including laptops, TV boxes, and cameras via an HDMI port. This portable projector is undoubtedly the cool stuff to buys for guys.

Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Your guy may visit your house regularly to play games. Or does your guy often travel or go on business trips? If so, buy him this foldable wireless keyboard. After that, he won’t have any trouble carrying the item from place to place. This keyboard is very cool and easy to carry. It folds twice so it will be very compact. Also, the keyboard is ergonomically designed. This ensures that you can use it without any troubles. On top of that, this keyboard can connect up to 3 devices (iOS, Windows, Android) simultaneously and switch easily between them.

AI Language Translator

Traveling to a foreign country can be frightening. It is not only a matter of culture but also of language. With that being said, a language translator is a must-have. This device can translate up to 8 popular languages without an internet connection. Those languages include Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, German and Spanish. Also, its translation capability is 106 languages when connected to the internet. So communication with native speakers in different countries will no longer be an obstacle. If your man is going to be traveling for business or pleasure, buy him this gift.

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Your best friend likes music and you do too. So, you’ll want to give him a gift that you can enjoy together. This solar Bluetooth speaker is a good option in this area. With this type of gift, you can guarantee that your music going to sound great. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about buying rechargeable batteries. This speaker works great and sounds amazing. Hence the reason so many people love it and your friend will as well. Do you want cool stuff for guys? Here it is.

Gaming Mouse

When playing intense video games, you need a mouse that can keep up with you. Well, you’ll want to check out the Logitech G903. First, you should know that this company is one of the most respectable. In other words, you can guarantee that this mouse is going to satisfy serious games. It is lightning fast. As a result, your movements will be translated to the computer game in seconds.

Electronic Helmet

Anyone who is a comic fan and especially likes Marvel is going to love the Iron Man Electronic Helmet. It is expensive. Nevertheless, you’ll want to give it to your son. It requires 3 AAA batteries. Therefore, you’ll want to throw them in the gift box as well. This mask features 2 LED light-up eyes so it is going to look amazing. Furthermore, it has electronic sound effects. It makes a great gift for Halloween. But, you can give it to your son any time of the year.

Wireless Headphones

Listening to your favorite tunes is pleasurable and relaxing. However, you need to make sure that you have a good pair of headphones. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to jam out to your favorite songs without bothering anyone. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones are amazing for this purpose. They’re comfortable, wireless, and the sound quality is outstanding. In addition to that, they’re worth every penny for writers who need peace.

Smart Speaker

Having a smart speaker is very convenient. Once you’ve added one to your home, you’ll be able to control your speaker with your voice. The Sonos Move is costly. Therefore, a lot of people will look elsewhere but you shouldn’t. This speak is outstanding in terms of sound quality. And, it can pick up your voice exceptionally well. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible so you can connect it easily. Also, the speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa for easier control.

Streaming Device

There is a good chance that your boyfriend has cut the cord. If so, you’ll want to give him a streaming device. You’ll find that the Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the best options right now. Since it is from Amazon, you can guarantee it is going to work great. And, you’ll appreciate the customer service you receive. Furthermore, it provides you with access to tons of movies and television shows. Therefore, this compact device is always on the must-have list of couch potatoes.

Portable Gaming Unit

Does your friend enjoy playing an Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Well, you know that he doesn’t like leaving the house much. You’ll want to fix this problem so you can hang out with him more often. If you want to remedy this problem, buy him this portable gaming unit. Then, he’ll be able to take his favorite console games with him everywhere. He can travel the world and still play his favorite games. However, you need to remember that the console is not included. But, that shouldn’t be a problem since he likely already has one.

Finally, you can guarantee that this device is going to work with the latest consoles including PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

VR Gaming System

Isn’t it time your son took his gaming experience to a new level? If so, you’ll want to buy him a VR gaming system. First, you’ll want to take a look at the Oculus Quest. This is one of the most popular VR gaming systems on the planet hence why so many people are buying it. You’ll find that it is very comfortable to wear and use. Plus, it is compatible with a wide assortment of games. Just remember that you’ll need to choose between the 128 GB model and the 64 GB model.

Furthermore, this VR system is going to work great in any environment. If you live in a small apartment, it’ll adapt to suit that environment. Finally, this is the best VR gaming system you can find. You can experiment with the alternatives but this one is best.

NAS DiskStation

Any nerdy man is going to be interesting in having a file server at home. After all, this ensures that he can share files between various devices. But, you will discover that many of these devices are low-quality and not worth the money. However, there is one that is. The Synology 2 Disk Station is the best one you can find. It is inexpensive when compared to some of the alternatives but it works great. Furthermore, this server features 2 bays and 512 MB of DDR4 Ram. You can use it to access and share files and data between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS computers. Plus, it works great with mobile devices.

And, you’ll be able to use this disk station to access your private cloud files from anywhere in the world. If you take a picture on your phone, you can back it up using this product. Don’t look anywhere else because this is the one you want.

Carbon Fibre Wallet

Keeping your personal information safe has never been more important. This is especially true in today’s technology-filled world. With the sophistication available today, hackers can easily steal your personal information from your wallet while sitting across from you. Well, that won’t be the case with this Carbon Fibre Wallet. This wallet is slim and ultra-lightweight with the ability to hold 12 cards and cash. However, the real kicker is the RFID blocking technology. This technology will ensure that no one ever gains access to your personal information.

Smart Lock

A home is a major investment for any man. It is his kingdom. A place where he should reign supreme. Well, he can, but he needs to protect it as well. And, there will be no easier way to protect that kingdom than with this smart lock. This lock can pair up with Alexas for voice control capabilities, but the neat thing is the remote monitoring and control. You can control and monitor your front door from anywhere in the world with this device.

Alarm Clock

What man doesn’t need a good alarm clock to get him up on time? Good being the keyword here. That is exactly what this smart and unique device offers. The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock offers a combination of light and sound so that you actually get a relaxing and nudging wakeup call, rather than a blaring siren. The adjustable display brightness will allow you to customize your entire experience with 20 different adjustable brightness settings and 7 Led color options.

The eye-appealing design will draw attention from all angles. Leave it sitting on your bedside table and never miss getting up on time. The digital display will allow you to see the time clearly from a short distance. And, when you are not sleeping, you can utilize the alarm clock to access your local FM radio station.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, you will appreciate this device too. Listen to sounds that are guaranteed to calm your soul and put you fast asleep. The brightness can be adjusted to ensure little to no distraction after you retire to bed.

Air Fryer

What guy doesn’t need to eat a little healthier? You know you are guilty or eating badly. And, that’s just because it simply isn’t easy when you are always on the go. The Philips TurboStar Airfryer can change all that. This little device will not only help you cook your food healthier, but it’ll cook them with better consistency. All your fried food will now be event cooked.

There is even a keep-warm function included with the device so you can prepare your items ahead of time. The device also comes with a free recipe book. In this book, you’ll find over 200 delectable dishes. You won’t have a problem keeping your taste buds guessing when you invest in this impressive and innovative air fryer.

The interface is fairly straightforward. You can monitor the temperature and time settings from a short distance away with the digital display. Never worry about uneven cooking ever again when utilizing the air fryer.

HEPA Air Purifier

This is just the latest in Dyson technology. As a man, you probably aren’t all too concerned with cleaning the house. And, why should you be? You like a clean house, but it really isn’t a man’s job is it? While Dyson is known for its innovative home cleaning products, this air purifier offers something entirely different. The Dyson Pure Cool is a purifying fan that actually senses pollution and allergens. When it does, it’ll capture them and then store them in the HEPA activated carbon filter.

While it is doing all this it will also project clean, purified air around the home. With the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor the device and get real-time reports sent right to your smart device. Always know what is going on inside your kingdom when you invest in this Dyson Purifier.

The air filter is designed to remove up to 99.9% percent of the impurities in your environment. People who have allergies and/or asthma, the purifier is the best way to ensure fewer symptom triggers. Live longer with fewer attacks in the comfort of your home.

Charging Dock Station

Every man these days has a lot of devices. Devices make life easier. The only problem is that these devices run off electricity. While electricity might not be a problem in today’s world, it can be hard to find the space in the receptacles to accommodate for all your gadgets. Well, that won’t be a problem when you take advantage of this charging dock station.

With 8 AC power outlets, a surge protector, and 6 USB ports, you’ll have more than enough storage and extra space for everything. Powering your essentials won’t be a problem. The entire device is powered with a 6-foot heavy-duty power cord (14AWG). You can rest assured that you will have more than enough insulated protection when and where needed.

Sandwich Maker

Making a sandwich might sound like an easy task, right? Well, it is, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get the perfect sandwich does it? No, but that is exactly what you’ll get when you take advantage of this innovative sandwich maker. It’ll cook your lunch, breakfast, dinner, or whip up a healthy snack in just a matter of a few minutes.

There are more than 25 recipes of the sandwich maker website, so you won’t have a problem keeping those taste buds guessing. The device only requires 4 easy steps to the perfect sandwich. Cleanup is even easier thanks to the removable parts. All the parts can be removed from the device and thrown in the dishwasher. It really doesn’t get much easier or simpler than when utilizing the sandwich maker.

Wine Preservation System

Wine is a delicate beverage that must be stored properly to preserve its integrity. Most people do not consume more than the recommended daily allowance of wine. So, they are left with finding appropriate storage for the bottle of wine. It is not unusual to return the next day and for some reason or another, the wine flavors are dimensions. Well, you will never need to worry about that with the Wine Preservation System by Coravin.

Serve your wines without even needing to remove the cork utilizing the Model Two Premium System. The system utilizes a needle to penetrate into the cork. Besides, the needle is coated with durable Teflon material to ensure the highest level of gentility.

Coffee And Espresso Machine

Not everyone is a fan of espressos and coffees. But, most people are, which is why coffee and espresso machines make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and weddings. The Nespresso VertuoPlus by De’Longhi features technologies and components to ensure reliability, durability, and longevity. Create the most delicious beverages in seconds. And, choose from different size options, depending on your mood.

The interface is very user-friendly, making the coffee and espresso machine suitable for most age groups. Never spend another dime at your local coffee shop when you can replicate its offerings right in the comfort of your home. The instructions are fairly straightforward. After several uses, you should not need to refer back to the instruction guide again.

If you have a forgetful nature, Nespresso has you covered. The company integrated its coffee and espresso machine with an automatic shutoff. When the machine does not receive any human interaction after nine minutes, it will automatically shutoff.

Smart Mug

Do you need a unique gift idea for your brother, mother, sister, or aunt? Well, the solution may be this smart mug. These devices are designed to offer more safety when drinking hot beverages, such as cocoa and tea. The app will allow you to control the temperature setting of your beverage, as well as receive notifications. The smart mug is hand-washable to ensure the highest level of convenience.

It is not unusual for people to get busy and forget about their beverages. When they return to drink the beverage, it is too cold, leaving little to no option but to flush it down the drain. Well, do not worry that will never be an issue with the smart mug. Your beverage will stay your preferred temperature for as long as it takes for you to swallow the last drop.

The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and easy handling. The overall design is eye-appealing and unique. So, you can feel free to leave the mug sitting on your countertop or kitchen table without it looking like an eyesore.

Robotic Vacuum

No one wants to spend more time than necessary vacuuming their home. Well, do not worry there is a solution. That solution is a robotic vacuum. The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C MAX will operate without human assistance for as long as necessary to clean your home. Thanks to remote access, you will never need to make contact with the vacuum when customizing cleaning schedules, turning the unit on/off, and locating the machine. Instead, you will control the actions with the app via your smartphone.

The state-of-the-art brushes will remove pet hair, dust, and tiny debris with ease. When the vacuum encounters hard-to-remove debris, the suctioning intensity will automatically increase. You will never need to lift a finger to vacuum your home again with the robotic vacuum.

Bug Salt Gun

Flying pests are a major problem in some areas of the United States. Many people will utilize pesticides to eliminate pests. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the dangers of utilizing such products. Pesticides contain chemicals and other ingredients that are harmful to the environment, pets, and humans.

The best alternative is the Classic Bug-A-Salt 2.0. The gun is designed to spray table salt up to three feet. Table salt is believed to eradicate some types of pests on contact. This is a much safer alternative to utilizing harmful pesticides.

The ergonomic handles deliver full control and easy handling. Refilling the table salt is a breeze, thanks to the intricate design of the storage bin. Just pop open the top, fill with salt, and start eradicating those pesky insects right now.

Shaving Brush Set

If you are a fan of old-school shaving, you will love the Shaving Brush Set by GRUTTI. The set comes with a razor, lathering brush, bowl, and stand. The construction is solid metal to ensure durability and longevity. The metal is coated with an eye-appealing polished chrome finish. No matter where you place the brush set, it will always be the focal point of your bathroom.

The brush and shaver are designed with ergonomic handles. The handle is a mixture of polished black and chrome finishes. The bristles are soft, durable, and guaranteed to not shed. This will make a thoughtful gift for any male teen or adult, especially barbers.

To ensure thorough cleaning, the shaving cream bowl is detachable. You can remove the bowl, clean it, and reattach it to the stand in seconds. The bowl attaches to the stand utilizing a magnetic button. You can also utilize the magnetic button to make position adjustments as well.

Ergonomic Body Shaver

If you are like most people, you have hair in places that do not look eye-appealing. Well, do not worry because there is an easy solution to your problem. That solution is BakBlade 2.0 Plus. The shaver comes with everything you need to start cleaning your back, legs, arms, and buttocks. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure a high level of comfort and full control.

The lightweight design will eliminate any potential hand, shoulder, and arm discomfort, even when shaving for extended periods. The shaver is designed to offer cost efficiency, as the blade cartridge is replaceable. You can utilize the BakBlade 2.0 to shave even the most intimate parts of your body.

Massage Gun

Everyone enjoys body, feet, and facial massages from time to time. But, not everyone has access to a professional masseuse. The next best option is the deep tissue massage gun by Opove. You can choose from various speed and intensity settings. Customize your massage to suit your needs and preferences. In addition to this, the massage gun is portable. So, you can utilize it in every room of your home with ease.

The ergonomic handle delivers both full control and easy handling. You will receive four head attachments for massaging specific areas of your body. This is one of the most diverse massagers on the market. Plus, it comes with a handy hardshell case for safe storage and easier portability.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have gained in popularity since the first model entered the market. And, the 3rd-gen Nest Learning Thermostat offers convenience at the highest level. Every member of your home can control the thermostat from their smartphone and other mobile devices. Remote access is the driving force behind smart thermostats. Not only can you create schedules but alter the temperature at will from any remote area. And, when you are home, you can adjust the temperature, turn the A/C unit on and off, and switch from heat to cool without rising from your seat.

A smart thermostat would make the perfect housewarming gift for any homeowner.

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