32 Unique Dragon-Themed Gifts for Dragon Lovers


Nowadays, you’ll find that dragons are everywhere. They’re on your television, in your video games, and in the books that you read. They’ve becomes very popular and there is a good chance that you enjoy any content that features dragons. If you know someone who likes dragons, you’ll want to surprise that individual with an amazing gift. And, you’ll want to make sure it is related to dragons. If you do that, you know that the person is going to love the gift and they’ll thank you numerous times.

So, what are the best gift ideas for dragon lovers? Which gifts are going to hit the sweet spot? You will find out below.

32 Unique Dragon Gifts

1. Mythical Dragon Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Everyone needs a salt and pepper shaker set since this combination will make their food much better. Well, you should know that an ordinary set won’t cut it. You’ll want to upgrade to the Mythical Dragon set. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to satisfy your friend to no end. He or she will love it and you know they’re going to use it time and time again.

2. Dragon Gothic Decorative Bookend Statues

Your friend likely enjoys reading books about dragons. If so, he is going to stack a lot of books on his shelf. You’ve seen how cluttered his bookshelf is and you’re eager to fix this problem immediately. If you want to fix this issue, you should give your friend the Castle Dragon Decorative Bookends. They’ll solve this issue in seconds and dragon lovers will adore them.

3. Gothic Guardians Of Light Medieval Dragons Table Lamp

A nice table lamp can make a big difference in any room. If you’ve can’t see well, you’ll want to turn on the lamp. You can use this item in any room including the bedroom or kitchen. This dragon table lamp is out of this world and sure to satisfy everyone. It looks amazing and you know it is going to satisfy your friend. If you have a buddy who loves dragons, you’ll want to give her this awesome table lamp.

4. Dragon Coaster Holder Set

You can’t let your soda sit on your counter for too long. If you do, there is a risk that your table’s surface is going to be destroyed. The good news is that you can solve this problem with a dragon relevant gift. You should give your friend the Dragon Coaster Holder Set at his housewarming party since it’ll solve this problem. You’ll love that this set comes with 4 coasters and a coaster holder. Plus, the dragon theme is outstanding.

5. Mythical Winged Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Your friend loves dragons and you know she used toilet paper. If you’re looking for a good gift, you should buy the dragon toilet paper holder. This one is immensely cool and it features a scary dragon. Thanks to the low cost and adorable design, you know your friend will appreciate this gift. Furthermore, she’ll think of you when grabbing a piece.

6. Dragon Claws Wall Hanger

Your bare walls are boring so you’ll want to hang something as soon as possible. One of the best dragon gifts you can give to your friend is the Talons of the Dunheviel Dragon Wall hangers. These wall hangers are beautiful and effective. They can hold a variety of items making them a good choice for your walls. They were sculpted by artist Liam Manchester ensuring they’ll look great and realistic.

7. Dragon Gothic Decor Hanging Bell

When dinner is ready, you’ll want to ring your bell. This will alert your family members so they can rush back home for dinner. To do that, you’ll need a bell and the Dragon Gothic Decor Bell will do the trick. This inexpensive gift can be mounted on a wall. It weighs 3 pounds so you can mount it easily wherever you like. Whether you need a bell or you are looking for amazing decoration, you’ll want to think about buying this cool gift.

8. Marshgate Castle Dragon Electric Wall Sconce

Adding another light fixture to your home is very wise. With more light, your home will look so much better. Well, you’ll want to buy the Marshgate Dragon Wall Sconce. This one will look great in your home and it’ll make the perfect gift. While costly, this is one of the best dragon-related gifts you could buy. Remember that it works with 40-watt bulbs ensuring your friend will be able to use it easily.

9. Dragon Fireplace Wood Corbel

If you have a fireplace, you’ll want to make it look amazing. Adding the right corbel to the equation will make things much better. This is why you’ll want to buy your friend the Dragon Fireplace Wood Corbel. Anyone who likes dragons is going to appreciate this amazing gift. Remember that you can choose the size that suits your needs best. So, you won’t have any trouble finding a size that fits your fireplace.

10. The Dragon Of Falkenberg Castle Garden Statue

There is something about dragons that make them so attractive. If you have a buddy who constantly speaks about dragons, you’ll want to bless him or her with the Dragon of Falkenberg Garden Statue. This dragon statue will add life to your garden. And, you know that the dragon is going to protect your garden’s flowers.

11. Medieval Gothic Dragon Trinket Stash Box

Many people are looking for a safe and hidden place to store their valuables. Do you have some jewelry you’d like to hide from others? If so, you should think about buying the Dragon Stash Box. It features a hidden storage compartment making this a good box for your valuables. This decorative gift box makes a great gift and it looks amazing. Protect your friend’s belongings by giving her this mythical storage box.

12. Dragon Metal Key Chain Holder

Your mother has multiple cars and several key chains. This can make it difficult for her to manage and store her keys. Thankfully, you can help her sort out this problem by giving her the Dragon Metal Key Chain Holder. This key chain holder is very attractive and it’ll satisfy any dragon lover. On top of that, it was made in the United States so you know it is going to last.

13. Twin Double Dragon Celtic Gothic Pen Holder

Whether you’re trying to store pens or hairbrushes, you’ll need to find a convenient holder. The Twin Dragon Pen Holder can be used for an abundance of purposes and it won’t empty your bank account. This gift is very attractive and it features two dragons. You know a dragon lover will appreciate receiving this gift from you. If you know someone who can’t stop talking about dragons, you can guarantee that they’ll find a way to use this holder.

14. Private Label Twin Evil Dragons Antiqued Mantel Clock

Your friend needs a clock so you’ll want to give him one that features dragons. This one is going to put a smile on your pal’s face. It looks great and works exceptionally well. With this clock, your friend will have another dragon decoration to add to his collection. Plus, she’ll always be able to determine what time it is.

15. Dragon Sculptural Ball Point Pens

The Dragon ballpoint pens are excellent for any purpose. Whether you’re trying to decorate or need to sign your signature, these pens will solve your problems. Give this gift to your dragon-loving friend and they’ll use them for many years to come. For the price, this is one of the best gifts you will ever give to your loved one.

16. Dragon Stapler

Having a stapler is very beneficial since it’ll let you attach papers together. A dragon stapler is even better. It works great so it won’t let you down. Plus, the stapler is rugged and tough. It’ll maintain its cool appearance for many years to come. Give this one to your buddy because you know they’re going to love it.

17. Fantastic Dragon Notebook

This Dragon Notebook is gorgeous and amazing. So, you know it is going to hit the right notes. Plus, it is effective for the intended purpose. If you know someone who likes writing about dragons, this notebook will make the perfect gift. Since it is inexpensive, it’ll work great for you too.

18. Deluxe Dragon Dice Storage Box

Your friend regularly uses dices when playing DnD. Well, you need to make sure he has a place to store those dice. This box is tough so it’ll work exceptionally well. Furthermore, it is going to keep his dice safe at all times. When he is ready to use the dice, he’ll know where they’re at thanks to this storage box. You can also check Gifts for D&D players to find more dragon gift ideas.

19. Black Dragon Wine Valet Holder

Dragons and wine go together exceptionally well. The Black Dragon Wine Valet Holder makes a great gift for anyone who likes dragons. It has a gorgeous design. In addition to that, it’ll hold two wine glasses and a wine bottle. Therefore, this holder will work great for most families.

20. Decorative Gothic Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

Your dragon-loving friend drinks wine frequently. So, you’ll want to give them the Mythical Dragon Wine Bottle Holder. It is inexpensive, effective, and gorgeous. Furthermore, it is going to make a great addition to any home bar. This gift is a must for your pal who can’t get enough of those adorable dragons.

21. Dragon Eye Wine Goblet

Your pal loves drinking so this goblet will make a great gift. On top of that, you’re going to love the low cost. And, it is capable of holding 7 ounces. Thanks to these features, you’ll find that this is a great purchase. Whether you use it for yourself or give it to a friend, you know it’ll be very helpful. Just remember that this cup needs to be washed by hand.

22. Celtic Dragon Carbon Fiber Ring

Your boyfriend will feel great when wearing the King Will Fiber Ring. It looks great and it’ll make them feel amazing. Furthermore, the material of this ring is Carbon Fiber so you can use it for a long time. So, you can give it to your friend knowing it won’t break easily. It’ll provide your friend with years of use. If your boyfriend or husband is an addict for dragons, then why not buy this dragon ring for him.

23. Glowing Dragon Necklace

Your buddy wants a dragon necklace so you should give her this one. It is very attractive meaning people won’t be able to look elsewhere. And, it will last a lifetime. In addition to that, this gift will please anyone who likes watching dragon-themed shows on television. This necklace is suitable for your girlfriend, daughter, niece, wife, or even your mother.

24. Dragon Ashtray With Celtic Symbol

If your boyfriend smokes, you need to give him an ashtray so he won’t make a mess. Well, you should look no further than the Dragon Ashtray. It is beautiful and inexpensive. Any smoker will love this gift. However, you’ll find that it is best received by dragon fanatics.

25. Dragon Head Bottle Opener

Opening certain bottles can be tough without an opener, so you’ll want to help. Give your friend the Dragon Head Bottle Opener and they’ll have no trouble opening those bottles. Furthermore, it features a dragon’s head. And, you know the faux pewter finish is going to last a lifetime. This inexpensive gift is a must for your dragon fanatic boyfriend.

26. Hand Engraved Whiskey Rocks Glass

The whiskey glass is engraved with a fiery dragon head. The details are spectacular and handcrafted by experienced artisans. The capacity is 14 fluid ounces, making this the ideal glass for vodka, scotch, and whiskey. And, you can also have the Whiskey Rocks Glass personalized with the recipient’s name and a special message.

27. Dragon Sculptured Folding Knife

Everything about the folding knife says “dragon”. First, the blade while stainless steel is integrated with finely detailed etchings. The handle is ergonomically designed with a dragon. The craftsmanship is superior. In addition to that, this is one knife that will compliment your existing collection in more ways than one.

28. Dragon Eye Soap

You really cannot go wrong with gifting soap. But, if you are going to gift soap to a dragon lover, it needs to be special. The Dragon Eye Soap is the ideal gift for the young and very old. The soap is available in various scents, including heavy and light. You can utilize the gift as favors for dragon weddings or décor.

29. 3D Pop-Up Greeting Card

Sometimes it does not take an expensive gift to say “I Love You”. No, it just takes a simple greeting card. But, this is not a simple greeting card. Instead, it is a 3D greeting card that replicates a dragon on the launch. The graphics and craftsmanship are superior. Every detail, even the minor ones, will capture the recipient’s eye. The card will pop open, creating a beautiful dragon amid the clouds.

30. White And Purple Dragon Duvet Cover

If you are one of those dragon lovers who want their bedroom to speak volumes about your hobbies, the Dragon Duvet is key. The duvet is beautifully crafted with bold graphics that will capture the eye of every passerby. The white and purple dragons come together to form a heart. This is the perfect gift for dragon lovers with a romantic side.

31. Dragon Toothless Leather Purse

Need a gift idea that will impress? Well, look no further than the Dragon Purse. The leather construction ensures durability even when worn every day of the week. To own this purse, you must commit to dragon-training. You can customize the length to fit your stature with use. So, you just make a few adjustments of the shoulder strap and be on your way without delay. If you have a girlfriend or wife and want a dragon gift for her, this cute bag is definitely a smart choice.

32. Dragon WindnSun 3-D Nylon Kite

There is nothing that will make you feel freer than flying a kite. But, this isn’t just some ole’ kite, no it is a dragon kite. The graphics are stunning even from afar. The design with long tail, head, and wings replicates a dragon. The nylon construction ensures durability and longevity. And, the integrity of the kite will endure the test of time, regardless of how long it is exposed to the elements.


There are many dragon gifts that you can find in the market, whether the recipient is an adult, kid, male or female. However, each recipient will have different characteristics that you should consider to find the best gift. Hopefully, you’ll find one that will surprise your dragon lover with the cool dragon things we’ve curated and shared above.

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