20 Lazy-Ass Gifts for Your Favorite Couch Potato


Do you have someone near to the heart that loves to lounge around more than anything in the world? Well, who doesn’t like to lounge around? Everyone does in their own right, but some individuals are just adept at it. They just want to lie on the couch, eat chips, drink coke, and watch tv shows. These things make shopping for these people harder than imagined. What do you buy someone that seemingly wants or is interested in nothing? Check out the gift ideas below for the answer!

Best Gifts for Couch Potatoes

Couch Armrest Organizer

Lounging around on the couch, watching your favorite shows is excellent, but it is even better when you have your favorite snacks and beverages at hand. You can help your couch potato have all his or her favorites near when you choose to give this couch armrest organizer. This organizer fits right over a traditional armrest so that it will fit a couch or recliner as well. Its material is high-quality PU leather that ensures durability and easy to clean with a soft cloth. This couch organizer has one large pocket and two small ones that will hold all the essentials from remote controls to gamepads. Besides, it has a detachable wooden center tray for snacks and beverages.

Self Stirring Mug

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee while enjoying your favorite show. It will be even more enjoyable with this self-stirring mug. Stirring will become a thing of the past, as all you have to do is press one easy button and the mug will mix all the powder to your favorite drinks. This mug can contain 15 ounces of your favorite beverages and comes with some funny messages. Choose the one that suits your couch potato the best.


Who says that couch potatoes don’t want to look their best? Just because they are lazy doesn’t mean they don’t care about their appearances. This quality t-shirt will keep the couch potato on your list always look their best, regardless of how long they’ve been lounging around. Not only this, but it features a unique design combining a sloth and a funny saying, “Just do it later.” This design undoubtedly makes a perfect gift for lazy people. There are also available various sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Smart Speaker

The Echo Plus is essential for any couch potato. It comes fully equipped with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub that is easy to set up and sync with your other smart devices. The customizable sound settings allow you to easily and quickly adjust the sound to match your specific needs. This device can even pair with a second Echo Plus for even more enhanced sound and features. However, the most impressive thing with this device is the voice control. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite songs or control your smart home when connected to other compatible devices.

Robot Vacuum

Sometimes lounging around can be messy, especially after indulging in your favorite foods. Who wants to clean up on a full stomach when their favorite shows are going on? No one and your couch potato won’t have to when you invest in this robot vacuum. This vacuum offers three different stages of cleaning that loosens, lifts, and sucks dirty things from floors or carpets, so it doesn’t matter how dirty the floor is or what snacks you have been indulging in. Besides this, it has built-in sensors that will make the vacuum suck and work harder when it needs to. With the 27-degree angle brush, this bad boy won’t have a problem reaching into corners and other problematic areas. Finally, it can work with other Alexa-powered devices for voice control, or you can use the iRobot Home app to schedule a cleanup. This robot vacuum is without a doubt one of the best gifts for couch potatoes.

Light Switch

This ultimate smart light switch gives anyone the tools and technology that they need to control electronics from the comfort of their couch. The switch can be paired with smartphones using the Kasa app, which is compatible with Android and iOS. Moreover, it also works with other devices via Alexa, like the iRobot vacuum and Echo Plus above. Don’t worry about the install because the Kasa app will pretty much do it all for you. So you no need to be an engineer or even an active individual to do this task. Apart from that, you can set schedules to turn electronics on and off by your wants.

Lazy Glasses

Laying around watching TV all day can be hard of the neck and eyes. At least it used to be until you came across these horizontal lazy glasses. They take all the hard work out for focusing on the TV. These glasses provide 90-degree angle views, which completely eliminates the need even to move your head. The best part is that they come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If these glasses do not perform as expected for any reason, you can send them back for a full refund. With all of these things, this gift is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to move around.

Tablet Stand

How to eat and hold a tablet at the same time all day? It takes tremendous effort to get up and get these devices. Your shoulders, your arms will be tired, and you won’t desire anymore to enjoy your favorite tv shows. That scenario won’t happen if you give this tablet stand to the couch potato. This stand comes with a sturdy mechanical design that is capable of holding a maximum of 1500 grams. It is compatible with devices 4.7 inches to 11 inches and is perfect for iPads and iPad minis. It also has four joints and 360-degree rotation that can be fully adjusted so that you can enjoy your devices from any comfortable angle.

Automatic Pet Feeder

With this automatic pet feeder, you won’t ever have to worry about getting up off the couch to care for your pets. This device works like an all in one pet sitter and is capable of feeding your pets from anywhere. The device even features an HD camera for voice and video recording so you can interact with your pet. It has two food dispense trays, which can be switched by the needs of your pets. Pair the device with your smartphone via the WOPET app, and you will never let your four-legged friend be hungry when the video is climaxing.

Hooded Blanket

This soft and cozy hooded blanket will keep you more than warm and comfy while you enjoy your favorite shows from your comfortable couch. This hooded blanket was designed to provide extreme comfort and pleasure as you can roll yourself entirely into the sleeves while still being able to move freely. Simply put, you’ll stay warm, but still, be able to access your favorite snacks and devices comfortably. Along with this, the blanket comes available in several colors and sizes, so you’ll easily be able to match it to anyone’s personality.


It is necessary for any couch potato to keep their feet warm while lying around on the couch for hours at a time. And, this is exactly where these novelty socks will come in handy. These socks feature a unisex design and are available in various sizes. Their material is 80% cotton, 15% spandex, and 5% elastic to not only provide comfort but flexibility and durability as well. They come adorned with the cute little message – “If you can read this, then bring me some wine.” This message is excellent for any couch person who loves wine. However, if he or she doesn’t like wine, you still have other messages to get.

Massage Seat Cushion

Sitting around all the time might seem like a true pleasure, but you would be surprised to learn what a toll it can take on the lower back and neck. You can help prevent these aches and pains by giving this massage seat cushion. This cushion mimics a chair and offers customizable features for a more personalized experience. You can choose to focus the kneading device on specific zones of the back, or you can take advantage of the full-back massage to target all the areas. There is even an optional heat setting available from Shiatsu balls that will provide extra warmth as well as relief in targeted areas. This model also offers an extremely portable design so you can take it from place to place with you. If you want your loved lazy person to not suffer from neck and back pain, give them this massager.

Roller Window Shade

Sometimes watching and streaming your favorite shows can be all about having the right lighting. With this roller window shade, you will always have maximum light or darkness whenever it is needed. And, the nest thing is, you won’t even have to stand up to make the adjustments. Each shade offers a 100% blackout polyester fabric design, and you can ask the manufacturer to provide a fit to your home window if the available ones don’t fit. The shade also has a durably built motor that will provide years and years of operation. In addition, it can be controlled by voice via Alexa and Apple Siri for a more hands-free experience. Unfortunately, due to the customizable features, the shades will not be able to be returned.

Bluetooth Headphones

When someone is indulging in their favorite shows, they will not want to be disturbed. Unfortunately, this is a task that is much harder to accomplish. At least that’s used to be the case until you discovered these Bluetooth headphones. The first thing you need to know is that they have many attractive color schemes so that you won’t have a problem matching them up with anyone’s unique personality from masculine to feminine. However, this is just the start of what these magnificent headphones offer. The COWIN E7 PROs offer noise cancellation and reduction technology that will make you think you are literally in a world of your own. Because they are wireless headphones, you can take them anywhere with you. Plus, it has a large battery capacity that can serve 30 hours continuously without turning off. What is more suitable for a couch potato than these persistent Bluetooth headphones?

Keyboard & Mouse Combo

No one wants to take their eyes off the shows they love and access their devices when having important messages or e-mail coming in. This is something that you will no longer deal with when you buy this wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The Logitech MK345 combo is a full-size set that is comfortable and offers extremely quiet typing, so disrupting others is impossible. The keyboard offers plenty of palm rest, so you can be at ease type and chat to the fullest. The right-handed mouse is friendly and accurately contoured for smooth, precision tracking. Whether you are engaging in games, checking out apps, or trying to get some work done from the couch, you will always be able to do it with this combo kit.

4K Smart TV

You simply can’t enjoy your favorite shows without a TV. And, not just any TV will suffice these days. You need a great one with all the technology available. That is exactly where this 4K Smart TV comes in. This beautiful flat-screen TV is powered by Quantum Dots to offer the most pleasant viewing experience possible. It provides over a billion brilliant colors and 100 percent color volume for exceptional detail and refined color that you could only dream about. Because of being a smart TV, it also can connect to other devices if they are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Furthermore, with a beautiful design, it can still decorate the house even when not in use. Whether that TV addict is your dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, or your kid, this 4K TV is always a great choice.

Streaming Media Player

A good day on the couch will not make sense anymore without attractive shows or episodes. That will never happen if you buy this streaming device. With the Fire TV Stick 4K, you can access to vast online entertainment libraries in a few simple steps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. The video quality it streams is 4K Ultra HD, which is amazingly vivid. It even pairs with Alexa to offer a more hassle-free operation. To not miss the latest and hottest shows, invest in this streaming player.

Lap Desk

This ergonomic portable lap desk will ensure that you always have all your favorite devices in check and close at hand when you are lounging on the couch. It has phone slots that will safely and securely store your phones, and a flat 21.1 x 12- inch surface that will handle your tablets and laptops. There is even a spot for your mouse. The mouse pad space is 5 x 9 inches and offers a smooth gliding experience that you would typically get with most traditional mouse pads.

Double Bowl

This cleverly designed double bowl is more than perfect for your favorite snacks. Whether they are Cheetos or salty peanuts, this bowl can hold your favorites. The larger bowl located on the bottom allows you to discard shells and pits so that you can get them out of sight and mind. Besides, you can use the two bowls separately if you have a guest over or are just feeling extra hungry. The bowl is dishwasher safe and designed to withstand the test of time.

Popcorn Maker

What would be a happy day on the couch without a good bowl of popcorn? It wouldn’t be much of a day at all. The only problem is getting that good popcorn usually requires a visit to the store. Well, that will be much simpler when you purchase this innovative popcorn maker. It does come available in several color options and includes a cup for measuring kernels and other additional things. Moreover, this popcorn machine takes a safer and healthier approach to pop as it opts for hot air instead of oil and unneeded preservatives.

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