5 Best Action Cameras Under $100


Need a new action camera? Well, you will not face any issues finding exactly what you want. Fortunately, there are various brands with state-of-the-art features and components that will satisfy any avid photographer. The best way to ensure you get it right the first go-round is to know what to look for. Factors including warranty, construction, weather-resistant capability, video stabilization, must be considered at all costs.

Below, you will find the top five cameras are listed in the article as well as a buying guide and important factors. You are shopping on a budget so you need to focus on low-ticket models. It is still just as important to not skimp on quality to avoid ending up with junk.

Top 5 4K Action Cameras Under $100

1. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Action Camera

The brave 4 by AKASO is an affordable but quality action camera similar to the GoPro. The camera features the necessities to record action events, underwater videos, and still images. While compact, Brave 4 has image stabilization and an adjustable view angle. This is one camera that will guarantee to not break your budget.

Picture Quality

Even if you are an amateur photographer, you know the importance of picture quality. Today, photographers display their works on social media platforms. So, they want their videos and images to be clear and crisp. Well, they can get just that with the Brave 4 but so much more. The camera delivers premium-grade ultra HD videos and incredibly beautiful images. And, you are getting all of this for less than your budget.


The Brave 4 comes with a waterproof case to allow for up to 100-feet water recording. You can submerge the camera up to 100-feet of water without causing damage. But, it must be encased into the waterproof casing. This design is very similar to that of the GoPro, which is a popular, high-ticket action camera.

Adjustable View

The view angle is adjustable to various degrees. You can choose from as low as 70-degrees and as high as 170-degrees, with 110 and 140 degrees in between. The view angle is simple to adjust to ensure convenience amid recording videos and snapping shots.

90-Minute Battery Time

The included 1050mAh rechargeable battery is described by many photographers as “high-quality.” The battery delivers up to 90 minutes of recording time. Since Brave 4 includes two 1050mAh batteries, you will have double the recording time, up to 180 minutes in all.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes two batteries
  • Waterproof casing included (up to 100 feet)
  • Image stabilization
  • 2-Inch IPS screen


  • Time-consuming to switch from video to image
  • Battery charger needs to be upgraded
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2. VanTop Moment 4 Action Camera

With the high-ticket GoPro gaining so much attention, budgetary camera enthusiasts are on the lookout for something affordable. No consumer should be forced to exceed their budget to get what they want. Well, they no longer need to thanks to VanTop. The company has outdone itself with its Moment 4. The Action Camera has the necessities to deliver 4K images and videos at a fraction of the cost.

Great Stabilization

Stabilization in the camera world is crucial. It can be the determining factor of how well your videos turn out. The Moment 4 is integrated with Electronic Image Stabilization, better known as EIS. This technology helps stabilize videos, so they come out looking professional-grade. You can utilize the camera when performing high-action stunts, jogging, walking, and running. This is probably the best budget action camera with image stabilization that you should pay attention to.

Compatible With Smartphone

To add convenience on all levels, VanTop designs its camera to sync with the smartphone. Once the camera is paired, you will be able to control it via your smartphone. Attach the Moment 4 to your bike, helmet, or cap and control it via your mobile phone. Just download CamKing and you will be set to control the camera remotely.

In addition to smartphone control, you can also share videos and images with your friends via social media. The CamKing app, your smartphone, and Moment 4 will allow you to share your experiences with others on-the-go.

Waterproof Casing

Do you enjoy underwater photography? If so, you will appreciate the included waterproof case. With the case intact, you can safely submerse Moment 4 in water depths up to 100 feet. Utilize it for recording your partner or children snorkeling, drifting, diving, surfing, skiing, and swimming.


  • Waterproof case (up to 100 feet)
  • Stabilization
  • Resolution – 4K
  • Mode for recording in dashcam style
  • Compatible with most smartphones


  • Battery runtime is not as guaranteed
  • Battery dies when the camera not in use
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3. APEMAN TRAWO A100 Action Camera

In the market for an affordable action camera? If so, you are in luck. The TRAWO A100 by APEMAN may be what you are looking for. The camera is integrated with quality components and features similar to that of the expensive GoPro. Utilize the camera for still images and action events without compromising the quality of your videos and images.

Quality Videos

The TRAWO A100 is embedded with technology to deliver a 4K 30fps video. Capture some of the finest details of action events like never before. The compact and lightweight size will ensure little to no interference when performing all kinds of action stunts.

Handy LCD Screen

Many photographers like to be able to see what they are doing. Unfortunately, some action cameras do not offer that ability but the TRAWO A100 does. The innovative LCD screen allows photographers to view the area in front of the lens. You can utilize the screen to zero in on your target in seconds.


You can connect TRAWO A100 to any device with an HDMI port. The connection will allow you to view and share your videos and images on PC and TV screens. Many photographers utilize this connection to edit their works because it allows them to see the finer details easier.

Waterproof Design

Take the camera with you on vacation, so you can utilize it for watersports. The included waterproof case allows you to submerge the camera up to 40 meters in water. Utilize it to capture videos and images of your children being silly and sharing special moments with marine life.


  • Waterproof casing (up to 40 meters water depth)
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Up to 170-degree view angle
  • Integrated with Wi-Fi module
  • High-resolution video capability


  • Battery life is limited when video recording
  • Not compatible with modern USB 3.0
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4. Campark X20 Native 4K Ultra HD Action Camera

The Campark X20 is an affordable action camera with 4k and several accessories. It is very affordable so you’ll save money. Nevertheless, this camera offers decent stabilization and so much more. It is rugged so you can drop it a few times. You’ll be able to use the camera underwater since it is waterproof up to 40m. It features the standard 170-degree wide-angle lens. This makes it good for various activities.

Anti-Shake And Touchscreen

The touchscreen on this camera works great. You will be able to adjust the settings using your finger without much effort. You’ll also appreciate the anti-shake technology. If you can’t stand shaky footage, this camera will help. It features EIS stabilization so the shake can be eliminated. This provides for steadier footage at all times.


While it is affordable, the camera comes with several accessories. For instance, you’re going to receive a waterproof case and two batteries. You’ll also get a remote control wristband and a professional accessories kit. For the price, this is a wonderful value. You’ll get your money’s worth from this camera and you’ll always be able to find ways to use this camera.

Shooting Modes

This cheap action camera offers various shooting modes. For instance, you’ll be able to benefit from the 4K/30FPS shooting mode. The camera can shoot 4K videos so you’re going to get the highest quality possible. You can also shoot in 2K and 1080p. This will be sufficient for most people. If you want a cheap camera capable of snapping gorgeous videos, this one should do the job.


  • IPS touch screen works great
  • Anti-shake technology is good
  • Comes with two batteries and a remote


  • 4K compression is high
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5. Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera

Most action cameras are only going to provide 1080p video quality. The Crosstour takes things to a new level since it offers 4K Ultra HD. This camera allows the user to record in several modes including 4K/50FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, and 720P/60FPS. So, there is no 1080p but you can take advantage of 4K. If you want a cheap 4K camera that is reliable and fun to use, this one is worth checking out.


Shaky hands will ruin your videos so you’ll want to buy a tripod or find a camera with stabilization. The Crosstour features anti-shake technology to help reduce shakiness. The built-in electronic image stabilization is decent. This will make a difference and help keep your videos steady at all times.

App Compatible

This action camera can be controlled with an app. It features built-in Wi-Fi. Once you’ve downloaded the app on your phone, you’ll be able to pair it with your camera. Then, you’ll be able to control the camera using your phone. This is great for capturing images and videos when you’re standing in front of the camera. The Wi-Fi will work up to 10 meters making it suitable for an assortment of activities.

Waterproof Case

The Crosstour Camera comes with a waterproof case. This camera can take videos underwater without any issues. With the case, you’ll be able to take the camera 40m underwater without worrying about anything going wrong. The camera is a good choice for people who want to capture aquatic wildlife.


Despite being very affordable, you’ll be thrilled to know that this camera comes with a lot of accessories. For instance, it includes 2 rechargeable batteries. This will keep you going and help you avoid needing to recharge. Also, you should understand that this camera is compatible with most GoPro accessories. So, it’ll work with a lot of accessories that you can buy online or in your local store.


  • Comes with two batteries
  • Waterproof case helps
  • It can be controlled with an app


  • Battery life is somewhat limited
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What To Consider Before Buying An Action Camera Under 100

You can get a decent buying guide for under 100. However, you need to consider a handful of factors when making your decision.

Picture Quality

It is pertinent to make sure that the camera can record in 720p or 1080p. These are the latest resolutions and will allow you to take gorgeous pictures with your new action camera. With this high-quality picture quality, your videos will look exceptional despite using an affordable action cam.


If you want to record awesome videos, you’ll want a waterproof camera. With a waterproof cam, you’ll be able to duck it underwater, pull it back out, and check the footage you’ve recorded. On top of that, you’ll be able to use the camera in various weather conditions without any problems.

View Angle

The view angle of the camera can make a big difference. Most action cameras feature a fish-eye view. More advanced cameras allow you to change from fish-eye to narrow and linear. Either way, you’ll want to choose a camera that offers the type of viewing angle that will work best for your videos.


You can guarantee that most action cameras are going to come with a rechargeable battery. The only downside is that some batteries have a very short life. Be sure to pay attention to battery life so you can get a camera that you won’t have to recharge every 15 minutes.

Other Features

There are numerous other features to consider. It is wise to look for a camera that features stabilization. This will help ensure that your videos are not shaky. You’ll also want to look for a camera that offers time-lapse modes.


Does the camera come with any accessories? Some may come with tripods, selfie sticks, and additional batteries. To get more for your money, you’ll want to choose a camera with several included accessories.


Action cameras are great for travelers, families, and action junkies. Remember that you don’t have to spend too much to buy an action camera. As long as you rely on the tips and reviews provided above, you should be able to find a great camera without breaking the bank.

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