23 Unique Barber Gifts Every Barber Needs


Barbers are unique people who do a lot for others. You likely go to the barbershop often so you can get a haircut. While you sit in the barber’s chair, you probably chat with that individual about your life and other things. Isn’t it time you bought your barber a gift? Doing so will show him or her how much you care. Just remember that only a handful of gifts will cut it. Within this guide, you’re going to find out the best gifts for barbers.

23 Best Gifts for Barbers

Personalized Straight Razor

Giving your barber a personalized straight razor will do the trick. You’ll be able to personalize the razor to ensure it suits your barber’s needs, making this a better gift. Plus, your friend is going to love and use it every time he works at his barbershop. So, your gift is going to be thoughtful and functional. If you don’t know what to get a barber for Christmas or birthday, then this is the one you should go for first.

Barber Tool Roll

You’ll find that barbers utilize a handful of tools. Depending on the situation, you’ll see them grab a comb or a brush. It can be challenging to keep up with these tools, but you can help. By giving your buddy the Hide & Drink Handmade Tool Roll, you’ll be able to solve their problem immediately. The material of this toll roll is high-quality Full Grain leather. It has 14 tool slots that can accommodate small to medium-sized tools. Once you’ve given your pal the barber tool roll, you can guarantee that they’ll be able to keep track of their items quickly. This will surely be one of the most thoughtful barber gifts they have ever received.

Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

As you should know, barbers do dozens of things. They cut, trim, shape, and taper their clients’ hair. Besides, they’re also going to shave their clients. You can help by giving your barber friend this Gentleman’s Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl. It’ll make a world of difference, and your friend will appreciate your efforts. The bowl comes with a shaving brush, so the barber you know won’t have to buy anything else. Also, it has a lifetime warranty if not satisfied (except for damage).

Barber Apron

Every barber needs a good apron. The aprons will help them a lot of things, especially keeping tools for quick jobs. With its importance, you’ll want to give him this Facon Professional Leather Barber Apron. It’ll ensure that your pal can cut hair without creating a mess. Once they’ve finished their job for the day, they’ll be able to remove the apron. This ensures that the hair does not stick to their clothing. If you want to help your barber friend stay clean, this apron will work well.

Barber Case

Barbers can not complete their work without the necessary tools. They will need to bring their tools along so that they can start working. And your buddy’s going to need a convenient way to carry that equipment. This is why you should get them the Vestil Rugged Textured Carrying Case. This premium aluminum carrying case has wall panels to adjust the internal dimensions to fit your barber’s tools. Since it gives him a safe place to store his equipment, he’ll use it for a long time. This’s probably one of the unique gifts for your barber.

Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Ultimately, the barber you know has a mess on his or her hands. Once the day has finished, they have to clean up the hair. This work can be very frustrating and time-consuming. You can simplify that problem by giving your friend the EyeVac Pro Touchless Stationary Vacuum. This machine is handy in handling pet hair, soil, and dust on different types of floors. Besides, it features infrared sensors that automatically work without requiring any touch of its user. With this vacuum, your pal will be able to take care of business quickly and easily.

Anti Fatigue Comfort Flooring

Because your barber is going to be standing all day long, that can take a toll on their body. If you’ve ever had to stand all day, you’ll understand. You can give them a little comfort by giving them this anti-fatigue comfort flooring. The manufacturer has created this standing mat from high-grade and high-thickness materials. Its ergonomic design will help your barber feel comfortable while standing throughout the day. It also has many colors for you to choose from. However, what you most likely want to hear is that it comes with a 10-year, no-hassle guarantee. If you do not like yours, you can contact the manufacturer directly for a new one or a refund.

Barbershop Sign

You realize that every barbershop needs a sign. If your pal’s barbershop doesn’t have a sign, you’ll want to solve that problem immediately. Buy this personalized sign for your friend. You can solve both problems. Your friend will have a sign with an eye-catching message. Moreover, this personalized sign will help the barbershop stand out from the competition. Your buddy’s shop will benefit greatly and they’ll have to thank you.


A lot of barbershops are dull. When you enter a barbershop, you want to feel comfortable and safe. You can do that by placing stunning posters on the wall. Give your partner the Pyramid America Beards The Art of Manliness Poster. This poster will catch the eye of every customer when they enter your friend’s barbershop. The poster not only has a vintage look but also provides more than 30 types of beards so people can know what their proper names are. It’ll make a big difference, and your partner’s barbershop will be unlike anything else in town.

Personalized Barber BobbleHead Clay Figurine

Every barber wants his shop to look unique. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal. However, some options are going to work better. If you’re going to make that barbershop stand out, buy this personalized bobblehead figurine for him. You can customize the figurine by sending the shop owner your barber’s photo and your saying. They will sculpt the figurine by hand based on your info. They ensure that it will look like your buddy. Plus, this pack includes a human figurine, barbershop chair, and street sign. This combination maybe is one of the best-personalized barber gifts that you can give to your friend.

Beard Comb

The barber you know is likely going to spend a lot of time styling hair and beard. So you should try to help with those problems. The gift possibilities are endless, and you should not hesitate to give your friend a beard comb. With a beard comb, your friend will be able to give his clients a better service. The beard comb will allow straightening the beard before making the cuts. With this personalized wooden comb, you’ll be able to customize the engraving to suit the barber. That customization could be your friend’s name or a meaningful message. This will make it more unique than any other comb out there.

You cannot lose with this barber gift since it is one of the most inexpensive and coolest gifts on the list.

Beard Shaping and Style Tool

You know that barber does lots of things with beards. When they’re not cutting hair and cleaning up their shop, they’re working on beards. If you know a barber, get him this Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool. With this tool, the barber on your list will have no trouble styling beards, whether it’s a cheek line, neckline, jawline, mustache, goatee, or sideburns.

It will make an excellent gift for the barber you respect. Do not hesitate to buy this gift since it’ll work exceptionally well for any barber.

Beard Care Kit

A lot of people will buy gifts associated with cutting hair for barbers. However, many will forget that barbers care for beards too. You can help. All you have to do is give your barber this beard care kit. The Comfy Mate Beard Care Kit will allow your barber to his job better than ever before. It includes almost complete tools for styling and taking care of beards. You can rest assured knowing that your friend will be able to perfect his client’s beards. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to attract new clients and so much more. This barber gift set will make them a better version, and make you the best friend they could ever have.

Barber Necklace

Any barber is going to be interested in wearing barber-related jewelry. If you’re looking for jewelry that any barber will love, give this hair clipper pendant a try. This necklace is great, and it represents barbers better than anything else. Plus, with high-quality stainless steel materials, this necklace prevents rust, corrosion, and dullness. If you have a barber friend who loves wearing jewelry, give him this gift.

Because it’s inexpensive, it won’t empty your wallet, but it will score you a lot of points.

Funny T-Shirt for Barbers

Everyone wants to show off their love of the job. You can help them do that. With a good t-shirt, your friend will be able to show everyone how much they love being a barber. This Vintage Distressed Barber T-Shirt is a must. It’s not expensive but really outstanding. It comes with a design that represents a barber’s work so your partner will love it. Remember that this shirt is available for men and women making it a unique gift you could give to any barber.


This barber necktie will make the perfect gift for the male barber in your friend and family circle. The necktie will compliment any casual or professional outfit. Wear it to work every day or on special occasions and look outstanding. Tiny scissors are embroidered into the material, giving more eye appeal and personality.

The necktie measures approximately 2-3/4 in width, which is the average size of a professional tie. The handmade craftsmanship is superior, and the microfiber construction guarantees the integrity and durability of the necktie.

Mug for Great Barber

Coffee is always the perfect choice for a new day. Give him this cute mug to enhance the deliciousness with every sip of coffee. The mug has a holding capacity of 11 ounces, and its ceramic construction ensures durability and longevity. On top of that, the funny saying “World’s Greatest Barber” printed on it would be an incentive for your friend to do his passionate better. Plus, all of the materials are approved safe for humans by the Food and Drug Administration.

Custom Snapback

This custom snapback is a great gift for barbers. The text and design are embroidered on the front of the cap, where all can see them. The snapback is designed from high-quality materials, including acrylic and wool. You also have a broad range of multi-colored designs to choose from. Besides, you can personalize this snapback with unique texts like a name, a meaningful saying, or something that only you and your friend understand. The embroidery is straight, making it readable from all angles.


The Tip Top Men’s Barber Crew Socks will complete your barber outfit. Wear them for special occasions or every day of the week and look stylish. The design represents a barber pole’s colors, including red, white, and blue striping. If someone is a barber, they will immediately recognize what these socks are about. The construction is a combination of cotton, spandex, and nylon. Its stitching is delicate and professional to ensure quality and integrity. After all, the socks are flexible, beautiful, and eye-appealing. If you want unique barber gifts, look no further than these socks.


Have a barber with an upcoming birthday? If so, you consider gifting these Barber’s Pole Cufflinks. The cufflinks are beautifully crafted with a red, white, and blue barber pole. The top and bottom of the barber pole are shiny silver, as well as the cufflink. These cufflinks are a set that will complete any tuxedo or suit.

They come in a luxury gift box, which can be utilized for storage and travel. So it is an ideal birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift for male and female professional barbers.

Custom Barber Portrait

The Barber Gift Custom Portrait will put a smile on your barber’s face. The portrait is designed to replicate real barbers and “Yellow Cartoon Characters“, making it one of the most unique gifts to get a barber. Moreover, you can customize this portrait with your barber’s photo. The shop owner will adjust the picture until you like it best.

Wall Clock for Barbershop

This Barber Shop Wall Clock is an excellent choice for both female and male barbers. The clock is the shape of a vinyl record, with a 3D appearance. Hang it on a wall and let your customers know how you feel about being a barber. The clock features a comb, scissors, scraper, hair trimmer, shaver, and two-sided bladed circle around the center where the numbers and hands are.

The wall clock is handmade with a 12-inch diameter. Regardless of where the clock hangs, it will draw attention. This is the perfect barber-themed gift for your friend who loves with that do.

Personalized Night Light

Want to spice up your friend’s barbershop? If so, you can do it with the BarberShop Clipper Night Light. The nightlight features beautiful graphics, a hair trimmer, and personalization. You can have it personalized with the recipient’s name so it will look exceptional in a barbershop or bedroom. The engraving is topnotch, adding more eye appeal to the multi-colored LED lighting.


There are many cool gifts for a barber that you can find in the market. The most unique are still personalized barber gifts, which can be named BobbleHead figures, portraits. These gifts will make a great impression on their recipients. However, you should also consider practical presents because they are of great help to your friend.

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