9 Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Apple Shapes

Don’t you hate it when you have a plus size apple body type? The tummy fats, the undefined waistline, both of them make it challenging for you to dress up.

Everyday wear gives you enough headaches, but here comes the summer! It is when you have to put on a bikini and show off your curves.

Don’t worry. Each body shape has its strengths and weaknesses, and the apple body is no exception. Apple ladies can always look great on the beach, as long as they know the best swimsuits for their body.

Read on to know them!

What Is An Apple Shape Body?

An apple shape body refers to a ‘top heavy’ figure, in which you have large and heavy upper body parts. Meanwhile, the arms and legs remain thin over time. When an apple-shaped puts on weight, she is likely to gain extra weight at the stomach area. Below are some typical characteristics of the apple shape figure.

  • Wide torso
  • Broad shoulders
  • Full bust
  • Thin arms and legs
  • Undefined waistline
  • Full hips but narrower than the bust

Don’t mix it up between an apple-shaped and a pear-shaped body. While an apple body is heavy in parts above the waist, the pear body is heavy below the waist.

Born Apple and New Apple

Does it sound strange to you? Born apple and new apple are two types of apple-shaped body.

Born apples are people who are born with an apple body and retain the shape no matter if they are fat or slim.

On the other hand, new apples refer to those who are born with a different body shape but become an apple-shaped when they put on weight. This is because they carry the extra weight in the stomach area just like an apple lady.

If you are a new apple, you can always lose weight to recover the initial body type. Born apples cannot, but don’t feel so bad about it! Any body shape has its strengths, and so does apples. Let’s discover the benefits of having an apple body in the next section.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Apple Body Type

Having an apple body shape is not entirely bad. You still have some nice features that can make other girls green with envy. For example, your arms and legs are naturally thin and firm even though you do not bother to exercise frequently.

The best thing about apple body type must be the curves! The round-shaped breasts and full hips give you feminine curves just like those of an hourglass shape. But the picture changes once an apple body type gains weight.

Your waistline gradually disappears until you cannot define it any longer. The belly area measures the same width or even wider than your shoulders and hips, making you look like a moving apple!

So basically, the midsection is the biggest weakness of an apple body type. Now you know the strengths and weaknesses of your body shape, let’s move on to the next part!

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Swimsuit For Apple Shaped Plus Size Body

There are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a bathing suit that best fits your apple shaped plus size body.

First, you need something that makes people focus on your best assets such as the hips and the breasts, and takes the emphasis away from the belly area. If you want to wear patterns, avoid any outfits with a different pattern in the tummy to avoid drawing attention to that area. Belts are not recommended, either. But in case you have to wear one, make sure you choose thin and dark-colored belts.

Don’t be afraid to show off your bust as it is one of the best features you have. People will get busy looking at it and forget about your big tummy (hopefully!).

One word of caution: avoid wearing heavy adornments near your bust. You are already top-heavy!

Next, a defined waistline is what most apple-shaped women lack. Therefore, you should look for a swimsuit that can create the illusion of one.

On top of that, as your body is already wide, avoid swimsuits that make it wider. To be specific, you should ignore those with horizontal lines and patterns.

Last but not least, if you are short and have a plus size apple body shape, pick a suit that enhances your proportion and makes you look taller. You know proportion is the key.

Best Bathing Suits for Apple-Shaped Bodies

Below are some of the most flattering swimsuits for plus size apple body shape. Take a look!

A-line Swim Dress

As you see in the image below, an A-line swim dress floats over the waist to a skirt. It creates a contrast between your waist and hips, allowing you to show off your full buttstock while hiding away the belly.

Swim dresses are also the best in terms of coverage. Wear one to the beach and you will not have any tan lines!

Do not mix up A-line with straight swim dresses. Although the same type, the latter does not create any effects on your body. The chance it looks flattering on you is almost zero.

A black floral A-line dress is best for apple-shaped ladies
A black floral A-line dress is best for apple-shaped ladies

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Hourglass Effect Swimsuits

As its name might suggest, this type of swimsuit creates an illusion of an hourglass figure using lines, patterns, cutouts, etc. Take a look at the photo below and you will see it.

Your waistline is now defined by the see-through detail on both sides. You can also choose one with crisscross detail running from the neckline to the belly area further enhancing the hourglass effect. Other people’s attention will shift from the tummy to your round-shaped breast right away.

The see-through part at the waistline will create an hourglass effect for apple shaped bodies
The see-through part at the waistline will create an hourglass effect

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Peplum Tankinis

Tankini refers to a hybrid type between bikini and tank top. It is the best bet for apple-shaped women. Meanwhile, the peplum top is designed to hug your waist and define a ‘waistline’. It tricks the eyes to believe that you have a slim waist.

A plus-size peplum tankini set is perfect for apple shapes
A plus-size peplum tankini set

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Deep Plunging Necklines

Bathing suits with deep plunging necklines have a slimming effect as it elongates the body visually, especially in the arms and the torso. The deeper neckline, the slimmer your body appears. At the same time, it enhances the feminine curves you already have.

Some designs even combine plunging V-neck with a tummy control panel to further improve the effect.

Not feel safe with such an open neckline? You can always choose the one with crisscross detail in that area! It offers the same vertical accent while giving full bust support.

Deep plunging neckline swimsuit with crisscross detail
Deep plunging neckline swimsuit with crisscross detail

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High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Wearing a high-waisted bottom is tricky as not all body shapes can pull it off. Nonetheless, it isn’t the case for plus size apple ladies.

The high-waisted bottom is super effective in accentuating your curves by tucking in the belly fat and defining a waistline. Make sure it goes above your belly button to achieve this desired effect.

High-waisted bottom helps tuck in the belly fat
High-waisted bottom helps tuck in the belly fat

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Swimsuits with Tummy Control Panel

An extra layer of fabrics is added to a one-piece swimsuit or bikini bottom to hide away belly fat and define the waistline, hence the name. It also works wonders in supporting your breast.

Swimsuits with tummy control panels cost more than other types, but all things considered, they are worth every penny. Every lady, including apple body shape, should have at least one in the wardrobe.

Apple ladies should have a ruched tummy-control swimsuit
Apple ladies should have a ruched tummy-control swimsuit

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Vertical and Diagonal Lines

The quickest way to produce the slimming effect is to wear swimsuits with vertical and diagonal lines on. These lines will visually elongate your body and make you look slimmer and taller than usual.

On the other hand, plus size apple shapes should avoid horizontal lines at all cost.

The vertical lines have a slimming effect
The vertical lines have a slimming effect

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For all apple ladies out there: let’s ruffle it up! The overlapping ruffles are great to hide away the tummy and create a visual waistline. They will bring you a stunning look!

Like swim dresses, ruffle swimwear is also an ideal option for those who don’t want to expose much skin on the beach.

The ruffles will conceal the tummy fat for apple-shaped women
The ruffles will conceal the tummy fat for apple-shaped women

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Ruched tankini top

Last but not least, a highly recommended swimsuit design for apple body type is ruched. It is born to flatter apple-shaped ladies!

You should choose one with ruching around the tummy to make it look less noticeable and shift away attention.

Ruched tankinis are born for apple ladies
Ruched tankinis are born for apple ladies

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Do you see? It is not hard for apple ladies to look stunning on the beach, as long as they wear the right thing. Now you know the best swimsuits for plus size apple bodies, you are able to choose your favorite. Take your time! If you find this article useful, don’t hesitate to like and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!

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