22 Unique Gift Ideas for Bass Guitar Players


There is a good chance that you know a bass player. If this is the case, you’ll likely want to give that individual a good gift for Christmas, birthday, or a special event. However, finding a gift for them is not easy because a bassist will have outstanding personalities different from ordinary instrument players. Difficult but not impossible. With the list of ideas here, whether your player is a beginner or has spent a decade playing it, you’ll find some that make them happy.


Everyone wants to show off their own passion, and so does your bass player. You can help that player with this Bass Guitar T-Shirt. He’ll wear it everywhere. While the t-shirt is simple, its design and saying still make one of the best gifts for a bass player. Just make sure that you get the right size so your friend will be able to wear the shirt without any issues.


The bassist you know likely enjoys coffee in the morning. Once they’ve drunk coffee, they’ll hit the instrument and create beautiful music. You’ll want to give your bassist something to drink coffee from. This is why you should check out this Funny Bassist Coffee Mug. This mug is an outstanding gift for any bassist regardless of their gender. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or love, you know this mug is going to be received very well.


Your bass player loves wearing t-shirts and hats featuring his favorite band. He’ll also want to show off his love for the bass. So why don’t you give him a hat? You’ll find that the Bass Clef Baseball Hat is a good option. The hat is incredibly stylish and suitable for a lot of situations, from daily activities to sports. Besides, it is inexpensive as well. This combination makes this hat one of the most reasonable gifts you could give.

Bass Combo Amp

You can rest assured knowing he is going to love the Orange Crush Bass 25 amp. This 25-watt combo amp comes from the famous brand, Orange, and has a pleasant price that will not make your wallet empty. Its design has a dominant orange tone that attracts every look. On top of that, you’ll be thrilled to know that this amp comes with a chromatic tuner, headphone output, auxiliary in port, active 3 band EQ and so many more. Apart from that, the controls at the top will give you the ability to adjust the bass, volume, treble, and other things easily. If your bassist wishes to have a quality and beautiful amplifier, this is a smart choice.


The bassist you know is going to need a good pair of headphones if his or her one is old or broken. You cannot skimp on this category since a bad headset will not serve the basic needs of musicians. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by checking out the Sony MDR7506 Headphones. They’ll provide your bass player with excellent sound quality and good noise cancellation while its price isn’t high. Also, with a foldable and sturdy design, this headphone will last for years of use. Besides, it features a long cord and comes with a soft case that supports protection on the move.

Headphone Amplifier

Do you want to help your pal master the bass guitar? If so, you should give him or her the VOX AP2BS amPlug G2 Headphone Amplifier. Your bassist can plug it between their bass and headphone to enhance the listening experience. The amPlug G2 can fit any guitar with its 180-degree folding plug mechanism. This ensures that it’ll work for your friend no matter which type of guitar he prefers. Besides, it also features three amp modes that you can easily switch with a push-button. Just remember that it required 2 AAA batteries. Therefore, you’ll need to buy some of those for backup too. However, its battery life can be up to 17 hours. If your bass guitar player doesn’t have a headphone amp with clean sound quality and elegant design, go for this one.

Bass Effects Pedal

You’ll realize that effects are needed to achieve the precise sound your after. Your bassist will agree. He won’t want to overdo it, but a few effects here and there will make a big difference. The Electro-Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi Pedal will do the trick. It isn’t too costly, and your bud will love it. With this pedal, the bassist will have the option of adjusting the volume, tone, gate, sustain, and so many more. It is a simple pedal, but it’ll prove to be very effective and helpful. Give him this pedal, and his music will improve significantly.


You’ll find out from your pal that tuning a bass guitar can be very difficult. If you don’t get it right, your music is going to sound awful. Your guitar should be tuned correctly for the best performance. Giving your friend the KLIQ UberTune is highly recommended. This tuner is easy to use, and it works exceptionally well. Your bassist just needs to clip it and turn it on. It will then automatically do its job. With this tuner, your friend will not take much time on tuning work but focusing on other more important tasks.

Care Cleaner Kit

Bass guitars can take a lot of abuse. And, you know your bass player will have to protect their bass to the fullest. Before hitting the stage, he or she will clean the instrument thoroughly to make sure it looks great and sounds the best. With the Elagon Guitar Cleaner Kit, cleaning the bass guitar will be easier than ever before. This kit has almost everything for maintaining a bass guitar from string cutting pliers to string action ruler. Everything is neatly organized inside a beautiful jet black pouch that is ready to give. If your friend has trouble cleaning his or her bass, this kit would be a perfect choice. It’ll make a world of difference.

Bass Strings

You have to understand that a bassist is going to go through a lot of strings. You never know when one is going to snap, and you’ll need to replace it. With that in mind, bass strings will prove to be one of the most practical gifts. Your friend will love and use them. However, you should do a little homework to know exactly what type of string your bassist needs. If not, then you may end up buying the wrong one. Below are the three most popular ones.

Bass Strap

Holding a bass guitar all day can be challenging. The weight of the instrument will take its toll on you soon enough. You have to remember this when shopping for the bassist in your life. If she has a tough time holding her instrument, you should give her the KLIQ AirCell Bass Strap. Its 3-inch wide neoprene shoulder pad will evenly distribute weight so she’ll be able to carry the bass guitar without too much strain or pain. Besides, with the modern design from high-quality material, this strap will be ready to serve its owner for a long time. If you need to buy a gift for a bass player, you cannot overlook this strap.


The bass guitar is one of the most important things in your bassist’s world. What would your pal do if something went wrong with his instrument? You know he is going to freak out and panic. With that being said, you should try to help him protect the instrument. With the Fender Deluxe Case, you can do that. The outer shell is made of military-grade polyethylene so it is very durable and tough. In addition, it has a TSA-approved locking center latch. The space inside is roomy enough to protect both the guitar and its accessories safely. Give it to your pal and his bass will be protected for life.

Stand Rack

When shopping for a bassist, keep in mind that they’ll need to do something with their bass guitar when not in use. Are they going to put it in a case and push it under the bed? Or, would they prefer to keep the instrument outside of the case so they can grab it at a moment’s notice? If your friend fits into the latter category, give him or her this Bass Stand Rack. It is very rugged, supportive and can hold 6 guitars without any difficulty. You know, guitarists never have only one guitar, so this rack is very suitable for them to preserve their lovely guitars.

Pick Maker

While you can play bass with your fingers, it is often best to use a pick. This guarantees that you’re going to get the best sound possible. So, you should think about giving your buddy the Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Mega Pack. It is affordable and practical. This gift pack comes with everything your buddy could ever need and more. For instance, it includes a pick maker and a leather pick holder that is capable of holding a maximum of 10 picks. It also has 15 starter strips, and those can be used to make 100 picks. With this gift, your pal will be able to create custom guitar picks from almost any piece of plastic. That is very cool, so you cannot ignore this gift for Christmas, birthday, or any special event.

Custom Engraved Pick

Every bass player on the planet needs a pick. Using your fingers is fun, but a pick will be better. You should give your bass player a customer engraved pick for many reasons. You can engrave a message into it. This is a good way to deliver a message to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or partner. What could be better than a set of pick engraving sweet words of love or cheerful words of encouragement?

Guitar Pick Collection Display

Many bass players are proud of their pick collection even though they can be a pain to store. Well, worry no more because there is a solution. And, that solution is the SilverBallDesigns guitar Pick collection display, which stores up to 33 standard-sized picks. The display is constructed of high-quality acrylic that has been laser cut to perfection. Keep the collection display on your mantel or bedroom chest to show your picks. No matter where it is placed, it will be the focal point of the room. You can combine this display and the custom engraved picks above to create a unique and meaningful gift for your bass player.

Hearing Protection

You can never protect your hearing enough when practicing with loud musical equipment. The Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs are all you need to keep your ears safe during practices and live concerts. These earplugs feature advanced audio filtering technology but retain sound fidelity. This is essential for musicians, especially for your bassist, who brings the soul to the melody. Besides, they have a compact and discreet design, so no one will even know you are wearing them. The earplugs can also be worn to loud events, such as parades, outdoor rock concerts, and during flights and train rides. Help your bass player keep external noise to a minimum whenever needed with these discreet earplugs.

Hand Exerciser

After thousands of hours of practicing and playing the bass, your bassist’s fingers and wrists will surely be tired, and rest is a necessary thing. However, just rest is not enough. Training for these parts to increase strength is essential. Your bassist can gain immediate progress with the Varigrip Hand Exerciser from D’Addario. The design is for all sizes and genders so that it will fit your palm like a glove.

Moreover, with the compact and lightweight design, your bass guitar player will be able to train their fingers anywhere, from the office to home. This is the perfect gift for both a newbie or veteran bass player. Perfection is all about strength and practice. With the D’Addario Hand Exerciser, your beloved one will see improvement in their upper extremity strength and dexterity.

Street Sign

Need a gift idea for the bass player in your friend circle? Look no further than the SignMission Bass Guitar Player Street Sign. The design is the replica of a vintage street sign, with the words “Bass Guitar Player AVE” written across the front. Above the lettering is a black and white electric guitar.

The Guitar Street Sign can be hung on a bedroom wall or in the garden. No matter where your friend place, it will draw attention from all angles. People will know whose house or room this is when they see this sign. You can choose from various sizes, including 6” W X 18” L, 7” W X 20” L, 8” W X 24” L, and 11” W X 36” L.

Miniature Replica

Have a collection of musical instrument replicas? If so, it may be time to add the Natural Wood Bass Electric Guitar from Broadway Gifts to his or her collection. The replica is very similar to the real deal, with all of the details. The model comes with a storage box, which will protect it from dust and debris. And, when you are not storing the guitar away, you can show it on your mantel for all of your visitors to admire. Whether your bassist is male or female, this miniature guitar is sure to delight them.

BBQ Spatula

As a bass player, it may be that you like to host parties for your friends and family members. If so, the Guitar Spatula from Funwares will add excitement to your parties in every way imaginable. The stainless steel construction and unique design will draw the attention of every person. And, you will become the talk of the party every time you host. Even if you are not hosting an event, you can utilize it to prepare hamburgers and other meals for your very own solo picnic. This grilling spatula will make an excellent gift for your bass player who loves BBQ.

A New Bass

Who says bassists just need a bass? A bass guitar is never enough. Whether that’s a 4-string or 5-string bass, modern or classic bass, your bassist will definitely want to add one to their collection. There are many famous brands on the market but must mention Fender, Ibanez, and Yamaha because they are very popular with players, from novices to veterans. While many players tend to stick with a single brand, you are more than welcome to mix things up a bit. Add a new Fender bass to your existing Ibanez bass or vice versa.

Whatever route you choose to take, a new bass will do wonders for the existing collection. Just be sure to do your research before making your final decision.

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